Thursday, 13 August 2015

Willkommen bei David Cameron zionistischen Nazi England und Paedophilen-Hauptstadt der Welt!

By Stanley Collymore

The Tory Zionist-Nazi regime currently in situ in the UK, August 2015, its Labtory and Lib-Dem like-minded accomplices, backbench MPs of all parties similarly infused with their Colonel Blimp, colonialist and imperialistic, self-delusional notions of exclusive white “British” – whatever that is supposed to mean, since Britain from several centuries of ongoing immigration to its shores, and a process upwards to the present time that hasn’t stopped, is unquestionably one of the most bastardized countries in the world – exceptionalism, plus the ragtag coterie of other assorted right-wing misfits lacking in self-worth because basically they know that they evidently have none or the capability to acquire any so they enthusiastically jump on any bandwagon that perceptibly masks this fact of life for them; together with the plethora of “ordinary” citizens who pathetically delude and worse still bizarrely carry on convincing themselves that they’re mentally matured and prescient-minded “adults” completely capable of reaching well thought out and fundamentally analytically assessed decisions for themselves when in actuality nothing could be further from the truth, and all of whom quite clearly are discernibly intellectually challenged - and precisely why it is that those that run the UK can so easily and cynically manipulate them - are, they collectively declare, up in arms against the EU’s instigated but UK voluntarily ratified Human Rights Legislation, with Nazis like David Cameron openly and vitriolically asserting that Britain needs no lessons from Europe; a refrain of highly contemptuous denigration enthusiastically echoed by the Cabal of fellow Nazis and odious fascists in the Zionist Tory regime that he leads.

And why, you may well ask, is all this hatred vociferously and systematically, in every possible way, levelled at our Human Rights Legislation, for that’s what it became and still is, since our own UK government democratically enshrined it into our country’s laws. Not hard in the least to understand why though, if you take more than just a cursory look at what’s behind it all, and why its critics and detractors say, and the media fulsomely agrees; fundamentally in part because those same media outlets are among the principal forces at large that with their own racist and xenophobic agenda are fervently whipping up this diatribe against the Human Rights Legislation, claiming that it favours ever detrital and non-white element of humanity who sets foot in Britain and precludes our “elected government” – with 24% of those eligible to vote let’s not forget – from appropriately exercising sovereignty in our independent and, you’ve guessed it correctly, sovereign country. A completely untenable situation these critics and detractors of our Human Rights Laws further and most unconvincingly argue, to those who can think for themselves, that have unreasonably forced a nation of hardworking and decent Brits – interpret that to mean those of the albino skin-coloured variety – to be obliged to have living among them all sorts of non-white alien scum who shouldn’t be in the UK in the first place, urgently need by any means possible to be hastily disposed of and without any judicial process accorded to them dispatched back to wherever it was that they either originally came from or ancestrally belong to even if they were born in Britain, so long as they’re no longer in Britain.

Thus altogether, demonstrably so and in collective for all aspects of the Human Rights Legislation MUST go; and with them the various associated and accompanying “political correctness” – you know what I mean and precisely what this legislation’s virulent critics and detractors - nudge, no, wink – are actually saying and really do mean, facilitating the process if they have their way that would reward them and their like-minded ilk to freely, universally and unchallenged permit these feral, xenophobic and rabid racist louts, masquerading as human beings, to reinforcedly return to those bad old days – halcyon ones though from their ingrained psychotic perspective – where with carte blanche impunity and the essentially attendant societal immunity accorded them to do as they please they’d be then wholly at liberty to comprehensively abuse, denigrate and effectively destroy at will the personal lives, either individually or collectively, of those whom they’ve a mind to; and in the most reprehensible and barefacedly premeditatedly orchestrated unconcealed and absolutely unchallenged fashion be well aware as they do so that they’ll totally get away with it.

Not withstanding all the abovementioned, however, when any of these demented and considerably intellectually handicapped morons and more specifically so those whom in their class indoctrinated and firmly entrenched Plebeian mindset and hero-worshipping obeisance they greatly venerate and therefore automatically assume can do no wrong, these supposedly and highly farcical paragons of virtue invariably stemming as they do from the advantaged ranks and stables of those deemed to be royal, aristocratic, British Establishment based, posh, privileged and feckless Bullingdon toffs and the fraternity of alleged social celebrities, then lo and behold when any of this lot mess up big time and justifiably come under public scrutiny we all of a sudden have a complete 180 degrees U-turn situation foisted upon the rest of us by these very same brain-dead dimwits who fail to see the striking irony of what post haste they energetically proceed to embark on in a determined attempt to exculpate and even whitewash the several documented evils of those whom they idolize, deify or simply feel they must at any cost protect from the justified opprobrium directed at these people.

And Greville Ewan Janner is evidently a principal example of several such cases involving these privileged twerps who in their heyday of notoriety considered themselves to be the Untouchables and acted accordingly knowing full well that the corrupt system that they all subscribed to would in effect protect them; and it did across the board and with the forces of law and order complicit to the hilt in what was going on while at the same time ensuring that these paedophile criminals could and did act with impunity and under the cover of immunity universally given to them by those that ought to have been feeling their collars, arresting and formally charging them then dispassionately and professionally bringing them to book for their most heinous crimes. However, nothing of the kind has happened or is ever likely to in my opinion and the massive and cynical stonewalling by our law enforcement agencies will slowly grind on, with the powers that be who have their friends and family members engaged in these acts of paedophilia both shamefully and shamelessly making absolutely certain that not a living and strictly serious offender paedophile figure from any of the following: the British Establishment - of whatever category; Privileged toffs - aristocratic or royal; or genuinely influential, so-called celebrities – whoever they are; will ever end up in court much less so do porridge in their life-time. And the current inquiry reluctantly and belatedly instigated by Theresa May and supposedly set up to bring these historical paedophiles to book is essentially nothing more than a cynical and elaborate scam.

A nice little earner, I’d say, for those involved though. Talking about which have you checked out the terms and references of the Kiwi bint who’ll be running it? I suggest you do; then ask yourself if we couldn’t have had a proper investigator from within the UK to do it for far less and minus all the perks that she is getting; but like I say it’s a scam, and has nothing whatever to do with actually finding out the truth and severely punishing those who’re undoubtedly responsible and have lived a charmed life until now, not expecting of course that this particular genie would have come out of its bottle in the way that it has. It can’t be pushed back in of course but it can be fucked around with.

But one of my enduring moments in all of this is observing those from David Cameron downwards that asininely, in my opinion, but racist and xenophobic in theirs, that are doing everything to scupper our Human Rights Legislation having no shame using the same laws that they vigorously denigrate in respect of those whom they fervently detest, and that includes Theresa May the Home Secretary, now in the most hypocritical manner employing those same laws to further protect Greville Ewan Janner from having his day in court on very serious paedophile charges. And what is their argument? You’ve guessed it. To have him in court will infringe his human rights. One law for the rich, privileged and Zionist well-connected and another for the rest of us? Looks like that to me.

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