Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The perfidious flight of the covert dyke Queen Bee!

By Stanley Collymore

I woke up in the middle of the night sweating most profusely,
what a dreadful fright, and earnestly sorely wondering what
on earth was going on. For I’d earlier had this quite awful
dream that Jeremy Corbyn was arrested on the specific
orders of the British Home Secretary Theresa May.
whose ministerial portfolio covers these sorts of
mundane things, for being an illegal migrant
living in Britain and who furthermore had
had the sheer audacity and the galling temerity to
brazenly stand for and even get himself elected
33 years in succession as a most popular MP
and, in addition, as we’ve recently seen as
undeniably the massively chosen leader
throughout the Labour movement;
disregard the sick, sore losers
and Labtory MPs, infecting
the House of Commons
with their presence,
in the real British
Labour Party.

His arrest immediately and naturally carried out through
the courtesy of that ever obliging, criminal and quite
sadistically murderous entity known as G4S; that,
to put it mildly, are seasoned past masters in
felonious activities like this. However, as
normality returned and with it my usual
composure I gradually realized it was
simply an upsetting dream that had turned into
an alarming nightmare and that probably had
earlier and somewhat unconsciously been
triggered, I dear say, by the distinctly
racist, xenophobic migration speech
tied to the mindless self-serving
vituperation by Theresa May:
the childless: small blessings
shouldn’t ever be ignored,
discernibly testosterone-
driven and abhorrent
third gender aspirant
for the top job as leader
of the Tory – forgive
me and I do beg
your pardon –
Nasty Party!

© Stanley V. Collymore
7 October 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
Thank God we have the Conservative Party in Britain and pillocks like Theresa May in it to keep our minds intelligently and perceptively focused. For without them, obviously sane and intelligent people, of whom there are still some in the United Kingdom, could quite despairingly in this overtly racist, xenophobic, delusional, sickening and perverted society called Britain rather inadvertently but understandably so given the circumstances they’re daily confronted with, actually think they’re going mad like the rest of the British population; which manifestly they are not!

Personally, I’m very partial to ethnic cleansing in Britain provided of course we get rid of the MP scum in all parties, the paedophile practitioners and their Tory, Lib-Dem and Labtory protectors in conjunction with most of the powers that be and the British Establishment for whom such pernicious and sickening activities are a rite of passage; while leaving decent human beings, and that includes immigrants, to carry on developing Britain as it should be; and against all the odds hopefully transform it into a caring, equitable and a truly egalitarian country that commands the respect of the rest of the world, and doesn’t have to gratuitously and unwarrantedly bomb the shits out of them to make our sanctimonious and hypocritical voices heard.

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