Wednesday, 23 December 2015

God doesn’t only exist at Christmas time!

By Stanley Collymore

It’s not vital that you wear your Christianity on
your sleeve in order to perceive that you’re
a child of God or a good and practising
Christian. Nor is it a necessity for you
to proselytize your faith on what is
basically a far-fetched assumption,
namely that if you fail to do so,
and what’s more aren’t seen to be doing this on
a regular basis such a perceived negligence
will perchance on your part prove to be
the nemesis of your accepted religion,
spiritual emancipation and your
concrete and meaningful
accord with God.

Trust me! You couldn’t be more wrong; for neither
the Christ in you nor God Himself would want
or expect for you to be nothing more than a
religious salesperson: super or otherwise,
but would rather prefer that you live
your particular life with honesty,
compassion and a scrupulous
willingness to lend a helping hand to those who’re
worse off than you are and maybe in desperate
need of your support; combined with the
explicit understanding and complete
recognition that the life you lead
and the person you ultimately
become aren’t due to the vagaries of fate
or some celestial, orchestrated master
plan but very much the freedom of
choice that was accorded to you
by God Almighty, when you
were born. And the caring
Creator and most loving
Father He undoubtedly
is, His main concern
therefore is that you
in return, use this
designated gift
and wisely!

©Stanley V. Collymore
23 December 2015.

Author’s Thoughts:
I was brought up in a practising, High Church Anglican, Christian family and community. Christened a fortnight after I was born I regularly attended church and by the age of eleven had played a number of meaningful roles in the congregation of my church from choirboy, Sunday school pupil, altar server to communicant and even that of god-parent.

My religion, family and cultural upbringing are the indestructible bedrock of core values that from birth have profoundly shaped my life and still do. No proselytizing or religious zealot me I even so exist comfortably and assuredly in the Castle of my conjoined Christian and ethical beliefs and which have always stood me in good stead when faced with particularly trying situations.

And the purpose of this poem isn’t to convert you or anyone else to Christianity or any other religious faith for that matter, less so to implant in you my moral concepts, which you don’t know of anyway, but simply to tell you if you didn’t already know or else give you a gentle reminder, if it has conveniently slipped your mind for whatever reason, that life is about choices. And since each of us who is psychologically sound in mind is still in possession of that freedom of choice accorded to everyone of us from birth, what decisions we make are our own and for which, successfully or disastrously so, we must ultimately face up to reality and take full responsibility at all times for them; either in this life or the next!

Have a Happy Christmas and a rewarding New Yea! And Very Best Wishes – Stanley V. Collymore, Snr.

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