Friday, 21 August 2015

Power without self-control makes for a dangerous beast and creates enemies of the state!

By Stanley Collymore

How does it feel Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Jack Straw, Alistair Campbell, Margaret Beckett, Alistair Darling, Geoff Hoon, Harriet Harman and you the insipid runt, George Robertson among the numerous other complicit Labtory hierarchy lowlife scum and wilful perpetrators of heinous war crimes, crimes against humanity and the sickening toll of Iraqi and Afghanistan mass murdering deaths that you callously authorized and savagely engaged in; comprehensively snuffing out in acts that were unquestionably sadistic, hate-filled and thoroughly insane, millions of Iraqi and Afghan lives in your insidiously contrived, fanatically orchestrated and fraudulently implemented, fictional war on terror games; and all of this graspingly, avariciously and fixatedly done for the sake of the archetypical filthy lucre; in other words, purely for financial gain!

And on the other side of this barbarously minted coin and themselves firmly ensconced in the bosom of the true Tory Party, expediently conjoined with its Lib-Dem conspirators, are the privileged oiks of conservatism: primarily among them Dave Cameron, Philip Hammond, Michael Fallon and Theresa May the incumbent Home Secretary wholly and fanatically supported by a rather desperately keen to stay in their august mass murdering company – that said however, it’s a dead certainty that in his decidedly brain dead and lunatic idiocy the Department of Works and Pensions bogus complimentary literature inventor and social climber, Ian Duncan Smith will forthwith and absolutely fail to grasp the sarcastic irony risibly levelled at him by me and which pointedly mocks his discernibly pervasive stupidity. But then all of them, individually and collectively too, sadistically and hubristically, yet to all sane and logical minds unintelligibly so, never the less shamelessly think nothing of celebrating and glad-handing each other on their certifiably established notoriety.

The ritual salutation of those whose self-serving individualism continues to critically infect our nation as these public figures, but essentially veritable scum, obsessively carry on to graspingly and with a rapacious intensity rake in the dosh that financially is a must, criminal pay off for their exhibited and executed feral propensity at having recurrently and quite sickeningly for personal monetary gain uncaringly taken the lives of millions of innocent civilians, and just as heartlessly turned millions more into hopelessly despairing and hapless refugees from all across the deeply traumatically-affected, Global South states patronizingly perceived by these white Caucasian, primordial executioners and their off the leash invading and occupation armed forces killers, as basically fair game, Third World and immaterial countries.

And as the millions of Pounds Sterling in personal bribes, white collar graft and deep-pocket remuneration that copiously and totally unhindered continue to roll in on behalf of these politicians from their treacherous, multitudinous and markedly monstrous acts of astonishing public office malfeasance, these lowlife scum whether from the government positions they’ve been tactically given, their Official Opposition in the House of Commons front bench standing which they’ve undeservingly acquired; now, both egotistically and pompously and not forgetting the superb opportunity to profitably and greedily misuse, longingly want at any cost to hang on to.

Or on the other hand the out of office, retired, kicked upstairs to the House of Lords, or the electorate rejected scumbags: indisputable and wholly unconscionable sewer rats all of them, whether of the one-eyed variety from north of the English border or his type from the leafy suburbs of the English Home Counties, still trying and regrettably habitually succeeding in exerting their perfidious political influence on all us; knowing perfectly well that should anything go seriously wrong they can always concoct a phoney inquiry to deceptively massage the rot just as they’ve been assiduously doing for the past four years now in relation to the Iraq one; and in that ongoing catastrophe chaired by one of their dependable toadies like John Chilcot!

Treachery and self-serving betrayal of Blighty are nothing new to the privileged and their camp followers in our country. It was widespread and even rampant in the lead up to World War II and was carried on regardless even during the war years by elements among the UK’s aristocracy, public school educated establishment “elites”, politicians and to a considerable degree some prominent members – family album, souvenir Nazi snapshot or not – within the British royalty. There was even the infamous Nazi death squad camp operatives well known in Germany as “Das britische Freikorps” made up of wholly volunteer and committed white Britons, Australians, Canadians and New Zealander members.

So it comes as no surprise to me, even in what’s undeniably a new century, to be observing in 2015 the like-minded contemporary progeny of these odious scumbags doing exactly the same in relation to the United Kingdom.

Significantly, there are still enough people within the our wider British society who’re not conned by these odious Zionists whether ensconced in the Tory and Lib-Dem parties or, for that matter, the interloping Labtory kind within the traditional Labour Party. And a snapshot indication of this is a letter penned by Fred of Hampshire who writes and I quote in full: “Seems to me Jeremy Corbyn is being discredited by arrogant mainstream politicians in the same way, as they tried to do with Nigel Farage. They have lost touch [these morons] with the general public and feel threatened, so they resort to bullyboy smear campaigns.”

A second and equally relevant letter to how those Zionist caretakers that have been put in place to supervise the UK on behalf of the Zionist plutocracy through their demonstrably fraudulent and highly manipulated “democratic” elections – that are far from being even remotely the case, for how on earth can you logically call any government legitimate that only got a paltry 24% of the electoral vote in a General Election; that really beats me, and I seriously do suggest to you brain-dead camp follower twerps of these Zionist Tories and other political Nazis like them that you do the maths yourselves; anyway the subsequent comment sums up the situation adequately in relation to our young people and principally as well our school leavers.

Here’s what Emma Garrick via Facebook most sensibly wrote and I quote her words in full: “Many young people’s idols are footballers, reality celebrities, singers and bloggers who are (if they make it at all) on ridiculously inflated wages for doing very little. [And] we need to promote better [and] more realistic role models and a hard work ethic. It’s sad school-leavers [don’t] think this way but this is the result when you constantly promote celebrities and put the rich and famous on pedestals.”

Echoing a similar note on that identical theme Victoria Edwards also via Facebook had this to say: “Schools need to start by teaching children to be competitive. My daughter’s primary school doesn’t even have winners at sports day. How will they realize that unless you are the best and try your hardest, you won’t get anywhere near earning that amount” [the £89,000 Pounds Sterling that these school leavers delusionally and often with poor “academic” qualifications or none at all assume they’ll automatically and immediately earn in the work place; assuming of course that they get jobs to start with.]

But truthful and most welcome as these perceptive and honest comments are one stands out particularly for me, bearing in mind my own personal point of view having quit the English “educational system” in 1980 for Germany because I could clearly see it coming and most definitely didn’t want in any way shape or form to be any part of the dumbing down strategies being slated for and after my departure to Germany just became routine practice in all aspects of education within the United Kingdom, and most particularly so in England. As a result the next response I’m citing here comes from John of Berkshire who intelligently says: “David Miliband says Jeremy Corbyn’s policies were wrong in 1981 but that doesn’t mean they’re wrong now. We already have a one-party Tory state and we desperately need a radical alternative to the self-serving individualism that has infected our nation.”

Interestingly though is the reference to David Miliband that nastily and most ironically as a Yiddish Polish Jew, and however you logically look at it, knows that his parents twice fled from Nazi persecution, narrowly escaped the infamous death camp of Auschwitz and doubtlessly others across Europe, eventually finding sanctuary in Britain as refugees - oh that dirty word that this chronic moron now in 2015 doesn’t want to see any such people, especially if they have skin colours and an ethnicity that are quite different from his own in the same Britain that his family fled to for their lives and that he and brother Ed would not be alive if it had been denied them. For his parents who actually met in Britain and despite their Polish nationality previously didn’t know each other; but how about this came to England via the same Calais route. Who, as the Americans that our boy David is so fond of would say, would have thunk it?

But all that temporarily put aside what engenders in me a most passionate loathing of this appallingly abhorrent, Zionist Yiddish creature David Miliband, and far better off dead is my undoubtedly personal opinion of him, is that notwithstanding his own familial background it was he that personally, rather sadistically and indisputably reinforced the ongoing ethnic cleansing of the indigenous population of the Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean, which was something that he and his Zionist ilk would ever have contemplated far less carried out in the case of the Falkland/Malvinas Islanders; and simply because the latter are white settlers there while the Chagossians comprise an indigenous BLACK population, to carry on facilitating a US torture facility and major air force base in the Indian Ocean on Diego Garcia the largest of the Chagos Islands, and from which these Chagossians, without any consultation whatsoever, were forcibly expelled not only from Diego Garcia but also the other outlying islands to give the fraudulent impression that these islands were devoid of people, just as the white British and their authorities previously did with Australia – terra nullius they said this continent was, never mind the pervasive presence of the Aborigines all over it – and doing so in the Chagos islands’ case to comprehensively accommodate the infernal demands of the Americans that toadying Britain always acquiesce to. But then, that’s Zionist Yids for you; the absolute and utterly loathsome epitome of money grabbing criminality and selfish narcissism combined.

Jeremy Corbyn has pledged that if he becomes leader of the Labour Party he’ll make an official Labour Party apology for the illegal war that was waged by Tony Blair and his sycophantic acolytes and wholly on the basis of a premeditated deception against Iraq; only a truly conscionable person and committed opponent of that war, from the very outset and among Britain’s politicians, would want to do something noble like that and furthermore say so openly; but that’s the calibre of this remarkable man and why all the scum of Britain are crawling out of their stinking cesspits to smear, castigate and disparage him. But it won’t work whether Jeremy becomes Labour leader or ultimately the UK’s Prime Minister, for in relative terms what we’re dealing with is a marked contrast of priceless chocolate on Jeremy Corbyn’s part and a sewerage works collection of stinking shit on the other – in short no viable comparison at all; so let all those clearly running scared of this man have their day as change, whether they like it or not, is underway.

I applaud Jeremy Corbyn for his courage and decency in earnestly committing himself to make this apology but in all seriousness if Britain were to make an official apology for all the wrongdoings it has committed against the Global South it would take centuries to complete. However, there is one think I’d like to say to all the refugees and would be migrants out there that are determined or even merely thinking of coming to Europe and most especially Britain, it’s this: Keep coming and done give up! And if at first you don’t succeed keep on trying until you do! Why? Because what’s here is already yours, savagely and barbarically taken from you and your ancestors for well over FIVE CENTURIES, AND THAT INCLUDES THE MUCH VAUNTED PROSPERITY OF THE UNITED KINGDOM, WHICH WAS CREATED ON YOURS AND YOUR ANCESTORS’ BLOOD, SWEAT, TEARS AND KILLINGS!

And even among the ongoing and quite noticeably increasing plethora of dimwits across Britain that delusionally seek to own homes of their own - as realistically a possibility as a foreseeable heir to the British crown decidedly choosing to marry someone from Britain’s non-Caucasian, ethnic minorities - must know that were they lucky enough to obtain a mortgage from any financial institution to do so, that property isn’t lawfully theirs unless and until they’ve paid off in full the outstanding mortgage, and the same legal rules apply even if the said property was once freehold in your name or that of some family member that you inherited it from and, for whatever reason, you remortgaged it. And to be quite ruthlessly blunt Britain is fucking well mortgaged up to the hilt to multiple Global South countries and their citizenry; and it’s why pathetic cunts like David Cameron, his wife Samantha and all the other slime bags that have prospered off Caribbean slavery for example don’t want Niggers in the UK as our presence here, and uncontrollably for them, activates their disconcerting and quite uncomfortably as well for them their myriad demons that are playing merry hell with them. But that’s their problem and I don’t intend to have it affect me in any way whatsoever.

And why so? Because in all honesty if Britain were ever compelled to return the millions of priceless stolen artefacts, diamonds and even the human remains – unburied and hence desecrated in religious terms and also unconscionable in secular ones – to their legitimate owners: the countries and people that they were savagely taken from and annually for the British Exchequer as well as their graspingly thieving custodians generate from entry fees alone to their museums and the like to see them and literally make billions of Pounds Sterling for the United Kingdom – far more money in other words than all the football leagues across the entire length and breadth of the UK ever make in the same period – there’d be absolutely bugger all else throughout the whole of Britain, apart from perhaps Stonehenge and Magna Carta that is worth seeing or attaching any importance to. So my sound advice to all you white historically bereft and ignorant clowns in the UK is this, don’t brag about what isn’t yours to brag about; as it only makes you look far more stupid than you already are!

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