Saturday, 7 November 2015

'Eventide'-Abide With Me

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  1. Proudly this is for my Dad, others among my several Barbadian and Caribbean relatives and their fellow compatriots on this Remembrance Sunday who in a war not of their creation or choosing and compounded by the many and entrenched prejudices which intentionally they were forced to face at the time and that infernally are still with us in 2015 nevertheless altruistically fought and in many instances sacrificed their lives for the doctrine off universal freedom, the unchallengeable right to self-determination and the principles of democracy.

    Reflecting on the world today through the eyes of their offspring – in actual fact people like me – 70 years after World War II ended and reinforced by how easily, conveniently and even dismissively their contributions were post-war forgotten, were their combined altruism and ultimate sacrifice with retrospection truthfully worth it? I have my opinions on that one but through my love of them shan’t ever tarnish their memories or commendable contributions by voicing them.

    Rest in eternal peace with the Angels those of you who’re no longer with us; and my profound indebtedness to those of you that thankfully are still alive for your selfless and incomparable humanity!