Monday, 10 August 2015

"Going Underground" Government Greenwashing, NATO massacre and Murdoch p...

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  1. Marauding Africans Philip Hammond? I really do suggest that you get hold of a decent English dictionary and check out as Sophy Ridge – one of few authentic journalists and reporters in the so-called mainstream media, since the vast majority of them are nothing more than a bunch of fucking toadying and establishment embedded stenographers, I genuinely have any respect for – sensibly, intelligently and conscionably did on Sky News this morning, 10 August 2015; and you’ll quickly realize Philip Hammond even though you evidently don’t have the intelligence that Sophy does that a marauder is a savage thief, robber, mass murderer and exploiter, none of which these enforced refugees, African or otherwise, are but everything that white cunts and specifically British ones like you Philip undoubtedly are and have for the past 500 years, and still ongoingly so, have been across the world and specifically the Global South where these refugees actually stem from, and have done so as a result of Britain’s unwarranted and barbaric interference in their countries domestic affairs and de fact their personal lives.