Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The Marital Bond!

By Stanley Collymore

The dawning of the upcoming day will joyously
for us herald in an altogether new beginning in
our individual and collective lives; for what’s
now indeed tomorrow and readily conceded
as the imminent future will then certainly
be the visible appearance of the present,
signifying the inauguration and legal
consolidation of a new and eagerly looking
forward to relationship in our combined
and reciprocally committed to each
other marital life; that of a keenly
amorous, forever considerate
and committedly, beyond
any doubt, affectionate
at all times husband
and most worthily
romantic and, of
course, loving
husband and

© Stanley V. Collymore
21 October 2015.

Author’s Comments:
There’s a wise Barbadian saying that creatively put – what other method is there in well-educated Barbados? – humorously but equally eruditely states that the ardent Beau chases the cautious Belle until she eventually decides it’s time to catch him. Well you know full well what I’m referring to the both of you, for the energy jointly created by you as well as the combustion generated between you two is considerably much more than what’s required to keep any national grid: electricity or of any other kind, running if not in perpetuity then at least for decades to come (smile).

Anyway, we all of us on both sides of your families most categorically join together in congratulating you Louise: my truly adorable Barbadian cousin and Goddaughter and also you Heinz, my superbly brilliant, you always reminded me that you were anyway (smile) German, former university student – don’t forget though the discounted price, as you’ll soon be officially family now, that we agreed on, for my saying the above in relation to your brilliance and which you can now pay into my personal overseas bank account whose number I gave to you (laugh).

Seriously though, your predictable – no puns from you young man for that’s my job - engagement was a great source of joy to me, all of those who’re closely connected to you and I’m absolutely certain too, as she freely confessed to me that it was, Louise as well. So naturally, we’re all geared up for and eagerly anticipating the event itself and also the energetic celebrations that inevitably and most welcomingly will undoubtedly provide the rewarding focus of your upcoming and from the rest of us very supportive and festive wedding.

All the best to you Heinz and Louise! Superfluously reminding you, but I’ll say it nevertheless, that your forthcoming marital union couldn’t have happened to a nicer and more deserving couple. And personally I can’t wait to be there! In the meantime, this poem: “The Marital Bond” is specifically written for and dedicated to you.

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