Friday, 14 August 2015

The British marginalized and their Champion Jeremy Corbyn democratically strike back!

By Stanley Collymore

The mums and ladies generally, pleasurably and knowingly
in their unstinting admiration and respect for you describe
you, Jeremy as empathetically sexy in a sea-dog sort of
way, and rather interestingly as that may be is not
however, nor should it be, the mainstay of your
massive and genuine appeal not only to them
but singularly many others both outside and
within the authentic Labour Party quite
desperately and ongoingly over the
past years have been crying out
unheedingly for meaningful
and equitable changes,
and transparently for
the good of all,
within our

But instead have cynically and contemptuously found
themselves lumbered with the burdensome effects
of enduring inequalities, themselves compounded
by the stark reality of debilitating austerity. But
not any more hopefully, as the slumbering
members of the genuine Labour Party -
not its Labtory infiltrators and carpetbaggers, together
with conscionable members of the British public at
large wake up and smell the proverbial coffee;
enlighten the privileged and effete Bullingdon
effete, condoning and practising paedophiles
protected within the Conservative Party
along with their enthusiastic Lib-Dem
and Labtory accomplices, odious
mass murderers and monstrous
crimes against humanity
perpetrators that their
halcyon days are
finally over!

And furthermore that in spite of complicit state-sanctioned
immunity despicably and recurrently being handed out to
them enabling these loathsome criminals to carry on
traversing our green and pleasant land, at last the
net of retribution, now dangling like Damocles’
Sword over their villainous heads, is finally,
and justifiably so, inescapably closing in
on them in the form of mounting and
conscionable public detestation of
them, coupled with their much
and intensely feared nemesis;
which auspiciously for the
astute and sane among
the rest of us is you
Jeremy Corbyn!

© Stanley V. Collymore
14 August 2015

Author’s Remarks:

Let’s forget all the loathsome crap and disingenuous nonsense about a Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable for the next several millennia years as these brain dead jerks with their hidden agendas will have you believe; and if you want to believe that load of garbage then go ahead and do so. People like me, however, don’t buy it because the real agenda of this admixture of Tories, Labtories, so-called pundits that couldn’t plan their way out of a sodden paper bag, and the typical “liberal” Left who’re more rightwing, racist and xenophobic than the Nazi Tories themselves, is quite a sinister one.

And Yvette Cooper inadvertently let the cat out of the bag when she said that Jeremy Corbyn’s ambition is not to lead the Labour Party or even become Prime Minister but is in effect to change the Labour Party. Perfectly alright for Tony Blair, his sidekick Gordon Brown and the other Labtory interloping twerps to do what she’s complaining about but not genuine Labour Party members somehow. What Yvette Cooper quite conveniently forgot to say is this, so I’ll do it for her – Jeremy Corbyn will change the Labour Party and our country for THE BETTER!

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