Monday, 30 November 2015

National Anthem of Barbados

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  1. To the Governor General of Barbados: His Excellency Sir Elliot Belgrave; Prime Minister: The Right Honourable Freundel Stuart; the Cabinet and government of Barbados; Parliamentarians: MPs and Senators; Heads and members of Barbados’ Civil Service, Diplomatic Corps, general public services; Police Force, Barbados Defence Force, Coast Guard, Legal and justice system, primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions plus the Barbados sited Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies; Barbados’ National Health Service; Voluntary organizations, Churches and other religious bodies; the everyday citizen and resident of our Caribbean Nation; the Barbadian Global Diaspora, particularly those throughout CARICOM, in Cuba, Panama, Central and South America; the United States of America, Canada, Germany and significantly those in Reading, Berkshire, England – locally known as “New Barbados” and finally the multitude of my Bajan relatives and friends not only at home in Barbados but also throughout the aforementioned Diaspora – as a proud Bajan myself, my heartiest congratulations to you all on the attainment, this day Monday 30 November 2015, of Barbados’49th year of Independence. God bless you all and have a memorable day. I know I shall!