Friday, 27 November 2015

A largely brain-dead nation ascribing to the notion of implausible heroes!

By Stanley Collymore

I still firmly maintain that Winston Churchill was a demented sociopath who was power hungry, a control-freak and additionally a psychopathic mass murderer with it. There’s more than enough empirical evidence to corroborate this in spite of his many apologists with their own plethora of self-interested vested interests and who’ve been working flat out and overtime recently to illogically debunk what are crystal clear, contemporaneous, objectively annotated and well-documented facts pertaining to this privileged and pampered, verminous specimen of purported humanity. As it’s both self-evident and pretty clear as well that Winston Churchill’s eugenicist beliefs and frenzied passions were much more entrenched and far worse than anything the Third Reich’s leadership ever dreamt up or contemplated implementing even at the height of their power. And as far as Winston Churchill saving Britain during World War II; that’s a fucking joke! For Britain didn’t win World War II because of Winston Churchill but did so in spite of him.

Significant sections of the white Caucasian, British public haven’t only now but for some considerable time in the past as well have also had a rather queer notion of what a hero or heroine really is or the requisite qualities that genuinely define such a person, and incredibly and most idiotically in the bargain too always base this questionable “status” of theirs on so-called class origins and distinctions. And crucially these said sycophantic and deeply embedded in our midst obsequious and imbecilic clowns who’re well-known for their ingrained and unthinking passion for cap-doffing to their alleged “social betters” – in other words the progeny, whether real or more likely than not the cuckolded offspring of the British “royalty”, aristocracy and other members of the privileged British Establishment and what I collectively call the paedophile brigade, empire loyalists, avariciously venal and unshakable morons with an incredible and bloody risible if it weren’t so serious a matter, notion of their divine right to rule and control the lives of the rest of us, compounded with their equally perceived right and the privileged assertion of their exceptionalism, that these are unchallengeable certainties and must permanently stay that way notwithstanding their blatant incompetence in practically everything they either essay to or actually embark on doing, and that the brain-dead of Britain most willingly and unquestionably accept as “normal”.

And so it was with the half-breed American Winston Churchill: the “offspring” of an American socialite – make of that what you will - but it’s well known fact, and you don’t have to be either a fan of Downtown Abbey or even watch that programme and I’ve never done so nor have I any wish, burning or otherwise, to do so, that in the 19th and 20th Centuries the daughters of new “American money” were not infrequently coerced by their fathers into basically loveless marriages with the impoverished but grasping members of the British aristocracy creating a sort of symbiotic relationship where the social climbing yanks got much craved after British or other European titles for their descendants and in turn handed over in the dowries paid the much yearned after cash that the hard-up Brit aristocracy for the most part desperately needed in order to keep up their so-called privileged status and social standing in society.

Furthermore with that physiological as well as sociological DNA firmly implanted in him Winton Churchill then went on to marry Clementine whose own mother was a well known society tart that quite liberally, and that’s no exaggeration, fucked with whomsoever she cared to; such was the notoriety of her infidelity. Appalled by her scandalous behaviour her husband sought to divorce her but held back from doing so because his own infidelity was also as legendary as his wife’s; so she carried on being his lawful wife even though they had nothing to do with each other. And being the vindictive bitch that she was she even made it known that Clementine’s real father – never mind the premeditatedly lying details she’d had put on her daughters’ birth certificate – was one Captain William George Middleton. But as is the way with these British toffs the Clementine is marked down as the “lawful” progeny of her mother’s husband who isn’t her biological father. If you or I had done something like that and were found out we would be in for the high jump and court proceedings as it’s a criminal offence to knowingly give or put erroneous details on a birth certificate when the child in question is legally registered. And from the research I’ve carried out and persons I’ve spoken to who know about these things it appears that with Clementine, in relation to her husband and your “hero” Winton Churchill it was very much a case of like mother like daughter!

And therefore and incomprehensibly stupid in the process when it comes to the average white Brit when the subject in question is one of their own loathsome white kith and kin, and that analysis is as true of Jimmy Saville, Cyril Smith, Rolf Harris, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Alastair Campbell, John Scarlet, Nicholas Houghton, David Cameron, Philip Hammond, Ian Duncan Smith and a multiplicity of others past and present that have in the past or currently still insufferably infest the United Kingdom, as it equally was of Winston Churchill who in my honest opinion as a so-called leader and “hero” was on a par with Pol Pot. The only difference between these two odious megalomaniacs being that Pol Pot wasn’t an ingrained, illogical and compulsive racist which Winston Churchill unquestionably was throughout his deeply psychopathic and endemically sociopathic life. And furthermore while Pol Pot readily owned up to and voluntarily spoke quite openly in an interview about the heinous atrocities he personally carried out or ordered to be executed, Winston Churchill never acknowledged to himself let alone admitted publicly to his penchant for or the implementation of own sadistic barbarity.

So is Winston Churchill a hero? No! Sadist? Most definitely so; as well as a bully and brute. And what’s more pretty dysfunctional with these psychological flaws in the process was your “hero” Winston Churchill! And you know what? As the endemically brain-dead, evidently easily duped and cynically manipulated assholes that significant numbers of you of the purported Master Race are – Whew! I’m so eternally grateful that my skin colour and race categorically most effectively and permanently debar me from ever being conscripted into your ranks - from my personal perspective you’re most welcome to him!

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