Thursday, 29 October 2015

Bad Religion - Fuck You ( lyrics)

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  1. My succinct response to you Simon Danczuk and your Labtory scum colleagues in the Labour Party; time is running out for you! Jimmy Savile at least had the “decency” to die before his shit hit the fan. What will be your parting piece?

    For all the Labtory Zionist cunts in the Labour Party and notably too its self-publicizing, venally avaricious, self-serving, working class exploitative, social-climbing, sickeningly class-conscious and cap –doffing, brain-dead prats: Frank Field, Liz Kendall, Tristram Hunt, Chris Leslie, Simon Danczuk and company within the parliamentary Labour Party; the Lib-Dem pillocks and all the parasitically privileged, necrophilia indulging, sickeningly paedophilia participating, excusing and immunity granting Tory queer boys and girls celebrating their “Special relationship” with Bantu Saudi.

    And which they, their embedded media chums and the camel-fucking Bantu-Saudi representative to Britain asininely and dementedly blame principled Jeremy Corbyn and the epitome of what democracy should uncompromisingly be all about for jeopardizing.

    No one could make shit like this up and genuinely expect to get sensible and intelligent persons to take them seriously. Unless they are equally delusional and sickeningly of the same mindset as those I mentioned earlier.The same scumbags that in a skewed electoral system about to be gerrymandered even further by the Tories that YOU put in parliament.

    Time for these redneck and self-serving cunts in the parliamentary Labour Party to be comprehensively DESELECTED!