Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The lowlife Labtory scum purging principled Jeremy Corbyn’s voting supporters.

By Stanley Collymore

We joined the Labour Party, even though at heart
we’re dyed in the wool Tories, since we knew
from the very start, that despite being first
rate scum and incontrovertibly the
slime balls as you’ve probably
guessed by now and furthermore will most
certainly and analytically agree that we
are, it was noticeably clear that not
all of our sort could realistically
or properly be accommodated
in the unmistakably valued,
amazingly inspiring and
engrossing ranks of
a totally alluring
Nazi Party.

So here we are bold as brass and quite delightfully
as Labtory infiltrators and carpetbaggers totally
beside ourselves with glee as we happily
kick the sorry asses of traditional and
conscientious members of what
unsurprisingly we derisively,
quite disapprovingly, wilfully and most assuredly
see as the old-fashioned socialist, very passé
and 20th Century fascinated Labour Party.
You know what I mean - loving your
fellow man and all that completely
demeaning stuff; and as if that
of itself wasn’t bad enough being expected too
to be absolutely civilized to immigrants –
well I ask you – instead of just simply
and without any fuss debarring all
of them from our country and, as
is quite customary and most
economically beneficial
for us, self-servingly
exploiting them of
course in their

And that’s why it’s absolutely imperative for us as
the sworn defenders who’re also quite privileged
to be acknowledged as the incumbent, valued
and hierarchical members of our august
body, and loyally endowed with the
hallowed trust of our Labtory
Plutocracy, to affirm, and not in the least
troublingly so, that having from the
very outset fully embraced this
quite amazing phenomenon
of Labtoryism, and ever
since then have repeatedly, proudly,
and unquestioningly been rather
supportive of it as undeniably
we still are; consequently it
should be no surprise to
anyone that, now as
then, our personal
sentiments have
clearly stayed
the same.

Constant not only in our inmost admiration
for and devotion towards this remarkably
impressive wonder of Labtoryism but
also intensely inspired by the utter,
astoundingly self-serving, most
amazing to survey and the
unrelentingly get filthy rich state of mind and
self-individualism of our charismatic leader,
mentor and mass murderer Tony Blair;
the deliberate fiscal corruption deftly
engineered by him, and with his
timely departure obediently
carried on by his most
obliging and of one
mind, agreeable
patsy Gordon

The Blair and Brown wilful actions of collaborative
and individual public office malfeasance, and the
ramifications of these, encompassing the banks,
their bailouts and public lending procedures,
the “miracle cure” of quantitative easing,
the wholesale sell-off of our public
utilities to corporate friends and
campaign donors along with
other national assets of
ours to dubious and blatant tax dodgers. The furtive
privatization of the NHS let’s not forget and, as
it happens, our illegal mass murdering war
with Iraq and the occupation of that
country; disastrous for the Iraqis
of course but financially quite
profitable, as it rightly should be for us
 - that must all be seen for what they
truly are: seminal achievements
in our contemporary history,
and British enterprise at its
very best, plus a worthy
cause for celebration;
not doleful regrets
or chest-beating

So carefully bearing in mind everything that’s been
previously and proudly said we Labtories would
have to be absolutely brain-dead to willingly
surrender most or even all of what we’ve
deceitfully obtained over the years to
Leftists like Jeremy Corbyn, who
moreover would adamantly never consider,
even for a solitary moment, appeasing any
of us let alone ever choose to become a
member of our Labtory movement.
For clean as a whistle and much
too principled by far for the
good of us, Jeremy does
know the meaning
of the word
Instinctively accepts his solemn obligations
to all the people in the North Islington
Constituency that elected him to the
House of Commons and just as
conscientiously honourably
puts these into effect. Actions which
make us Labtory parliamentarians
look extremely bad politically
and, naturally worrisomely,
wondering what on earth
next will he ominously
unleash from within
his ethical and clearly
effective armoury -
proscribing, God
forbid, every
snout in the

A hopeless case then from our perspective is
Jeremy Corbyn and, if you were to ask us,
undoubtedly the wrong man for the job
and not at all suitable to be the leader
of the Labour party. And while it
might seemingly and disturbingly appear to
us and at first glance be plausibly gauged
as an imponderable quest to more or
less be embarking on: attempting
to dilute or actually stem the
surging flow of Jeremy
Corbyn’s enormous support; even so as
redoubtable adherents of our Labtory
Philosophy we must for that reason
emphatically reject this sprouting
excess of illusory leftist notions
that could unavoidably and
calamitously lure us into
passively settling for
what’s essentially
a false sense
of security.

Such a response, and one hardly worth thinking
of, would be completely uncharacteristic of
the mettle of us Laborties; however if it
were to be left totally unchallenged
could in time decidedly sow the
seeds of an acquiescent and
eventually as well an
enfeebling and paralysing defeatism with all
the inherent dangers therein of a nascent
rebellion swiftly developing within
our Labtory ranks on the crass
assumption that we can’t contain Jeremy
Corbyn and therefore we must deal
with him. That’s totally absurd,
as there’re ways and means
of successfully stopping
him – distasteful it’s
true, but hugely
effective all
the same!

So under the banner of “no surrender” and with our
prominent mentors and distinguished mass murderers
Tony Blair and Gordon Brown leading the charge
in this endeavour, we’ll unashamedly resort to
good old-fashioned skulduggery and rig the
voting system by purging the contest
of thousands of Jeremy Corbyn’s
supporters then publicly and dishonestly claim
they’re either entryists or else don’t share the
aims and values of the Labour Party and
thus without fuss closing the door to
them; while in the interim quite
criminally nobbling Jeremy
Corbyn’s excellent chances of winning fair
and square and, what’s more, paving the
way for one of the three nonentities:
Liz Kendall, Yvette Cooper and
Andy Burnham, all of them
Labtories and similarly in
this Labour leadership
competition, being
falsely declared by
that “apotheosis
of democratic
principles” Harriet
Harman, as the new
and undisputed
leader of the

© Stanley V. Collymore
1 September 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
It has come to a fine pass, hasn’t it, when the unmistakable integrity of genuinely principled members of any society but specifically for the purposes of this poem British society, and irrespective of whatever walk of life that these individuals come from: the ubiquitously social, educational, economic, religious or political, or the ethical values that they regard as precious and hold dear, rather than witnessing these said values embraced by others within their shared communities, proudly celebrated for what they clearly are, and furthermore are both encouragingly and warmly welcomed with open arms by them, disappointingly it must be said the upholders of such values invariably discover that they’re not!

But instead are quite bizarrely, fraudulently and, frankly, totally and most unconscionably instinctively treated by the powers that be, the so-called mainstream media and their plethora of brain-dead, dim-witted, very easily and recurrently manipulated camp followers within the public arena as if these live paragons of virtue in our communities and the moral principles that they venerate and amply subscribe to are effectively the composite embodiment of the real live villains of the peace, the fulcrum as well as the very essence of recidivist criminality at large, and moreover that the genuine standard bearers of these values are persons that most perfidiously and inescapably if not stopped will constitute a gross, progressively enduring and a distinctly profoundly detrimental threat to every worthwhile aspect of our collective society.

When in actuality they quite evidently are not; wouldn’t remotely in a month of Sundays ever contemplate becoming so or want to be such; and most definitely, other than in the fanciful, twisted or malevolent imaginations of those who’re perversely sick in the head and deviously haven’t these peoples’ best interests at heart, don’t represent any of those ignoble things.

Yet quite ironically, and most incredibly so, discernibly and insidiously evil mass murderers, endemic and compulsive perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity, activities that are themselves then grievously compounded by the quite indefatigably and scrupulously serviced interests of contemporary and invasive acts of venal piracy conducted self-servingly by hubristic narcissists whose superseding motivation for carrying out these heinous acts of criminality are principally their own and those of their One Percent puppet masters.

Resulting in needless but nevertheless carefully orchestrated and destructive wars which the loathsome likes of British prime ministers Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron together with their political, Civil Service and Ministry of Defence acolytes and coordinated by Britain’s intelligence services and special forces like the SAS have and still infernally wage in the Global South and wherever else that it’s financially profitable for them to, and with impunity, carry on doing so no matter what conscionable folk in their own country think about these discernible actions of state terrorism.

And notwithstanding that and additionally the distinctly irreparable harm and devastation that these activities have intentionally caused to these effected countries and their populations and continue to do so, most astoundingly it’s these utterly reprehensible and diabolical specimens of humanity: unequivocally lowlife scum like Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Alistair Campbell, David Miliband, the detestable dwarf George Robertson, Margaret Beckett, blind twit David Blunkett, testosterone impacted Liz Kendall, repulsive House Nigger Chuka Umunna, space cadet Andy Burnham, wishy-washy Yvette Cooper, and Paedophile Information Exchange welcoming Harriet Harman, for example, on behalf of the Labtories; David Cameron, Philip Hammond, Michael Fallon, Oliver Letwin, Ian Duncan Smith, Theresa May, of course, and the remainder of their neoliberal, KKK affiliated lynch mob Tories linked unsurprisingly and wholly enthusiastically with the guaranteed unstinting and ever supportive complicity of their mainstream media embedded Useful Idiot stenographers and loquacious pundits that reliably churn out the totally corrupt and mendacious narratives that these present day Nazis, Fascists and Zionist markedly depend upon for their very existence, while at the same time creating a state of affairs that’s completely at odds with reality; and to me it’s absolutely reprehensible that in noticeably marked contrast to the deeply “reviled” paragons of virtue in our societies like Jeremy Corbyn for example, it’s these sewer rats and odious slime balls who’re the ones that are recurrently given profuse media space and unstinting access to public platforms to air their racist, xenophobic and essentially neoliberal agendas that usually don’t work and in the rare instances that they do the benefits accrued from them aren’t intended for or do they go to the likes of you or me – oh no - but instead are specifically earmarked for these privileged pimps and their boss men and women that comprise the One Percent.

Contemptible narratives which have become not only widely accepted as the Gospel truth by considerable sections of our intellectually strangulated and persistently manipulated public as inspirational traits to be fulsomely revered, embraced and wholeheartedly emulated but quite sickeningly too is now official government orthodoxy. And given this status by criminals that should legally be languishing in jail for their wrongdoings and not traversing our country or the rest of the world at will with their government endorsed impunity to do so; illegitimately making huge amounts of money in kickbacks and lucrative nest egg remuneration in relation to their actions, while in office, of public service malfeasance; and disdainfully sticking two fingers up at the rest of us as they tax free and in typical tax-evasion fashion laughingly and cheerfully salt these away in numbered accounts in overseas tax havens, quite frankly simply pisses me off! How about you?

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