Monday, 17 August 2015

Simon Danczuk, UK regimes’ Zionist-Nazi Mass Murderers and Chilcot’s distortion of justice!

By Stanley Collymore

Hi! My name is Simon Danczuk the Polish vote
rigging MP for Rochdale; that’s a town in
Lancashire you see that gives its name
to the wider community which as
its MP I guess I supposedly
represent, although it’s a dead certainty
that the overwhelming majority of
you reading this poem, including
those currently living in the
self-same Rochdale constituency more likely
than not have previously never heard of me.
And that’s because for some time now and
largely due to our endemically corrupt
political system that massively has my full and
wholehearted approbation, it’s generally the
political party not the named candidate
on the ballot paper that the electorate
through well-established custom
invariably cast their votes for
and not, as it happens, deeply
insidiously-natured and
completely out of
place, Polish
like me.

That said, I’ve been far more fortunate than several others
among my politically like-minded colleagues, who like
me are also Labtory interlopers within the traditional
Labour Party; for Nazis, Waffen-SS aficionados,
fascists and Zionists to the core that we patently are,
unfortunately with our graspingly avaricious
and duplicitous ambitions very much to
the fore and a quite determined relish on our
part to run the UK for our own expediency;
we all the same totally understand
and accept fully that we can’t all of us
realistically attain that obsessive aspiration
through joining the Conservative Party
already overburdened, as it clearly
is, with its own profusion of
profoundly atrocious
and compatible

So I’ve been exceedingly lucky as things turned out
that my vote-rigging propensity to unfairly secure
for me the “official” endorsement of the Labtory
hierarchy and of course the prized candidacy
of my Rochdale constituency not only
severely disadvantaged my real
Labour Party rivals but also
effectively put them to rout – but then all is fair
in love and war I’m sure you’ll agree and
contemporary UK politics you should
know, if you’ve got any sense, is all about war,
premeditated chaos creation, regime change
in selectively targeted nations along
with the iniquitous and savage
encore of human, financial
and natural resources
exploitation in these
Global South

Attendant at home in the United Kingdom with massive
and accelerated much better living conditions and
a noticeably marked wealth disparity between
the nation’s privileged parasites cheerfully
living unaffected lives of luxury compared to
the everyday grind and life realization of
their disparagingly perceived Plebeian
working class communities, hard
working yet ostracized ethnic
minorities and the unknown but nevertheless
instinctively dismissed faces within our
wider population suffering from and quite
adversely at the tender mercies of the
Zionist-Nazi Tory, Lib-Dems and
Labtories of the Labour Party
contrived, implemented and
thoroughly mean spirited
strategy of austerity that is
unquestionably, and
perniciously so,
intentionally and
malignly both
socially classed
based and

And against this absolutely deplorable backdrop of
ghastly and positively unpardonable calamities
comprising heinous acts of numerous war
crimes and crimes against humanity
specifically relative to the Iraqis
and gratuitously committed by
mass murderers Tony Blair and his white
compliant acolytes of Gordon Brown,
Alistair Darling, Jack Straw, Jack
Cunningham, George Robertson,
Harriet Harman, Nick Brown,
Ron Davies, John Reid, Geoff
Hoon, Peter Mandleson,
Donald Dewar, Charles
Falkner and the sadistic
satanic and corporeal
personification of
Lucifer and the
epitome of evil
itself Alistair

And for them several years later, and in the case of Libya this time,
to be conjoined in the same acts of barbarity with the equally
noxious, rampant then and verminous Bugs of Blighty
encompassing David Cameron, William Hague,
George Osborne, Theresa May, Liam Fox,
Philip Hammond, Ian Duncan Smith, Oliver
Letwin, Eric Pickles, Caroline Spelman, Andrew Mitchell,
Nicky Morgan, Jeremy Hunt, Nick Clegg, David Laws
Danny Alexander and Vince Cable; each and every
one of them transparently without any sense of
probity or basic humanity about them, yet
possessed of and quite able to deploy
plenty of capability for public office
malfeasance, mass murdering activities
and other odious acts of criminality
that the mentor of these savage
perpetrators of spectacularly
wanton wrongdoing, John
Chilcot: unfazed by this
and evidently totally
at ease with it, is
unsurprisingly so,
deceitfully first
rate at white

And you Simon Danczuk: a contemptuously cuckolded
nobody from Rochdale, are quite keen to have the
latest breed of aspirant Labtory contenders –
Liz Kendall, Yvette Cooper and Andy
Burnham with David Miliband
of Chagos Islands infamy
expectantly lurking in the background –
for the leadership crown, soul and control
of the Labour Party; and incredibly as
it seems, resort to indulging in yet
again the sorts of macho overseas
colonialist atrocities that gave
rise in the first place to the
quite intentionally and
artfully drawn out
Chilcot Inquiry.

© Stanley V. Collymore
17 August 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
In a departure from my usual practice I shall, instead of placing my own comments at the end of my work, give that opportunity to two pieces of correspondence that adequately sum up my views on the subject that I’ve tackled here.

The first of these is from Derek Metson of Bristol who writes: “People under 50, when discussing Labour leader candidate Jeremy Corbyn’s policies, claim we must not turn the clock back because it was so bad. I was there and it wasn’t! The top rate of income tax was more than 90 per cent in the 1960s. When Margaret Thatcher was ousted in 1990, it was down to 60 per cent – but unemployment did not reach the one million mark until Margaret Thatcher’s premiership. Then, it was Labour Premier Tony Blair, pursuing similar policies, who got it down to 50 per cent. By contrast, for the 1950s to 1970s, this country was higher than sixth place in the world rankings and ran an export-import surplus most months based on a healthy manufacturing industry.

The second is anonymous and was sent by text. It states: “So Tony Blair and Liz Kendall do not want Jeremy Corbyn to become leader of the Labour Party. Have they forgotten what is the heart and soul of a Labour Party, or have they become so trendy and desperate for votes and press exposure that they will sell out the principles of the Labour Party? Look what Mr Blair did for the country – he out-Conservatized the Conservatives. Sure, he stayed in power, but he left the country quite weak. Let us have a true Labour Party, back to grassroots principles, and give the people a proper choice between Labour and Conservatives.”

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