Monday, 12 October 2015

White trash Master Race delusions and toadying House Nigger stupidity self-servingly conjoined!

By Stanley Collymore

David Cameron who is a direct financial beneficiary of Caribbean Slavery was always going to have an easy ride metaphorically and get away with his arrogance in Jamaica. Not least so because Portia Simpson-Miller the prime minister there is a House Nigger extraordinaire. One only had to observe her body language, relative to David Cameron, to discern this. She was literally all over him like a licentious bitch in heat, and I wasn’t the only person to notice and comment on that particular flaunting of hers.

My German partner – so this comment has no racial bias to it either on my part nor that of my partner – without any prompting from me quite instinctively, as did her Mum, remarked: “Nicht diese Schlampe haben keinen Respekt fuer Ihr Volk oder sogar sich slebst?” Translated into English it categorically and disdainfully stated: “Doesn’t this slut have any respect for her people or even herself?” Clearly not, as is the sickening and customary pattern of Black House Nigger whores in the grateful and toadying presence of their white “massahs”, and this stupid bitch Portia Simpson-Miller, hyphenated surname and all, that Jamaica has for a prime minister is no different

How fucking ironic that the privileged and parasitical white boy PM of the UK living the life of Riley from the proceeds of Black Caribbean Slavery can in the Caribbean of all places categorically and disdainfully state in Jamaica that compensation from Britain to the descendants of enslaved Black Caribbeans is inappropriate, won’t happen and consequently Caribbeans should forget such claims and move on with their lives, when in marked contrast his direct forebears received massive sums of money in compensation – in today’s terms billions of Pounds Sterling – from the then British government; money that was itself sourced from the West Indies, for the loss of their chattel: human property, like my Black ancestors in other words, when Slavery was abolished in 1834 in the West Indies, and compared to that the Black slaves themselves and moreover the enforced victims of slavery got bugger all, and neither to this day have any of their descendants.

However, as my German partner has succinctly pointed out, something I’m also fully cognizant of, David Cameron, whom she absolutely loathes, has nothing against his yid kith and kin still receiving compensation to this day for Europe’s holocaust 70 years after World War II ended, and strikingly they’re the only ones who’ve done so; NOT the Gypsies who had millions of their people killed too in that war in the concentration and death camps of Europe, nor anyone else who likewise suffered or were victims in this way, as ironically Nazi Zionist apartheid Israel, its band of diminishing war yids but multiple Zionist fellow travellers of all kinds while sickeningly playing on white western guilt and doing so ongoingly and with maximum ferocity, nevertheless carry on milking Europe’s holocaust for all it’s worth.

Yet this wasn’t the Europeans’ first holocaust ever or the only one in the 20th Century by any means that white Caucasians were involved in, as there were two previous ones at the start of the 20th Century in Southwest Africa, which is now independent Namibia, that were themselves the benchmark for what later became the European holocaust. But these Africans too have received no compensation either although Germany did give a rather grudging, very belated and much criticized at home, and in Britain too, apology for these two African holocausts.

But what my German partner is most angered about as is every other German that I’ve ever spoken to about the matter and myself as well, is the insufferable greed of these yids and their Zionist fellow travellers. She fully accepts that Germany at least had a moral responsibility for its war crimes and should make restitution for these; but 70 years on and ongoingly? No way! And while David Cameron and his ilk generally, and those in Britain in particular favour this they yet have the gall to say that the UK has no such debt to pay or any responsibility, not even in the form of an admission of guilt or an apology, to the people of the Caribbean, asininely stating that Slavery was not only legal at the time but was also a commercial activity that was sanctioned by law.

Given that utterly sick rationale, wasn’t rounding up yids and killing them also a legal activity in the Third Reich and its allied states? Or is that perverse rationale of these sick, demented, psychopathic, utterly unconscionable of all backgrounds, nationality or class based redneck, white trash scum simply based on the delusional premise that Black lives don’t matter but white Caucasian ones always do? Frankly, I don’t or will I ever be persuaded to buy that repellent crap and neither do my German partner, her entire family nor our several mutual friends who are themselves white Caucasian and additionally typically Germanic in appearance as any white Caucasian could possibly be. And furthermore very much resent paying out these reparations that they’ve forced to; and as they and I both see to these particularly avaricious yids; and quite justifiably so is our anger and resentment as all of them and most specifically my partner, practically all of her family: most noticeably her Mum, of course herself and all of her friends were born long after World War II ended, while her Dad was only two months old in 1945.

That’s when this bloody white man’s and Caucasian imperialist war ended, and the collective philosophies of both sides weren’t what our respective families nor us for that matter: my partner, I nor our mutual friends could in anyway identify with. For while Nazi Germany only wanted to impose its hegemony on Europe and the Soviet Union wanted to counterbalance that with its own skewed version of communism; and the Japanese an obsessive desire to install their own medieval form of oriental dictatorship in China and Southeast Asia, Britain most resolutely wanted to earnestly cling on to its global empire. For let’s not forget that World War II on Britain’s part had absolutely bugger all to do with the United Kingdom relinquishing its empire whose exploitation was markedly beneficial to Britain in every way conceivably: and most certainly economically, politically and even militarily as a major global player.

And furthermore, even as persons like my Dad, other Barbadians and Caribbeans, as well as Black Africans and Indians for example were altruistically fighting Britain’s war on the basis of the UK claiming that Germany had its jackboot on the neck of victimized Europeans, this same Britain nevertheless had its own jackboot and for considerably longer on the necks of its colonials across the globe, including my Barbadian and other West Indian relatives. So giving its empire up wasn’t remotely perceived as an option by white Britain that saw nothing wrong or immoral in wilfully lying to its colonial territories by promising them their independence after a British victory in World War II, were Britain with their assistance to win that war that hubristically it had asininely got itself embroiled in. Nothing has change it would seem on the UK’s part in the last 70 years following the end of the Second World War; for the cunts that run the country still haven’t learnt anything from their past mistakes.

But winning the war even with the help of these colonials and managing the peace are two completely different concepts as Britain would quickly find out. For the new boy on the block, and ironically a former colonial waif, the United States of America, had like the teenage upstart turned into hubristic and bullying young adult decided it was time to more expansively flex his own muscles, and was more than keen to thrust aside the clearly past its sell by date maternal parent, namely the United Kingdom. And since my partner nor any of us, and that goes for the majority of Germans in 2015, had nothing to do with World War II and the blatant stupidity of the imperialist powers then, we see no reason why, if those directly and profitably involved in these obvious loathsome practices or who have benefited immensely from them financially or in other ways don’t see any good reasons to either want to honour their countries historic and moral obligations to Caribbean Slavery let alone to compensate those who are still affected by it why the hell then should other people be expected and also be legally required at that to fork out massive reparations for their yid relatives, friends or Zionist paymasters?

So quite understandably they very much resent paying out reparations to people whose post-war conduct is more reprehensible than that of World War II Nazis; that have the third largest, and an illegal one as well, nuclear arsenal in the world; are concertedly ongoing perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity; and moreover are consistently and quite barbarically engaged in perfidious acts of ethnic cleansing and genocide against the Palestinians and their neighbours and, additionally, have stolen the former’s country from them.

Yet yid David Cameron wants us all to be nice to them – and why not looking at it from his yiddish perspective? They all anyway delusionally perceive themselves to be God’s chosen people conjoined with being the Master Race and all that stuff – although I don’t bloody well think so nor has anyone who’s even remotely constructive in my life – and even desires for us, David Cameron does, to make each and everyone of us Brits comply with his and Benjamin Netanyahu’s diktat by enshrining their sick notions into British law. Dream on mate if you fucking well think that I’m going to take the slightest bit of notice of any such bigoted, twisted and utterly self-serving, on both your parts, piece of legislation; for to put it bluntly I’ve simply had enough of these people and the two of you as well, and furthermore I’m not the only one who feels that way!

Funnily enough when I initially moved to Germany to live and work there I went, as is legally required, to the local administrative office to file my papers and register my status. I knew that now living and working in Germany my taxes etc would be paid there but was rather taken aback when the charming and very attractive young lady – aren’t they all of them in Germany bless their hearts – politely asked me if I wanted to contribute to the national tax, a separate tax it must be pointed out, that went towards the European holocaust reparations paid to the Jews; in reality Nazi Zionist apartheid Israel. I laughed and asked her if she was having me on. She wasn’t she replied and added that it wasn’t compulsory for non-Germans to pay it and as I was a Brit I didn’t have to if I didn’t want to. I categorically in response stated that I didn’t want to and remarked that I would have challenged it in court if that opt out clause for non-Germans wasn’t in effect and explained why.

She laughed; we quickly developed a natural rapport with each other that entertainingly digressed into quite an interesting general and even at times specific conversation that was accompanied by us having lunch together that same day. I’m a pretty fast work even if I say so, especially when it comes to German women who do all sorts of wonderful things to me, I gratefully say! (smile). Anyway to get back to what I was saying; the gist of my argument to this new found friend of mine was that it was Jews who’d started the Transatlantic Slave Trade in Barbados, my ancestral homeland, benefited massively from it, selfishly have not over the decades following the end of World War II, a situation that in 2015 is still ongoing, helped any of their fellow European holocaust victims, despite the monumental amounts of reparations they’ve received so far and are still getting since that war finished. Just the tip of the iceberg of monstrous evil that these people represent and that prompted me to candidly say to this young lady, and something I’ve always maintained, that there were two principal mistakes from my perspective that Adolf Hitler made and that contributed significantly to Germany losing World War II, which with hindsight hadn’t happened, despite the roles which my Dad, other relatives and thousands of other Caribbeans courageously, altruistically and voluntarily played in World War II.

German scientists were the first ever to develop nuclear technology and the amazing expertise to manufacture an atomic bomb but being the military purist that he was Adolf Hitler, for all his perceived and vilified faults and I firmly think that these were grossly propagandized by the Allies whose conduct was far worst, and how bloody ironic on the part of the British, US and the rest of them – manifestly people in glass houses literally throwing stones at other peoples’ residences as I shall later point out – didn’t conscionably see, did Adolf Hitler, the necessity to gratuitously incinerate scores of millions of innocent civilians in this horrendous way, namely the deployment and premeditated use of a device like the atomic bomb as either a gentlemanly strategy or a commonsensical approach to fighting a war regardless of how fervent one was to win that war. A philosophy that neither the US nor Britain ever subscribed to and still don’t to this day. So Adolf Hitler forbade any further development of this new and devastatingly deadly contraption of warfare that had he not honourably done so would have been an enormous game changer for Germany in World War II.

Quite disillusioned and professionally feeling sidelined by Hitler’s decision some of these key German scientists secretively and treacherously threw their lot in with the Allies allowing first Britain and subsequently the United States to get their hands on this utterly revolutionary form of warfare, and the world soon saw how the Americans who didn’t have the same principals or moral compass – nothing has changed in that regard even in 2015 and a new century – as the Germans evidently then and to this day still have, saw nothing at all wrong in unconscionably, immorally and  rather criminally using the atomic bomb that was derived through the courtesy of German traitors, and as they iniquitously demonstrated in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The second crucial mistake I earnestly believe that the Germans made was not to strategically put a more concerted effort into the Final Solution, allowing it in other words to run its natural course by totally exterminating the yiddish Untermenschen across Europe – the Baltic States managed to do so in their countries and to this day not only boast about it but moreover openly celebrate their success annually – which with the Third Reich in possession of the atomic bomb and NOT the Americans would have been a foregone as well and a most satisfactory outcome I earnestly believe. For had Germany done both of these aforementioned things in World War II the Palestinians would undoubtedly be still in possession and the control of their country and indigenous homeland, Zionism and neoliberalism wouldn’t now exist and the world in general would in my opinion be a far better place.

For while the US and a still delusional Britain want to rule the world Germany’s quest was simply to only have control of and even the dominance over mainland Europe. Das ist immer noch der Fall ist; und ich bin sehr gluecklich damit zu leben! And to paraphrase Mohammad Ali who refused to fight in Vietnam and consequently willingly sacrificed his Heavyweight boxing World Title on the altar of principle when he said: “No Vietcong ever called me a Nigger” so why then should he travel to their country to kill them? I understood well what he meant then and still do and can honestly say that in all the years that I’ve lived and worked in Germany no German has likewise either in my professional career nor my social life within Germany ever done so either and additionally I do have a German partner and several German friends and colleagues who can attest to that fact. But in Britain, even though it’d take a very brave racist to do so to my face: I’m 5 feet 7 inches in height, 16 stone in weight and physically athletic with it, I nevertheless know and am also fully acquainted at home in the UK with the redneck, white trash mindset that prevails throughout my country from Buckingham Palace right down to the most rundown council house estates across the UK and don’t or will I ever delude myself when it comes to the pernicious nature and attitudes of a significant number of my fellow Brits of all THREE genders and ages as to just what they’re actually capable of; for I’m fully cognizant of that and no one has to remind me!

And returning to the mindbogglingly gross insult delivered by David Cameron in collusion with Jamaica’s female House Nigger prime minister: Portia Simpson- Miller, to the people of the Caribbean and their wider Diaspora – marvellous isn’t it that David Cameron can find the money to build state of the art prisons in Jamaica to house “criminals” of Jamaican ancestry incarcerated in the UK and thus enabling Britain to save huge amounts of money, as even Cameron admitted, on their upkeep in the UK, while at the same time deplete Britain of a few of its niggers in accordance with the concerted re-whitening philosophy of the Conservative Party which he’s leader of, plus the Lib-Dems, the Labtories and the British media generally, and laying that cost firmly at the door of Jamaica where these “criminals” committed no crime; but incredibly can’t find the required money to beneficially improve the lives of the people in those Caribbean slave inflicted nations and former colonial territories of Britain that are in need of financial help, and of the kind that full and justified reparations would render to them.

And it’s not as if all Caribbean nations are in this particular boat. Barbados which has never borrowed nor taken money from anyone or any source throughout its entire existence and has actually pulled itself up from Slavery and Colonialism by its own bootlaces figuratively speaking – but you know what I mean – doesn’t want any UK handouts even though it would be Bajan money that Britain would be repaying to my ancestral homeland. But an apology for Slavery and Colonialism and all the stolen Barbados money that Britain took and which then financed the English Industrial Revolution among other things would be in order for a start.

Finally, the German female civil servant I mentioned earlier and who became and is still a very good friend of mine and subsequently my partner as well, who I didn’t know at the time, just like all our other German friends and their family members solidly support my personal stance expressed in this article and earnestly wish that a German government would in truth in the 21st Century exhibit the balls required to and actually stop paying out World War II reparations to Nazi Zionist apartheid Israel and furthermore from people like themselves who weren’t even born during the Second World War!

For if not the Caribbean where Slavery and Colonialism lasted for centuries, not just for the six years that the Second World War went on for, and where in the case of the Transatlantic Slave Trade alone many more millions of Black lives were systematically wiped out, and far greater in numbers than the six million attributed to the Jews in the European holocaust. Why then pay reparations to Jews at all and especially to today’s Nazi Zionist apartheid Jews who weren’t victims of World War II as they weren’t even born; or come to that any Jews at all 70 years after the Second World War ended, and bearing in mind their much worst than Third Reich atrocities that these greedy and barbarically murderous hypocrites are routinely meting out to the Palestinians? Where’s the justice in any of that?

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