Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Deselection? Certainly! But Death more fittingly becomes Scum like these!

By Stanley Collymore

So you think that the job of an MP is for life and that once
you’ve either barefacedly conned your way onto the party
list and have been selected in spite of this as the party’s
purported standard bearer, in other words its chosen
prospective parliamentary candidate as it were, to
represent the constituency that you’ve personally
targeted or was arbitrarily chosen for by those
whom you worship and hold most dear and
consequently view yourself as extremely
indebted to; principally to protect you
and in exchange for your compliant
sycophancy promote your fledging
political career. Or else have had yourself parachuted in
by the neo-con, Nazi-Zionists and utter control freaks
that effectively controlled the Labour party under
mass murderers exemplar Tony Blair, Gordon
Brown and Alastair Campbell: individually
and collectively the visible incarnation of
everything that’s Evil; then dishonestly
got yourself elected by robotically
spouting what you thought that
voting members in your local
constituency Labour party
and various supporters
generally were very
pleased to and
wanted to

And now with that, and to you the inconsequential matter
of your intentional deception out of the way until you
once more present yourself to these suckers as you
disdainfully perceive them at the next election,
you have no actual need to give a fuck about
what your trusting constituents think or say
much less so pretend any longer that you
even care. For quite simply you’re now
on the fast track forward to venality;
potentially substantially feathering
your own avaricious nest by ardently supporting the
greedy and criminal banks and every other corrupt
financial institution that there is; the fossil fuels
industries and the asortment of multinational
corporations; US global and Israeli Zionist
hegemony in the Middle East, and rather
ludicrously even Britain’s own idiotic
imperialist pretentions compounded
with its toadying and delusional
obeisance to and, of course, the
perverse and pernicious objectives of the Military
Industrial Complex; entities to whom you owe
everything for your ongoing and individual
progress and naturally and unsurprisingly
you’re largely, comfortably and deeply
embedded in their pecuniary pockets.
And set against these recognizably
powerful and financial interests
why the hell then should you
concern yourself with, other
than getting these suckers
as you see them to rather
stupidly vote for you at
every General Election
and again return you
as their sitting MP;
with the anxieties
or requirements
of exploitable
almost non

© Stanley V. Collymore
8 December 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
Recurrent and highly pernicious though their behaviour is it is still astounding that those who are the worst abusers of democracy, Freedom of Expression and all the notable and moral principles attached to these and who in their feral and exploitative manner don’t really care a damn about the lives of others other than to exploit them financially and even have them killed in their millions in the pursuit of their avarice and delusional notions of their exceptionalism and white supremacy Master Race nonsense and doing all this with absolute impunity accorded to them by the powers that be and of which they’re either a part or happily serve as the toadying acolytes of these lowlife life specimens of humanity, are always the very first to demand protection, that they deny others they despise or disdain, from the law should their victims or others working tirelessly and altruistically on the behalf of these hapless persons, assuming of course that they’re still alive, decide to turn the tables on them and even mildly prescribe some of the same medicine that they virulently, routinely and unconcernedly hand out themselves and then deceitfully asserting that they’re simply exercising their right to free speech; these scumbags!

Free speech that should only be accorded to some and apparently not others who aren’t so privileged. The hypocrisy and double standards of these lowlife specimens with their superior and Master race pretentions, to say the very least, are absolutely mindboggling. And while I don’t let them trouble me far less so get under my skin as I have far more important things to do with my life than devote valuable time to such toxic scum I do live in the same world that they unfortunately infest and I’d have to be totally blind or completely unobservant not to be aware of what goes on if not directly around me at least in the wider communities, domestically and globally, I interact with and it’s why this poem was written. And you’re quite at liberty to make what you will of it.

But in closing I’d like not only to express but also emphasize this following remark that has been a crucial part of my life and upbringing ever since my earliest childhood and will, as long as I draw breath in my body, permanently remain so; and significantly so as well bearing in mind the enslavement of my Caribbean ancestors. And it’s this: “I’d rather die honourably and with my dignity intact rather than live a life, however beneficially or profitably it might seem, that is festooned with dishonour and criminality, or obliges me to be the slave, physically or psychologically, of any man or woman regardless of whom they are or assume themselves to be. In short carry on being my own man!”

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