Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Contented and most delighted to be exactly who I am!

By Stanley Collymore

I’m me! And to be absolutely honest with you I’m quite
happy and most contended to be precisely who I am;
someone who speaks his mind and frankly doesn’t
really give a damn who shies away from me or
gets sorely offended by what I either say or do,
preferring instead that unembarrassingly for
them and similarly conscience free I’d
naturally choose to dim-wittedly submit myself,
as they routinely and quite cowardly do, to the
sinister and arbitrarily debilitating vagaries
of purposely contrived, orchestrated and
disingenuous, political spin! Well let
me publicly and indisputably make
it absolutely and unambiguously
clear to all of you, that isn’t
going to happen! Not now;
this year; any time in the
foreseeable future; or
were I to live for a
billion years, that
I shan’t do,
not ever!

© Stanley V. Collymore
29 September 2015.

Author’s remarks:
From the age of five I learnt the invaluable lesson initially taught me by my maternal Grandmother and subsequently reinforced by others who’ve voluntarily played a huge and constructive role in various aspects of my life but crucially too those moral, educational and political ones, and whose doctrine unashamedly and categorically stipulated that unless I was prepared to altruistically work for and die if needs be for something or someone that I believed in and unquestionably knew to be right, then the life I lived wasn’t worth it and frankly was quite meaningless.

It’s a lesson I’ve never forgotten, nor will I; and a commitment I will unfailingly and unapologetically carry through and do so with my life if I have to.

Dedicated to Jeremy Corbyn on your big day!

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