Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Privileged white, hardcore bloodthirsty and dangerously ignorant!

By Stanley Collymore

So Rory Stewart the brain-dead Environmental Minister for the UK thinks it’s perfectly in order for white game hunters from Europe, North America and Australasia to go to Africa and slaughter its indigenous species of animals in the name of so-called sport, placing in the process many of these animals already forced to exist in a decidedly parlous situation from this distinctly barbaric pastime carried out unrestrictedly during white colonial times by the ancestral likes of these spoilt, comprehensively narcissistic and thoroughly present day barbarians that following combination of circumstances that compelled their European homelands to reluctantly grant independence to these several African states but all the same continued from behind the scenes to effectively exert huge and discernibly unwarranted influence in how these theoretically newly independent countries ran both their domestic and foreign affairs, were additionally complicit, active and even directly involved in the corruption, induced local financial greed, public office malfeasance, utter stupidity and in all possibility a combination of all these failings on the part of local African governments and public officials that enabled these white colonialist-minded morons both in Africa and abroad to simply carry on as before as though no transformational adjustment was either warranted or should have been put in place relative to the official, at any rate, reality that these African countries were in effect now supposedly independent and sovereign states, and the previous Caucasian imposed colonial regimes and the white supremacist mindset that had concertedly spawned and allowed them to proliferate weren’t legitimately, at any rate, any longer in vogue and therefore had to be drastically changed for something more fitting to African aspirations and needs; and that meant the conservation of the African continent’s wildlife.

However, and most unfortunately so for Africans and the wildlife in their countries, no such adjustment was contemplated let alone embarked on by these arrogant Caucasians who still like to see life through the prism of their delusional white Master Race notions and who despite these African countries being officially sovereign, independent and also UN member states nevertheless still routinely persist in patronizingly treating those who run these African countries, the inhabitants of them and, of course, the local wildlife whose lives they want to obliterate for fun as incidental aspects of what they regard as the bigger picture, namely to unchallenged and with an undisguised egotistical sense of their assumed and accepted entitlement to impunity and additionally their supposedly God-given right to behave in Africa as they wish; a situation they would never countenance let alone accept if this particular boot was on the other foot, it was their country or even white controlled ones either located in the northern hemisphere or Australasia and it was Africans specifically, or anyone else in general come to that and also non-Caucasian, that were behaving in exactly the same way as they were and likewise felt they had right to in these white ruled states as they were doing without a moment’s hesitation on the African Continent.

Inveterate nerds with a self-aggrandizing notion that what they want to do or else feel that they should ought by others to be uncomplainingly allowed to happen without demur any questions or debate; the prior feral kids that have never actually psychologically grown up even though over the years they’ve acquired but only through the automatic natural process of life the physiological status of being an “adult”; but essentially who at heart and in their perceptibly demented mindset are in effect still the intellectually handicapped and distinctly morally unconscionable twerps who as kids derived considerable pleasure from cruelly and rather tormentingly subjecting captured butterflies to the most horrifying form of death by gloatingly plucking their wings and other extremities from their bodies while they were still alive and doubtlessly deriving significant and unashamedly sadistic pleasure from doing so. And now as pseudo adults certainly see absolutely nothing wrong in them carrying on with this highly contemptible conduct but this time towards animals thousands of miles removed from where these barbarians customarily live and ought never to have been allowed to have set forth from far less trespass anywhere inside of Africa itself.

And to the highly preposterous and completely unconvincing argument that the calculated killing of these animals helps to conserve their species; what utter crap! That’s like saying that carrying out the rape of the female relatives of these “bold” big game hunters and their supporters or even their underage male relatives in distinctly intentional and ferocious acts of paedophilia will automatically instil in those targeted as the defenceless victims in these manifestly calculated acts of psychological as well as physical sexual exploitation implant in the minds of the latter a profound and immense gratitude as well as an abiding love and healthy appreciation, as a direct consequence of their involuntary experiences, for sex and everything associated with it. Sensible and intelligent people already know the compelling and truthful answer to that one, even if privileged paedophiles with a discernible penchant for insatiably hurting the totally defenceless of whatever species they set their eyes and sick pursuits on, be it Homo sapiens or wildlife animals, and in the end indifferently devastating and inevitably eradicating them. Besides, these animals which as we disgracefully observe are being premeditatedly, unreasonably and dishonestly slaughtered in the name of sport, a wholly disingenuous narrative attendant with the bogus argument that in doing so their sick killers are in actuality protecting their species; let’s not forget that these same animals have themselves been inhabitants of Planet Earth for several millennia years and for much longer than humans beings were ever here, and therefore quite successfully and unaided managed to survive all that time and exist to this very day, and it’s a pretty safe bet that if they were left alone and completely unmolested by humans they’ll also successfully manage to carry on well into the future surviving as they’ve proven themselves able to do in the past.

So for me personally none of these transparently lame and evidently bogus arguments are in the least convincing and don’t stack up in any realistic sense. Neither does the distinctly cynical argument that killing these animals provides an income and livelihood for the local African population. Play that back again but this time do it slowly in your mind. The reason I suggest you do that it that the slaughterers of these animals are the same sort of mindless, imperialistic and colonialist assholes that systematically plundered Africa for years without a moment’s thought, hesitation or any consideration whatever for the general welfare of the indigenous African population and furthermore did everything in their power to wipe them out, disenfranchise them, starve them, steal and keep their lands exclusively for themselves, and to all intents and purposes did  practically everything in their individual and collective power to dehumanise, disenfranchise and systematically marginalize Africans in their own countries and on their own continent; and when they sought to resist these white Caucasian barbarities, manifold in number, frequent in their application and explicitly directed against and inflicted on them, these whites had no scruples whatsoever – either psychologically or in physical terms – in militarily exterminating several of them, while simultaneously doing everything they possibly could to permanently maintain white minority enforced apartheid rule in their countries, notably in Sub-Saharan countries like South Africa and Zimbabwe.

And people like me scrutinizingly looking around and witnessing the concerted antagonism together with the intense racism towards, as well as the zealous and fixated xenophobia that whites generally and white Britons in particular at every level of UK society conspicuously have in relation to Africans, even as authentic refugees who’re knowingly made so because of the premeditated interfering activities in these peoples’ countries by Britain and its other white Caucasian mass murdering accomplices, or for that matter not just Africans but those possessed of black skins and whose origins are anywhere else in the world, tolerably setting foot either in Britain or the rest of Europe, are to then meekly and stupidly accept the bogus and white financially driven assertion that these white game hunters are simply doing what they do so as to economically and socially improve the general lot of Africans, do frankly in my judgment need an urgent brain transplant.

And naturally to that load of codswallop my intuitive response is: “Oh yeah, I wasn’t born yesterday! And by the way which planet in the far reaches of the outer stratosphere are you actually from?” Anyway, the much talked about and heralded licence fees that these game hunters allegedly pay out for sadistically indulging in their rather barbaric pastime don’t go towards improving the lives of rural Africans and is nothing more than a barefaced lie and a propagandistic myth, since in reality these Africans that are itinerantly employed in what is essentially a distinct and exclusive white enterprise are paid a pittance in “wages; and in point of fact the greater part of the money that’s generated from big game hunting in Africa effectively goes into the pockets of the white land-stealers in the countries concerned; since with the attainment of their independence by these African countries, and arguably with the marked exception of Zimbabwe, there has been no widespread or any proper handing back of confiscated African land to Africa’s indigenous peoples and with the tiny white minority in these countries, as was the case during colonial times, still firmly holding on to the bulk of African land. So it’s these white landowners on whose “properties” a lot of this wildlife is to be found who are the main beneficiaries of these hunting bonanzas with a much lesser cut of this financial largesse from the issuing of game licences and the like going to corrupt African officials. Therefore, contrary to the surfeit of fraudulent propaganda of what these game hunters are doing for local Africans the contrary and straightforward answer is quite literally bugger all!

What’s more these local Africans who are the primary losers now will be even greater ones in the future, for when all these animals are wiped off the face of the African continent and with only a few of them kept in European and other Caucasian zoos, either in the Northern Hemisphere, Australasia or maybe in China, countries where Africans or their Diaspora of Black descendants will never as a general rule be permitted to set foot in and thus ironically be prohibited from being able to physically observe the animals that once were indigenous to their ancestral continent Africa and plentiful in their countries; meanwhile the white big game, hunting fraternity will nonchalantly but cheerfully move on and not only predictably but also rather imperturbably not care a shit about what happens to these local Africans, nor for that matter will the vast majority of their white kith and kin across the globe.

So it’s really an absolute requisite for Africans generally and their materialistically greedy and so-called leaders in particular to hurriedly wake up; smell the proverbial coffee before it’s much too late and cogently and unequivocally tell these white Caucasian and Arab big game hunters where to shove their weapons of animal mass murdering destruction. And as they’re engaged in doing so how about universal wildlife aficionados, conservationists and those that honestly care about our global environment and live in the Northern Hemisphere introducing a state of affairs there and expressly within Britain where these privileged posh pillocks who like nothing better than war or the gratuitous destruction of every living thing regardless of who their activities are meted out against - be they human beings or animals– were enforcedly treated in an entirely indistinguishable manner to how these specifically targeted animals currently are in Africa and anyone with pockets financially deep enough would likewise be able to financially fork out on buying expensive licences to gratuitously shoot these privileged morons that would be predominantly, if not exclusively, so white in nature; parade them as “treasured” trophies and their offspring in succession, if they were not “accidentally” killed in the process of their parents being hunted could  themselves be reared as the next generation for such earmarked disposal of their kind.

Jolly great fun wouldn’t you say? And in the process of all this unreservedly going on these specifically targeted and privileged cretins could intentionally be turned into an endangered species with the same plethora of utterly disingenuous and completely dishonest arguments that are presently being deployed in relation to the gratuitous slaughter of wildlife in Africa could also be used to societally support what was being down to these posh prats and their entire families. Seems quite fair to me in the circumstances! But of course such “humane” measures in culling our useless privileged parasites that infest the UK and beyond wouldn’t go down well I’m most certain with either them or their completely manipulated and class driven Plebeian “useful Idiot” supporters. That said what does it matter as the proponents of such a constructive approach could just as audaciously assert that what they were doing was essentially for the overall good of humanity generally and British society in particular; which from my personal perspective is an exceedingly powerful argument I must say! How about yours?

Yet these are the very people if one were to trespass on their lofty estates and kill one or a couple of their precious deer or grouse, even if in these harsh times of their cruelly imposed and fervently supported austerity measures, not for them but clearly the rest of us, such acts were exclusively to provide victuals for the cooking pot, would undoubtedly be demanding from their similarly well-heeled friends on the magisterial and judicial benches in this here UK the severest punishments that were achievable for the perpetrators of these activities. In other words we the privileged toffs of this country and by virtue of who we are can do what the hell we’ve a mind to with what’s yours and get away with it; but as far as what’s legally ours that’s an entirely different matter, for we with our white Caucasian and divine right to entitlement coupled with our indubitable exceptionalism, what’s rightfully ours is just that and therefore must stay spiritually sacrosanct and physically untouchable to everyone else but us of course! A standpoint which I personally believe, and unapologetically don’t mind declaring so openly, either voluntarily or enforcedly if needs be, must be stopped! Are you listening Rory Stewart? For it might have escaped your somewhat limited imagination that it’s a new century we’re in; it’s called the 21st and the year is 2015 not 1915 or even 1815!

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  1. There’s an old African proverb that’s quite applicable in relation to the plethora of disingenuous and downright dishonest so-called conservation arguments that we constantly hear coming out of the west and also its well-heeled Arab satrapies whenever the subject of big game slaughtering in Africa, for whatever reason, comes to the forefront and those who zealously support this barbaric pastime do all they can to vigorously, propagandistically and sadistically prop it up.

    That proverb simply says: “Until the lions have their historians, tales of the hunt will always glorify the hunters.”