Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Keep on coming!

By Stanley Collymore

Most of you weren’t born in Blighty and your ancestral home,
of course, isn’t Britain or even England it’s true; but all the
same most of what has for centuries and unchangingly
is still rather self-servingly, hubristically and in the
most egocentrically privileged fashion hoarded
in and across the United Kingdom actually
and lawfully belongs to you. Everything
from literally millions of your indigenous countries
national artefacts, prized and priceless jewellery:
the Nubian Diamond forged in and dating back to
the days of antiquity is just one of them – most
barbarically and avariciously purloined by
Britain for its own deceitful and grotesquely
misleading “cultural” glorification, and
expressly in the Nubian Diamond’s
case and ever since its savage
and ongoing thievery arrogantly,
quite ludicrously and most
deceptively gracing the
alleged British Crown
Jewels collection
of unmistakably

Then there is the multiplicity of human remains belonging
to proud, defiant and brave African patriots who were
slaughtered for daring to defend their countries
from exploitation and being stolen by gangs
of marauding white Caucasian cut-throats
that murderously not only refused these people after
their demise a decent burial by their compatriots
but instead, and even now dead, malignly
decapitated them; then cockily using
their severed heads and other
garnered body parts comfortably donated these
gruesome trophies to numerous British museums as
these white colonial barbarians conceitedly, and
to any intelligent mind, in their indisputably
vulgar acts of barbarism, generously
congratulated themselves on
what they most certainly
perceived as quite splendid acts of their
typically and conclusively British
“civilized” altruism, exemplifying for these
patently sick minds supposed actions of
their macho bravery and audacious
British soldiering; but in reality
were characteristically the
manifestly disgusting and
dastardly barbaric deeds of
British transgressions but
by no means exclusive
actions on their part
that routinely were
also carried out
by other white

Now unsurprisingly these barbaric white exploiters
not in the least dissimilar from their obsessively
exploitative and characteristically savage
ancestors and in effect discernibly
doing precisely the same things in the 21st Century,
although concertedly fine-tuned to their specific
necessities, don’t want you their milch cow
benefactors anywhere near, far less so
living in what unquestionably and
essentially most ironically are
their thoroughly mortgaged
up to the very hilt – and
a solitary guess as to
exactly whom; yes
you of course –

Stay where you are at home in your own countries
and leave us Europeans alone they vociferously,
vindictively and vitriolically yell at you, or
else in the most uncompromising and
hateful terms demand that you
clear off back to where you
came from if perchance you either make it to
or with determined persistence do manage
to succeed in breaching their fortified
borders. Actions on your part as
fleeing refugees from the constant
atrocities gratuitously inflicted on you and your
Global South countries by them aren’t in any
way within their callous hearts or twisted
imagination considered either to be
their direct responsibility or by
them deemed worthy to be
seen as, let alone right-
mindedly accepted
as authentically

And least of all so by the nerdish and utterly self-serving
administration of David Cameron that was, of course,
“democratically” elected as both itself and its Tory
Nazi political camp followers perceive – despite
that support being a paltry 24% of those who
were eligible to vote; and who similar to
their like-minded mainland European
counterparts with their unmistakably and wholly
at heart natural resources avariciously-greedy,
fixatedly imperialist, endemically Nazi-
colonialist and Yiddish-Zionist, both
inspired and controlled, agendas
vigorously in tow, fervently,
even if somewhat unconvincingly so,
vowed to themselves that they’ll put
a permanent end to this free for
all exploitative immigration
system that had gotten
disgracefully and
entirely out
of hand.

Doing that against the backdrop of their
collaborative, frenetically orchestrated
and noticeably maniacally racist and
clearly xenophobic vituperation,
to unreservedly pull up, they
assuredly guaranteed, the
drawbridges of Fortress Europe, chuck out those
of you who were already, undeservingly and
undesirably here they further declared
and most emphatically at any cost,
as something that they as loyal
Europeans and supporters of a preferably
all-white Europe hold quite dear and
would most certainly love to see,
stop the rest of you swarming
hordes of scrounging Global
Southerners from rather
deceitfully and quite
illegally getting in!

Well let them! For who seriously cares anymore
what these feral white Caucasian beasts get up
to, since the very worst that they can do is
kill you, which is already something
that habitually in the past they’ve
done and currently in yet another century quite
remorselessly and wholly unconscionably
think nothing of carrying on doing in
your own countries; and with that
in mind infinitely better for you to consciously choose
the manner, place and time of your perspective death,
should it come to that, rather than meekly allowing
your enemies to do that for you. And what better
way than through the sheer force of numbers
of you - in your scores of thousands or even
millions – to compel your European
and British adversaries to jettison their
bloody-minded obduracy to you both
living in peace and constructively
among them as they didn’t with
you; for on your part you’re
thoroughly sick at heart of
their intractable double
standards and blatant
acts of hypocrisy.

Or else force them to resort in their instinctive, well
known and deep-rooted barbarity to start filling
up their existing graveyards and cemeteries
across England and mainland Europe
with your dead bodies or simply
generate more of them to generously accommodate
you, as they were totally capable of in the past
and are still willing as Machiavellian past
masters and dab hands at murderously doing
in your Global South countries, if they must;
for enough is enough and put simply you
will not in the present circumstances
either countenance the thought of
nor actually debase the innate
trust of your individual and
collective consciences
through any fear of
death and stop

That basically then is the thrust of your emphatic
message as it’s sensibly, naturally and logically
understood by those of us who care anyway,
and must remain so in the striking and
distinctive absence of the genuine
easing and ultimate eradication
of the repeated exploitation
of your people, your countries and attendant with
that the infernal and repetitive wars disdainfully
carried out there to continuously embezzle
your natural resources. It’s not fair! Thus
giving rise, and rather justifiably so too,
to the collective and heartfelt chorus
emerging from you as you flee
for your lives from the accursed and white
Caucasian premeditated and sadistically
arranged mess of randomly dropped
RAF, French and NATO bombs
on your homes, yourselves
and families; to Europe
and most preferably
England then and
by any means
likely or

And as someone whose treasured ancestral
roots are undeniably and quite proudly
buried deeply in the Global South
do permit me to say openly,
unreservedly, honestly
and profoundly unapologetically too that for
my part you have my committed and
fullest empathy with your cause
as well as my wholehearted
support for what you’re
most courageously
and with absolute integrity doing.
So in the languages of those European
countries that have primarily in the past and
inveterately still in the 21st Century carry
on abusing you, I say to you on your
actual or confidently anticipated
arrival in Europe: Welcome;
Willkommen; Bienvenue;
Benvenuto; Welkom;
Failte; ac

© Stanley V. Collymore
24 August 2015.

Author’s Comments:
That Scottish one-eyed git, infernally callous Iraqi mass murderer and consummately incompetent former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown in Africa of all places infamously and proudly boasted that the twin scourges of the centuries long Transatlantic Slave Trade which immediately after the abolition of that heinous human obscenity was imperiously, arbitrarily and markedly unilaterally replaced by the introduction and wholesale implementation of the equally nefarious and barbaric but similarly immensely profitable for Britain and its European counterparts in manifold crimes against humanity, and both individually and jointly were similarly largely responsible for these monstrously nefarious and calamitous atrocities in the first place were - from the perspective of this purblind Scottish pillock, and in my unapologetic and intensely honest opinion coupled with the unmistakably dangerous era of the lone wolf assassin which his and other like-minded odious Zionist Nazi-policies distinctly gave rise to would be much better off dead – indubitably the very best things to have happened he claims to the continent of Africa.

An ardent, wholly demented Zionist and naturally the staunch supporter of Zionist-apartheid Israel that Gordon Brown is you’d never hear emerging from the lips of this pathetic clown, a most cast iron guarantee that is, who has also vituperatively and rather ignorantly condemned as recently as this month, August 2015, the equally important and significantly successful Second Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela, when he had a cheap shot at Jeremy Corbyn, that massively transformed the lives of millions of exceedingly poor, largely Black and indigenous South Americans as well as millions more of plain ordinary Venezuelan citizens previously and severely disadvantaged under the jackboot of fascist white Caucasian oligarchs and their ever toadying Mestizos slime balls who jointly gave their loyalty and the stolen resources not only of Venezuela but other countries across the entire length and breadth of Latin America to imperialist entities like the United States, Britain and Canada as well as their ex-colonial masters like Spain and Portugal without a solitary concern for the welfare of their own less well-off fellow citizens at home – any condemnation whatsoever in relation to the massive, ongoing and distinctly unwarranted compensation payouts to his Zionist and Yiddish brethren, 70 plus years after the end of World War II. Payments exclusively made to the “chosen” few, you know exactly who I mean, but not a solitary Euro expended on the Gypsies or the other much more deserving victims of Europe’s holocaust.

This notwithstanding the glaring and completely indefensible fact that these Yiddish pals of Gordon Brown and his like-minded ilk in Britain are with similar frenzied, Stockholm Syndrome disease sadistically carrying out their own Nazi type ethnic cleansing and horrendous acts of genocide against the Palestinians, and conveniently overlooked as well as frivolously excused by Gordon Brown and his kind, whose homeland these Yiddish and dubious specimens of mankind have brutally appropriated for the project of a Greater Israel that’s not in the least dissimilar from that of the Nazis’ “Ein Gross-Deutschland!”

Crucially in all of this both sets of my grandparents as I’ve mentioned in previous articles and with whom I’ve always had a continuous and very close bonding relationship since they were also some of my best role models knew their own grandparents with whom they had an identical relationship; however their grandparents were involuntarily born into Caribbean Slavery in Barbados and from whom they gathered first hand what the everyday existence of being a slave was all about not only for themselves but others who were also abused and treated as “chattel” effectively the property of whatever white man or woman that “owned” them. Likewise my great grandparents, grandparents and my own parents, every one of them born in Barbados, personally grew up under the jackboot of British colonialism. So from people who knew first hand or else had that information delivered to them first hand know well, as do I since they acquainted me and my siblings of the relevant and horrendous reality of life for Black people under slavery and colonialism.

However none of this didn’t stop these Black Caribbeans including my parents and other relatives from voluntarily and speedily coming to the assistance of Britain when its back was up against the wall against the same kind of Nazism and fascism that we’re currently seeing in Britain and also resurging across the European mainland. The very same can be said for the Africans generally who in their scores of thousands did the same; and could very easily have done what the Irish did and sided with the Third Reich, prompting Winston Churchill to seriously consider declaring war on Ireland.But my maternal Grandmother has routinely joked with me and despite her humour there was a noticeable seriousness in what she said. Namely that the current breed of white British should go down on bended knees and thank whoever it was that made them, as it most certainly wasn’t the God Lord she cleverly held forth, that their brutal ancestors created an empire all those centuries ago, for if they hadn’t today’s breed of British white Caucasians for the most part wouldn’t have either the intellect or the capability to invade and colonize the Isle of Wight if it wasn’t already a part of Britain let alone fashion an empire anywhere else across the globe. And in that specific regard Gran was spot on as she was in everything else.

In wrapping up what for me is this tiresome piece since it’s characteristically a case with the vast majority of Brits of the albino kind of casting pearls before swine, both figuratively and literally. So I’ll close with a correspondence from LA Adusei from London who astutely writes on the refugee crisis: “We all know poverty is a major factor in the ongoing migrant crisis at Calais. We also know that much of the poverty in Africa is caused by odious debts, unfair trade practices and, importantly, Africa’s assets stolen by its elites in cahoots with Europe’s establishment. These looted African assets sit in Europe and other safe havens controlled by European countries. Any agreement we sign with France regarding the repatriation of migrants that does not address the question of ending poverty by cancelling the odious debts, repatriating Africa’s looted assets, and ending Europe’s unfair trade practices with Africa is doomed to fail.”

To that I would add for the benefit of racist and imperialist morons like Gordon Brown, stop your warmongering in the Global South and also permanently desist from your fanciful notions of how beneficial slavery and colonialism were to my people; for if anyone ever dared to say that Europe’s holocaust was the best thing that ever happened to your Yiddish Zionist chums: they after all have a stolen state, nuclear weapons, are the tail wagging the dogs of the US, England and the rest of the EU and additionally relative to Europe’s holocaust make billions of Pounds in blackmailing people not even born then and the list goes on – assholes like you would be up in arms; but when it comes to us Niggers why the hell should you care even if most of what you have actually belongs to us?

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