Monday, 5 October 2015

Brilliant motherhood and self-effacing femininity conjoined as one!

By Stanley Collymore

You are the visible characterization and uplifting
embodiment of natural motherhood, intuitively
conducting yourself as every loving, caring
and scrupulously trustworthy, biological
mother or parent of whatever category
should; an entirely enthralling and
a most pleasurable observation,
in every imaginable way, to
comfortingly survey in a
vivacious atmosphere
of unstinting and
quite justified

Someone that in this generally feckless, highly
irresponsible and largely dissolute society
of mendacious mediocrity and purblind
stupidity commonplace unfortunately
as well as utterly demeaning and
which nowadays, delusionally
and asininely, are ludicrously are and
seriously passed off as desirable traits of
responsible parenthood and grown up
maturity; yet conscionably and in
every other conceivable way,
and noticeably eschewed
by you, patently and
ongoingly clearly
and specifically
lack any true
of cogent

But you who’re obviously untouched by all of this
have markedly in your case - so conspicuously
and refreshingly different, I must truthfully
say, that one would either have to be blind
or else completely doltish not to notice,
fully appreciate and unconditionally
venerate this methodology of yours in
every practicable way; that’s splendidly
unpretentious, manifestly scrupulous
and agreeable; positively appealing
undeniably inspirational and has
materialized as a decidedly
friendly, captivatingly
feminine and, from a
personal perspective, as
a veritably gratifying
sight to see and

© Stanley V. Collymore
5 October 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
The appreciation of altruistic motives if not entirely dead in Britain as a whole has most certainly been in a very regressive coma for several years now and markedly exhibits all the transparent signs of not only being terminally but also unrecoverably ill. Most contemporary Brits of all ages and each gender haven’t the foggiest notion of what altruism is or what when quite authentically dispensed that gesture is all about, and is nothing more, in my honest opinion, than casting pearls before swine. It’s the same with compliments genuinely given.

Thankfully it’s not a situation that I come across in Germany or anywhere else, come to that, globally, and categorically seems to be specifically a British curse. So as a rule of thumb the only Brits that I routinely pay compliments to or set about doing anything altruistically for are family members, close and trusted friends and on the very rare occasions those whom I’ve previously not met nor known but who evidently and rather refreshingly transcend the pernicious banality and rampant stupidity that is so replete within my country.

This poem was inspired by one such unique person who is British but is as far removed from her peers as chalk is from cheese.

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