Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Privilege doesn’t equate to commonsense or the right to rule; integrity, democracy and candour however do!

By Stanley Collymore

Ride the storm of mindless criticism Jeremy Corbyn and
let them say whatever they want, after all you are for
Freedom of Expression and active, grassroots and
participatory democracy; but, even so, stick to
your cherished principles, carry on loyally
upholding them as I’m most confident
that you will with the persevering
backing of many of us out here
who publicly declare that we aren’t going anywhere
and will unwaveringly support you all the way come
what may, and don’t wish to see you conciliatorily
submit, not even a tiny bit, to the prattling, self-
serving biases of your adversaries and truly
dim-witted detractors eagerly egged on as
they usually are by the egocentric spin
doctors and their media propagated spin, courtesy of
the one percenters who own and control them, and
basically are these purblind and covetously, venal
morons neo-liberal bankrollers and demanding,
murderously predisposed, lowlife and white
trash puppet masters. For those of us who
unwaveringly support you Jeremy are
firm believers not only of the values
of democracy but equally too the
even-handed and conscientious
manner in which you visualize
their ethical implementation
and consequently on our part
have neither the inclination
towards nor the time of
day for the pernicious
greed, the obsessive
warmongering or even worst
the criminally fixated and
controlled freakism of
distinctly debauched
white Caucasian
plutocratic neo-

© Stanley V. Collymore
30 September 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
First let me congratulate you Jeremy on your inspirational, inclusive and far-sighted speech as Labour leader at the party conference yesterday 29 September 2015; it was what those of us that are long-serving and supportive members of the Labour Party who have long known what you’re capable of and accordingly support you as do the plethora of new members and supporters to the Labour Party that have similarly recognized and appreciate what you stand for expected and uncompromisingly, honestly and straightforwardly had delivered to us all.

Well done! As expected the puerile British press unable to genuinely find fault with what you said had to look for other ways to please their neo-liberal paymasters and puppet controllers, to paint you Jeremy in an unflattering light; but it didn’t work for sensible and intelligent persons, and there are still some in the UK, can readily determine for themselves what has the ring of truth about it and what quite frankly is a load of codswallop. And I was quite amused to see Sky’s “token Asian” masquerading as a “political correspondent” and with as much false conviction not only then but ever since he’s been affirmative action given that job and I must point out the manifest equivalent of the House Nigger in the Black community, Faisal whatever his bloody surname is, in typical sahib genuflection as is expected of him asininely stating that you Jeremy Corbyn may have had a rapturous reception and standing ovation in the conference hall but what went on inside there wasn’t in his words “the real world.”

Now I know you’ve pledged to be polite and also not be abusive to people like Faisal who are perfectly entitled to their opinions, which I support even though I don’t agree with them. But when such deliberately pernicious points of view, so-called “opinions” in other words that have no resemblance whatever to the truth, are then intentionally and maliciously propagated as what they patently aren’t and with nothing to support this contrary point of view then to me that’s not freedom of expression but downright and wilful lying, which accords me the right to counter it in the manner I think is most appropriate, and for me that mean fighting fire with fire. And Faisal not only sounds and acts like a purblind cunt in all matters but physically, alas for him who derisorily mocks your attire Jeremy that you can change if you so choose, this prat and in the most charitable manner I can possibly express was cruelly short changed by nature and physically does actually look in my summation of things like an actual cunt. Can’t help it I guess. But there’s an old saying: people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. But enough of sahib chest beating Faisal!

The next bone I wish to pick is with Hilary Benn. This bloody nonentity who got elected as an MP and remains one only because of his dad: a truly remarkable and principled man, and may he rest in eternal peace, is a neo-liberal in sheep’s clothing. I’ve never liked him and that hasn’t changed or is ever likely to; and while I commend your superhuman capabilities Jeremy this utterly useless prat and from my perspective a Trojan Horse of the worst kind would never have been, if I were in your shoes Jeremy, be anywhere near a cabinet of any kind – unless it was a steel framed one he was locked in and intentionally left there to suffocate and die –I was in charge of. But you’re the boss Jeremy and want a broad church within the party that I understand. But why I particularly take exception to Hilary Benn is his stance on Syria and obsession by him to bomb that country knowing full well that the purpose of such bombing isn’t to dislodge or even eradicate ISIS: who are the agents and foot solders of the US, Britain and their official terrorist counterparts NATO, but to carry out illegal regime change in Syria as was done by Britain in Iraq and Libya and where in Syria the so-called civil war was premeditatedly instigated by Britain, the US and the other lowlife, white trash, imperialist purported leaders of the west.

We even had David Cameron saying in New York at the General Assembly gathering there and repeating his dishonest mantra that it’s all President Assad’s fault as he’s in bed with ISIS and the Syrian government is even buying oil from ISIS; out of oil fields mark you that are owned by Syria and legitimately within its sovereign territory and it’s this arrangement that’s significantly propping up ISIS financially! Well, I’ll go to the foot of our stairs, for only a privileged parasitical, proceeds of Caribbean Slavery, Bullingdon Club necrophiliac could come up with something so brain-damagingly crass Where have we heard utter lying crap like this before? Oh yes, Iraq! Where Saddam Hussein was supposedly in bed with al-Qaeda and was responsible for 9/11, which everyone with a functioning brain knows he wasn’t as Saddam Hussein had a pathological hatred of al-Qaeda that in case you dimwits out there don’t know was created by the US and UK as was ISIS, and this hatred was reciprocal by al-Qaeda towards Saddam Hussein.

And the same hatred exists between President Assad and ISIS. And which has as much credibility about it what David Cameron is now saying as some racist claiming that the US Civil Rights Movement cooperated with the Ku Klux Klan and still does to carry out lynchings of Blacks in the USA. But David Cameron, his Nazi Tories, Lib-Dem and Labtory counterparts know they can spout these outrageous and blatant lies because the complicit British media and their western allies will carry these lying stories as though they were the truth and we’ve more than enough lowlife, white trash, bigoted, imperialist, cap-dossing scum in the UK to slavishly do what’s manipulatively demanded of them by the media and believe this load of crap.

Finally we have the union bosses: what a bunch of purblind twats; neo-liberal in nature and social climbing to the umpteenth degree. More concerned about their knighthoods and other non-existent Empire baubles than the real interests of their membership and so happily and covertly throw in their lot with the Tories who genuinely can’t stand them. Just like they did against Blacks in the wake of Enoch Powell’s River of Blood speech, openly marching in support of him even though Enoch detested these lowlife assholes and was the person who went to the Caribbean and begged these West Indians to come to Britain and help rebuild post-war Britain, then when the UK was on its feet again they became the typical scapegoats along with union support to kick the asses of.

Never mind the massive contribution West Indian had made in the defence of Britain during World War II and World War I for instance. Coming up to the 75 Anniversary of the Battle of Britain but will we see any Blacks portrayed in this propagandized commemoration? Of course; not as whites across the UK patriotically know it was Douglas Bader and other fucking whites like him who defeated the Luftwaffe and we Niggers never played any part. Fucking well dream on! And sometimes, even though I subsequently joined the RAF, I do wish these Blacks had stayed at home and let Britain stew in its imperialist shit, since all you idiotic and brain-dead fuckers would be speaking German now; with the major difference between you and me that I happily and voluntarily do so.

Yet we have these union bosses, and right pillocks they are too, wanting to retain Trident, like an idiot entering the room and threatening all those there with a hand grenade oblivious to the fact that if he or she pulls the pin everyone in that room including the assassin will be killed; and claiming, these morons who run the trade unions in the UK, that it’s to protect the jobs of their members. Like hell it is! On the risible premise if it weren’t so bloody serious a matter, that the more bombs Britain unleashes on the Global South the more work there will be for British works as those munitions used up have to be replaced, thus providing additional work for those whose jobs are to create these things. But what happens if some country with the capacity and crass stupidity to do the same to Britain adopted that same attitude to our country? Maggie Thatcher quite contemptuously decimated the trade union movement in Britain and was able to do so because she knew how absolutely fucking stupid, avariciously venal and class conscious their purblind leaders, with the remarkable exception of Arthur Scargill, were then and still are to this day. Absolute scum in a single word and with not a solitary principle either collectively or individually among them.

And to return to the notion advocated by these prats, and likeminded scumbags like Hilary Benn, that ISIS doesn’t respect the border between Syria and Iraq so it’s okay minus any consultation with the legitimate government of Syria to farcically “bomb” ISIS in Syria because that’s where ISIS also operates from; let me put this question to all you boneheads out there: what if the Soviet Union that was or Russia now decided to assist the IRA or Provincial IRA in the same way, or it was discovered that ISIS or some other terrorist group sponsored by foreign regimes as the UK does relative to ISIS in Syria and Iraq had contingents of sophisticatedly armed and similarly sadistic terrorist insurgents in Bradford or Leicester for example – my choice of UK locations is deliberate so work it out for yourselves - would you be happy too for the RAF to likewise bomb the shits out of these English towns? I think even the most dim-witted of cunts among you out there know the answer to that one! Which simply goes to show Hilary Benn, these class indoctrinated, pathetically social climbing nerds for union bosses and all these other neo-liberal Zionist mother-fuckers for what they really are – bloody stinking hypocrites and the worst sewer rat, purveyors of rampant double standards!

Sorry Jeremy, I know you’re a saint and while my commitment to you is as strong as it always has been and that won’t ever change, I didn’t promise to be nice to these neo-liberals and perniciously evil jerks and I shan’t be. For my philosophy in cases like these is to fight fire with fire!

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