Thursday, 20 August 2015

The scum UK caretaker politicians and civil servants running Britain for Zionist-apartheid Israel

By Stanley Collymore

How does it feel Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Jack Straw,
Alistair Campbell, Margaret Beckett, Alistair Darling,
Geoff Hoon, Harriet Harman and you the insipid
runt, George Robertson among the numerous
other complicit Labtory hierarchy lowlife
scum and wilful perpetrators of heinous war crimes,
crimes against humanity and the sickening toll of
Iraqi and Afghanistan mass murdering deaths
that you callously authorized and savagely
engaged in; comprehensively snuffing
out in acts that were unquestionably sadistic,
hate-filled and thoroughly insane, millions of
Iraqi and Afghan lives in your insidiously
contrived, fanatically orchestrated and
fraudulently implemented, fictional
war on terror games; and all of
this graspingly, avariciously
and fixatedly done for the
sake of the archetypical
filthy lucre; in other
words, purely for
financial gain!

And on the other side of this barbarously minted
coin and themselves firmly ensconced in the
bosom of the true Tory Party, expediently
conjoined with its Lib-Dem conspirators,
are the privileged oiks of conservatism:
primarily among them Dave Cameron,
Philip Hammond, Michael Fallon
and Theresa May the incumbent
Home Secretary wholly and
fanatically supported by a rather
desperately keen to stay in their august
mass murdering company – that said however,
it’s a dead certainty that in his decidedly brain dead
and lunatic idiocy the Department of Works
and Pensions bogus complimentary
literature inventor and social climber, Ian Duncan
Smith will forthwith and absolutely fail to grasp
the sarcastic irony risibly levelled at him
by me and which pointedly mocks
his discernibly pervasive stupidity. But then
all of them, individually and collectively
too, sadistically and hubristically, yet
to all sane and logical minds
unintelligibly so, never the
less shamelessly think
nothing of celebrating
and glad-handing
each other on
their certifiably

The ritual salutation of those whose self-serving individualism
continues to critically infect our nation as these public figures,
but essentially veritable scum, obsessively carry on to
graspingly and with a rapacious intensity rake in
the dosh that financially is a must, criminal
pay off for their exhibited and executed
feral propensity at having recurrently and quite sickeningly
for personal monetary gain uncaringly taken the lives of
millions of innocent civilians, and just as heartlessly
turned millions more into hopelessly despairing
and hapless refugees from all across the deeply
traumatically-affected, Global South states
patronizingly perceived by these white
Caucasian, primordial executioners
and their off the leash invading
and occupation armed forces
killers, as basically fair
game, Third World
and immaterial

And as the millions of Pounds Sterling in personal bribes,
white collar graft and deep-pocket remuneration that
copiously and totally unhindered continue to roll
in on behalf of these politicians from their
treacherous, multitudinous and markedly
monstrous acts of astonishing public
office malfeasance, these lowlife scum whether from
the government positions they’ve been tactically
given, their Official Opposition in the House
of Commons front bench standing which
they’ve undeservingly acquired; now,
both egotistically and pompously
and not forgetting the superb
opportunity to profitably
and greedily misuse,
longingly want
at any cost to
hang on

Or on the other hand the out of office, retired, kicked
upstairs to the House of Lords, or the electorate
rejected scumbags: indisputable and wholly
unconscionable sewer rats all of them,
whether of the one-eyed variety
from north of the English
border or his type from the leafy suburbs of the
English Home Counties, still trying and
regrettably habitually succeeding in
exerting their perfidious political
influence on all us; knowing
perfectly well that should anything go
seriously wrong they can always
concoct a phoney inquiry to
deceptively massage the
rot just as they’ve been
assiduously doing for the past
four years now in relation to
the Iraq one; and in that
ongoing catastrophe
chaired by one of
their dependable
toadies like

© Stanley V. Collymore
21 August 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
Treachery and self-serving betrayal of Blighty are nothing new to the privileged and their camp followers in our country. It was widespread and even rampant in the lead up to World War II and was carried on regardless even during the war years by elements among the UK’s aristocracy, public school educated establishment “elites”, politicians and to a considerable degree some prominent members – family souvenir Nazi salute or not – within the British royalty.

There was even the infamous Nazi death squad camp operatives well known in Germany as “Das britische Freikorps” made up exclusively of wholly volunteer and committed white Britons, Australians, Canadians and New Zealander members.

So it comes as no surprise to me, even in what’s undeniably a new century, to be observing in 2015 the like-minded contemporary progeny of these odious scumbags doing exactly the same in relation to the United Kingdom.

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