Friday, 4 September 2015

The inveterate moron that is Hungary’s Viktor Orban!

By Stanley Collymore

In 1956 Hungary had its own massive refugee crisis and those fleeing the country were treated wholly differently from how Hungary is now treating the current refugees entering its borders from the war torn and war ravaged countries of the Global South, notably Syria.

Interestingly and very shamefully are the racist and other derogatory statements being made in relation to these refugees by Viktor Orban Hungary’s incumbent prime minister and the leader of his Fidesl fascist party. Contemptuously, markedly openly and manifestly without a shred of honesty, decency or basic compassion in him this absolutely feral and utterly loathsome lowlife specimen of humanity and moreover with the irony of Hungary’s very own 1956 refugee crisis, which was selflessly treated entirely humanely and rather sympathetically different back then, either studiously ignored by or else completely lost on this inveterate moron Viktor Orban, the latter’s response to the current refugee crisis in Europe and unquestionably caused by the wars and other unwarranted detrimental interferences in these refugees’ countries and the apparent dangers that they’re fleeing from has been utterly racist and demented to say the very least.

Notwithstanding, and of which Viktor Orban is absolutely well aware, that these people’s very pressing and profoundly deadly troubling problems were further exacerbated by the noticeably illegal and brutal overthrow of their countries governments, or in Syria’s case the relentless and savage endeavours to achieve the same objective, and demonstrably linked to the occupation of their homelands and the intentional chaos occasioned in them for natural resources exploitation and western hegemonic controlling reasons that Viktor Orban wholeheartedly subscribes to.

Yet it’s this thoroughly odious man now in the vanguard of this inhumane response and leading the sickening choral refrain that the countries of Europe and particularly his own mustn’t allow these refugees in, for to do so would present Europe with the grave and inevitable likelihood of their unwanted presence within it most disastrously transforming the demographic composition of these said European states. Try employing that same rhetoric and delivering it Viktor Orban to the Aborigines of Australia; the Maoris of New Zealand; the indigenous peoples of the USA, Canada and the rest of the so-called Americas unilaterally so renamed by white Caucasians and with no discourse on the matter with the indigenous people who they found in these places. Or for that matter the Caribs of the Caribbean or more importantly what’s left of them that is, after the genocidal practices of white scum like Viktor Orban.

Then, of course, there were the Arawaks of the West Indies, Tasman Man and similarly too the native inhabitants of Argentina for instance. These people, sadly, can’t any longer complain about their treatment, as they’ve long since been completely eradicated from the face of this earth by Viktor Orban’s sort. None the less it does unconditionally give the rest of us a clear insight into the twisted and distinctly abhorrent thinking of sewer rats like Hungary’s Viktor Orban and his UK counterpart David Cameron as to what’s really behind their sickening opposition to having refugees that their countries have either directly caused or otherwise have actively, complicitly and totally uncaring of the dire consequences for those that their machinations have massively impacted on as a direct result of EU or NATO policies or a combination of these on the victims now forced to urgently flee their homelands and desperately ending up thoroughly despairingly and entirely unwanted in these foreign to them European countries, in the first place.

And interestingly enough in all this you’ll discover if you look at the UNHC article that I’ve posted online, that on the 23 October 1956 the British, French and Israeli regimes in the middle of a secret three-day meeting in Sevres near Paris evilly between them embarked on a devilish plot to undermine and destabilize the entire Middle East region, which would lead directly to a momentous upheaval there that still resonates to this day. How bloody ironic! And this with the Second World War in Europe and attendant with all its dire consequences barely 10 years over and having caused the lost of millions of innocent and military lives in the process. And when one looks at what’s going on today and the same principal players that are still deeply involved in these mindboggling and barbaric activities of skulduggery one is bound to ask has anything really changed?

Yet we have a plethora of completely brain-dead pillocks in Britain and also the Labour Party leadership campaign: testosterone Madame Liz Kendall, Yvette Cooper, her with now one ball in parliament and the thoroughly conspicuous space cadet Andy Burnham who’d say anything to get himself elected, the typical apparatchiks all of them, who’ve never done an honest day’s work in their pathetic lives, and the same useless company on David Cameron’s Tory side, and furthermore never having or will they ever earnestly wear a British military uniform and happy to leave such unbeneficial chores in their eyes but in their feigned patriotism that they’ll defend the United Kingdom to the last drop of somebody else’s blood – never their own, that of their children, other family members or closest friends – very much in love and entirely obsessed with war.

Claiming in their delusional rhetoric that Britain must keep its nuclear capacity, update Trident and all the rest of it, fulsomely and illegitimately carry on with, as they’ve resolutely done from the very outset, assisting Zionist-apartheid Israel with its own nuclear capabilities, human rights abuses of and genocidal practices against the Palestinians, along with its obsessive wars carried out perennially and in a state of paranoia against its neighbours, while simultaneously and most hypocritically painstaking denying to Iran, that dutifully plays by the rules, the same courtesies that are illegally and unquestioningly tendered to Israel; and why?

Because we, the UK, these morons assert is existing in a dangerous world and needs to be able to protect itself; no explanation mind that it’s the same UK that has longstandingly created and moreover is conspicuously, ongoingly and quite determinedly creating that said state of affairs that these totally demented pillocks are noticeably rather disingenuously and publicly moaning about. Yet there’s a quite simple solution that could instantly arrest and remedy their perceived problem. Call for an immediate cessation of their countries, UK, EU and NATO’s, wrongdoings: mass murdering escapades, war crimes, crimes against humanity; regime changes in countries whose only crime is that they resolutely refuse to bend the knee of obeisance and subservience to the west, associated with the multiplicity of other white barbarities carried out illegally, globally and perfidiously in other peoples’ countries, and most specifically so the Global South. White Caucasians wouldn’t like these sorts of things happening in their countries and to their people so why the hell then do you think it’s perfectly alright to be unilaterally dispensed to other people in their own homelands? With me so far?

And did you manage to follow all of that Viktor Orban, David Cameron and all you other conspicuously brain-dead and white Caucasian morons?

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