Friday, 28 August 2015

The timely and auspicious advent of the lone wolf assassin!

By Stanley Collymore

So yet another expected, and “newsworthy” this time, shooting takes place in that fundamentally and demonstrably lowlife murderous rogue state entity, otherwise generally known as the United States of America; a country that premeditatedly barbarically and gratuitously-sadistically insane thinks nothing of routinely carrying out the same, and of its own volition, multiplicity of patently murdering atrocities across the entire globe, not only routinely at home but  more specifically too in the Global South; in actual fact a rogue state exemplar that has an obsessive hatred with seeing peace and tranquillity successfully thrive anywhere in the world unless, that is, it’s done under its own dictatorial terms, auspices and, of course, its unchallenged control.

And if not and for those leaders and countries that decide to justly defy this autocracy and choose for themselves to independently and in a manner that best suits their domestic and foreign affairs policies conduct these in principled and honest equanimity, as they’ve undoubtedly every right as independent, sovereign countries and members of the United Nations to do, it’s a sure guarantee that there are few things more like to infuriate the American feral beast than that entity observing such upstarts, as it evidently perceives them, who’re not prepared to be compliant US sycophants conducting what’s unmistakably their own affairs not only capably and professionally but also as it happens too, completely independent of the intolerable interference and destructive influences of the United States of America.

That from the perspective of these American morons: the general public as well as its noticeably brain-dead administration and transparently compatible congressional members, then becomes an effective death sentence for everyone of those countries involved – be it Venezuela, the Russian Federation or Iran – that bravely ventures to openly defy the American Empire and its delusional, utterly pathetic, ludicrous and self-indulgent notion of its own bizarre concept of exceptionalism and the unchallenged right to entitlement.

And from this perverse and demonstrably twisted logic naturally springs the US, its obsequious allies and Useful Idiot surrogates’ “justifiable” reasons to industriously effect regime change in these said countries attendant, of course, with all the precursor and ensuing interminable chaos, murders and other calamitous atrocities essentially conceived and barbarically implemented to sickeningly demonstrate to likely challengers and victims alike who in effect is the boss; never mind the dire consequences that such actions inflict on the myriad of innocent civilians of those countries who to put it bluntly didn’t, where such activities were successful, in addition to those they are planned for, don’t matter remotely either to the average American and more ominously, since they’re the ones with the power to effect these things, their completely money-orientated, self-servingly Zionist and Israeli subscribed to neo-con, controlled administrations of whatever dishonest political hue they claim to be, and disingenuously project themselves publicly in that specific regard.

Unless you’ve recently arrived from another planet in the far reaches of the universe you will of course know that Americans are obsessed with that country’s gun culture and all the elements of twisted barbarism that surrounds it; and in spite of the assortment of and senseless shootings that routinely go on across that acutely sick and demented country amply linked with the Hollywood Oscar type rehearsed presentations of the deceitful soul wringing of hands, dramatic wailing and gnashing of teeth disingenuously exhibited every time that a high profile murder or massacre of the “right” persons are carried out, rather than take steps to rein in the power and influence of the gun lobbies like the National Rifle Association (NRA) and their past masters at bribery lobbyists, we instead see the totally perplexing and reverse situation of a reinforcing of the utterly perverse and intensely psychopathic attitudes that gave rise to these calamities in the first place even more fervently embraced, not only by the public at large but also those who politically govern them.

A situation’s that offensively, to all right-minded thinking people that is, is further compounded by the preposterously asinine and farcically trotted out notion that to limit gun control or at least introduce a constructive societal regime that does everything to ensure that guns are in the hands, if needs be at all, only of those people with an appreciably as well as a medically verifiable sense of maturity, morality, social and civic responsibility is not only an unwarrantable intrusion in the citizen’s constitutional right to bear arms but also a distinct and most insufferable affront to their personal integrity.

A state of affairs that most imprudently and idiotically is upheld by all the component states of the United States of America, that country’s national legislature, the US Congress and also and for me not the least bit surprising the US Supreme Court: supreme that is in its blasted stupidity is what I see; a questionable body of probity and replete with public office malfeasance that had no problem at all in ruling that a Black person has no rights that any white individual needs to or should pay any heed or respect to. Just as it quite idiotically also ruled that media outlets can in effect make up stories if they wish to – in other words totally fabricate things intentionally – and then in the most lying fashion, and with no explanation that what is being publicly disseminated are downright lies, distribute and broadcast these fabrications to the listening and viewing public as factual truths when they patently are not. Then as if that wasn’t enough the same US Supreme Court similarly in its absolute folly and perversity went on to pronounce that corporations that to you and me are inanimate entities must be treated in the same way that people are and, of course, are perfectly entitled to the same constitutional rights as the privileged One Percent - they didn’t say that in so many words but that’s exactly what the USSC clearly meant - under the American Constitution.

So basically I’ve no sympathy whatsoever for these purported “journalists” – media con persons would be a more appropriate term – caught up in this latest US sacrificial slaughtering since the US media is quite notoriously biased as regards those it subjectively dispenses its sympathies to in tragedies of all kinds – natural or manmade – and those whom it studiously ignores. And since the self-servingly scripted and remorselessly pushed narrative of these media outlets clearly have nothing at all to do with fairness, objectivity in “news” gathering or even an impartial balance in reporting but instead everything to do with their own selfish and scheming agendas, my response to this latest American killing and long-overdue media slaughtering is, you ultimately reap what you sow; and from my personal perspective your harvest has specifically been somewhat tardy, I believe, in being brought in. And hopefully, after those recent events in Portland of August 2015, there will be, media-wise and increasingly so, other more expeditiously executed outcomes in the near and foreseeable future!

And in the UK that in the most exquisite toadying fashion cheerfully follows everything that the United States instructs it to do or of its own volition mechanically acts that way anyhow, I won’t be the least surprised or dismayed, and frankly would be profoundly relieved to tell you the truth, if the same thing were to happen to our similarly utterly abhorrent media personnel in Britain, by and large, as occurred in Portland; and must honestly confess to being surprised that it previously hasn’t happened in the UK. But it will and sooner rather than later; mark my words!

For like its US counterparts the British media: public broadcasting, aka the BBC, as well as the corporate entities are anything but impartial in their reporting, are not above fabricating stories themselves and then dishonestly passing these off as the factual truth, and furthermore the term objectivity is indisputably for the overall majority of them, never mind their purported political loyalties, an acutely dirty word in every one of their editorial offices and across their respective media outlets that comprise the evidently corporate but equally so vaingloriously self-promoted, so-called mainstream media, which like their US equivalent are only concerned in serving their own selfish interests and those of the One Percent; those in actual fact that wield the real power and influence in the UK and of course elsewhere across the white Caucasian dominated west.

Bad news ultimately for all of them I’m afraid; for the loathsome and highly destructive policies that they jointly instigate, evilly subscribe to and diabolically execute with uncaring and demonic zest to the rest of the global community will unquestionably and dangerously backfire on them in strikingly dramatic episodes of blowback but increasingly, perhaps fittingly and inescapably for them, in the out of the blue, scrupulously prepared and resolutely perpetrated lone wolf assassin attacks. And objectively, in the current circumstances, there can’t be anything but good emerging from that!

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