Thursday, 26 November 2015

Noam Chomsky on Winston Churchill and Racism

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  1. Significant sections of the white Caucasian, British public haven’t only now but for some considerable time in the past as well have also had a rather queer notion of what a hero or heroine really is or the requisite qualities that genuinely define such a person, and incredibly and most idiotically in the bargain too always base this questionable “status” of theirs on so-called class origins and distinctions. And crucially these said sycophantic and deeply embedded in our midst obsequious and imbecilic clowns who’re well-known for their ingrained and unthinking passion for cap-doffing to their alleged “social betters” – in other words the progeny, whether real or more likely than not the cuckolded offspring of the British “royalty”, aristocracy and other members of the privileged British Establishment and what I collectively call the paedophile brigade, empire loyalists, avariciously venal and unshakable morons with an incredible and bloody risible if it weren’t so serious a matter, notion of their divine right to rule and control the lives of the rest of us, compounded with their equally perceived right and the privileged assertion of their exceptionalism, that these are unchallengeable certainties and must permanently stay that way notwithstanding their blatant incompetence in practically everything they either essay to or actually embark on doing, and that the brain-dead of Britain most willingly and unquestionably accept as “normal”.