Monday, 30 November 2015

An infinite love eternally fortified in spite of your tragic and untimely death!

By Stanley Collymore

From the very first moment that I saw you I instantly
became aware of the tremendous impact you were
having on me and which, as I gradually got to
know you, I insightfully realized was the
commencement of my love for you;
then as I suitably wrestled with
that welcoming thought it too quickly dawned on me that
you for your part were evincing reciprocal emotions for
me. Delightedly, I encouraged these; and buttressed
by my growing feeling for you, which you fully
endorsed with you sympathetic motivation, I
energizingly pressed on. Two individuals
in love with each other and, moreover,
most cheerfully and constructively
prepared to dauntlessly explore
the very enthralling and most
exhilarating possibility of
physically, in addition
to emotionally being
dedicated friends
and amorously

At the time both of us were young students enrolled at
the same university college and most propitiously
had discovered, as it happened, that we were
also on the identical course of study that
eventually on our individual and, of
course, successful graduation
would fittingly enable us to joyfully, eagerly and
constructively embark on our carefully chosen
careers as dedicated graduate teachers; fully
aware in our doing so of the multiple and
challengingly exciting responsibilities
which that prospective achievement
on our part would entail for both
of us as we accordingly set out
on a brand new start as part
of the expected and fully
acknowledged gamut
of the continuum of
our still decidedly
in progress but
exciting even
so personal

At last together romantically while simultaneously
and happily sharing the same study course that
would enable us to earnestly and properly
explore, adjust whenever this was
necessary, and most crucially
all through this academic process be that better
informed to scrutinizingly probe, precisely
complement, and also consolidate our
thoughtfully arrived at conjectural
theories, now through detailed
and scrupulous examination
adeptly transformed into
obviously irrefutable
conclusions, was
champion for
us entirely.

Absolutely inspirational and thoughtfully satisfying in
every possible way yet so uncomplicatedly engaged
in without any fuss; pleasurably and naturally
welcomed, warmly embraced and actively
encouraged by family members and
friends alike whose instinctive
trust in our individual and reciprocal choice
of each other as prospective spouse and
life long partner to each other were
appropriately matched by their profound, most
generous and heartfelt wishes that markedly
were unreservedly, plainly, altruistically
and comprehensively, fully manifest
in the process, merged with their
supportive allegiance to our
future, well-being and, of
course, our mutually
shared happiness.

Happy as two courting blackbirds willingly ensconced
in a Clammy Cherry tree and, accordingly, in our
very own fortunate and convivial environment
thoroughly composed and entirely carefree
in our promising and positively at home
situation as any two self-assured and,
metaphorically speaking, ardently attached love
birds deeply and devotedly in love with each
other could possibly be, we congratulated
each other on our shared good fortune;
none the less never forgetting in our
united celebration and privileged observance our
grateful thanks and profound appreciation to
God Almighty for graciously allowing us
to have and equally pleasurably enjoy
together this incredibly privileged
and fairly unique relationship
that together we had rather
fortuitously managed
to chance upon.

Our individual honours degree successfully completed
and our respective job interviews likewise finalized,
all that now remained before we commonly and
expectantly embarked on our particularized,
promising and encouragingly rewarding
teaching careers was our enormously
anticipated, joyously planned and
personally pledged to be unforgettable
graduation ceremony and celebration; the wonderful
encapsulation of everything, both productive and
enduringly transformative in our lives, that had
happily and thankfully transpired during our
course of study, our truly delightful times
together and, of course, the impending
expectations we reciprocally had not
only on account of us for the very
last time departing our learning
institution and understandably
reflectively musing on them
but also, as we confidently
and with the maximum
of self-assurance and
vigour, were about
to boldly venture
into the future.

Deeply in love, as evidently we were, we were all the
same equally quite matured and highly responsible
enough to know that marriage, home-building
and having children did not normally or, at
the very least, shouldn’t sensibly happen
accidentally or even purposely of their
own accord, but on the contrary had
to be both astutely, assiduously
and positively worked on if developing these objectives
were ultimately to be fruitfully achieved. And those
were the salient criteria that we most carefully
imbued and determinedly tasked ourselves
would be our personal and reciprocal
benchmark and that unwaveringly
from which we would never
ever permit ourselves
to consciously

But unknowingly and quite disastrously for us the omens
would and did ignobly conspire to ruin our brand new
start; for having purposely and mutually decided to
accept teaching positions at different schools, a
situation freely motivated by neither of us
wishing to metaphorically as it were get
under the other’s feet professionally
at the very beginning of our teaching careers,
that’s exactly what we went on and rather
consensually did. An altruistic move
but despite that, as subsequently
happened, one with very
unforeseen and dire

For with my highly capable first aid training which was
markedly complemented by a vast amount of personal
experience that those who were present and actively
involved with my fiancée during that time in the
school’s gymnasium where she was working
in her dual capacity as a P.E. teacher didn’t,
of course, possess; I was explicably but
deeply regrettably not there to save
her life when ironically from a previously medically
undiagnosed and, as a result, an unconscious of
physical illness: namely epilepsy, triggered a
severe epileptic seizure which caused her
limp tongue to block the conduit to her
oesophagus. A state of affairs that in
trained and knowledgeable hands
would’ve been easily rectified
and thus have saved her life;
but in its place, and in the
visible absence of such
skilled assistance my
treasured fiancée
most unhappily
choked and

© Stanley V. Collymore
30 November 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
Lorna was 23 years old when she died and like the both of us was in her second year of teaching when that happened. A brilliant scholar, she was also a prolific and very talented poetess and from her school’s report an excellent teacher as well.

Sorely missed, deeply loved and forever remembered!

Rupee - I AM A BAJAN (with lyrics)

National Anthem of Barbados

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Prized warmongering cunts versus the conscionably concerned!

By Stanley Collymore

Zionist Nazi Fuehrer- and implausibly as daft an outcome as one could possibly conceive but having said that anything is now possible in significantly brain-dead Britain – British Prime Minister David Cameron come a vote on whether the purported Master Race that he leads with avid support from the Labtories and Lib-Dems will gratuitously indulge once more in bombing the native savages of a Global South country into submission and remove, as is par for the course with them, that country’s sovereign government, as cock-hoop after Libya, never mind its subsequent and continuing deteriorating – if that’s actually possible anymore as it has surely reached the bottom of this pernicious abyss - status as a failed state and safe haven for the very jihadists that David Cameron and Co. were directly and culpably responsible for implanting there, supporting them in ever conceivable way from recruiting and arming them to financing and giving them logistical, political and diplomatic support and of course transforming Africa’s richest and most successful socialist state into a quagmire of barbarity, having assured the savage extrajudicial execution of its legitimate leader Colonel Gaddafi, and all this for the financial benefit of the Zionist run Military Industrial Complex that these mass murderers and their complicit barbarian acolytes and supporters are significant beneficiaries from.

Avaricious, self-centred, venal in the extreme, imperialistic, racist, hegemonic and as well ludicrously exceptionalist their self-interests know no bounds never mind how inimical these actions of theirs are to the target country involved or how many of that country’s innocent civilians, or as they disdainfully perceive them as collateral damage, are sadistically wiped out in their maniacal and self-serving endeavours. And no one will ever convince me that David Cameron and his Nazi Zionist lot and the other likeminded scum that infest the Labour Party and the Lib-Dems are actually concerned about ISIS: a terrorist group they created, fostered and covertly are avidly supporting while blatantly and dishonestly spinning to the dunderheads in Britain and across the west, a job done by their counterparts in these countries, that they’re actually fighting ISIS, when anyone with a modicum of commonsense knows full well that the real objective of theirs is regime change in Damascus. Never mind that all the empirical data to hand categorically shows that if free, fair, unhampered and democratically held elections were carried out in Syria today President Assad would undoubtedly win these by a massive majority. But it’s not the democracy that these allegedly Master Race but in effect lowlife scum are interested in.

Yet for all his hypocritical and double standards bluster David Cameron will whip his Tory troops into line, odd if you ask me if he’s so sure that what he’s doing is morally and legally correct and begs the obvious question what has this supposed “apogee” of democratic principles to fear if he’s so sure this is the correct thing that he wants Britain to embark upon and against all international laws and conventions or any mandate from the United Nations bomb Syria, yet wants the sovereignty of Britain to be inviolate? That’s like someone asininely and illegally knocking the shits out of you and your family members but at the same expecting that they and their home environment must be violence free from those who passionately object to what they’re unlawfully and barbarically doing. And even with the whip in place there are still conscionable Tory MPs who’ll not support David Cameron.

Meanwhile on the Labour Party’s side we see all the pernicious vermin crawling out of the woodwork; indefatigable nonentities the overwhelming majority of them joined with some has-beens. Here’s a flavour of some of them and I’ll openly pose this question to you. How many of you among the Labour Party’s national membership, its supporters or the public at large have ever heard of these moronic cunts? Be honest with yourselves! Tom Watson, Hilary Benn (please don’t confuse him with his father for that’s the only reason he’s a Labour MP trading dishonestly on the good name of the late Great Tony Benn, may he rest in peace, other than that Hilary is a purblind cunt); Michael Dugher, Lillian Greenwood, Angela Eagle, her dyke sister Maria Eagle, Heidi Alexander, Vernon Coaker, Lucy Powell, John Spellar, Fiona Mctaggart, Chris Bryant, Frank Fields you’ve probably heard of this old-goat turncoat now rabid asshole and the list goes on. How many of these actually rang a bell with you?

Yet these unrepresentative mother fuckers and duplicitous twats who’re not in the least representative of the Labour Party or its wider membership delude themselves that they have a mandate to ignore the wishes of the party they purport to represent. These are all people who were parachuted into constituencies and foisted on these constituencies by Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and the rest of the Labour party scum “leaders”. And they’re all of them to a man, woman, dyke, queer and paedophile perverts fully paid up members to the Zionist ideology and equally have shares in the companies that comprise the Military Industrial Complex. And as Wall Street recently boasted the more wars they are the more profitable their shares in these companies will be. Furthermore they know that their links with these companies will ensure as Tony Blair and public service scum like John Scarlet well know how profitable the catapulting of our country into war is for these slime balls personally. And how curious that all these vested interests should come together with one focus, never mind the dishonest excuses they’re trotting out, which is to get rid of the one person they all fear – JEREMY CORBYN – because he represents everything that they are not and if his views gain traction among the public it’s really the end for these selfish and manipulative mother fuckers.

Here’s the line up then. MPs in parliament who’re not representative of or care one jot about the British public; supported by so-called British mainstream media which apart from THE DAILY MAIL isn’t any such thing. Since they’re either own by Rupert Murdoch a citizenship-prostituting asshole, criminal and odious manipulator; criminal Zionist Jewish Russian oligarchs like Alexander Lebedev who with his fellow countrymen and Jewish slime balls plundered the wealth of the Russian people after the collapse of the Soviet Union when that prized jackass and literally drunken village idiot Boris Jelsin was president, skedaddled to Britain and other western countries with their ill-gotten gains and bought up media outlets like the Independent. Even the BBC that the British public is compulsorily forced to finance with the TV licence is nothing more than the voice and echoing chamber of the Zionist apartheid regime in Tel Aviv and the so-called Israeli Defence Force.

So the politicians, media and the pundits who know on which side their bread is buttered and will say anything to keep their puppet masters happy and themselves on TV carry on as if the rest of us are all like them absolutely brain dead as well. And how about this? GRM: a highly corrupt and alleged law firm that has made millions under the murderous escapades of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown is advising the Labtories that they can oust Jeremy Corbyn and put in place measures to ensure that he could NEVER again in his life time run for the leadership of the Labour Party. I won’t demean myself by even bothering to comment on that further, as if that isn’t utter totalitarian crap, the same sort of thing they disingenuously accuse Jeremy’s Shadow Minister Chancellor for quoting in the House of Commons quite apt commonsense excerpts from Chairman Mao’s so-called Red Book and did the same with Diane Abbott for pointing out the economic progress that China – ironically conveniently overlooking that this is the same China that George Osborne and David Cameron have gone cap in hand to for financial assistance and funds for the regeneration of Northern England - has made, brandishing her as Jeremy Corbyn’s ex-lover – at least it proves that both Dianne and Jeremy are normal heterosexual human beings which is more than can be said for the queer boy, dykes and staunchly protected paedophiles that infest the House of Commons, Lords, the media and the British Establishment as a whole. And among those who are genuinely heterosexual how many of them didn’t themselves have and are still having extramarital sexual affairs? Tony Blair a staunch acolyte of Rupert Murdoch was ditched by Murdoch after it was discovered that Tony behind Murdoch’s back was fucking his Chinese wife.

And there are few of you in the media, if any at all, that can honestly state you aren’t or haven’t at some time or other fucked with someone else’s partner, wife, daughter or committed incest with a family member. So why bring up a distantly past and alleged relationship between Jeremy and Dianne when both of them were free and not involved with anyone; as if the sensible and intelligent among us didn’t know what you’re driving at? And who was Charles fucking when he was still married to Princess Diana? Might be a good idea if you brain-dead cunts stick to the adage that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. I’m not an aficionado of the American political system but I do know that it’s the actual members of the respective political party: Democrats or Republicans for that matter, who actually select individual – one person one vote – their local and national representatives as well as their presidential candidate, not those who are already senators or members of the House of Representatives deciding who they want or don’t want and assuming that they are then entitled to have an automatic veto on that. If that were the case Barack Obama for all his many faults would never have had a look in let alone become President of the United States. So why the fuck should a bunch of unrepresentative and nonentity assholes in the Labour Party parliamentary Party or the equally unrepresentative and unelected House of Lords feel that they have this inalienable right?

Yet those who are planning this coup against Jeremy Corbyn, never mind his massive majority across the Labour Party nationally, are saying that they should have this unquestionable right as they have a “mandate” to do so. What fucking mandate are you talking about? When on average only 30% of the electorate actually votes; few MPs get over 50% of the vote and we have the Tory Party elected with 23% of the vote at the last General election. So don’t talk to folk like me about kiss-me-ass mandates as you’ve got none, other than MPs like Jeremy Corbyn with a massive constituency vote! And this so-called but intrinsically corrupt law firm GRM, with partners as bent as fucking corkscrews, are pushing this ludicrous nonsense. And on top of that we’ve these purblind cunts in the parliamentary Labour Party stating it’s not for the Labour membership to decide policy as they don’t owe any allegiance to Labour Party members nor need to take any cognizance of what these members up and down the country think or say? Well it’s not rocket science in response to ask: “What the fuck then are you doing in the Labour Party?” Something I’ve asked many times in the past but none of you assholes have ever bothered to publicly say why. But we all know why!

Crucially too in the United States constituents have the legally enshrined right to recall their representatives, and this in my opinion should be also a legal requisite in the UK. And can anyone ever imagine in the USA an incumbent president who quite rightly in upcoming elections for that office can be challenged by other members of his party finding himself debarred from standing again for a second term because some of his party members with a delusional concept of their own importance think that he shouldn’t be and for no other reasons than that they don’t like him or he isn’t allowing them to con and fleece the public as much as they would wish? And moreover then get corrupt so-called law firms like GRM – does that stand for GRASPINGLY RAPACIOUS MOTHER-FUCKERS - seeking on no honourable legal basis but JUST their own avariciously venal self-interest to justify the unsustainable? It all shows what they are and the disdainful disregard these charlatans that openly lie about being advocates of democracy are all about.

And what really had me falling off my chair with utter amazement even from mother-fucking idiots like these slime balls, sewer rats and other vermin having a go at Jeremy Corbyn is that while they’re entitled to have a point of view Jeremy according to them doesn’t; while they can stab him in the back or even the front he must not respond; and when someone who is committed and has always been so to the full and inclusive involvement of all Labour Party members in what goes on in their name within the political process, these prized cunts in the parliamentary Labour Party and elsewhere are appalled. No prizes for guessing why! And the sooner we have ONE PERSON one vote as pertains in the United States and with all vetoes on who stands for the Labour leadership instantaneously withdrawn from the parliamentary Labour Party and the trade union leadership that is as fucking warmongering as one can get and has always been the case even as far back as their support for Winston Churchill in his so-called wilderness years and have ever since been in the vanguard of British warmongers. Thus union members should have the single individual vote as every one else, and if the bosses of these unions want in a fit of pique to withhold their financial contributions, let me readily inform you it’s not your money but that of the union members, and you’re supposed to be their officials not their covert Tory masters.

The CBI massively contributes to the coffers of the Tory Party and while one would have to be totally foolish to assume they don’t have considerable influence on the party’s hierarchy at least they don’t indulge in or utilize block votes on who emerges at the Tory leader. So Jeremy Corbyn is perfectly in his right to state what his position is on the illegal and unconscionable bombing of Syria bearing in mind what the true facts are and who it was that created ISIS even if the target that David Cameron and his allies in the Labour Party and Lib-Dems are lyingly telling us it’s ISIS they’re after. They’re NOT! It’s the Assad government that they have been trying to oust for the past five years. It’s also perfectly all right in my view for Jeremy Corbyn to write to the membership of the Labour Party and having stated his views ask them to express their own. This is called Democracy! Yet he’s virulently being criticized for this even though he’s not telling them what opinion they must hold but simply sounding them out on their own; and we all know why these prized jerks in the Labour Party and elsewhere are against this. For the more bombs dropped the better financially for their shares in the Military Industrial Complex, and the bigger the backhanders they’ll receive as we see in the case of Tony Blair and John Scarlet, relative to their numbered and tax evasion bank accounts overseas; and the same goes for GRM!

I can readily recall that Harold Wilson, who I don’t fondly remember for a number of reasons: his treachery of the Chagos Islanders and him intentionally clandestinely breaking UNSC sanctions that Britain had voted for against the racist administered as it was then white supremacist Southern Rhodesia of Ian Smith, resolutely refusing in the face of frenzied opposition not only from the Tories and the UK media but also many in his parliamentary Labour Party, including several of his shadow ministers to succumb to the United States demands and support that country in its illegal war against Vietnam. So Jeremy Corbyn isn’t setting any precedent here in his opposition to the equally illegal, warmongering, racist and avariciously venal self-interest of all these British turds and nincompoops in not wanting to engage as happened notoriously in Iraq and Libya in intensifying an unnecessary war fomented by Britain and others to institute illegal regal change. And if it’s good for Harold Wilson as Labour leader why not Jeremy Corbyn? And if they’re those of you who think you can dispose of Jeremy Corbyn and get away with it, my advice is think again and keep doing so! Two can play that dangerous game! And we live in very troubled times essentially created by assholes like you. But we know the rules too. And if it’s war you want then that’s what you’ll have!

In conclusion Britain is a member of the EU and has been for some time having campaigned vigorously to get in against De Gaulle’s “Non”. However with his death Britain was let it. Since that time we’ve had a referendum on whether we should stay in or not and the vote was in favour of staying. Now the very assholes that are volubly demanding that Britain has a second referendum to decide whether or not to stay a member of the EU and hail this as their “democratic” right are the same purblind cunts that assert that Jeremy Corbyn’s email to the Labour membership, and who are the only ones that really matter in this affair from the Labour Party’s perspective let’s not forget, is being provocative, undermining their “authority” as MPs, their British citizenship and even the security of “their” country. Did you work that idiotic conclusion out all on your own your fucking morons? I rather suspect not! But the rank hypocrisy and double standards are absolutely mindboggling! So do us all a great big favour; go away and drop dead or end up getting yourselves killed! Cause you’re not going to win this one, mark my words! If, that is, you’re around to reflect on them!

And as for these shadow front bench assholes resigning en mass if they fail to get Jeremy Corbyn to join their lunatic ranks, what music to my ears. Let them Jeremy as they’re surplus to requirements. Other democracies across the world manage to exist and function successfully without this antediluvian British monstrosity and I’m sure that Britain will too once these cunts are permanently gone.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Winston Churchill's Warmongering Responsible for WW2 - Also (How and Why)

The Real Winston Churchill - David Irving

Sir Winston Churchill Tony Blair David Cameron War Criminals


The Zionist Influence Over Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill: War Hero or War Criminal?

A largely brain-dead nation ascribing to the notion of implausible heroes!

By Stanley Collymore

I still firmly maintain that Winston Churchill was a demented sociopath who was power hungry, a control-freak and additionally a psychopathic mass murderer with it. There’s more than enough empirical evidence to corroborate this in spite of his many apologists with their own plethora of self-interested vested interests and who’ve been working flat out and overtime recently to illogically debunk what are crystal clear, contemporaneous, objectively annotated and well-documented facts pertaining to this privileged and pampered, verminous specimen of purported humanity. As it’s both self-evident and pretty clear as well that Winston Churchill’s eugenicist beliefs and frenzied passions were much more entrenched and far worse than anything the Third Reich’s leadership ever dreamt up or contemplated implementing even at the height of their power. And as far as Winston Churchill saving Britain during World War II; that’s a fucking joke! For Britain didn’t win World War II because of Winston Churchill but did so in spite of him.

Significant sections of the white Caucasian, British public haven’t only now but for some considerable time in the past as well have also had a rather queer notion of what a hero or heroine really is or the requisite qualities that genuinely define such a person, and incredibly and most idiotically in the bargain too always base this questionable “status” of theirs on so-called class origins and distinctions. And crucially these said sycophantic and deeply embedded in our midst obsequious and imbecilic clowns who’re well-known for their ingrained and unthinking passion for cap-doffing to their alleged “social betters” – in other words the progeny, whether real or more likely than not the cuckolded offspring of the British “royalty”, aristocracy and other members of the privileged British Establishment and what I collectively call the paedophile brigade, empire loyalists, avariciously venal and unshakable morons with an incredible and bloody risible if it weren’t so serious a matter, notion of their divine right to rule and control the lives of the rest of us, compounded with their equally perceived right and the privileged assertion of their exceptionalism, that these are unchallengeable certainties and must permanently stay that way notwithstanding their blatant incompetence in practically everything they either essay to or actually embark on doing, and that the brain-dead of Britain most willingly and unquestionably accept as “normal”.

And so it was with the half-breed American Winston Churchill: the “offspring” of an American socialite – make of that what you will - but it’s well known fact, and you don’t have to be either a fan of Downtown Abbey or even watch that programme and I’ve never done so nor have I any wish, burning or otherwise, to do so, that in the 19th and 20th Centuries the daughters of new “American money” were not infrequently coerced by their fathers into basically loveless marriages with the impoverished but grasping members of the British aristocracy creating a sort of symbiotic relationship where the social climbing yanks got much craved after British or other European titles for their descendants and in turn handed over in the dowries paid the much yearned after cash that the hard-up Brit aristocracy for the most part desperately needed in order to keep up their so-called privileged status and social standing in society.

Furthermore with that physiological as well as sociological DNA firmly implanted in him Winton Churchill then went on to marry Clementine whose own mother was a well known society tart that quite liberally, and that’s no exaggeration, fucked with whomsoever she cared to; such was the notoriety of her infidelity. Appalled by her scandalous behaviour her husband sought to divorce her but held back from doing so because his own infidelity was also as legendary as his wife’s; so she carried on being his lawful wife even though they had nothing to do with each other. And being the vindictive bitch that she was she even made it known that Clementine’s real father – never mind the premeditatedly lying details she’d had put on her daughters’ birth certificate – was one Captain William George Middleton. But as is the way with these British toffs the Clementine is marked down as the “lawful” progeny of her mother’s husband who isn’t her biological father. If you or I had done something like that and were found out we would be in for the high jump and court proceedings as it’s a criminal offence to knowingly give or put erroneous details on a birth certificate when the child in question is legally registered. And from the research I’ve carried out and persons I’ve spoken to who know about these things it appears that with Clementine, in relation to her husband and your “hero” Winton Churchill it was very much a case of like mother like daughter!

And therefore and incomprehensibly stupid in the process when it comes to the average white Brit when the subject in question is one of their own loathsome white kith and kin, and that analysis is as true of Jimmy Saville, Cyril Smith, Rolf Harris, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Alastair Campbell, John Scarlet, Nicholas Houghton, David Cameron, Philip Hammond, Ian Duncan Smith and a multiplicity of others past and present that have in the past or currently still insufferably infest the United Kingdom, as it equally was of Winston Churchill who in my honest opinion as a so-called leader and “hero” was on a par with Pol Pot. The only difference between these two odious megalomaniacs being that Pol Pot wasn’t an ingrained, illogical and compulsive racist which Winston Churchill unquestionably was throughout his deeply psychopathic and endemically sociopathic life. And furthermore while Pol Pot readily owned up to and voluntarily spoke quite openly in an interview about the heinous atrocities he personally carried out or ordered to be executed, Winston Churchill never acknowledged to himself let alone admitted publicly to his penchant for or the implementation of own sadistic barbarity.

So is Winston Churchill a hero? No! Sadist? Most definitely so; as well as a bully and brute. And what’s more pretty dysfunctional with these psychological flaws in the process was your “hero” Winston Churchill! And you know what? As the endemically brain-dead, evidently easily duped and cynically manipulated assholes that significant numbers of you of the purported Master Race are – Whew! I’m so eternally grateful that my skin colour and race categorically most effectively and permanently debar me from ever being conscripted into your ranks - from my personal perspective you’re most welcome to him!

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Pending obituary for Philip Hammond the British Foreign Secretary

By Stanley Collymore

Philip Hammond is a brain-dead asshole and psychopathic
retard, and if this sociopathic political degenerate were
properly recognized as the animal that he discernibly
is he would simply on account of his indefatigable
toxic behaviour alone most certainly long ago
have been permanently, and fittingly so, put
out of his misery. But unfortunately since
he’s been incorrectly diagnosed and additionally tolerated
as a probable human being and such vital action isn’t at
all possible as legally human beings, whether real or
in Philip Hammond’s case patently imaginary, can
not practicably be either sensibly euthanized or
colloquially put down under British laws, as
acknowledged animals are and can be; the
case for Philip Hammond being disposed
of or, if you prefer, put down as it were
while not altogether insurmountable,
as I see it, is even so a bit awkward
legally; therefore most regrettably,
but hopefully only temporarily,
Philip Hammond unhappily
and quite detrimentally
in the process for all
of us, still lives on!

And frustratingly the only recourse alas around this, is
if a couple of borrowed David Cameron’s false flag,
jihadist and Useful Idiot terrorists consented to do
us an unexpected and most appreciative favour,
and in their demonstrably effective manner
competently liquated this narcissistically,
tiresome and rabid dog that perniciously
contaminates our allegedly green and
pleasant country, Blighty. Or alternatively, I suppose,
a lone wolf assassin could in the interim do the job
for them that every intelligent person rationally
knows, and that straightforwardly expressed
fully accepts must uncompromisingly be
done in relation to our fatuous, wholly
incompetent, and among those well-
informed segments of our British
population quite au fait with all
of this the easily recognized
and intensely loathed and
unendurable scumbag
politician and rather
bizarrely selected
British Foreign
Secretary who
just happens
to be Philip

But Philip Hammond both psychologically and genetically is
such an ingrained village idiot that even the highly dubious
“status” which comes nowadays with the job of British
Foreign Secretary he’s been given by an unrepentant
mass murderer David Cameron, but that Philip is
even so totally unfit for as he is for everything
else of any consequence under the sun other
than preferably quietly disappearing and
doing himself in – and it’s a perfectly
safe bet that he’ll probably make a
bloody hash of that as well – yet
persistently he carries on
deluding himself in
his pathetic and
imbecile fantasies that
he’s actually something
of importance, quite
indispensable and,
additionally, of
and flawless

I’m deliberately eschewing in my conclusion of this most
odious and egregious specimen of unknown biological
origin the term “someone” in relation to Philip
Hammond having previously substituted in
its place the word “something”, as in no
way am I convinced that Philip Hammond
is either human or something remotely anywhere near being
a humanoid creature. And frankly I don’t think that any
self-respecting lone wolf assassin would in normal
circumstances want to or expend precious time
and resources on murdering an acknowledged
nobody like Philip Hammond, as obviously
there wouldn’t be any kudos in it for them
doing so; and furthermore would rather
counterproductively from the private
perspective of their impressively
estimable and well-merited and terrifyingly induced
status as ruthless killers needlessly compromise
this carefully acquired position of theirs that
would then indisputably make this entire
activity quite infra dig too. Analogous
to principal British royals fulsomely
supported in this stance by their
legions of subject-sycophants,
unbecomingly expected but
imperiously rejecting all
propositions that they
individually agreed
to wipe their own
backsides after
they’d made
a personal
outing to
the loo!

© Stanley V. Collymore
23 November 2015.

The Author’s Thoughts:
I’ve been exceedingly fortunate that from birth and throughout my growing up years, right into adulthood and presently so I’ve had a string of very prominent and influential mentors that have voluntarily and gratefully on my part had a tremendous and enduring input in my life and furthermore have vastly contributed in a multiplicity of ways with their enormous skills, unquestionable intelligence, savoir faire, profound compassion, humanity, impeccable integrity and consummate compassion in assisting me to become the person that I am and for their sakes and my own will carrying on being the person I am. However among them all one individual has been most paramount in all of this ever since she took me from the arms of the midwife that delivered me into this world, proudly handed me to my mother, and stalwartly has consistently been there for me ever since. That individual with whom I’ve bonded in a manner that words are inadequate to express is my maternal Grandmother. And in the numerous engaging and interesting conversations coupled with the pearls of wisdom she has communicated to me over the years, far too many to enumerate here or do justice to, among them were these two.

I was never under any circumstance to hate anyone as this would be counterproductive from my own perspective since I’d not only be wasting valuable time and precious energy on someone that was absolutely worthless and not deserving of any of these but also by obsessing with that individual I would in effect be handing over what was and should essentially and firmly stay my agenda to that person who would by de facto means, even if they weren’t actually aware of this, nevertheless be allowed by me through my doing so to cloud and determine my judgement about them. The second piece of advice among the two that I earlier referred to was that I should never at any time intentionally wish anyone harm irrespective of how absolutely repugnant they were, for even though I was a Christian and in my religious and cultural upbringing certainly knew the difference between good and evil I none the less wasn’t God and should never at any time arrogantly arrogate that Divine responsibility to myself. However, having acknowledged that, there wasn’t any harm, no pun intended whatsoever, in asking God during my private prayers to Him to impartially review what I personally considered should necessarily be done to that particular individual and let God make the appropriate decision.

And consequently at no time during my life have I ever departed from these more than suggestions that my delightful and immensely astute Grandmother most affectionately imparted to and firmly inculcated in me; and I’m not about to deviate one iota from any of them now, regardless of what the provocation is or how loathsome these individuals are. And while this poem has in it only one named individual, Philip Hammond, the sentiments that unapologetically are expressed by me here are also characteristic of his PM David Cameron, their combined Cabinet; additionally 90% individually of those verminously infesting both houses of parliament, the civil service chiefs, most notoriously the supposed First Division and especially those in the MoD; as well as all those who’re obsessively imbued by parasitical nepotism, risible narcissism and demented arrogance liberally emanating from highly incompetent jerks like Bruce Keogh, purportedly NHS England Medical Director, and handed jobs they’re completely unfit for and should never, even in a million light years, have been considered for let alone find themselves in.

In conclusion there’s David Cameron and in response to his frenetic warmongering, and this from a lowlife, parasitical scumbag who has never in his privileged life worn a British military uniform of any kind but as he ramps up his bogus patriotism doesn’t mind in the least others dying to unjustifiably keep slime balls like him in power, I’d like to quote a response from M. Scott of Newcastle Upon Tyne who writes: “In telling MPs to act like Churchill and not Chamberlain David Cameron is displaying a selective memory. As First Lord of the Admiralty prior to World War I Churchill began mobilizing the British fleet without the consent of Foreign Secretary Edward Grey, Prime Minister H.H Asquith and was influential with his militaristic posturing in coercing the Cabinet into a war that would take millions of innocent lives. Something our politicians would do well to ponder on as they trip over themselves to imitate him.”

I would like to add that it was Winston Churchill, long before Saddam Hussein was born, who was the first person ever to calculatedly order the gassing of the Iraqi Kurds and pledged to wipe them all out; he was also responsible for introducing and assiduously implementing what world widely knows as concentration camps when he employed these to liquidate the Boers of South Africa, with the overwhelming number of these causalities being specifically targeted women and children, and accounts for why he was so detested by the Boers, even the apartheid loving ones, of South Africa. And it must also be pointed out that when the Germans carried out their first two holocausts in Southwest Africa, then a colony of theirs, at the start of the 20th Century and almost 30 years before they again initiated another holocaust but this time in Europe it was the sadistic methods employed by Winston Churchill in South Africa that the Germans emulated. The evidence is there and I’ve personally read the German archive evidence freely available in Germany and done so in their original and contemporaneous German text. And at no time have the Germans dismissed the facts or sanitized them that these barbaric activities of Winston Churchill were other than what they incorporated in their Nazi concentration atrocities and that they owed their implementation to what the British under Winston Churchill had done in South Africa. So go check these out for yourselves!

Lastly, Winston Churchill isn’t and never was any hero, war or otherwise, to me! But instead was a pretty nasty, arrogant and bloodthirsty bastard. And when I was in the Royal Air Force my Commanding Officer, who had no time for him either, confirmed to me the same information told to me by volunteer Caribbean and notably Barbadian RAF fighter and bomber pilots during World War II that it was quite commonplace for the orders that Churchill gave to be readily and completely ignored by many of his Commanding Officers, particularly in the RAF, as they knew perfectly well they were either unworkable or downright stupid, and instead they assiduously carried out their own successfully designed and implemented operations and were extremely clever with it. For well aware what a lunatic narcissist Winston Churchill was then, and throughout the rest of his life come to that, they cleverly and publicly gave him the praise for what they had brilliantly conceived and superbly executed; and being the arrogant fucker that he was Churchill lapped it up, arrogating to himself kudos that were completely underserved by him and consequently developing this personality cult and myth around himeself. Even the inspirational poem he once used to impress the British public with his oratory was written years previously by a Black Jamaican whose work Winston Churchill plagiarised and never gave him any credit for.

But those pulling these ploys didn’t mind for they had a job to do and as long as it was effectively done that was all that mattered. And as a former RAF man myself with top secret classification accreditation and moreover as someone who had access to requisite documents and additionally spoke confidentially to proper Commanding Officers who were in charge then – and not the odious hubristic and full of themselves motherfucking idiots that now “run” the RAF and the rest of our so-called Armed Forces, in effect US lackeys, the British Armed Forces under treacherous, brain-dead cunts like Nicholas Houghton is a fucking joke; and who when I’m in England I wouldn’t care to see the control of my local council public lavatory entrusted to! Let alone anything else. I know what the reality was then during World War II and the lead up to it and don’t much care for the fiction and myths surrounding it. And as far as I’m personally concerned the best thing Winston Churchill ever did was when he dropped dead! And if assholes like David Cameron and many of you out there want to hail him as a hero be my guest. But I’ll tell you this straight up I have more respect for Adolf Hitler than I do or would ever be persuaded to have for scum like Winston Churchill or David Cameron wrapping himself up in the mantle of his like-minded privileged and lowlife piece of shit! Britain didn’t win World II because of Winston Churchill but did so in spite of him!

Friday, 20 November 2015

The political idiocy of a western public wallowing in the battered spouse’s syndrome!

By Stanley Collymore

Predictably the western propaganda media circus is in full swing over what happened in Paris on the night of the 13 November 2015; and we’re lyingly told, as every ounce of sympathy is being milked from a largely ill-informed and gullible western public and some regrettably and ironically in Russia it seems, that this is the worst atrocity to take place in France, and Europe come to that, since World War II. Well no it definitely isn’t! For in 1961, in what’s known by the well-informed as the Paris Massacre, over 200 Algerians participating in a peaceful protest march against France’s savagery in Algeria as it employed every means to keep that country a French territory despite the wishes of the overwhelming majority of Algerians to have their independence – recall the odious and hubristic French boast at the time: Algérie es Français – were pitilessly and quite defencelessly slaughtered by the French police; many of them ruthlessly tortured in the Palais des Sports and their bodies after their brutal murders subsequently and disdainfully thrown into the Seine.

And what’s more France’s chillingly pervasive and colonialist mindset barbarity wasn’t simply confined to Algeria; the citizens of Haiti, Vietnam, France’s sub-Saharan African colonies and Syria were similarly subjected to most inhuman and unspeakable atrocities imaginable. But Europeans alas have convenient memories and their utterly subjective sympathies, contrived or otherwise, can only do extend to people who look like them no matter how horrendous these instinctively sympathized with white Caucasian peoples’ past and present histories, either individually or collectively, have been or currently are. In passing, on Tuesday 17 November 205 I was in a West Sussex library doing some research and to my utter amazement and horror heard the staff there “request” that those in then present in that library collectively observe a two minute silence for the Paris dead of the 13 November 2015. I don’t know, nor did I ask as it wasn’t any of my business, if my fellow library users at the time this library request was made, knew of in full or even had the slightest inkling of France’s multiple atrocities down the centuries, stretching into recent decades and right up to the present time callously and barbarically committed not only abroad but also at home, and furthermore looking at it objectively and from my own very well-informed perspective it was very much up to these “orchestrated” library users whether or not they complied with the library’s demand. However, I wasn’t going to and I didn’t; and would have been absolutely ready and quite prepared to decisively deal with anyone that dared challenge me on that matter.

After all, what orchestrated silences were held for the one million slaughtered in Iraq by the British and Americans following their illegal attack, invasion and occupation of Iraq even after the blatant travesty of the multiplicity of deliberate lies and deceit that happily came from the loathsome likes of well-known mass murderers, wilful perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity monsters: predominantly Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, John Scarlet and the exceptional slime ball Alistair Campbell, all of whom were impelled by the perfidiously orchestrated 9/11 False Flag Operation devised and executed by Dick Cheney that intentionally perpetrated this illegal atrocity against the Iraqi people and their country, and that this coterie of complicit white Caucasian bastards previously mentioned along with others unquestionably, totally and unquestioningly signed up to? The scores of thousands of similarly innocent, Libyan civilians identically treated in the same barbarous fashion by the British, French and Italians among others for example; or those Lebanese butchered around the same time as those killed in Paris by the extremist wahabi jihadist infantries of the west; the overall western and its barely concealed glee when the Russian passenger plane was most barbarically blown out of the skies over the Sinai Desert amid the growing and compelling suspicion that the usual suspect terrorist western nations, the US, UK, France, Turkey and their Arab satrapies were either actively or else complicitly involved in this sadistic and inhuman atrocity. And as they say the list goes on!

Interestingly enough when Jeremy Corbyn quite sensibly and perceptively questioned this now ludicrously invoked and wholly imbecilic British Tory regime policy of shoot to kill and attendant with it this principally white Caucasian and particularly so a predominantly and ingrained British mindset that the solution to every problem, seemingly intractable or otherwise, and regardless of the principal role that Britain played in creating this problem in the first place the one realistic and “ideal” response is the reflexive and comprehensive utilization of unembroidered aggression, most preferably through warfare or failing that a monstrously executed barbaric tit-for-tat rejoinder, he was predictably vilified by all these moronic arm chair generals that sickeningly infest our country, some of them lamentably like Nicholas Houghton nepotistically in uniform and both ineptly and entirely unsuitable for the positions they were most implausibly idiotically entrusted with while the majority of these British pillocks fortunately are not.

And let’s be completely and brutally up-front about this. ISIS like its precursor al-Qaida and the several other recurrent name changing and downright homicidal terrorists groups presently in deadly circulation are significantly the premeditated creations of consecutive British regimes and de facto the UK’s covert foot soldiers: recruited, trained, significantly financed, armed and logistically supported by Britain at the very substantial but unwitting expense of the UK’s taxpayers’ to undertake Britain’s dirty work - interpret that to mean terrorist enterprises - wherever necessary, but specifically in the Global South; and so it’s hardly surprising given their inbuilt stupidity and total ignorance of true as apart from the fabricated accounts of world affairs that they’re fed by a complicit western media the our overabundance of dim-witted British “subjects” – never citizens mark you – perceive the lack of a reflexive use of violence and ironically in direct response to the violent state of affairs that their own political regimes: past as well as present, are directly responsible for as weakness or even treachery  on the part of Jeremy Corbyn and others like him that are fully and quite astutely aware of the bona fide situation and sensibly don’t want to be any part of it.

And who truthfully other than utterly brain-dead morons or those with their own vested self-interests to safeguard and which are derived from ensuring that these terrorist groups aren’t only in place but actually secretly prosper while at the same time publicly, falsely and dishonestly not only giving the devious impression but equally categorically stating as France’s President Francois Hollande has now done that: “We shall destroy Islamic State!” Which begs the obvious and pertinent question: Why now? Why not two weeks, two months, a year, or the five years previously when France with the rest of a complicit west created ISIS, and whose murderous activities have been well known from the very beginning, and not just from the 13 November 2015. If indeed ISIS was responsible for executing this western inspired False Flag Operation.

And compounding this was the level of mindboggling stupidity emanating from many of those that constitute elements of British society. Fortunately not every person in Britain is that brain dead and so I’ll give you a brief snapshot of some of the comments that I came across and let you adjudge not only the comments but also the level, or more fittingly the deficiency, of intellectual acumen, probity and commonsense of the persons involved for yourselves. Some stupid slut from London calling herself Vicky patently ignorant of the real causes for the Middle crises wrote: “Jeremy Corbyn thinks shooting dead terrorists who would otherwise kill innocent people is quite dangerous and can often be [therefore] be counterproductive,. When he was elected Labour leader [as if that has anything at all to do with the matter in hand] I actually felt sorry for him getting all that flax from fellow politicians and the press. But now I think the people who voted for him [scores of 1000s as it happened] made the gravest error ever.”

While Paola also of London wrote: “I’m fed up with Jeremy Corbyn’s comments about not caring for other deaths in Lebanon and Turkey We do care but it’s only natural to feel more affected when terrorism hits close to home, when people died that friends knew.” That’s okay then! For everyone who is white that dies is someone this Pollock or others like them knew, and as expected mind readers that the rest of us are we must take it for granted that they empathize without deigning to say so with non-white deaths from clear acts of terrorism. A brilliant deduction asshole Paola from London!

However there were those who clearly have functioning brains in their heads and who put some balance into this propagandized affair. John. H. from Hertford wrote: “Mr Corbyn is right to say we should feel uncomfortable with shoot-to-kill [farcically mooted as any kind of realistic or sensible policy]. Trigger-happy security forces is the reason why Jean Charles de Menezes was shot dead straight after 7/7.” Finally, Daniel Cox of Brighton wrote: “Jeremy Corbyn is correct. We do not have a gun culture in this country; hence we have one of the lowest gun death statistics in the world. What we [however do] excel at is bringing criminals to justice, not killing in the name of peace and then wondering what might have been learned later.” Thankfully for those among the West Sussex library staff or the library users of that particular library for that matter, no one challenged me on not observing this highly bogus and orchestrated so-called moment of remembrance.

I’ve been most privileged that a superb, progressive and instructive combination of my familial, community, school and church upbringing deeply reinforced by the several mentors that I’ve consistently and upliftingly had in these respective areas throughout my childhood life and into adulthood have instilled in me a life long compass of integrity and morality, which instinctively causes me to detect and eschew by all means at my disposal what I instantly and positively know from my gut reaction to be acts of premeditated, odious and self-serving barbarity, and what’s more in the wake of such deviant behaviour to dauntlessly speak out about such heinous activities by employing both my commonsense as well as my investigative journalistic and research skills to support the argument that I am promulgating. And let me say publicly and unapologetically that I firmly believe that what most despicably and premeditatedly occurred in Paris on Friday 13 November 2015 is unquestionably in my honest opinion a calculated False Flag Operation. Be at liberty to assume whatever stance you choose to take, freely or orchestratedly so, on this particular matter – that’s your right after all however stupid it knowingly is or turns out to be – but I’ve also exercised my own right and stated my candid point of view.

And even if I weren’t solidly convinced of what I’m genuinely thinking or saying, which I most definitely am, the utterly dishonest and loathsome antics of David Cameron would categorically have persuaded me to adopt the point of view I had from the very outset that what transpired in Paris was a NATO Gladio-style False Flag Operation and in which the said David Cameron is deeply implicated or at the very least knew about in advance and was therefore wholly complicit in its execution. After all once a mass murderer, as we definitively saw him as in the homicidal example of Libya, and who up to now like his likeminded, white Caucasian and murdering lowlife scum, fellow Brits Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Alastair Campbell, John Scarlet et al in Iraq who’ve been able so far to evade justice in the face of the multiple crimes they’ve intentionally and with profoundly grasping financial motives committed, it’s not rocket science to deduce that it then becomes that much easier in subsequent cases for vermin of this sort to carry on being the loathsome and compulsive killers that they are; and this is precisely the stage that David Cameron is at! And here’s substantive proof of that!

Instantaneously, insidiously and immorally – par for the course with a man lacking even the most basic modicum of integrity – we see a previously disconsolate David Cameron who deeply frustrated that he was unable to get his way in the furtherance of his demonic obsession principally on behalf of Israel, which is the psychological Zionist homeland of this treacherous Fifth Columnist in our British midst, to illicitly overthrow the legitimate government of Syria, bring about unlawful regime change there and assassinate President Assad as David Cameron had also done with his instrumental and complicit murdering of the Libyan President Colonel Gaddaffi, in steadfastly keeping within his character as the parasitical, privileged and consummately spoilt brat who must always have his way that he undoubtedly is, we then saw David Cameron instantaneously and intensely energized, like a serial rapist that has finally cornered his victim and is about to pounce, by the False Flag Operation in Paris, itself uncompromisingly reinforced by western regimes, their embedded media and completely idiotic public’s manipulated propaganda to accomplish an end result they collectively thought was in the bag until the Russian Federation’s legal intervention in Syria against the west’s several loathsomely barbaric terrorists and Useful Idiot jihadists there at the behest of the legitimate Syrian government. And with that near certainty on the part of the west of it finally overthrowing President Assad and installing its puppet jihadists in Syria to ably assist in its hegemonic designs on the Middle East and Africa seemingly about to be blown sky high and their hubris with it, something had to be done to counter this and in the process salvage their original plans. Hence the False Flag Operation in Paris to duplicitously garner orchestrated western public sympathy for their dastardly plans and for a reinvigorated David Cameron to openly and boastfully say that Britain doesn’t need anyone’s permission, let alone the UNSC to illegally attack another sovereign country, namely Syria. And what does the UN Secretary General have to say about this – unsurprisingly to me Fuck All!

As an investigative journalist I have over the years researched extensively on false flag operations of all types committed by the west, most notably the United States and Britain, other white European countries, the former Soviet Union and other similar activities of this nature stretching as far as Japan. I’ve enumerated some of them here as a flavour as to why I’ve taken the position that I have relative to the Paris scenario, and I very much suggest that you thoroughly check these out for yourself and not just take my word for it; that’s, of course, if you’re capable of thinking for yourself and aren’t merely a robot that can be appropriately utilized as and when those who control you tell you when and what to think.

The Manchurian incident 1931; much too detailed and protracted to competently outline in an article like this, but you can check it out for yourself online under the same title as this one here. Late 1930s: Faked German Nazi attacks on other Germans; Poles blamed for these fictitious deaths but nevertheless it provided a propagandized situation that gave Germany’s Third Reich the “justification” to invade Poland. The burning of the German parliament in 1933 on the orders of Hermann Goering; German communists deliberately and falsely blamed for this. The so-called Winter War of 1939: Soviet Red Army soldiers deliberately shelled the Russian village of Mainila; Finland blamed for the attack. 1940: Joseph Stalin ordered his secret police to execute 22,000 Polish army officers and falsely blame the Nazis for what he did. Between 1946 and 1948 the British government bombed five ships carrying Jews attempting to flee Europe’s holocaust then blamed these killings on a fake group given the name the “Defenders of Arab Palestine” that the British regime had fictitiously created. 1954 an Israeli terrorist cell operating in Egypt planted bombs in several buildings across Egypt including the United States diplomatic facilities, then left behind “evidence” implicating Arabs. In the 1950s America’s CIA hired Iranians to pose as communists, stage bombing throughout Iran and doing so with the primary purpose of these terrorist activities being to turn Iranians against their democratically elected Prime Minister. 1955: the then Turkish regime carried out the bombing of its Greece consulate and then blamed the Greeks for this. Purpose to justify anti-Greek violence.

1957: the British PM and the then US President Dwight Eisenhower approved plans to carry out attacks on Syria and blame these on the Syrian government. Purpose: regime change in Damascus. Fast forward to 2010-2015 and we find David Cameron and the current US regime doing the same thing. 1950s Operation Gladio: NATO and the CIA carried out bombings in Italy and across Europe and falsely blamed these on the local communists in these specifically targeted countries. The combined emphasis as well as the determined remit of these terrorist activities to purposely kill civilians, women and children especially, to force the wider national populations reviled by these actions to both frightened and in acute desperation turn, most ironically, to their respective states that unknowingly by them were profoundly implicated in these atrocities for “protection”. Operation Gladio was initially created by NATO on the 26 November 1956 by Antonio Segni, loathsomely carried out its murderous activities throughout the following decades and did not “officially” cease its multifaceted and monstrous operations until the 27 July 1990.1960: US false flag attack on Guantanamo Bay to give the United States the pretext to invade Cuba; paradoxically Guantanamo Bay is legally a physical and integral part of the sovereign state of Cuba that the US illegally hangs on to.

1961: The United States State Department planned to blow up the American consulate in the Dominican Republic in order for the US to engineer a falsified pretext to invade that country. 1962: The Pentagon together with the US Joint Chiefs of Staff drafted plans to blow up several American  airplanes, commit other terrorist acts on US soil then falsely blame these on Cuba for the purpose of invading that country. 1963: the US Department of Defence planned terrorist attacks within the Organization of American States (OAS) – such as the Caribbean territories of Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica and publicly blame these on Cuba that bizarrely for these US morons had excellent relations with its fellow Caribbean territories. 1964: The infamous Gulf of Tonkin Affair to justify the US attack and subsequent invasion of Vietnam. 1950-1970; the use of agent provocateurs by the US to carry out terrorist attacks globally and blame these on political activists.1970: Turkish regime intentionally burnt down a mosque in Cyprus and falsely blamed this terrorist act on Christian Greek Cypriots. 1978: Agents of the German secret service collaboratively detonated a bomb in the outer wall of a Germany prison, planted alleged “escape tools” on a prisoner that was a known member of Germany’s Red Army Faction that the said German secret service maliciously wanted to frame for this “bombing” of theirs that he wasn’t responsible for and knew absolutely nothing about.

1984: Mossad planted a radio transmitter in Colonel Gaddafi’s compound in Tripoli that then broadcasted fake terrorist transmissions recorded by Mossad. 1988: the 3 July; the United States warship USS Vincennes under the command of C. Rogers III and secretly operating within Iran’s territorial waters shot down with a cruise missile a known Iranian passenger plane, Flight 655, transmitting on standard civilian frequency, killing the 274 passengers and 16 crew on board. 1976: 6 October, the American CIA blows up Cubana Airline Flight A55 shortly after it took off from Barbados for Jamaica and Cuba killing all the 68 passengers and 5 crew members on board just off the shore of Barbados.1967: Israeli Air Force jets and navy boats deliberately attacked the United States military ship the USS Liberty in international waters murdering several crew members on board. The Israeli regime knew full well that it was a US ship and in international waters but Israel fighting a war with its Arab neighbours at the time intentionally carried out the attack with the purpose of blaming it on Egypt and accordingly and retaliatorily propelling the United States into a war with Israel’s Arab neighbours. The US government didn’t fall for this ploy however, as it knew perfectly well who was responsible and why. Even so and to this very day consecutive US regimes have slapped a top secret classification on this murderous outrage and wilfully embarked on a total cover up of the incident to the chagrin and rage of the surviving seamen from the US Liberty and also the descendants and families of those who perished.

25 October 1983-15 December 1983: The US invasion of the small Caribbean island of Grenada, not to be confused with the Dominican Republic further north and also within the Caribbean. The underlying and lying pretext: that US students studying in Grenada were in imminent danger from the government of Grenada. A blatant lie as the students themselves confirmed later when back in the United States. The principal reason being that Ronald Reagan immensely disliked Maurice Bishop, the Grenadian Prime Minister, his socialist government and their close and unsurprising ties with Cuba that let’s face it is after all a Caribbean country and like all West Indian countries that primarily but not exclusively so through the Transatlantic Slave Trade have had, generally involuntarily, but all the same did and still maintain close familial links with each other. What next? Idiotically attacking chosen EU states for having close ties with Baltic countries which are also part of the EU but which still openly celebrate their murderous Nazi past that included the wholesale extermination of their Jewish populations? 1953: CIA and MI6 jointly overthrew the democratically elected government of Mohammad Mosaddeq in Iran. Reason: the US, UK and BP’s predecessor strenuously objected to PM Mosaddeq utilizing Iran’s oil primarily for the benefit of the Iranians and NOT, as was previously and exclusively the case, for the United Kingdom, United States and BP.

1985: Agents of the French secret service cold-bloodedly blew up Greenpeace Warrior as it was monitoring secret French nuclear tests that the French earnestly wanted to keep the lid on in the Pacific. Then there’s the much earlier but conveniently forgotten 9/11 attack, but this time on September 11 1973. The United States instigated and facilitated the coup then that overthrew the democratically elected socialist government of Salvador Allende, pitilessly assassinating President Allende in the process then instantaneously installed as its dictatorial puppet Augusto Pinochet; afterwards and assiduously keeping him in power for several years. 1953: Britain at the behest of the United States dispatched troops to the then UK self-governing colony of British Guiana and then overthrew the democratically elected government of Dr. Cheddi Jagan and in his place installed the autocratic Forbes Burnham: House Nigger exemplar, who the United States and the UK kept in power for years until this loathsome monster died. The primary reason for this? Guyana, as it now independently is and has been so since 1966, despite being located on the northern coast of mainland South America is and has always politically, socially, economically as well as culturally been part of the wider Caribbean ambit and as such similarly had close ties with Cuba that plainly irked the United States. And Dr Cheddi Jagan’s government like the man himself was also socialist which the Americans likewise didn’t like. And there was also the “little” matter of Margaret Thatcher authorizing MI6 to overthrow the legal and democratically elected government of Milton Obote in Uganda and replace him and his government with Idi Amin. Reason? Militon Obote wanted Britain kicked out of the Commonwealth and stood a superb chance of that happening, as only the usual suspects of Australia, New Zealand and Canada actually favoured Britain’s non-suspension, and all this because of the UK’s particularly close ties with and Margaret Thatcher’s fervent support for apartheid South Africa. The humiliation of that happening would have been immense for Britain that hubristically saw the Commonwealth as its own property, but with the UK’s principal adversary Milton Obote fortuitously out of the way Britain, as they say, survived and lived to fight another day.

These then are just a tiny sample of the multiple false flag operations premeditatedly and quite disastrously carried out by western states, and the list goes on; and which brings us squarely to the most recent western/Israeli false flags operations: Charlie Hebdo, January 2015; Tunisia beach killings, June 2015; and the latest one in Paris, 13 November 2015. And what I evidently see is the same manipulative and orchestrated mass hysteria, utterly phoney grief outpourings and bizarrely a cenotaph type silence remembrance – how can you for people whom you didn’t know, never met and quite frankly were most unlikely ever to do so? - of the type that immediately followed the revelation of Princess Diana’s death by what I unquestionably see as a predominantly brain-dead and extensively white Caucasian public that to put it bluntly is too bloody stupid to recognize let alone accept that they’re consistently being taken for a cynical ride by those who exploit their on tap “sympathies” for their murderous and highly beneficial exploits; as these murdering and unconscionable charlatans that control the west are fully cognizant that their public have little self-worth, if any at all, and therefore like lemmings jumping off a cliff desperately want to belong to something no matter how disastrous it is. And most astoundingly it’s a phenomenon – this bizarre and illogical mass hysteria – that is now pervasively affecting school kids and other adolescents across the United Kingdom as was recently reported in Hemel Hempstead after the 2015 Remembrance Sunday commemorations, and as well in the wake of the latest Paris False Flag Operations of Friday 13 November 2015.

Truthfully, I just can’t or would I ever want to insult my intelligence by empathizing with masochistic morons like the lot of you and most unapologetically shan’t ever condescend to do so; particularly bearing in mind that there is a plethora of information out there to rescue you from your ingrained and substantially pathetic stupidity!