Monday, 21 December 2015

Mein Kampf! The unrivalled solution to the malignant plague of Yiddish Zionism.

By Stanley Collymore

Mein Kampf was the spiritual, psychological, societal
and natural representation of the German people
collectively, and the longed for regeneration
of their dignity and pride in themselves
once more after the intentionally
humiliating terms, together
with their coldblooded imposition, of the Treaty
of Versailles settlement. And I see absolutely
nothing wrong with that or the apportioning
of blame appropriately to those who were
principally responsible for occasioning
this catastrophic s state of affairs so
callously, and quite noticeably in
the most relentlessly collective
punishment terms, somewhat
heinously and in an utterly
brusque and indifferent
stance, handed out to
the German nation.

And it’s high time then for contemporary
Germans and particularly all of their
children, who are essentially the
future of Germany, were thus
straightforwardly told the
honest truth about their
own country and not
the customary fantasy version that purports
to be the incontestable veracity of what
supposedly happened, and as a result
is corruptly orchestrated, peddled
and graspingly promulgated ad
nauseum by the international
cohorts of Yiddish Jewish
Zionists and their of one
mind western, declared
Christian evangelist
collaborators, and
manic obsessed

© Stanley V. Collymore
21 December 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
The several relevant articles that I’ve gone to great lengths to painstaking publish today Monday 21 December 2015 prior to these specific tweets that will subsequently be followed by the poem that I’ve written for the occasion and is entitled: “Mein Kampf! The unrivalled solution to the malignant plague of Yiddish Zionism” and all of which can be seen on my personal twitter site and my doing so, in specific respect of these articles, primarily to preclude my having to give a detailed explanation as to why I don’t think that Germany should be obliged to carry on wearing sackcloth and ashes for Europe’s holocaust when those countries that are most insistent that it does are some of the very worst abusers of human rights and anything that is remotely associated with civilized behaviour, ought to assist you as to why I take the stance that I have done consistently in relation to Germany and will carry on doing so until, though very unlikely, these major world hypocrite nations change their own double standards tune and not only own up to but also make significant and justifiable reparations and a genuine apology for the war crimes, crimes against humanity and the systematic abuse and genocide that they’ve persistently in the past and still brazenly even now in the 21st Century carry on committing.

The poem referred to previously has come in the wake of the German government and the teaching associations here in Germany contemplating the unbanning of Hitler’s autobiography Mein Kampf that is analogous to ludicrously shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted, for it’s an open secret here in Germany that practically every German family has a private copy of Mein Kampf that was handed down to family members by parents or grandparents who were around at the time of its open and widespread popularly and were themselves also avid supporters of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. From a personal perspective I’ve read it in its original German, the copy of a very close friend of mine whose father was a senior officer in the German Armed Forces during World War II and I can find nothing wrong with Mein Kampf; and unapologetically don’t mind saying so.

However, Germany after the end of World War II was forced by the victors to do lots of things it shouldn’t have been made to do and banning Mein Kampf was one of them to placate the Zionists. Now the German authorities want to reinstate it but for all the wrong reasons I think, as I don’t believe it should ever have been banned; and these revolve around using Mein Kampf purportedly as a vehicle to stop extremist behaviour; conveniently overlooking the fact that it certainly wasn’t Mein Kampf that initiated extremism in Germany in the first place but the humiliating Treaty of Versailles for one that was a major factor in this German equation. Anyway, here’s my take on the issue.

Germany has much that on sober reflection it can by no means or proffered excuses remotely feel proud about but these acts of inhumanity to others and heinous criminal activities generally pale into insignificance when set against the sadistic and entrenched barbarism of the United States of America, Britain France, Zionist apartheid Israel and Belgium for example, notwithstanding their own multitudinous and dastardly deeds with their own characteristic, longstanding and ongoing pernicious pedigree, nevertheless from the podium of their sanctimonious soapboxes still think they’ve an intrinsic, divine, exceptionalist and exclusive right to lecture other nations not only on how they should behave in every category relating to their own international and even their domestic activities but also are individually entitled to arrogate to themselves, reserve and utilize the right they accord themselves to determine how this is done as well as to arbitrarily punish any country that’s out of favour with them and which they subjectively consider to be conducting itself in an errant fashion. And moreover do so with the unilateral and self-indulgent power that they grant to themselves and without ever perceiving it necessary to provide irrefutable proof that what they say has any basis of truth about it, that what they’re doing is absolutely essential or has any legal foundations to it. A classic case in my view that people living in glass houses shouldn’t asininely throw stones at other peoples’ properties! Unfortunately however many western regimes including that of the United Kingdom are much too dumb to recognize the obvious.

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