Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Adam Klug a congenital and utterly purblind moron!

By Stanley Collymore

Klug in German means clever and I should know because I’m
fluent in the language and that said there’s nothing clever
about one Adam Klug self-appointed spokesperson for
Momentum and endowed with a brain, questionable
by some including me, that would easily fit into a
gnat’s backside assuming, of course, that any
principled or decently-inclined gnat would
ever allow something like that to happen
and therefore is highly unlikely in the
circumstances. And why is Adam
Klug such a pillock? Genetically
motivated reasons account for
some of his congenital disabilities but in addition it’s a
perverse work of repellent art which this Dummkopf
assiduously labours on. For here we have a prized
prick, no matter what definitive box of lowlife
encompassing pillocks, prats, imbeciles, raw
assholes, sewer rats, verminous scumbags,
or plain purblind morons that you justly
might tick, and even then may perhaps
very well come up with further, and
justifiably apposite terminologies
which adequately complement,
fully sustain and furthermore
entirely irredeemably as it
also happens, preserves
the given status quo
that does comprise
the quite odious
Adam Klug.

This utterly slimy and disgusting slug who self-servingly wants with
his control freakism and compulsive self-publicizing, treacherous
Judas Iscariot thirty pieces of silver sell-out mindset – seriously
how much did you negotiate for Adam to these debased and
repellent, rightwing, pernicious and completely perfidious
death cult multinational corporations and the Military
Industrial Complex – coupled with his Trojan Horse,
I doubt very much if this ingrained pillock even
knows the symbolism of this, entryism agenda
foolishly attempting to exclude the ordinary,
bona fide and unquestionably courageous Labour Party members
and supporters who having weathered the murderous in more
ways than one Nazi, Tory-Zionist and execrably rapacious
years of utterly self-centred and hubristic party pimps
forcefully coming under the heading of the likes of
mass murderers Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and
Alastair Campbell: individually or combined
the visible embodiment of everything that
is Evil I call them, now colluding with
the likes of Tom Watson, no friend
of Jeremy Corbyn I swear to you
but rather is a very treacherous
backstabber and underhand
conspiratorial, nasty piece
of West Midlands shit,
now quite incredibly
finding themselves
the reckless urge
of idiotic Adam
Klug’s purge!

And this under the ludicrous, lying and dishonest pretext that they’re
entryists who supposedly want to take over the Labour Party – like
Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and the other vile Labtories did? –
which incidentally has all along been justifiably their party
and it’s mother fuckers like brain-dead Adam Klug that
are the interlopers and who want to return Labour in
their sick minds to the good old days under Tony
Blair. So treacherous MPs and insidious back-
stabbers of the party’s hugely democratically
elected leader Jeremy Corbyn must not,
according to Adam Klug as he pours
his heart and demented thoughts out to
the very media hell-bent on having Jeremy Corbyn crucified
and illicitly ousted – regime change is what these purblind
cunts are brilliant at whether abroad or here at home –
while the average run of the mill supportive Labour
member and supporter must either conform to
Adam Klug’s dictates or else be kicked out
of the Labour Party and debarred from
all constituency or HQ deliberations
and decision making; and simply
remain voting fodder. Parallel in its rank stupidity to if the
Black Civil Rights Movement joined forces with the Ku
Klux Klan and other white supremacist groups in the
United States; purportedly doing so they asininely
contend with the intention of improving the civic
liberties and human rights of Black Americans
and to affect this it was incumbent on them
and an absolute too to root out all Blacks
that didn’t submissively go along with
what they were self-centredly doing.
Doesn’t make sense at all to any
intelligent or sensible person;
but then I’m positive you’ll
quickly find that thought
controller Adam Klug
isn’t, by any stretch
of the imagination,
ever likely to be
amongst them!

© Stanley V. Collymore
9 December 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
I firmly believe that if the average British voter was like his counterpart in Germany given the opportunity and moreover assiduously and altruistically encouraged to see politics as what it’s actually meant to be a service to the community, constituencies and the country at large instead of being perceived as and furthermore actively and dishonestly encouraged to think and even forcefully believe that it’s a career job for life for grasping, self-serving and quite reprehensive politicians for the most part and that the voter is nothing more than a convenient tool and appropriate voting fodder in our fraudulent, unrepresentative and so-called democratic system to effectively bolster the perniciously avaricious and depraved self-serving ambitions of entirely demented apparatchik politicians that more people across the United Kingdom would be much more inclined to voluntarily as well as actively get involved in politics as they would have seen for themselves that politics was about them and not feathering the nest of a bunch of disreputable and deceitful charlatans masquerading most risibly as purported “honourable” men and women which these odious fuckers evidently aren’t!

And what is more we wouldn’t have these paltry turnouts at General Elections where a Nazi Tory Zionist and wholly unrepresentative regime for example can only muster 24% of the national vote where those who bothered to vote only accounted in total for approximately 33% of the overall total, become the government of the country, act as if it has a fucking mandate and then adding gross insult to the injury that has already been caused criminally carry on with what it’s doing regardless of what the electorate at large or the public generally think.

Those that supported Jeremy Corbyn’s bid for the Labour leadership, myself included, honestly did so I believe because they wanted fundamental political change across the board. Many of these people again like me had been bona fide members of the Labour Party but had left it following its infiltration and grotesque take over by Tony Blair and his crew who even had the audacity without even bothering to ascertain the views or the official consent of the party membership to change the party’s name. Yet for all that I don’t hear any of these hypocrites and vile purveyors of double standards stating as they’re always quick to do when it comes to Jeremy Corbyn that the Labour Party’s membership and supporters are now riddled with entryists.

Any sensible and objective person knows precisely what they mean; that real people and not the brain-dead, moronic, easily manipulated or those that are readily given to being duped see that possibly under Jeremy Corbyn they make have a chance to take over the destiny of their country and have a government and politicians who actually care about them. Only to find absolute berks like Adam Klug falling for and applying the same ploys that those who profess to be Democrats but aren’t employ, and doing so with the full assistance of the very people who want poor voter participation within the United Kingdom because the fewer people who vote the more entrenched the very corrupt system that we have can carry on uninterrupted.

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