Friday, 9 October 2015

The real, welcome and thankfully blessed threat posed by Jeremy Corbyn!

By Stanley Collymore

Kiss her hand you ghastly, bearded Republican terrorist
sympathizer and existential threat to our monarchical
Britain! For how dare you anticipate ever being an
authentic member of the Privy Council, the
august body that advises Her Majesty,
and not expect to kneel at our head
of state’s feet and adoringly kiss
her hand, you disreputable, treacherous and
absolutely insufferable man that without
any quibbling or a shadow of doubt
is a festering sore and gross insult
to all of us proud, deeply loyal
and patriotic subjects of HM
the Queen and, of course,
our intensely precious
United Kingdom?

Yet, you have the gall, the sheer temerity and
even the barefaced audacity, Jeremy Corbyn
to actually call yourself an Englishman!
How could you? Especially when our
medieval system of entrenched class
consciousness, quite formidably
and privileged exceptionalism,
routine nepotism and knowing our place in
society; as those, who by divine right and
born to rule the rest of us always know
what’s best for us - has continuously
worked wonderfully well for our
beloved country: comprising
England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland,
that we are acutely honoured to call Britain;
and therefore must unchanged continue
to do so without revolting notions of
spurious meritocracy, social and
racial equality compounded by
your untenable egalitarian
meddling, never allowed
to endanger any or all
of this, Commissar
Jeremy Corbyn!

© Stanley V. Collymore
9 October 2015.

The Author’s unabashed remarks:
I’ve not laughed so much recently from any political fallout as what’s been generally going on in the world by or at the behest of the west is clearly not a laughing matter; but I really couldn’t help myself when first the xenophobic bile and racist crap coming from Theresa May then followed by David Cameron’s rather puerile, totally unconvincing but all the same clearly and worried onslaught on you Jeremy Corbyn simply had me in great stitches of laughter. And I must confess that within David Cameron’s vilification speech of you there was one thing I wholeheartedly agreed with him on, Jeremy – but then it was something I was always fully cognizant of – that yes, you are indeed a great threat to him and the Britain he and his likeminded ilk quite evidently represent.

But thankfully from my perspective and seemingly that of many other people across the entire United Kingdom and beyond who aren’t manipulatively snared into the ambit of David Cameron’s propagandizing, narcissistic and utterly self-serving rhetoric, which essentially individuals like me who can and do think for themselves are neither swayed by or in the slightest find remotely convincing; for you are a genuine threat Jeremy but for all the right reasons! So keep on getting them worried, paranoid and occupied like King Canute in trying to stop the in your case the progressive waves of change from reaching the shores of instability which the likes of David Cameron have intentionally and dogmatically caused.

In the meantime all power to the efforts of CLIVE LEWIS the NORWICH MP and the very welcome new progressive movement to truly democratize the Labour Party. MOMENTUM, it’s called! So get in touch with him pronto all you Labour activist and supporters. And I shall assiduously be doing my very best to promote and assist MOMENTUM in every way that I humanly can, and at the same time bring to the notice of Labour Party members and the public in general that while the Labtories in the parliamentary Labour party who are crying foul that genuine and grassroots democracy within the Labour Party and under your leadership Jeremy Corbyn is a particularly dreadful thing - some of them in your Shadow Cabinet and we know who they are – and consequently from their decidedly skewed and utterly sick prospective, and obviously seen as asininely from my own, contravenes the core principles of the Labour Party they say.

Really? When these same hypocritical, clearly self-serving and pernicious bastards are, as supposedly Labour Party MPs in the House of Commons, all staunch members of the “NEW LABOUR PROGRESS ORGANIZATION”: a secretive lobby founded by the yiddish Zionist John Sainsbury of the supermarket family and himself an arch-Tory. But people like me always knew THESE LABTORIES were traitors and 5th columnists in the Labour Party that’s why they must be got rid of, through a concerted Zionist ethnic cleansing in reverse of our own at grassroots and constituency levels and comprehensively DE-SELECT THEM and effectively stop them ever becoming Labour Party parliamentary candidates or MPs again. Then they’ll be wholly free to go home to the Tory Party where these unconscionable and nakedly venal scum actually belong!

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