Friday, 16 October 2015

The British Paedophiles Prayer!

By Stanley Collymore

Thank you whoever it was that created and fantastically
in every conceivable way, I must say, also assisted
in making me who and most certainly what I am:
a recidivist paedophile and determined child
abuser. Someone that most emphatically
has been granted by those in power: the
British government of the day, House
of Commons MPs and House of
Lords attendees, particularly those who like me are
committed and even longstanding Tories and quite
justifiably loyal members of the Conservative
Party; the Lib-Dems and unsurprisingly too
the Labtories. Not forgetting, of course,
all Bullingdon Club members: past,
as well as present and logically privileged parasitical
necrophiliacs included; the British Establishment,
those that either run or control Britain’s “ethical”
Security Services, law enforcement agencies,
the MoD and quite predictably those keen
social climbing corporate media pundits
and the plethora of other Useful Idiots: neo-white
trash Caucasians, Asians and toadying House
Nigger so-called celebrities. So my deepest
thanks to you all from the very bottom of
my heart for your earnest and profoundly committed
support in every way, ensuring that I’m now most
fittingly regarded as an upright and truly worthy
subject of the United Kingdom to kneel at the
feet of my Monarch to receive my official
gong, as I unconcernedly and with no
possibility ever of criminal charges
ever being levelled against me,
carry on with the customary
state sanctioned impunity
granted to all privileged
UK paedophiles doing
what, of course, is
fundamental and
most natural to
like me!

© Stanley V. Collymore
16 October 2015.

Author’s Comments:
Tom Watson: the recently elected Deputy Leader of the British Labour Party, has been arrogantly summoned, in my opinion, before some bloody obscure House of Commons committee, whose dim-witted members and the actual committee itself which 99.9% of your average Brits have frankly never heard of to personally account for and, as some of these totally brain-dead fucking idiot MPs would have him do, publicly apologize for him having, as they self-centredly perceive it, the sheer temerity and barefaced audacity to report a former House of Commons and prominent Tory, arch Zionist, yid MP and a staunch supporter of Nazi Zionist apartheid Israel, who’s allegedly and conveniently as it happens now dead and not, admittedly anyway, purposely hiding away in his beloved Zionist Israel under a new identity as some dependable sources maintain that he is – but then who the fuck really cares one way or the other as I know I don’t – to the police for acts of paedophilia and other forms of sexual abuse notified to him in his position as a constituency MP, and it’s reliably believed by a constituent of Tom Watson’s who then justifiably and as any conscionable or worthy MP should do acted in his capacity as that person’s MP and on their specific behalf sensibly and honourably reported the matter to the police, and especially so after several other cases nationally had previously and for well over a period of several decades been treated quite dismissively and disdainfully by the forces of law and order across the United Kingdom.

Now isn’t this what indisputably conscionable and genuine constituency MPs and NOT those who’re evidently in the House of Commons to further their own venal nests - and I categorically rule out persevering attention seekers and in my honest opinion dubious and transparently bogus fuckers with their own hidden and personal demon problems to deflect before these eventually, as is always the case, catch up with his sort which they positively in the end will do and of which there’s no doubt whatsoever in my mind that the likes Simon Danczuk unquestionably fall squarely into and in no way that I can see remotely fit into the same category that Tom Watson is in! And apart from everything I simply and gut-wrenching aversely do not trust or am I ever inclined to, and I have my reasons for this, this Polak- Prat that quite undeservedly is lumbered on the residents of Rochdale as their supposed MP. Jimmy Savile I deduce sarcastically would have done a much better job with his contrived but much “celebrity”, while Danczuk is as pertinent to what’s absolutely required in Rochdale as a box of foul smelling frogs are to a haut culture four star restaurant.

For decades now at least these plethora of pervertedly sick bastards have systematically abused and even in the most sadistic fashion  killed along the way young children, very vulnerable young persons and adults and quite routinely got away with it, because they not only had blanket immunity to do so by the powers that be within the UK that for the most part were themselves comprehensively involved in these sickening acts of debased perversion, but ever since the lid came off their Pandora’s Box they’ve done everything humanly possible in their power to wittingly deflect attention away from those involved while dishonestly as well giving to an essentially idiotic and very gullible white British public by and large, the twisted notion that something positively is being finally done to expose, albeit belatedly so, these totally repulsive perpetrators: dead or alive, as well as remorselessly prosecute, convict if found guilty in a truly unprejudiced court of law and implacably imprison for the rest of their pathetic, psychopathic, sociopathic and utterly depraved lives all those who are still alive. But this won’t happen and for two principle motivations: the narcissistic and profoundly entrenched delusional Master Race, white Caucasian sickos who run our country and in whose self-interests it’s most appropriate not to do anything about these degenerate perversions of theirs on the one hand, and on the other the plethora of idiots across the UK, and who are primarily white themselves, that believe all the shit that their presumably, class-superior and white scum betters tell them.

And frankly I’ve no sympathy for or empathy whatsoever with either of these groups of stomach-churning and feral specimens of the worst aspects in every way of humanity!

And specifically set against all this to then have an utterly debased and so-called House of Commons committee patently more concerned about the sensitivities of an allegedly dead Zionist yid and his family than more preferably seriously getting down to the real brass tacks issue of paedophilia and gratuitous sexual abuse by the powerful against the exceedingly vulnerable, children and the socially disadvantaged in the United Kingdom speaks volumes about the narcissistic and entirely out of touch cunts we have generally as MPs in the House of Commons.

It’s not for me to advise Tom Watson how to respond to any or all of the hubristic crap he now finds is being self-servingly levelled against him by these pervert MPs and their equally degenerate chums in the mainstream British media, everyone of them with their own debauched asses to protect; but if I were in his shoes I would most unconditionally inform these dissolute, full of themselves and narcissistic, purblind mother fuckers what they can pragmatically in these given circumstances do with themselves!

This suspect that these dim-witted prats are vaingloriously seeking to protect had plenty of time and also the full opportunity I truthfully believe to protect himself when he was, let’s say, “alive” and categorically neither availed himself of it nor had those who could do so publicly and significantly legally speak out on his behalf. Not least I’m convinced because if either he or any of them had chosen to adopt the legal option that was always there, they would have had to do on oath. And only a complete idiot or someone who is absolutely desperate and knowing full well that they did have something to hide would stupidly open up an extra can of worms for themselves perfectly well aware that perjury is a serious criminal offence and its consequences usually can be extremely calamitous for anyone, other than the privileged elites of course, that choose to indulge in it.

And consequently as I straightforwardly see it, but very ominously and demonstrably so as what these pseudo and exceedingly selective white trash MPs and democracy junkies whenever it suits them or their loathsome and entirely self-serving purposes would have the sensible among us believe, I unapologetically and fundamentally believe that no one is above the law irrespective of who they are, consider themselves to be, or have others do that kind of childish stuff, no pun intended I assure you, for them. And consequently from my personal perspective that specifically includes cunt MPs sitting on a House of Commons select committee and from where they asininely, delusionally and were it not such a serious matter as this risibly take to arrogating to themselves the wisdom of Job! An ability that they neither have nor are they mentally equipped for. So go shove it you prick head dumbos, and you perfectly well know precisely where!

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