Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Gratuitously toadying UK and Europe freely destroyed themselves; the US simply exploited their stupidity!

By Stanley Collymore

I recently read an article which says and I quote: “The US is destroying Europe”, to which my response was instant and uncompromisingly diametrically opposed to that somewhat simplistic approach deduced and even accepted; for regardless of whatever ills that the United States has visited upon mainland Europe generally and its off-shore island, Britain in particular there is no doubt at all in my mind that the US was principally able to proceed and highly successfully so in the way that it did primarily because of the Useful Idiot nature of those who run Britain and that mass of land that comprise the European mainland respectively. So here’s my response.

Sorry to dishearten those of you with the aforementioned point of view, but quite candidly the grammatical present continuous tense used in that article is neither applicable nor does it hold any importance in the current European political context or debate, and moreover it’s much too late for that now or any other simplistic analysis come to that of the present situation prevailing across the entirety of Europe.

For without any exception, and over the seven plus decades following the end of World War II, every so-called European political leader has constantly and in their shameless and sycophantic obeisance to the bully rogue entity known as the United States of America effectively done that already; willingly and most enthusiastically dispensing with everything of moral and legitimate importance in their own society to instead barefacedly and rather foolishly in my opinion curry favour with the US as well as to be openly seen and globally perceived as keen and committed team members of the new political and military bully on the western block.

And all this blissfully and quite ludicrously occurring while at the same time delusionally and emphatically convincing themselves that in doing what they’d idiotically and freely embarked on gave them bragging rights not only to claim a special relationship with the United States of America – as Britain still perceptibly asininely and to the quite risible amusement but also the acute embarrassment of the US authorities addictively carries on doing – but also to incredibly and presumptuously assume that this Us association will automatically accord to them valuable player status on the world stage.

And with Britain rightfully in my view denuded of a global empire, but amazingly and stupidly ruled by privileged cretinous toffs with the perceptibly ingrained delusion of their incontestable divine and indispensable right to entitlement of whatever they set their parasitical and ravenous eyes on; Labtory and Lib-Dem social climbers profoundly steeped in the same idiotic mindset and collectively shared with a predominantly white British public, but others too, more daftly enamoured and besides themselves with the birth of parasitical “royal” babies than any genuine concern for a just, truly democratic, well-establish meritocratic and an equitable society for all regardless of their race, ethnicity, skin colour, gender, social origins, lawful sexual orientation, religion or none, disability, place of birth or nationality – is it then any wonder that without any wholehearted commitment to the aforesaid and other core universal moral and intrinsic values relevant to an authentically caring and civilized society, compounded by what is the escalating dismantlement of those residual core values that are still in place but all the same are ruthlessly and ongoingly subjected to the most insidious assault and have themselves essentially become an endangered species themselves, that the prevailing dysfunctional states of affair throughout the whole of Europe, and conspicuously so in the UK, are as they are!

That this will remain so and most likely increasingly get worst if the public doesn’t, and soon, acquire the nous to fully take stock of what’s going on and crucially quite drastically undertake to alter and even revolutionize the entire and intrinsically combined corrupt political, economic and socially incorporated system through getting rid, and by any means possible to them, those who’re responsible for engineering the system, implementing it, running it and in the extra case of Britain, and specifically that of England, with their shared, distinctly privileged, shamelessly classed-based and patently unwarrantedly so, deeply entrenched and the discernibly inequitable distribution of privileges, human rights in common with the unfair access to these as well as all fundamental economic, educational and work-related resources but, despite everything, having these instead quite disproportionately and massively advantageously benefiting in outrageously enormous ways the privileged minority few in our societies. Individuals that in the past and are still grotesquely profiting from the previously referred to highly integrated and corrupt system of governance that the rest of us in marked contrast are adversely subjected to; and which does give pause for thought as well as a justifiable focus for reform and legitimate retribution.

For how can it , even remotely so, be possibly fair in any society that labels itself as democratic far less so those that continuously, hypocritically and discernibly sanctimoniously attribute that tag to themselves, for a privileged minority not through any meritocratic methods or noticeable outstanding qualities that its members clearly don’t possess but principally through a process of incestuous inbreeding among themselves, nepotism of the highest order amply banded together with the worst aspects of human nature, to in every respect, including the all-important one of generally inheriting and passing on to their kind a huge and forever growing financial reservoir of funds with their inherent and oft-used intrinsic capability and avid willingness to buy power, influence and social standing and, what’s more, to indefinitely and quite unchallenged carry on in this way and to such an extent that the beneficiaries of this corrupt system instinctively come to regard it not only as an incontrovertible rite of passage in their case to what they consider as their valid entitlement to whatever they desire but also as a normal way of life; for them that is!

So in such self-assured circumstances, again relating exclusively to themselves, why on earth then would these European “leaders” or their privileged establishments, and that includes our own here in the UK, ever want to look the proverbial gift horse in the mouth or transform the existing system and status quo to introduce one that though equitable to the public at large was nevertheless from the vested interest perspective of our privileged elites would clearly be seen and regarded as inimical to their well-established social order or their financial interests? Truth be told it just ain’t gonna happen; not voluntarily any way on the part of these unambiguously unquestionably privileged people. Anymore than it would naturally have done in 18th Century France without a grassroots public-driven revolution. And frankly that’s what is required now in the first quarter of the 21st Century. The elemental question however is this; have Europe’s citizens per se and British subjects generally – officially we don’t have citizens in Britain just subjects and which further highlights what I’ve been earlier saying in this article – largely got the balls to do what’s necessary?

I know that culturally Britain has never employed the use of the Guillotine as the French have in the past affectionately done to weed out their criminals and miscreants and carried on using until comparatively recently even though Britain and especially England have been very handy with axes to chop off peoples’ heads. Henry VIII was very much an aficionado of this method of troublesome individuals in his public and private life including, of course, a few of his seven wives. However when I asked them for their views on this specific matter my German friends all concluded that gassing and death camps, two possible options, ought to be dispensed with, as they were too passé and 20th Century. Finally after much in-depth discussion on the matter we unanimously, my German friends and I, agreed that since Britain is supposedly a Christian country its grassroots executioners could employ the ancient method of crucifixion but with a modern twist to it, to liven matters up that is for the spectators at what would undeniably and unmissedly a public event.

Fundamentally those condemned and earmarked for execution by local grassroots courts would with all the panoply of a celebratory exercise be paraded through their respective communities, shouted at, derided and contemptuously humiliated in any way that the spectators wanted to on their way, and obligatorily made to carry their immaculately fashioned wooden crosses on their shoulders, to the location of their crucifixion. Then Christ-like – since unlike Jesus’ justifiable claim to be omnipotent and divine that of these white Caucasian privileged morons was based on a deliberately bogus argument of their godly right to exist and lord it over the rest of us, so why not accord to them the same treatment as our Genuine Lord and Saviour had to undergo, with the principal exception that these particularly loathsome bastards and bitches wouldn’t be saving anyone, and least of all themselves, from their individual crosses, publicly crucified in the identical fashion in which the Romans got rid of their ancient equivalent of our present day version of human trash.

It naturally goes without saying that such occasions would undoubtedly be public-based events, and borrowing extensively from Jim Crow attitudes and practices in the American Deep South that our privileged condemned elites would be very familiar with, had no doubt empathetically and extensively supported in relation to Black lynchings in the United States of America when their grandparents, parents and of course themselves were in turn effectively ruling the roost in the UK, their executions – crucifixion style – would similarly have promoted for the enjoyment of the assorted communal, familial and pleasurable festivities that both characterised and were quite commonplace during the lynching of Blacks in the US; while the crucified whose deaths it would be guaranteed would not be instantaneous, could avail themselves of the time they had left before they involuntarily exited this earthly life to perhaps contemplate on what could have been had they treated others as they automatically expected others to behave towards them; and possibly, and even more worrisomely for them as they fearfully but expectantly waited for their lives to be snuffed out, what awaited them in the afterlife when crucially they were confronted, as mere human beings, and with no privileges attached to their presence by the Maker of us all!

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