Thursday, 31 December 2015

Ode To Joy (Vocal) From Symphony No. 9 In D Minor, Op. 125

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn's New Year Message

No guarantees mind, but all the same a Happy New Year to you!

By Stanley Collymore

Another year will soon be gone as optimistically those
who want to forget the tragedies and self-inflicted
calamities of this outgoing one welcomingly
beckon a new one in its place; but as these
pre-planned celebrations transpire and
festively explode with much hoped
for celebrations, what guarantees are there that
come the 31 December of the incoming New
Year that people wouldn’t have learnt any
lessons in the interim; and then, will be
ruefully glancing back and rather as
it happens, dejectedly ruminating
that for all their cherished good
natured optimism and great
cheer, 2016 unfortunately
was really no different
from other preceding
and adverse years?

© Stanley V. Collymore
31 December 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
The world is in turmoil and incredibly as it seems those who are directly and personally responsible for the terrible mess that we’re in unsurprisingly like the purblind morons that they are and seemingly oblivious or else uncaring of the cataclysmic state of affairs they’ve inconceivably fashioned and asininely carry on with, rather than sensibly climb out of the hole they’ve created, caused us to be in and likewise stop hindering and allow the rest of us to do the same, they nevertheless like the dead-beat imbeciles that they are, and frankly that’s putting it mildly, relentlessly carry on with their incomprehensible and utterly catastrophic digging!

Die Welt ist in Aufruhr und unglaublich, wie es scheint, die, die direkt und persönlich für die heilloses Durcheinander verantwortlich sind, die wir in überraschend wie die blöden Idioten, die sie sind, und scheinbar nichts sonst gefühllos der katastrophalen Lage der Dinge sie unvorstellbar haben sind fashioned und asininely weiter mit, anstatt sinnvoll aus dem Loch, das sie geschaffen haben zu klettern, uns veranlasst, in sein und ebenso aufhören zu behindern und lassen Sie den Rest von uns das gleiche zu tun, sie doch wie die dead-Beat-Dummköpfe, dass sie sind, und ehrlich gesagt, das ist noch milde ausgedrückt, unerbittlich weiter mit ihrer unverständlichen und absolut katastrophalen Graben!

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Lust artfully masquerading as love is lamentably a potent aphrodisiac for many!

By Stanley Collymore

Why should I now, of all occasions, start believing a solitary
word you’re presently saying to me, when throughout the
entirety of this personal relationship that you and I have
been intimately engaged in you’ve never once, as I’ve
subsequently and most hurtfully found out, told me
the truth about anything; and your demonstrably
pathological lying: transparently endemic,
systematic in every respect and, furthermore,
very symptomatic of a serious character
failing on your part, I suspect, is to
say the very least on this rather
dispiriting and unpleasant
subject matter quite
for me?

For to be absolutely frank with you this odd behaviour of
yours wasn’t something that I expected from someone
who I happened to fall deeply and passionately in
love with in the way I had done with you; and
who seemingly, both keenly and of her own
volition, optimistically assured me with
every pulsating emotion you could
possibly muster that the love I
unequivocally had and furthermore so positively
demonstrated for you was equally conjoined,
you winningly imparted to me, with your
own indefatigably strong, reciprocally
transmitted and solidly committed
love decisively possessed of a
longevity of its very own.
How on earth then I ask
myself couldn’t I have
seen this coming or,
more to the point,
possibly have
gotten it all
so terribly

© Stanley V. Collymore
30 December 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
We’re well into the festive season and while I’m sure that no mature and responsible person would care either intentionally or indirectly to impinge on the pleasurable pursuits of others, whatever these may consensually be, consensual none the less is the operative word here I think, and to that I would also add an informed consensus between those directly involved. You wouldn’t be that enamoured if I went to the travel agents and bought first class tickets for my Partner and me to spend whatever time we felt like, of our own choosing, in Barbados and then had the bill for our flights to and from that Caribbean island paradise as well as all the extra costs of our sojourn there unwarrantedly and without your knowledge or financial consent fully paid for by you, would you?

A hypothetical question being posed I know as neither I nor my other half would ever contemplate having freebees from anyone as we’re both perfectly capable of meeting our own financial arrangements and have always done so, not that you knew that but I’m telling you all the same to forcefully hammer home the point that I’m making. With intrinsically personal relationships, and that most unquestionably includes sexual ones, comes responsibilities. So shag all you want, these festivities or at any other time you wish to and good luck to you as long as it isn’t rape! But while my Partner who is German and pays her taxes and National Insurance in her native country, I’m British and most of mine are and have for decades now been paid understandably in my home country of Britain.

And what I’m saying is, that in the same way you wouldn’t want me billing you for the pleasure that my Partner and I have in Barbados I most certainly in a country, and I’m referring to the United Kingdom, where illegitimacy has gone through the roof and is now quite prevalent across the board and includes very underage participants – children giving birth to children – while I don’t mind, as I never have done, paying my fair whack towards the upkeep of my country and ostensibly yours as well, I sure as hell don’t see why I should carry on and furthermore have that burden grotesquely increased, and upwards to 18 years after that lustful event, for somebody else’s irresponsible and licentious sexual pleasure when on the other hand I’m personally behaving myself in that regard as responsible as any human being possibly can!

I want to see Britain genuinely proud as a nation but of positive things; not as the global capital of paedophilia, sexual bullying and even associated murder, coupled with rampant bastardy across the board among other disreputable and heinous things; regardless of whom or what age groups are involved. And I make no apologies whatsoever for making those remarks.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Real love versus the fanciful and widespread notions of what love is supposedly all about!

By Stanley Collymore

People usually prefer to gossip a lot about hypothetical
relationships without really expending much if any
serious thought at all to what they’re actually
doing, or for that matter, even for a solitary
moment, bothering to consider the likely
outcome of their speculative musings,
let alone constructively contemplate
on the possible ramifications of their bewildering actions:
namely, what they’re casually, usually quite senselessly
and indefensibly thinking and saying whenever they
glibly, irresponsibly and uniformly, basically for
emphasis sake effectively, talk about emotions
that they either amorously or might otherwise
carnally feel obliged to and then purposely
and wantonly, as their first and only
hopeful move, attribute to love.

Yet most bizarrely and quite ironically too those who’re
the most clamorous and readily given to pontificating
at every turn on, doing so in contradiction of their
own dismal and wholly ineffective situations
in relation to love itself and, moreover,
invariably taking to openly, unasked
for and noticeably ad nauseum
expressing their subjective
and basically off-limits views about love relative
to others whose personal circumstances they’re
barely cognizant of if at all familiar with, are
the very ones who’ve no problem it seems
in arbitrarily deeming it their inalienable
right and specific duty to automatically
deliver allegedly expert advice and
assistance on how all those other
persons should in conformity
amorously manage their
own individual lives.

Seeking genuine expert guidance in relation to a love
difficulty whether this has been occasioned through
unadulterated innocence, gullibility, exasperating
frustration or scrupulously nurtured ignorance
is one thing; however, having unwarranted
counsel, from whatever source, recklessly
thrust down the throats of others who’re
willingly, or more fittingly coercively, prepared to
accept such actions or not is another matter and
mustn’t be tolerated let alone succumbed to
in any condition. For it’s your life, and
proper and requested advice aside if
and when you genuinely need it,
to determine how you live it is
therefore and should always
be your resolutely decided
and sole decision alone;
personal and likewise
quite embarrassing
mistakes made

For if at the spurious behest of others you wilfully
choose to disallow yourself the right to be who
you really are in all matters precisely relating
to yourself and afterwards to submissively,
specifically and quite significantly too
be doing so in relation to all affairs
pertaining to love; what is the
point then of pretending that you honestly know
what love is all about when effectively there’d
be no reality to any of that or anything else
you’re either thinking or actually saying?
Since, in effect, this unsound redoubt
of yours will inevitably render you
as nothing more than a sinisterly
predetermined, considerably
controlled and, unhappily
as it’ll surely turn out
to be, a discernibly
vulnerable, and
an enormously
and a most

© Stanley V. Collymore
29 December 2015.

Author’s Thoughts:
Regardless of whom you are or how clever you consider yourself to be no one person or even a collective of such individuals have the full mastery of love, and in my opinion never will. For love is as complex a subject matter as any specific subject matter could ever be, since it impacts in a diversity of ways, at some time or other, on every aspect of our human emotions whether we intend for this to be the case or not.

That said, there are certain guidelines one should follow, plus the genuine acknowledgement too that comes from learning from mistakes personally made or that one has observed others having made, and through those processes ensuring that you successfully get through if not managing however to fully master the complexities of love. So if anyone should in earnest tell you that they know all about love or have the answers to love’s multifaceted problems, just politely ask them to go and see a good psychiatrist.

However, for all that, I’d much prefer the complexities of love any day of the week than the mundane aspects of a situation where you knew precisely how things will turn out and everything will be completely immersed in blanket conformity. Personally, I can’t think of anything more boring. But then each to his or her own!

Thursday, 24 December 2015

To An Optimistic Future!

By Stanley Collymore

On the eve of what in western tradition among most Christians like me is the commemorative birthday of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, I would like to extend my sincerest and best wishes to all my family members and friends happily ensconced in different parts of the world; all those encouraging, kind-hearted and constructive appreciators of my literary works, and all genuine Christians and other likeminded people globally regardless of your race, skin colour, ethnicity, gender, nationality, place of birth, social status, religion or none who genuinely aspire for and are themselves working in their own inimitable way for a better world for all of us. A Happy and Blessed Christmas to you and a most rewarding 2016 and many future years to come and truly enjoy!

Am Vorabend von dem, was in der westlichen Tradition unter die meisten Christen wie mich ist die Gedenk Geburtstag unseres Herrn und Heilandes Jesus Christus, würde Ich mag meine aufrichtigsten und besten Wünsche an alle meine Familienmitglieder und Freunde glücklich in verschiedenen Teilen der Welt eingenistet erweitern; all die ermutigenden, gutherzig und konstruktive Appreciators meiner literarischen Werken, und alle echten Christen und andere Gleichgesinnte weltweit unabhängig von Ihrer Rasse, Hautfarbe, der ethnischen Zugehörigkeit, Geschlecht, Nationalität, Geburtsort , sozialer Status, Religion oder gar keine, die wirklich streben für und sind selbst arbeitet in ihrer eigenen unnachahmlichen Art für eine bessere Welt für uns alle. Ein frohes und gesegnetes Weihnachten zu Ihnen und ein lohnendsten 2016 und viele zukünftige Jahre zu kommen und wirklich genießen!

A la veille de ce qui, dans la tradition occidentale chez la plupart des chrétiens comme moi est l'anniversaire commémorative de notre Seigneur et Sauveur Jésus-Christ, je tiens à exprimer mes plus sincères et mes meilleurs vœux à tous les membres de ma famille et des amis heureux nichés dans différentes parties du monde; tous ces appréciateurs encourageants, bienveillantes et constructives de mes œuvres littéraires, et tous les véritables chrétiens et d'autres personnes ayant les mêmes idées dans le monde, quel que soit votre race, couleur de peau, l'origine ethnique, le sexe, la nationalité, le lieu de naissance, le statut social, la religion ou aucune qui en ont réellement aspirer et sont eux-mêmes travailler à leur manière inimitable d'un monde meilleur pour nous tous. Un joyeux Noël et de bonheur à vous et un plus enrichissantes 2016 et de nombreuses années à venir à venir et vraiment profiter!

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Hark the Herald Angels sing

Helene Fischer - Heilige Nacht

Berlioz, oratorio "L` enfance du Christ", the shepherds farewell

Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings Handel's Messiah

O Come, All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles) at Westminster Abbey

God doesn’t only exist at Christmas time!

By Stanley Collymore

It’s not vital that you wear your Christianity on
your sleeve in order to perceive that you’re
a child of God or a good and practising
Christian. Nor is it a necessity for you
to proselytize your faith on what is
basically a far-fetched assumption,
namely that if you fail to do so,
and what’s more aren’t seen to be doing this on
a regular basis such a perceived negligence
will perchance on your part prove to be
the nemesis of your accepted religion,
spiritual emancipation and your
concrete and meaningful
accord with God.

Trust me! You couldn’t be more wrong; for neither
the Christ in you nor God Himself would want
or expect for you to be nothing more than a
religious salesperson: super or otherwise,
but would rather prefer that you live
your particular life with honesty,
compassion and a scrupulous
willingness to lend a helping hand to those who’re
worse off than you are and maybe in desperate
need of your support; combined with the
explicit understanding and complete
recognition that the life you lead
and the person you ultimately
become aren’t due to the vagaries of fate
or some celestial, orchestrated master
plan but very much the freedom of
choice that was accorded to you
by God Almighty, when you
were born. And the caring
Creator and most loving
Father He undoubtedly
is, His main concern
therefore is that you
in return, use this
designated gift
and wisely!

©Stanley V. Collymore
23 December 2015.

Author’s Thoughts:
I was brought up in a practising, High Church Anglican, Christian family and community. Christened a fortnight after I was born I regularly attended church and by the age of eleven had played a number of meaningful roles in the congregation of my church from choirboy, Sunday school pupil, altar server to communicant and even that of god-parent.

My religion, family and cultural upbringing are the indestructible bedrock of core values that from birth have profoundly shaped my life and still do. No proselytizing or religious zealot me I even so exist comfortably and assuredly in the Castle of my conjoined Christian and ethical beliefs and which have always stood me in good stead when faced with particularly trying situations.

And the purpose of this poem isn’t to convert you or anyone else to Christianity or any other religious faith for that matter, less so to implant in you my moral concepts, which you don’t know of anyway, but simply to tell you if you didn’t already know or else give you a gentle reminder, if it has conveniently slipped your mind for whatever reason, that life is about choices. And since each of us who is psychologically sound in mind is still in possession of that freedom of choice accorded to everyone of us from birth, what decisions we make are our own and for which, successfully or disastrously so, we must ultimately face up to reality and take full responsibility at all times for them; either in this life or the next!

Have a Happy Christmas and a rewarding New Yea! And Very Best Wishes – Stanley V. Collymore, Snr.

Bugger off Santa Claus and give me some peace and quiet!

By Stanley Collymore

Look Santa! I know perfectly well that it’s Christmas and
what you’re up to now are the sort of things that you
obviously delight in and most evidently, as well,
thoroughly enjoy doing; but just because it’s
your specific thing and loved by some
doesn’t mean that everyone similarly
wants to be actively engaged in or is even the least
tolerant of these very much quite inescapably in
your face and rather bullish shenanigans. And
therefore, cautiously putting it politely and
diplomatically, or as I rather prefer to do
candidly; when it comes to the latter
grouping of persons, then I most
determinedly, and decidedly,
count myself among them.

So in my case please do me and yourself at the same
time one great big favour and just bugger off! And
not because I abhor or for that matter personally
have anything whatever against Christmas per
se; for truthfully I very much to the contrary
contentedly and unhesitatingly do confess
to being an enthusiastic fan of old Noel;
and while my willingly admitting this
might appear odd as Hell to you in
the circumstances of what I’ve earlier been saying,
have none the less always and distinctly for me
been religiously and socially celebratory that
way. However, I do take a not unreasonable
exception to some obese and pensionable
person, absolutely nothing at all against
ageism mind just the droll incongruity
of the entire thing I readily confess,
dressed up in a ridiculous costume
of red and white rampaging across my roof in what
at best is obviously a most old-fashioned sleigh
pulled by a herd of discernibly hyperactive
reindeer. All well and good for the lot of
you and every likeminded person who
patently thinks that it’s a barrel fun.
That said though, when I checked
my individual situation with my
established insurance company,
Direct Line, I was explicitly
informed that any damage
caused either directly by
you Mr Santa Claus or
your reindeer just was
not covered by my
home contents or
any of the other
possessed by
me personal

© Stanley V. Collymore
22 December 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
I was seven years old when I had a falling out with Santa Claus that would become permanent. Earlier that year and having been exceedingly good throughout it, as I normally was, I wrote to Santa asking him if I could have a cricket bat engraved with the names of any of my three cricketing heroes – I’m a staunch cricket fan – the 3 Ws, Worrrell, Weekes and Walcott, or preferably all three of them if he could manage that.

I subsequently in return got a letter from Santa Claus promising me that he would fulfil my wish; and pleased as anyone could possibly be by the fact of knowing that a special wish of theirs would be forthcoming I couldn’t wait for the onset of Christmas, which was always a festive and religious season that I looked forward to and thoroughly enjoyed, to happen. Furthermore, this time I told family members and friends who asked me what I wanted them to get me for Christmas that the choice as usual was entirely theirs but they were not to get me a cricket bat as Santa Claus was already doing that.

But Christmas came and went, and while I got loads of presents from lots of people Santa Claus never delivered on his promise nor did he bother to send me an explanation for what he did, or more fittingly didn’t do. So instead I wrote him a terse letter telling him what I thought of him and calling him a miserly prat. He must have taken umbrage to that but I didn’t care and readily forgot all about him.

Fast forward to my early adulthood and Santa Clause with his reindeer recommenced driving his sleigh over the roofs of whatever home I was living in; ridiculous really as none of them ever had any chimneys, a specific thing with me. And with good reason! I’m a staunch environmentalist and eschew polluting the atmosphere with the residue from fossil fuels and instead opted for insulated lofts, solar panel roofs and state of the art central heating, so there were no chimneys attached to any of my homes for this rotund man to embarrassingly climb down, than Heavens! Nevertheless, he made up for that with his dry runs; with him accompanied by his reindeer creating an unholy din over my roof tops I must say!

Thankfully, all this happened prior to Christmas itself, which as it happens in my case I never spend in Britain; as I’d long discovered, coming not long after my initial altercation with Santa that there isn’t just the one Santa Claus but a franchise of them with their own specific jurisdiction, and judiciously I make absolutely sure each year that I’m out of the jurisdiction of that Santa Claus who cocked it up for me all those years ago.

And so this poem, drawing on my own experience as a child, is written for and dedicated to all those who’ve been similarly hard done by an unforgivable Santa Claus or who are simply agnostic about them. And remember this; I got over my disappointment and so will you! Meanwhile, have a cracking Christmas all of you.

Monday, 21 December 2015

History They Don't Teach You In School - Jewish Bolshevism

Bolschevick Jews Killed 100 Million Mainly White Christians

The First Holocaust

The Assassination of Patrice Lumumba (Full) pt 1

Mein Kampf! The unrivalled solution to the malignant plague of Yiddish Zionism.

By Stanley Collymore

Mein Kampf was the spiritual, psychological, societal
and natural representation of the German people
collectively, and the longed for regeneration
of their dignity and pride in themselves
once more after the intentionally
humiliating terms, together
with their coldblooded imposition, of the Treaty
of Versailles settlement. And I see absolutely
nothing wrong with that or the apportioning
of blame appropriately to those who were
principally responsible for occasioning
this catastrophic s state of affairs so
callously, and quite noticeably in
the most relentlessly collective
punishment terms, somewhat
heinously and in an utterly
brusque and indifferent
stance, handed out to
the German nation.

And it’s high time then for contemporary
Germans and particularly all of their
children, who are essentially the
future of Germany, were thus
straightforwardly told the
honest truth about their
own country and not
the customary fantasy version that purports
to be the incontestable veracity of what
supposedly happened, and as a result
is corruptly orchestrated, peddled
and graspingly promulgated ad
nauseum by the international
cohorts of Yiddish Jewish
Zionists and their of one
mind western, declared
Christian evangelist
collaborators, and
manic obsessed

© Stanley V. Collymore
21 December 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
The several relevant articles that I’ve gone to great lengths to painstaking publish today Monday 21 December 2015 prior to these specific tweets that will subsequently be followed by the poem that I’ve written for the occasion and is entitled: “Mein Kampf! The unrivalled solution to the malignant plague of Yiddish Zionism” and all of which can be seen on my personal twitter site and my doing so, in specific respect of these articles, primarily to preclude my having to give a detailed explanation as to why I don’t think that Germany should be obliged to carry on wearing sackcloth and ashes for Europe’s holocaust when those countries that are most insistent that it does are some of the very worst abusers of human rights and anything that is remotely associated with civilized behaviour, ought to assist you as to why I take the stance that I have done consistently in relation to Germany and will carry on doing so until, though very unlikely, these major world hypocrite nations change their own double standards tune and not only own up to but also make significant and justifiable reparations and a genuine apology for the war crimes, crimes against humanity and the systematic abuse and genocide that they’ve persistently in the past and still brazenly even now in the 21st Century carry on committing.

The poem referred to previously has come in the wake of the German government and the teaching associations here in Germany contemplating the unbanning of Hitler’s autobiography Mein Kampf that is analogous to ludicrously shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted, for it’s an open secret here in Germany that practically every German family has a private copy of Mein Kampf that was handed down to family members by parents or grandparents who were around at the time of its open and widespread popularly and were themselves also avid supporters of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. From a personal perspective I’ve read it in its original German, the copy of a very close friend of mine whose father was a senior officer in the German Armed Forces during World War II and I can find nothing wrong with Mein Kampf; and unapologetically don’t mind saying so.

However, Germany after the end of World War II was forced by the victors to do lots of things it shouldn’t have been made to do and banning Mein Kampf was one of them to placate the Zionists. Now the German authorities want to reinstate it but for all the wrong reasons I think, as I don’t believe it should ever have been banned; and these revolve around using Mein Kampf purportedly as a vehicle to stop extremist behaviour; conveniently overlooking the fact that it certainly wasn’t Mein Kampf that initiated extremism in Germany in the first place but the humiliating Treaty of Versailles for one that was a major factor in this German equation. Anyway, here’s my take on the issue.

Germany has much that on sober reflection it can by no means or proffered excuses remotely feel proud about but these acts of inhumanity to others and heinous criminal activities generally pale into insignificance when set against the sadistic and entrenched barbarism of the United States of America, Britain France, Zionist apartheid Israel and Belgium for example, notwithstanding their own multitudinous and dastardly deeds with their own characteristic, longstanding and ongoing pernicious pedigree, nevertheless from the podium of their sanctimonious soapboxes still think they’ve an intrinsic, divine, exceptionalist and exclusive right to lecture other nations not only on how they should behave in every category relating to their own international and even their domestic activities but also are individually entitled to arrogate to themselves, reserve and utilize the right they accord themselves to determine how this is done as well as to arbitrarily punish any country that’s out of favour with them and which they subjectively consider to be conducting itself in an errant fashion. And moreover do so with the unilateral and self-indulgent power that they grant to themselves and without ever perceiving it necessary to provide irrefutable proof that what they say has any basis of truth about it, that what they’re doing is absolutely essential or has any legal foundations to it. A classic case in my view that people living in glass houses shouldn’t asininely throw stones at other peoples’ properties! Unfortunately however many western regimes including that of the United Kingdom are much too dumb to recognize the obvious.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Britain, judicially at the very least, is now willingly a subordinate province of Bantu Saudi!

By Stanley Collymore

Personally speaking and blatantly taking into consideration
where specifically I come from: that divine barbaric and
distinctly medieval-mindset, dictatorial Persian Gulf
Bantustan, Bantu Saudi that I proudly call home;
and given too my natural propensity when there
to normally and happily fornicate with camels,
a marked preference of my own that is itself
reinforced by my cultural and exceptional
religious upbringing in noticeable contrast, I must confess,
to having it off with women, since camels are usually
far more accommodating and mutually give one:
physically as well as psychologically, a much
more gratifying and profoundly fulfilling
ride when having coition with them
than either our own or women
generally, I do steadfastly
believe, are seriously
capable of, I must
also concede of
ever offering.

For in marked contrast to our beloved and inestimably
treasured romantic camels women are essentially
sub-humans and utterly worthless beings that
individually and collectively serve only the
one useful purpose in life that I together
with those who sensibly and patently
like-mindedly think like me rather
vigilantly perceive. And which is
to unchallengeably breed at our
masculine command or discretion, dutifully fulfilling
our requisite need to propagate the valued fruits of
our loins which unhappily we males can’t do on
our own, and thus produce more male gender
offspring who will automatically be by far
infinitely superior to and much greater in
worth understandably than any opposite
sex siblings they might unfortunately
find themselves lumbered with, as
will also be the case with all females generally that they
later encounter. Assertively laying the foundations
then in this protected, comfortable and, in every
aspect of their controlling lives, privileged
environment for these sons to expectantly,
firstly as immensely pampered boys like
their fathers were, then subsequently
and arrogantly morph into the sick
wahhabi guardians of an obscene
misogynistic, sinisterly wicked
barbarically monstrous and
medieval-mindset society.

And predictably it’s unsurprising then that these male wahhabi
practising and utterly degenerate scum who from birth were
premeditatedly, deeply and incorrigibly ingrained with a
locally widespread supportive and officially Bantustan
sanctioned intolerance towards, open disdain for and
the brutal repression of women who are decidedly
categorized not as equals or even fellow human
beings but to a large extent as the expendable
possessions of these pompous, self-centred
and domineering men; that when abroad
in obscenely money grabbing and sycophantic countries like
the United Kingdom where the powers that be are clearly
hell-bent, and at any cost, on getting their manky and
acquisitive hands on the oil money of any of these
full of themselves morons who are suitably well
heeled and associated with the latter knowing
this, it’s observable that they will continue
to conduct themselves to all women as
they usually do at home, and in the absence of appropriate
camels to sexually bed and consequently appease their
unbridled promiscuity will happily become rapists
instead, knowing full well that the said powers
that be, enthusiastically complicit with the
corporate media and quite significantly
even the domestic legal system and
the state judiciary will obligingly
coalesce to brazenly exculpate
their manifest and deeply
repugnant criminality!

© Stanley V. Collymore
19 December 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
Rape by any astute discernment is a most reprehensible crime physically and psychologically regardless of whom the perpetrator is, the circumstances in which the rape was carried out, or the victim, of whatever gender, to whom this monstrous travesty is barbarously inflicted on and should therefore be legally punished with the utmost severity. That is the rule of thumb of all civilized countries. Britain however that likes to consider itself as being a part of this cultured community has however lamentably departed from it and de facto introduced a get out clause for rapists but only if they’re exceedingly wealthy and have the right connections financially.

And that get out clause expressly stipulates that no British court or more fittingly no English ones, will find such appropriate rapists guilty if they can claim, however bizarrely and unconvincingly, that they didn’t effectively carry out that rape but that it was all down to their recalcitrant penis acting entirely, independently and insubordinately of its very own accord and wilfully penetrated the female in question. In other words penises are now legally recognized in England to have minds of their own that enable them to rather independently of their owners successfully and with a most astonishing precision embark on the flawless directional penetration of any obligatory vagina.

A brilliant development undoubtedly; but even so and advisedly as well you shouldn’t be too keen to try this new formula out if you’re Black, of some other ethnic minority or even white and from a council estate environment irrespective of whether you’re innocent or not of the offence with which you’re charged, for on much closer scrutiny this conspicuously Orwellian and Animal Farm situation is actually quite one-sided to whom it specifically addresses itself to and therefore from a distinctly English legal perspective its very much a case of “Some Penises are more important than Others!”

Friday, 18 December 2015

In lugendhafte Lob der deutschen Frauen!

Von Stanley Collymore

Koerperlich schoen, sehr intelligent und anspruchsvoll mit
cleveren es zu, du bist der authentischen Inbegriff dessen,
was anmutigeWeiblichkeit und ansprechend
Weiblichkeit wurden Urspruenglich
beabsichtigt zu sein und
wahrhaft und ganz absolut selbst eigentlich geht.
Doch trotz dieser aussserordentlich beeindruck-
ende Qualitaetaten, anstatt Sie mit der Einnahme auf
prahlerisch schrie die Chancen ueber sie wie andere
und wesentlich weniger Stiftungs Frauen, die in
der Realitaet wenig haben entweder zu sein
eitel stolz sind und viel weniger so sein
overbearingly voll von sich selbst
ueber; Ihnen unterdessen exquisit
zurueckhaltend, nach innen
konstant, emotional und
zufrieden in Bezug auf sich selbst versichert und
auch, was Sie schon praktisch und positiv in
Ihrem taeglichen Umgang mit anderen zu
tun, einschliessslich der Auslaender
Alien auf ihre Art zu leben gewesen
doch in diesem laufenden und
zivilisierte Prozess, den Sie
so elegant und kompetent mit dem Fach
Reife beherrscht nicht weniger,
dass man die Welt im allgemeinen,
waehrend akribisch Ausuebung
konstruktiv mit, was Sie haben,
so bewusst und ganz gezielt fuer
und danach eingeschlagen
zu sehen haben.

Und all dies verbunden mit auffaellig unpraetentioes
und sprichwoertlich cool wie eine Gurke Weise hin
und beobachtungen ueber das Leben,
die nicht nur eine erkenbare
Gutschrift auf das Recht stolz
germanischen Nation,
zu der Sie gehoeren, sondern
auch eigen treffend praesentieren die
wunderbare, wirklich erstaunlich
und sind wie die uneingeschraenkte
und fort Prozession der unvergleichlichen und
entsprechend unvergleichlichen deutschen
Frauen, die robust in ihrer Lebendigkeit sind,
genuesslich in Sachen Romantik temperamentvoll, enorm
anspruchsvoll sexuell und bezaubernd eingerichtet
mit dem eingebauten und explosive Faehigkeit,
zunaechst vorsichtig, aber danach, wenn in absolut
sicher sein, ihre dagegen stuermisch und bedingungslos
zu lieben, und dabei erlauben
sich zu sein, im Gegenzug waren total begeistert.
In mehr ergreifenden Worte der
und unvergleichliche
Aufklaerung dieser hoechst
vollkommen und so charakteristisch berauschend
deutschen Frauen; und wie in meinem besonderen
Umstaenden sehr gluecklich fuer
mich, um dann feststellen, dass ich war, um es gelinde
auszudruecken, praechtig belebend und wechselseitig
erstaunlich in Bezug auf mein Glueck als auch,
intensiv und vollstaendig recht reizvoll
und dauerhaft in der Liebe
mit einer von ihnen!

© Stanley V. Collymore
18 Dezember 2015.

Authoren Bemerkungen:
Fuer all Alters deutschen Frauen im Allgemeinen, aber die meisten speziell die ueberaus reizvollen, liebevollen und unvergesslichlichen deutschen Fauen, die ein oder andere Mal prominent in meinen Leben vorgestellt. Mein tiefstes, dauerhafte und herzlichen Dank an Sie allle, wo immer Sie gerade sind.

Interessant ist, warum leben ein normales Leben, wenn Sie sonst eine ausserordentliche einem fuehren? Und von Anfang an gab es nie einen Zweifel in meinem Kopf, dass deutsche Frauen wissen ganz genau, wie genau das zu tun!

Eintrag in alphabetischer Reihenfolge meiner dauerhafte Wertschaetzung, um einige dieser bemerkenswerten Persoenlichkeiten in ihrem eigenen Recht:

Angela, Angelika, Anja, Annegart; Bettina, Birgit, Brigitte; Charlotte, Christina, Claudia; Dagmar, Damiela, Dora, Doris; Elisabeth, Erika; Frieda; Fritzi; Gabriele, Gerda, Gisela, Gunda; Hanne, Heidi, Heika, Helga, Hildegard; Ina, Ilsa, Inge, Ingrid; Johanna, Julia, Jutta; Karin, Katharina, Kersten, Klara; Lenore, Lieselotte, Louisa; Margaretha, Margret, Margrit, Marlene, Monika; Nadine, Nadja, Nina; Olga; Petra, Pia; Renate, Roasalinde; Sabine, Sabrina, Sophia, Stefanie, Susanne; Tanja, Therese, Trude; Ulrika, Uschi, Ursula, Ute; Veronika, Viktoria; Wilma; Yvette; und Zilke.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

"Going Underground" Going Back To Labour - John Prescott

CrossTalk: Syrian minefield

In Virtuous Praise Of German Women!

By Stanley Collymore

Physically beautiful, exceedingly intelligent and discerningly
clever with it too, you are the authentic epitome of what
graceful femininity and appealing womanhood were
originally intended to be and veritably and quite
absolutely are themselves actually all about.
Yet notwithstanding these outstandingly
impressive qualities rather than you
taking to boastfully shouting out
the odds about them as other and considerably less
endowed females who in reality have little either
to be conceitedly proud of and much less so be
overbearingly full of themselves about; you,
meanwhile, exquisitely demure, inwardly
constant, emotionally and contentedly
assured in terms of yourselves and
also what you’ve practically and
positively been doing in your
daily dealings with others including foreigners
alien to your way of living have nevertheless
in this ongoing and civilized process that
you’ve so elegantly and competently
mastered with the skilled maturity
no less that you view the world
generally while painstakingly
carrying on constructively
with what you have so
consciously and quite
purposefully settled
for and afterwards
embarked upon.

And all this conjoined with your conspicuously unpretentious
and proverbially cool as a cucumber manner towards and
observations on life that aren’t only a discernible credit
to the deservedly proud Germanic nation to which
you intrinsically belong but also aptly showcase
the marvellous, truly amazing, as well as the
unrestricted and continuous procession of
peerless and accordingly incomparable
German women who’re robust in their vivacity, pleasurably
spirited in matters of romance, enormously sophisticated
sexually and bewitchingly furnished with the inbuilt
and explosive capability to initially prudently but
thereafter when absolutely sure in their mind
tempestuously and unconditionally love,
and in doing so permit themselves to be totally loved
in return. In more poignant words the unmistakable
and unparalleled elucidation of these supremely
perfect and so characteristically exhilarating
German women; and how very fortunate
for me in my specific circumstances to
then find that I was, to say the least,
resplendently invigoratingly and
reciprocally amazing in terms
of my good fortune as well,
intensely and completely
rather delightfully and
permanently in love
with one of them!

© Stanley V. Collymore
17 December 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
For all of age German females generally but most specifically the exceedingly charming, loving and truly memorable German ladies who at one time or another featured prominently in my life. My deepest, enduring and sincerest thanks to you all wherever you now are. Interestingly, why live an ordinary life when you could lead an extraordinary one? And it’s a certainty you incomparable and beautiful German females already know how to do the latter!

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Your conduct is most unbecoming and for me is quite simply unforgivable!

By Stanley Collymore

Deserted and callously abandoned by you because
you cowardly didn’t have the guts or gumption
to stand up to your domineering parents and
courageously tell them that it’s your life
and therefore you’ve every right to live
it as you thought fit and perceptibly
without the kind of unwarranted
interference they’d been subjecting you to; and not only
expecting but also unremittingly demanding too that
you submissively and uncomplainingly reined in
your natural feelings for me by unemotionally
and as they apparently saw it pragmatically
and intentionally supplanting these with
social-climbing and most particularly
financially-motivated ambitions in
which love consciously wasn’t allowed to play any part
whatsoever, even when as was perfectly well known
the specified and calamitous outcomeof this cold-
blooded and unnatural union was unmistakably
guaranteed to engender at its best what was a
noticeable dilemma and at its worst, and not
so smart, a suppressed but all the same an
intensely troubled and distinctly broken
heart. However, notwithstanding that
you none the less still calculatingly
went ahead with what had been
resolved and that you would
compliantly be doing, and
in the process effectively
and quite literally killed
off the enormous store
of love that I had for
you stone cold dead!

© Stanley V. Collymore
15 December 2015.

Author’s Thoughts:
Throughout the 19th century it was quite commonplace for the feckless daughters of well-heeled, vaingloriously assertive and social-climbing Americans to be married off to the sons of the significantly impoverished so-called British aristocracy. A manifestly symbiotic relationship where the American half of these contrived unions got the purported social standing they craved and the British for their part got the money that they were after. And in 21st Century Britain many of those swaning around with their pretentious, discernibly ludicrous and quite risible to those that intelligently observe them airs and graces of class “superiority” owe their very existence to this calculatingly exercised prostitution - for that’s what it really amounted to – by these, shall we say, alleged ancestors bearing in mind the strong prevalence of the art of cuckolding of these males British aristos by several of these American imports who invariably didn’t marry for love or with any passion attached to these marital arrangements but in the adulterous stakes were to put it bluntly absolute thoroughbreds. And why I instinctively see these British toffs as essentially a load of bastards both literally and figuratively. Couldn’t resist that! The caste of females for these British aristos may have altered somewhat but isn’t it just amazing how some things in life continue to remain constant?

So why am I writing this poem? Well the genesis for it goes back some two decades. I had decided to return to full time study from my teaching because I wanted to train as a journalist and so took an extended sabbatical for this. And at the outset of my journalistic training I met a Black Barbadian female who was also on the course. Other than our common Bajan ancestry and the fact that she came from the same region of Barbados that my parents and a number of my relatives living in Barbados emanated from she was a truly good sport and we got on tremendously well and became firm friends. I also learnt that she had recently got engaged and the lucky guy was from the British aristocracy who I also met and became friends with. Anyway I learnt from both of them during one of our several conversations that from the perspective of his parents it hadn’t been all been plain sailing. Essentially when their relationship started to get serious he contacted his parents as he had long left home and told them he’d met this wonderful young lady and how much she meant to him. Like all interested parents his had asked to meet the young female who was his girlfriend then and suggested that he bring her to the family home. He mentioned this to his girlfriend and as she had no objection whatsoever to this it was agreed that they would go and visit his parents on a mutually agreed weekend, which they did. They arrived in the dead of night as the journey had been a long one from where they were, were let into the family home by one of the servants and because of the hour went straight to bed. So the first that his parents would see of this Bajan girl was when she was summoned down to breakfast by him the next morning.

Fast forward and the humorous account of what transpired we occasionally recount when we meet up each other. Everything is going swimmingly for them now they’re married and have a family of their own. But apparently you could have cut the atmosphere with a knife when this beautiful and absolutely graceful black female appeared for breakfast and met her boyfriend’s parents for the very first time. I asked him why he didn’t mention to his mum and dad that his intended was Black to which he promptly replied that sine he wouldn’t have been expected to state that she was white if that was her racial status he didn’t see any need for doing so because his girlfriend was Black; and since this guy quite frankly didn’t then and still to this day doesn’t have a solitary racist bone in his entire body I could see, understand and appreciate where he was coming from.

Several years later when I moved to Germany to live and work there just about 14 months after I’d been in the country I quite accidentally met this absolutely gorgeous female who subsequentlay became my Partner. Nothing untoward in that as pleasurable accidents do happen, but when we somehow coincidentally seem to keep bumping into each other at the same place something concrete had to be done about that and it quite satisfactorily was. Three months after that and with us mutually seeing quite a lot of each other she asked if I would like to spend the upcoming Easter at her parents’ home in the country. I asked her if she was quite sure about that as I hadn’t previously met them because she and I lived in different parts of Germany from them, to which she responded: “Of course! Why else would I ask you?” I smiled but she could sense that something was circulating through my head that I hadn’t mentioned. And in her frank manner she literally told me to spit it out. So I related the story and experience of my Bajan friend; she saw the funny side of it and assured me that outspoken as she’d got to know I was there wouldn’t be any altercations with her family as they already knew who and what I was, and even if they didn’t it wouldn’t make the slightest bit of difference to them.

The Easter holiday was fantastic, a gathering of the family clan as it were, and my hosts were quite superb. And what better environment could two people very much in love with each other actually want? However as we strolled through the grounds of the family estate, came to this splendid lake that formed a part of it and sat down surveying the picturesque scene before us and contrasting the difference in reactions to what my Bajan friend had initially received on meeting her future in-laws and our own position I thanked her and told her how grateful I was for all that had happened. She smiled warmly and reciprocated my feelings adding that the only worry and fleetingly so initially was that I would head back to England for Easter and not taken up her invitation. I explained that wasn’t an option but jokingly queried what she would do had I done so? “I would have considered your behaviour most unbecoming and thoroughly unforgivable,” she laughed. Hence the title of this poem and consciously looking at it from an entirely different perspective than our own. For I instinctively knew what my partner meant and gave her a massive hug. Well what else do you want to know as it’s none of your business what transpired after that? So there!

And although these two specific relationships I’ve mentioned here in these tweets are functioning as admirably as we could ever have wished them to I know that there are many of you out there not as fortunate as we are and who haven’t the willpower to take your destiny into your own hands and map the course of your own lives; and hopefully what you’ve read here will give you the courage to do so. And at this Christmas season of goodwill: “Have a Happy Christmas and a rewarding New Year!”