Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Pending obituary for Philip Hammond the British Foreign Secretary

By Stanley Collymore

Philip Hammond is a brain-dead asshole and psychopathic
retard, and if this sociopathic political degenerate were
properly recognized as the animal that he discernibly
is he would simply on account of his indefatigable
toxic behaviour alone most certainly long ago
have been permanently, and fittingly so, put
out of his misery. But unfortunately since
he’s been incorrectly diagnosed and additionally tolerated
as a probable human being and such vital action isn’t at
all possible as legally human beings, whether real or
in Philip Hammond’s case patently imaginary, can
not practicably be either sensibly euthanized or
colloquially put down under British laws, as
acknowledged animals are and can be; the
case for Philip Hammond being disposed
of or, if you prefer, put down as it were
while not altogether insurmountable,
as I see it, is even so a bit awkward
legally; therefore most regrettably,
but hopefully only temporarily,
Philip Hammond unhappily
and quite detrimentally
in the process for all
of us, still lives on!

And frustratingly the only recourse alas around this, is
if a couple of borrowed David Cameron’s false flag,
jihadist and Useful Idiot terrorists consented to do
us an unexpected and most appreciative favour,
and in their demonstrably effective manner
competently liquated this narcissistically,
tiresome and rabid dog that perniciously
contaminates our allegedly green and
pleasant country, Blighty. Or alternatively, I suppose,
a lone wolf assassin could in the interim do the job
for them that every intelligent person rationally
knows, and that straightforwardly expressed
fully accepts must uncompromisingly be
done in relation to our fatuous, wholly
incompetent, and among those well-
informed segments of our British
population quite au fait with all
of this the easily recognized
and intensely loathed and
unendurable scumbag
politician and rather
bizarrely selected
British Foreign
Secretary who
just happens
to be Philip

But Philip Hammond both psychologically and genetically is
such an ingrained village idiot that even the highly dubious
“status” which comes nowadays with the job of British
Foreign Secretary he’s been given by an unrepentant
mass murderer David Cameron, but that Philip is
even so totally unfit for as he is for everything
else of any consequence under the sun other
than preferably quietly disappearing and
doing himself in – and it’s a perfectly
safe bet that he’ll probably make a
bloody hash of that as well – yet
persistently he carries on
deluding himself in
his pathetic and
imbecile fantasies that
he’s actually something
of importance, quite
indispensable and,
additionally, of
and flawless

I’m deliberately eschewing in my conclusion of this most
odious and egregious specimen of unknown biological
origin the term “someone” in relation to Philip
Hammond having previously substituted in
its place the word “something”, as in no
way am I convinced that Philip Hammond
is either human or something remotely anywhere near being
a humanoid creature. And frankly I don’t think that any
self-respecting lone wolf assassin would in normal
circumstances want to or expend precious time
and resources on murdering an acknowledged
nobody like Philip Hammond, as obviously
there wouldn’t be any kudos in it for them
doing so; and furthermore would rather
counterproductively from the private
perspective of their impressively
estimable and well-merited and terrifyingly induced
status as ruthless killers needlessly compromise
this carefully acquired position of theirs that
would then indisputably make this entire
activity quite infra dig too. Analogous
to principal British royals fulsomely
supported in this stance by their
legions of subject-sycophants,
unbecomingly expected but
imperiously rejecting all
propositions that they
individually agreed
to wipe their own
backsides after
they’d made
a personal
outing to
the loo!

© Stanley V. Collymore
23 November 2015.

The Author’s Thoughts:
I’ve been exceedingly fortunate that from birth and throughout my growing up years, right into adulthood and presently so I’ve had a string of very prominent and influential mentors that have voluntarily and gratefully on my part had a tremendous and enduring input in my life and furthermore have vastly contributed in a multiplicity of ways with their enormous skills, unquestionable intelligence, savoir faire, profound compassion, humanity, impeccable integrity and consummate compassion in assisting me to become the person that I am and for their sakes and my own will carrying on being the person I am. However among them all one individual has been most paramount in all of this ever since she took me from the arms of the midwife that delivered me into this world, proudly handed me to my mother, and stalwartly has consistently been there for me ever since. That individual with whom I’ve bonded in a manner that words are inadequate to express is my maternal Grandmother. And in the numerous engaging and interesting conversations coupled with the pearls of wisdom she has communicated to me over the years, far too many to enumerate here or do justice to, among them were these two.

I was never under any circumstance to hate anyone as this would be counterproductive from my own perspective since I’d not only be wasting valuable time and precious energy on someone that was absolutely worthless and not deserving of any of these but also by obsessing with that individual I would in effect be handing over what was and should essentially and firmly stay my agenda to that person who would by de facto means, even if they weren’t actually aware of this, nevertheless be allowed by me through my doing so to cloud and determine my judgement about them. The second piece of advice among the two that I earlier referred to was that I should never at any time intentionally wish anyone harm irrespective of how absolutely repugnant they were, for even though I was a Christian and in my religious and cultural upbringing certainly knew the difference between good and evil I none the less wasn’t God and should never at any time arrogantly arrogate that Divine responsibility to myself. However, having acknowledged that, there wasn’t any harm, no pun intended whatsoever, in asking God during my private prayers to Him to impartially review what I personally considered should necessarily be done to that particular individual and let God make the appropriate decision.

And consequently at no time during my life have I ever departed from these more than suggestions that my delightful and immensely astute Grandmother most affectionately imparted to and firmly inculcated in me; and I’m not about to deviate one iota from any of them now, regardless of what the provocation is or how loathsome these individuals are. And while this poem has in it only one named individual, Philip Hammond, the sentiments that unapologetically are expressed by me here are also characteristic of his PM David Cameron, their combined Cabinet; additionally 90% individually of those verminously infesting both houses of parliament, the civil service chiefs, most notoriously the supposed First Division and especially those in the MoD; as well as all those who’re obsessively imbued by parasitical nepotism, risible narcissism and demented arrogance liberally emanating from highly incompetent jerks like Bruce Keogh, purportedly NHS England Medical Director, and handed jobs they’re completely unfit for and should never, even in a million light years, have been considered for let alone find themselves in.

In conclusion there’s David Cameron and in response to his frenetic warmongering, and this from a lowlife, parasitical scumbag who has never in his privileged life worn a British military uniform of any kind but as he ramps up his bogus patriotism doesn’t mind in the least others dying to unjustifiably keep slime balls like him in power, I’d like to quote a response from M. Scott of Newcastle Upon Tyne who writes: “In telling MPs to act like Churchill and not Chamberlain David Cameron is displaying a selective memory. As First Lord of the Admiralty prior to World War I Churchill began mobilizing the British fleet without the consent of Foreign Secretary Edward Grey, Prime Minister H.H Asquith and was influential with his militaristic posturing in coercing the Cabinet into a war that would take millions of innocent lives. Something our politicians would do well to ponder on as they trip over themselves to imitate him.”

I would like to add that it was Winston Churchill, long before Saddam Hussein was born, who was the first person ever to calculatedly order the gassing of the Iraqi Kurds and pledged to wipe them all out; he was also responsible for introducing and assiduously implementing what world widely knows as concentration camps when he employed these to liquidate the Boers of South Africa, with the overwhelming number of these causalities being specifically targeted women and children, and accounts for why he was so detested by the Boers, even the apartheid loving ones, of South Africa. And it must also be pointed out that when the Germans carried out their first two holocausts in Southwest Africa, then a colony of theirs, at the start of the 20th Century and almost 30 years before they again initiated another holocaust but this time in Europe it was the sadistic methods employed by Winston Churchill in South Africa that the Germans emulated. The evidence is there and I’ve personally read the German archive evidence freely available in Germany and done so in their original and contemporaneous German text. And at no time have the Germans dismissed the facts or sanitized them that these barbaric activities of Winston Churchill were other than what they incorporated in their Nazi concentration atrocities and that they owed their implementation to what the British under Winston Churchill had done in South Africa. So go check these out for yourselves!

Lastly, Winston Churchill isn’t and never was any hero, war or otherwise, to me! But instead was a pretty nasty, arrogant and bloodthirsty bastard. And when I was in the Royal Air Force my Commanding Officer, who had no time for him either, confirmed to me the same information told to me by volunteer Caribbean and notably Barbadian RAF fighter and bomber pilots during World War II that it was quite commonplace for the orders that Churchill gave to be readily and completely ignored by many of his Commanding Officers, particularly in the RAF, as they knew perfectly well they were either unworkable or downright stupid, and instead they assiduously carried out their own successfully designed and implemented operations and were extremely clever with it. For well aware what a lunatic narcissist Winston Churchill was then, and throughout the rest of his life come to that, they cleverly and publicly gave him the praise for what they had brilliantly conceived and superbly executed; and being the arrogant fucker that he was Churchill lapped it up, arrogating to himself kudos that were completely underserved by him and consequently developing this personality cult and myth around himeself. Even the inspirational poem he once used to impress the British public with his oratory was written years previously by a Black Jamaican whose work Winston Churchill plagiarised and never gave him any credit for.

But those pulling these ploys didn’t mind for they had a job to do and as long as it was effectively done that was all that mattered. And as a former RAF man myself with top secret classification accreditation and moreover as someone who had access to requisite documents and additionally spoke confidentially to proper Commanding Officers who were in charge then – and not the odious hubristic and full of themselves motherfucking idiots that now “run” the RAF and the rest of our so-called Armed Forces, in effect US lackeys, the British Armed Forces under treacherous, brain-dead cunts like Nicholas Houghton is a fucking joke; and who when I’m in England I wouldn’t care to see the control of my local council public lavatory entrusted to! Let alone anything else. I know what the reality was then during World War II and the lead up to it and don’t much care for the fiction and myths surrounding it. And as far as I’m personally concerned the best thing Winston Churchill ever did was when he dropped dead! And if assholes like David Cameron and many of you out there want to hail him as a hero be my guest. But I’ll tell you this straight up I have more respect for Adolf Hitler than I do or would ever be persuaded to have for scum like Winston Churchill or David Cameron wrapping himself up in the mantle of his like-minded privileged and lowlife piece of shit! Britain didn’t win World II because of Winston Churchill but did so in spite of him!

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