Friday, 4 December 2015

Odious, treacherous Scum and totally round the Benn!

By Stanley Collymore

If asked most people would honestly and openly say they have
dreams some of which are then translated into diverse ambitions;
but whether or not the latter are by their very personal nature
far-fetched delusions, in essence nothing more substantial
than literally here today and promptly gone tomorrow
pipe dreams which are themselves utterly brainless,
ill-thought out or hubristic fantasies with not a
snowflake in hell’s possibility of in any way
seriously gaining traction beyond the stage
of briefly occupying someone’s fanciful
imagination far less so ever likely to reach fruition. Or else
more commendably are the consequence of having been
pertinently and more realistically judiciously ascribed
to and thoroughly worked on, on the logically based
assumption that the full or partial achievement, or
even the non-realization of personal ambitions
constitute the diligent creation and ensuing
implementation of a discerning thought
process, and rightly so when properly
and conscientiously assessed, that that conscionable
assessor consciously knows is analytically sound
and thoroughly enlivening, and not simply a
conclusion derived at and based solely on
gratuitous wishful thinking, is actually
something that only the truly clever
person and not some abject fool
with or minus the esteemed
family name of Benn, is
sagaciously capable
of really making
and frankly be

© Stanley V. Collymore
4 December 2015.

The Author’s Comments:
Let me make it unambiguously clear that I don’t intend to give this pathetic caricature of Upstairs Downstairs to the Manor Born nonentity and all that white supremacist crap that Hilary Benn and his idiot niece Emily in their paranoid delusion assume are theirs as of right; no meritocratic society for either of them clearly, any oxygen of publicity than that dedicated to assiduously ensuring that Hilary is deselected as a Labour Party Candidate and Emily never gets elected anywhere under the Labour Party banner. That done they can do whatever they like and move home permanently to the Tory Party where they belong. Several of my correspondents have pointed out what I already knew that for every imperialist war there has been recently Hilary Benn has voted for Britain’s participation in all of them. He did so with Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria among others. This is what Nikki Arnold says: “Hilary Benn backed military action in the Middle East the last few times. “He was wrong then and he’s wrong now. A good speech doesn’t compensate for lack of judgement.”

My utter distaste for this feral specimen of humanity is profound and I earnestly wish that as he cloaks himself in his phoney patriotism and talks about his earnest hope that the RAF bomber pilots currently adding to the list of the millions of innocent civilians slaughtered in their own countries by British bombs and how his heart is with their families is absolutely sickening and pandering for sympathy. Only a dishonest asshole that has never worn a British military uniform comes up with such pathetic crap. For ISIS has no air force other than those of NATO member countries including the USA, UK and their surrogates. No rocket launchers or missiles other than those provided by the Military Industrial Complex in these countries. And it’s a safe bet these are not targeted at the RAF from a country that avidly assisted in creating ISIS.

And how about this? Having at first imposed a Falklands type news blackout on which targets the RAF are bombing the MoD which should try its hand at fiction writing and tender for a contract in Hollywood now says this. “The Omar oilfield is one of the largest and most important to Daesh’s financial operations and represents ten percent of their potential income from oil.” Then having boasted about how RAF planes attacked this phantom oilfield just 60 minutes after the Commons vote, shades of Saddam Hussein’s fictionally putting Britain under lethal attack in 45 minutes rushing to my mind, the MoD goes on to say that it can confirm that “advanced sensors were used by the RAF planes and the MoD can confirm that no civilians were in the target range before the attack”. Absolutely brilliant considering the RAF was carrying out these bombings at night, but even so could pick out all these civilians and thus avoid killing them. More likely these ISIS foot soldiers of Britain were warned in advance as the US did after Russia embarrassed them about not attacking ISIS’ stolen oil fields and transport trucks.

Which begs the obvious question? The US which also warned these civilians - ISIS in drag – that it would bomb their area and then give them over an hour to leave and even claimed to have dropped leaflets to ensure they got the message, has been bombing ISIS allegedly for nearly 2 years now and you’re telling me that with all their intelligence paid for by us taxpayers, the US and UK, only now do Britain and the US know what has been an open secret for yonks that ISIS has been and is still purloining the oil of Syria and Iraq with the complicit help of NATO, the US and UK t and transhipping it through Turkey? Did this information suddenly and mysteriously appear out of the blue after Herr Hilary Benn’s speech in the House of Commons? Then there’s prized idiot Michael Fallon the UK’s supposed Defence Secretary who says this: “These RAF aircraft are what the coalition [interpret that to mean ISIS’ backers] have been asking for to help strike targets because of the precision weapons that the RAF has.” What a load of fucking crap! The British armed forces are pared to the bone and in marked contrast the USA spends more money on its defence than all other countries globally do collectively. But hey boy those Yanks sure as hell need us Brits to chip in there and show them how to do things properly.

I no longer have any empathy with the RAF that I once proudly served with as did many of my family members during World War II. And genuine trolls are free to have a go at me when I say that I earnestly hope that an incident happens with these coalition aircraft and particularly our own RAF planes that triggers a full-blooded NUCLEAR WAR! As I said many times before I have no fear of dying. How about you Hilary and Emily Benn and all the other brain-dead assholes who ludicrously think that a prized prick like you Hilary is remotely anything like the great man Tony Benn was; any more than David Miliband, another cunt, is like his equally great father.

Finally, for all the Labtory prats like Neil Coyle the MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark and one of the several targets for DESELECTION who see nothing wrong in voting to have non-white natives, as they racially see them, incinerated in their own countries under the dishonest pretext of eradicating ISIS which Britain and friends created when we all know that regime change is their real motive, why the hell should I really care if someone or persons wipe you and your entire family out? For what reasons other than those spawned by your own white supremacist and racist mindset gives you the right to think that your pathetic life and those of your family should be sacrosanct but not the lives of others who don’t look like you Neil Coyle? And in case you and other scum like you forget these people are in their OWN country, and neither you, any British regime nor parliament have the right to interfere in their domestic affairs. Syria like Britain is a sovereign state.

And if you want to dispose of ISIS text them and ask them to come to London and you can get the MoD to facilitate their transport.And after you’re all DESELECTED let’s see how you fare standing as independents or as members of other parties, for you clearly have no respect for the Labour Party or its memberships, and similarly no bloody concept  of or love for democracy. And while you think you’ve a right to dish out your pernicious and venomous vilification with impunity, like the cowardly bastards that you are, you can’t take even a modicum of your own medicine. Sewer rats and scumbags the lots of you! And stop using the word conscience as in “I voted according to my conscience as did Jeremy Corbin.” That’s a fucking laugh for you haven’t any conscience, and wouldn’t recognize what it was if it landed on your bloody nose! And please! Don’t equate yourselves to Jeremy Corbyn; that’ll be like comparing Mandy Rice Davies with the late Mother Theresa God rest her soul.

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