Saturday, 28 November 2015

Prized warmongering cunts versus the conscionably concerned!

By Stanley Collymore

Zionist Nazi Fuehrer- and implausibly as daft an outcome as one could possibly conceive but having said that anything is now possible in significantly brain-dead Britain – British Prime Minister David Cameron come a vote on whether the purported Master Race that he leads with avid support from the Labtories and Lib-Dems will gratuitously indulge once more in bombing the native savages of a Global South country into submission and remove, as is par for the course with them, that country’s sovereign government, as cock-hoop after Libya, never mind its subsequent and continuing deteriorating – if that’s actually possible anymore as it has surely reached the bottom of this pernicious abyss - status as a failed state and safe haven for the very jihadists that David Cameron and Co. were directly and culpably responsible for implanting there, supporting them in ever conceivable way from recruiting and arming them to financing and giving them logistical, political and diplomatic support and of course transforming Africa’s richest and most successful socialist state into a quagmire of barbarity, having assured the savage extrajudicial execution of its legitimate leader Colonel Gaddafi, and all this for the financial benefit of the Zionist run Military Industrial Complex that these mass murderers and their complicit barbarian acolytes and supporters are significant beneficiaries from.

Avaricious, self-centred, venal in the extreme, imperialistic, racist, hegemonic and as well ludicrously exceptionalist their self-interests know no bounds never mind how inimical these actions of theirs are to the target country involved or how many of that country’s innocent civilians, or as they disdainfully perceive them as collateral damage, are sadistically wiped out in their maniacal and self-serving endeavours. And no one will ever convince me that David Cameron and his Nazi Zionist lot and the other likeminded scum that infest the Labour Party and the Lib-Dems are actually concerned about ISIS: a terrorist group they created, fostered and covertly are avidly supporting while blatantly and dishonestly spinning to the dunderheads in Britain and across the west, a job done by their counterparts in these countries, that they’re actually fighting ISIS, when anyone with a modicum of commonsense knows full well that the real objective of theirs is regime change in Damascus. Never mind that all the empirical data to hand categorically shows that if free, fair, unhampered and democratically held elections were carried out in Syria today President Assad would undoubtedly win these by a massive majority. But it’s not the democracy that these allegedly Master Race but in effect lowlife scum are interested in.

Yet for all his hypocritical and double standards bluster David Cameron will whip his Tory troops into line, odd if you ask me if he’s so sure that what he’s doing is morally and legally correct and begs the obvious question what has this supposed “apogee” of democratic principles to fear if he’s so sure this is the correct thing that he wants Britain to embark upon and against all international laws and conventions or any mandate from the United Nations bomb Syria, yet wants the sovereignty of Britain to be inviolate? That’s like someone asininely and illegally knocking the shits out of you and your family members but at the same expecting that they and their home environment must be violence free from those who passionately object to what they’re unlawfully and barbarically doing. And even with the whip in place there are still conscionable Tory MPs who’ll not support David Cameron.

Meanwhile on the Labour Party’s side we see all the pernicious vermin crawling out of the woodwork; indefatigable nonentities the overwhelming majority of them joined with some has-beens. Here’s a flavour of some of them and I’ll openly pose this question to you. How many of you among the Labour Party’s national membership, its supporters or the public at large have ever heard of these moronic cunts? Be honest with yourselves! Tom Watson, Hilary Benn (please don’t confuse him with his father for that’s the only reason he’s a Labour MP trading dishonestly on the good name of the late Great Tony Benn, may he rest in peace, other than that Hilary is a purblind cunt); Michael Dugher, Lillian Greenwood, Angela Eagle, her dyke sister Maria Eagle, Heidi Alexander, Vernon Coaker, Lucy Powell, John Spellar, Fiona Mctaggart, Chris Bryant, Frank Fields you’ve probably heard of this old-goat turncoat now rabid asshole and the list goes on. How many of these actually rang a bell with you?

Yet these unrepresentative mother fuckers and duplicitous twats who’re not in the least representative of the Labour Party or its wider membership delude themselves that they have a mandate to ignore the wishes of the party they purport to represent. These are all people who were parachuted into constituencies and foisted on these constituencies by Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and the rest of the Labour party scum “leaders”. And they’re all of them to a man, woman, dyke, queer and paedophile perverts fully paid up members to the Zionist ideology and equally have shares in the companies that comprise the Military Industrial Complex. And as Wall Street recently boasted the more wars they are the more profitable their shares in these companies will be. Furthermore they know that their links with these companies will ensure as Tony Blair and public service scum like John Scarlet well know how profitable the catapulting of our country into war is for these slime balls personally. And how curious that all these vested interests should come together with one focus, never mind the dishonest excuses they’re trotting out, which is to get rid of the one person they all fear – JEREMY CORBYN – because he represents everything that they are not and if his views gain traction among the public it’s really the end for these selfish and manipulative mother fuckers.

Here’s the line up then. MPs in parliament who’re not representative of or care one jot about the British public; supported by so-called British mainstream media which apart from THE DAILY MAIL isn’t any such thing. Since they’re either own by Rupert Murdoch a citizenship-prostituting asshole, criminal and odious manipulator; criminal Zionist Jewish Russian oligarchs like Alexander Lebedev who with his fellow countrymen and Jewish slime balls plundered the wealth of the Russian people after the collapse of the Soviet Union when that prized jackass and literally drunken village idiot Boris Jelsin was president, skedaddled to Britain and other western countries with their ill-gotten gains and bought up media outlets like the Independent. Even the BBC that the British public is compulsorily forced to finance with the TV licence is nothing more than the voice and echoing chamber of the Zionist apartheid regime in Tel Aviv and the so-called Israeli Defence Force.

So the politicians, media and the pundits who know on which side their bread is buttered and will say anything to keep their puppet masters happy and themselves on TV carry on as if the rest of us are all like them absolutely brain dead as well. And how about this? GRM: a highly corrupt and alleged law firm that has made millions under the murderous escapades of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown is advising the Labtories that they can oust Jeremy Corbyn and put in place measures to ensure that he could NEVER again in his life time run for the leadership of the Labour Party. I won’t demean myself by even bothering to comment on that further, as if that isn’t utter totalitarian crap, the same sort of thing they disingenuously accuse Jeremy’s Shadow Minister Chancellor for quoting in the House of Commons quite apt commonsense excerpts from Chairman Mao’s so-called Red Book and did the same with Diane Abbott for pointing out the economic progress that China – ironically conveniently overlooking that this is the same China that George Osborne and David Cameron have gone cap in hand to for financial assistance and funds for the regeneration of Northern England - has made, brandishing her as Jeremy Corbyn’s ex-lover – at least it proves that both Dianne and Jeremy are normal heterosexual human beings which is more than can be said for the queer boy, dykes and staunchly protected paedophiles that infest the House of Commons, Lords, the media and the British Establishment as a whole. And among those who are genuinely heterosexual how many of them didn’t themselves have and are still having extramarital sexual affairs? Tony Blair a staunch acolyte of Rupert Murdoch was ditched by Murdoch after it was discovered that Tony behind Murdoch’s back was fucking his Chinese wife.

And there are few of you in the media, if any at all, that can honestly state you aren’t or haven’t at some time or other fucked with someone else’s partner, wife, daughter or committed incest with a family member. So why bring up a distantly past and alleged relationship between Jeremy and Dianne when both of them were free and not involved with anyone; as if the sensible and intelligent among us didn’t know what you’re driving at? And who was Charles fucking when he was still married to Princess Diana? Might be a good idea if you brain-dead cunts stick to the adage that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. I’m not an aficionado of the American political system but I do know that it’s the actual members of the respective political party: Democrats or Republicans for that matter, who actually select individual – one person one vote – their local and national representatives as well as their presidential candidate, not those who are already senators or members of the House of Representatives deciding who they want or don’t want and assuming that they are then entitled to have an automatic veto on that. If that were the case Barack Obama for all his many faults would never have had a look in let alone become President of the United States. So why the fuck should a bunch of unrepresentative and nonentity assholes in the Labour Party parliamentary Party or the equally unrepresentative and unelected House of Lords feel that they have this inalienable right?

Yet those who are planning this coup against Jeremy Corbyn, never mind his massive majority across the Labour Party nationally, are saying that they should have this unquestionable right as they have a “mandate” to do so. What fucking mandate are you talking about? When on average only 30% of the electorate actually votes; few MPs get over 50% of the vote and we have the Tory Party elected with 23% of the vote at the last General election. So don’t talk to folk like me about kiss-me-ass mandates as you’ve got none, other than MPs like Jeremy Corbyn with a massive constituency vote! And this so-called but intrinsically corrupt law firm GRM, with partners as bent as fucking corkscrews, are pushing this ludicrous nonsense. And on top of that we’ve these purblind cunts in the parliamentary Labour Party stating it’s not for the Labour membership to decide policy as they don’t owe any allegiance to Labour Party members nor need to take any cognizance of what these members up and down the country think or say? Well it’s not rocket science in response to ask: “What the fuck then are you doing in the Labour Party?” Something I’ve asked many times in the past but none of you assholes have ever bothered to publicly say why. But we all know why!

Crucially too in the United States constituents have the legally enshrined right to recall their representatives, and this in my opinion should be also a legal requisite in the UK. And can anyone ever imagine in the USA an incumbent president who quite rightly in upcoming elections for that office can be challenged by other members of his party finding himself debarred from standing again for a second term because some of his party members with a delusional concept of their own importance think that he shouldn’t be and for no other reasons than that they don’t like him or he isn’t allowing them to con and fleece the public as much as they would wish? And moreover then get corrupt so-called law firms like GRM – does that stand for GRASPINGLY RAPACIOUS MOTHER-FUCKERS - seeking on no honourable legal basis but JUST their own avariciously venal self-interest to justify the unsustainable? It all shows what they are and the disdainful disregard these charlatans that openly lie about being advocates of democracy are all about.

And what really had me falling off my chair with utter amazement even from mother-fucking idiots like these slime balls, sewer rats and other vermin having a go at Jeremy Corbyn is that while they’re entitled to have a point of view Jeremy according to them doesn’t; while they can stab him in the back or even the front he must not respond; and when someone who is committed and has always been so to the full and inclusive involvement of all Labour Party members in what goes on in their name within the political process, these prized cunts in the parliamentary Labour Party and elsewhere are appalled. No prizes for guessing why! And the sooner we have ONE PERSON one vote as pertains in the United States and with all vetoes on who stands for the Labour leadership instantaneously withdrawn from the parliamentary Labour Party and the trade union leadership that is as fucking warmongering as one can get and has always been the case even as far back as their support for Winston Churchill in his so-called wilderness years and have ever since been in the vanguard of British warmongers. Thus union members should have the single individual vote as every one else, and if the bosses of these unions want in a fit of pique to withhold their financial contributions, let me readily inform you it’s not your money but that of the union members, and you’re supposed to be their officials not their covert Tory masters.

The CBI massively contributes to the coffers of the Tory Party and while one would have to be totally foolish to assume they don’t have considerable influence on the party’s hierarchy at least they don’t indulge in or utilize block votes on who emerges at the Tory leader. So Jeremy Corbyn is perfectly in his right to state what his position is on the illegal and unconscionable bombing of Syria bearing in mind what the true facts are and who it was that created ISIS even if the target that David Cameron and his allies in the Labour Party and Lib-Dems are lyingly telling us it’s ISIS they’re after. They’re NOT! It’s the Assad government that they have been trying to oust for the past five years. It’s also perfectly all right in my view for Jeremy Corbyn to write to the membership of the Labour Party and having stated his views ask them to express their own. This is called Democracy! Yet he’s virulently being criticized for this even though he’s not telling them what opinion they must hold but simply sounding them out on their own; and we all know why these prized jerks in the Labour Party and elsewhere are against this. For the more bombs dropped the better financially for their shares in the Military Industrial Complex, and the bigger the backhanders they’ll receive as we see in the case of Tony Blair and John Scarlet, relative to their numbered and tax evasion bank accounts overseas; and the same goes for GRM!

I can readily recall that Harold Wilson, who I don’t fondly remember for a number of reasons: his treachery of the Chagos Islanders and him intentionally clandestinely breaking UNSC sanctions that Britain had voted for against the racist administered as it was then white supremacist Southern Rhodesia of Ian Smith, resolutely refusing in the face of frenzied opposition not only from the Tories and the UK media but also many in his parliamentary Labour Party, including several of his shadow ministers to succumb to the United States demands and support that country in its illegal war against Vietnam. So Jeremy Corbyn isn’t setting any precedent here in his opposition to the equally illegal, warmongering, racist and avariciously venal self-interest of all these British turds and nincompoops in not wanting to engage as happened notoriously in Iraq and Libya in intensifying an unnecessary war fomented by Britain and others to institute illegal regal change. And if it’s good for Harold Wilson as Labour leader why not Jeremy Corbyn? And if they’re those of you who think you can dispose of Jeremy Corbyn and get away with it, my advice is think again and keep doing so! Two can play that dangerous game! And we live in very troubled times essentially created by assholes like you. But we know the rules too. And if it’s war you want then that’s what you’ll have!

In conclusion Britain is a member of the EU and has been for some time having campaigned vigorously to get in against De Gaulle’s “Non”. However with his death Britain was let it. Since that time we’ve had a referendum on whether we should stay in or not and the vote was in favour of staying. Now the very assholes that are volubly demanding that Britain has a second referendum to decide whether or not to stay a member of the EU and hail this as their “democratic” right are the same purblind cunts that assert that Jeremy Corbyn’s email to the Labour membership, and who are the only ones that really matter in this affair from the Labour Party’s perspective let’s not forget, is being provocative, undermining their “authority” as MPs, their British citizenship and even the security of “their” country. Did you work that idiotic conclusion out all on your own your fucking morons? I rather suspect not! But the rank hypocrisy and double standards are absolutely mindboggling! So do us all a great big favour; go away and drop dead or end up getting yourselves killed! Cause you’re not going to win this one, mark my words! If, that is, you’re around to reflect on them!

And as for these shadow front bench assholes resigning en mass if they fail to get Jeremy Corbyn to join their lunatic ranks, what music to my ears. Let them Jeremy as they’re surplus to requirements. Other democracies across the world manage to exist and function successfully without this antediluvian British monstrosity and I’m sure that Britain will too once these cunts are permanently gone.

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