Saturday, 4 July 2015

The required culling of Texas senator Ted Cruz, other political jerks and their genetic offspring

By Stanley Collymore

The sensible, intelligent, objectively-minded and well informed members of the human family across the world already and assuredly know that the United States of America in a diversity of spheres relating to life there, but most especially so the political one, literally abounds to teeming point with a preponderance of slimebags, sewer rats and loathsome scumbags of the worst kind that one could find anywhere on Planet Earth, other than conceivably the Arab Bantustans of the Middle East and particularly those of the Persian Gulf region.

But every time there’s a faint hope that there could be the possibility of even a country like the United States having reached its apex in these regards, that hope is instantly and cruelly dashed by the emergence from their sewer pits of yet more of these absolutely feral, odious and detrital sub-human species of humanity - for lack of a better term to characterize them as there’s frankly and regrettably none at present to categorically and fittingly do so – and none more so than Texas senator Ted Cruz, who if there was really any semblance of universal justice in this world that we live in and with hindsight attached to that ought really to have entered, if needlessly at all, into this world stillborn or in the absence of that should have been put down at birth in the same manner that one would, without giving it a second thought, a rabid, useless and potentially dangerous dog.

For this palpably poor specimen of whatever actual species that he really belongs to – and I deeply suspect it’s not Homo sapiens the one that I and billions of other people globally belong to – most clearly has not benefited either the United States let alone the rest of the world in any way whatsoever, so far; and is demonstrably highly unlikely ever to do so, yet he’s allowed to breed and pass on his useless genes and DNA to future generations of his kind: like-minded and dim-witted nerds both in the psychological and physical senses, and which in my view is an insufferable travesty of justice.

I’m not a eugenicist, have never been one or would I ever want to be, since I wholeheartedly and most unapologetically believe in the diversity not only of the human race but also the various animal species that inhabit our Earth and many of whom have been here far longer than human beings were. But Ted Cruz is an altogether different matter as are his offspring, their own and others of their ilk and who in my honest evaluation of what they represent quite manifestly don’t or will they ever fit into any category of constructive or useful species of creatures – human or otherwise – that I could ever envisage; and forthrightly shouldn’t be here in this already overcrowded world of ours, from a human perspective, utilizing valuable space and in the process of being here additionally having our knowingly finite but very valuable resources squandered on them.

Winston Churchill, not by any stretch of the imagination a hero of mine and for a multiplicity of logical and prescient-minded reasons to support my irreversible stance, and who throughout his life was an implacably committed eugenicist, did however advocate one sagacious idea in his entire life and as expected from his undoubtedly privileged position in life which although firmly classed based - a concept that’s totally anathema to me – nevertheless jelled with what in the past I’ve always rationally felt and steadfastly still very much support.

And it revolves around the notion seriously suggested by Winston Churchill that those elements inside the UK’s population defined objectively as dim-witted, lame brained, unquestionably as village idiots and scientifically criminally disposed as well, as well as possessed of other markedly mental and social elements in their lives that were incompatible to the progressive administration of a genuinely civilized society, should effectively be culled by means of compulsory sterilization, social isolation and other pro-active measures that would stop them breeding among themselves and therefore producing more of their unwelcome kind and, of course, an absolute taboo, cohabiting with those among the privileged ranks of society, as Churchill considered himself and others like him to be, and accordingly regarded as members of the Master Race.

Principled measures Winston Churchill assertively felt, and I must say I agree with him, that would effectively create a society entirely in unison with itself and accordingly would sensibly harmonize and keep intact its fundamentally important biological, psychological and societal elements and ensured that these would permanently remain so; however through all this there would be legal provisions firmly in place to make absolutely sure there’d be at all times adequate numbers of the abovementioned sub-species of Homo sapiens kept alive to practicably service the everyday needs of the superior classes but like eunuchs they would quite understandably prescriptively be totally unable to unilaterally reproduce themselves, just like all the others of their lot before and after them, when their finite lives had run their useful course; just as they’d be incapable, either physically or socially, to contaminate the genetic pool of future generations of proper human beings entirely desirable and exclusively entitled to rule not only their respective country - England was where Winston Churchill meant - but also the rest of the world; in addition to the never-ending British Empire, of course.

I wouldn’t go that far but with no trouble surmise where Winton Churchill was coming from. Even so quite obviously and regrettably for many he didn’t realise his cherished dream but all the same did manage to raise a very valid point I think, that had it been addressed would most certainly have seen much of England and the rest of the UK significantly if not altogether permanently devoid of the very same types of people currently and noticeably inundating the length and breadth of Britain that Winston Churchill categorically didn’t want to see in his lifetime or have foisted on the UK in subsequent and distant years, but disappointingly is very much the case as is very evident in British society at all levels and across all classes in 2015.

A prevailing and utterly pervasive situation of a society, if one can call it that, violently committed it seems and with a devastatingly accursed and an irredeemable propensity to categorically continue breeding ever increasing numbers of its conspicuously odious, feral and destructive kind as is very transparent to all discerning observers whether they focus on those who revoltingly infest the cabinet room in No.10 Downing Street, the houses of parliament, the estates of the landed gentry, those of “hereditary” birth and right down to the apathetic residents of deprived council estates. It matters not in the least whom they are, as psychologically they’re all the same; their accumulative activities demonstrably and detrimentally affecting the very fabric of our overall society, the United Kingdom.

A disquieting state of affairs that’s not only perceptible across Britain but is equally so within the United States, the EU and throughout the entire spectra of what constitutes the so-called western, “civilized” world, but in essence relative to that last misnomer is a particularly sick joke. And that is why completely brain-dead jerks like Ted Cruz, just like cockroaches do in a cesspit or rats in a sewer, can survive and like the lowlife vermin that they perceptibly are even manage to prosper in the environments they create for themselves. But what additionally grabs me, relative to this western society in which the vast majority of these people continue to see themselves as the special ones and members of the Master Race, is that their contagiously corrupt DNA is not exclusively their own; not by any fanciful stretch of the imagination or reputable scientific data for that matter, which distinctly assert that it’s equally applicable to all races. Now how about that!

So to Ted Cruz and the plethora of other thick but narcissistic jerks in his country celebrating the Fourth of July and US exceptionalism as well as the overabundance of similarly brain-dead and thoroughly obsequious stooges on this side of the Atlantic, who’re doing the same, charitably from me, enjoy your day. Incidentally, I shall also be celebrating the Fourth of July 2015, but for entirely different and more sensible reasons; and not least so because it’s MY BIRTHDAY!

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