Saturday, 31 October 2015

"Sputnik" with George Galloway (Episode 095)

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  1. All right it seems for redneck, white trash Brits of all classes and backgrounds to yearn for an all-white Britain and even doing everything in their murderous power to achieve this while assiduously, ethnically cleansing people like the Chagossians from their indigenous homelands for the financial benefit and other sickeningly and delusional white supremacist reasons – Britain’s wartime debt to the United States was wiped out as a consequence of this barbaric action directed against the Chagossians – from their indigenous homeland.

    And the equally nauseating thing about this is that some of those in the foremost bandwagon of calling for an all-white Britain have fuck all close connections to Britain and are invariably the offspring of white scum that found shelter in the UK from the Nazis of the Third Reich and their European supporters only to be adopting the same racist norms against people who don’t look like them. The others are simply purblind assholes who haven’t a solitary notion of the real history, as apart from the fictional version, of England or subsequently the United Kingdom and frankly are too dumb intellectually to understand any of this even if it were explained to them in the simplest of forms, for example in child’s colouring book.

    The Chagossians want to go home and have made this abundantly clear from the very outset of their expulsion from their homeland in the Indian Ocean. They’ve also repeatedly won their case in the British courts only to have those legal rulings in their favour undemocratically overturned by an antiquated and dictatorial, medieval instrument under the divine rights of kings fucking nonsense – in the 20th and 21st Century I ask you – which the PM of the day can on behalf of the monarch still wield and which successive UK prime ministers have used to deny the Chagossians the right to go home to what’s undeniably, morally and legally their country from which they’re systematically barred. But revolting as it is I can’t honestly say I’m the least bit surprised to see xenophobic, utterly brain-dead, white trash and so-called Brits adopting attitudes of this nature relative to what they delusionally perceive is their indigenous country; for scratch most whites in the UK and you’ll find a bloody foreigner, the result of centuries of and still ongoing immigration to the British Isles – basically from those residing in Buckingham Palace to the average council estate dweller.

    Yet every bloody one of them is either ignorantly or disingenuously insensitive to those whose blood, sweat, tears, labour and recurrent exploitation, even to this day, made what they have possible in the first place. But apparently what others rightfully have can be summarily taken from them by these white scum bastards while in their dementedly sick minds everything must be done by them to ensure the same doesn’t happen the other way round, assuming of course that those whom they vilify wanted to act like these sick white barbarians anyway, which they categorically don’t want to! Pray tell how would you feel if someone while telling you they don’t want you anywhere near their home let alone living in it nevertheless thinks that they have a divine right to illegally and barbarically take your home away from you? I think the answer to that is pretty obvious, to anyone with an ounce of morality or any conscience that is!

    It also accounts for why I - a descendant of Barbadians whose ancestors and my own were forced in Transatlantic Slavery – am implacably opposed to and don’t give a fuck about the ludicrous and barbaric so-called divine rights of the British monarchy, that profited handsomely and grotesquely off us across the Caribbean territories over several centuries and still do consistently; that of Bantu Saudi that the former has a close alliance with, or any other such obscenity regardless of where on earth it manifests or expresses itself! And if you don’t like my saying that, tough shit! Thus in biblical terms: Let the Chagossian people go! In short, set them free to return to their own country.