Wednesday, 23 September 2015

"Going Underground" Refugees in Serbia, Cuts to Cancer Drugs and Corbyn ...

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  1. The principled and newly elected Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn who for the past 33 years has been a most caring and conscientious constituency MP is deemed unfit, unpatriotic and a threat to British National Security and thus unfit to be Prime Minister of Britain. And who by? David Cameron - his Nazi Zionist Tory Cabinet, the general throng of Conservative Party and his embedded media chums – and who is himself a manifestly privileged, parasitical and significant beneficiary of the proceeds of enforced Caribbean slavery, Bullingdon Club, necrophilia-pig-fornicating, illegal drugs taking and obsessed, paedophiles protecting, mass murdering war criminal and crimes against humanity pillock, and naturally ideally suited to be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Welcome to sick Britain!