Thursday, 12 November 2015

Bryan Adams - Straight From The Heart

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  1. For our incomparable leader MR JEREMY CORBYN – we don’t need meaningless or disingenuous titles attached to him to recognize or accept his greatness – with attendant heartfelt sentiments similarly dedicated to all current and prospective members and supporters of MOMEMTUM.

    And to our detractors and critics: genuine or simply delusional, unlike you we comprehensively know, thoroughly appreciate and respect, and steadfastly support with every fibre of our body the precepts of genuine democracy – not the sham mirage that is passed off by odious charlatans as such – and significantly to won’t depart a solitary iota from any of them. That’s why we’ll ultimately win and you, unless you change your antediluvian, untenable, wholly unjust and utterly discriminatory ways, will inescapably and deservedly lose.

    For time, justice and irrevocable change are on our side and political momentum with us. And only doltish losers or those fatuously ensconced in their fantasy virtual reality world completely divorced from real life situations won’t grasp that!