Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The orchestrated pomp and ceremony for the victims of their criminality by calculating political mass murderers!

By Stanley Collymore

Zionist-apartheid-Israel routinely uses chemical, other Geneva Conventions and UN internationally proscribed armaments and weapons of mass destruction against the Palestinians and not a squeak of criticism let alone any condemnation of Israel’s actions are ever heard coming from David Cameron, his Tory and other like-minded British parliamentary ilk or their fervent and complicit in war crimes and crimes against humanity allies in the United States, NATO, the other member states of the EU of which Britain is a significant part. The same situation, in relation to internationally banned weapons, similarly pertains to Bantu Saudi and its UK and other white western backed illegal wars against the sovereign state of Yemen and its massacre of Yemeni civilians.

However, when the said Zionist-apartheid-Israel lyingly, maliciously and propagandistically in a state of prevalent paranoia deceitfully, belligerently and most stridently puts it about that Syria’s President Assad is systematically using chemical weapons against sections of his Syrian populace, an insidious Israeli lie that has categorically, consistently and reliably been absolutely debunked but none the less is still by this interloping rogue entity of purloining Europeans circulated in the same way that Israeli lies of the past have always been and two of them in recent times noticeably were, that Iraq’s Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction which he intended to use against western countries and of course Israel itself, and also that the Islamic Republic of Iran is a major existential threat to Israel and correspondingly to world peace; the same barbaric, completely idiotic, immeasurably hypocritical and double-standards nutcases of whatever harebrained, rightwing political persuasion they are but all the same blissfully ensconced in the UK’s regime at that specific time, a tradition that David Cameron as the incumbent Prime Minister in 2015 is resolutely and enthusiastically signed up to, are always ready and eager to take the pathologically lying and ruling clique in Zionist-apartheid-Israel at their word.

Furthermore, these senseless “Useful Idiots” and obsequious political Brits have no problem at all or any reluctance, come to that, in hurriedly and noticeably unquestioningly acting as they did in Iraq’s case – where incidentally no WMDs were ever found because there were none there in the first place but because of this premeditated, illegitimate and scurrilous war against and the subsequent invasion of the sovereign state of Iraq, and a member of the United Nations that hadn’t authorized this evil and dastardly escapade, over one million, innocent civilian Iraqis lost their lives, 10 millions more would find themselves collectively internally and externally displaced while Iraq itself quite catastrophically, as a direct outcome of the conspicuously murderous activities that were cold-bloodedly embarked on against it by the United States, Britain and their western partners in this demonstrably sadistic criminal involvement, both perilously and precipitously descended into a completely fractured society in which it still languishes to this day where western created and supported terrorists prolifically thrive.

There were of course no terrorists in Iraq when Saddam Hussein was in power, but now they were not only there but moreover were running riot throughout the entirety of Iraq’s community. Yet despite all the awareness and fully documented evidence of this we nevertheless have David Cameron wanting to bomb the living daylights out of President Assad’s secular Syria as he was most discernibly a principal participant in doing relative to his murderous and war crimes assault on the state of Libya, deliberately creating as he determinedly intended a failed state and one that he also manifestly envisaged would be that much easier to plunder of its enormous and distinctly profitable natural resources – just as his and his wife Samantha’s direct families did throughout the epoch of Caribbean Slavery when the lucrative resources for them then were trading in and ruthlessly exploiting Black lives - and being the dedicated Zionist that he, David Cameron is pleasurably placating the Zionist rogue entity called Israel, while at the same time using his position as Prime Minister of Britain to ensure that that Yiddish, of which he is biologically one of them, entity remains the sole bully on the Middle Eastern block and the Animal Farm attack dog for the US, UK, NATO and the other white western  members of this criminal clique.

What happened in Tunisia, a country that I know quite intimately, was always going to be the obvious outcome someplace in the Middle East taking into consideration the previous and longstanding foreign policy escapades and track record of the United Kingdom and the west, still very much an inimical and ongoing decidedly immoral and distinctly murderous adventure on their part. ISIS, let’s get real, didn’t just materialize out of thin air or just spring out from nowhere, but quite frankly was diligently created, trained, armed, funded and substantially provided with functional logistics by Britain – even before the pre-planned purported “civil war” openly broke out in Syria and where two years before it did the SAS was already in that country at the behest of the UK regime and Ministry of Defence fomenting disarray and insurgency – other EU member states, the US, NATO and the perfidiously dictatorial and barbaric medieval satrapies of the west in the Persian Gulf region, in combination with the fervent assistance of Zionist-apartheid-Israel and Egypt, which as many of you might know in the latter’s case is the second largest recipient of billions of US taxpayers’ dollars in bribes to keep it onside and in the west’s orbit, as well very expensive and state of the art military hardware for the same purpose.

But all this momentarily put aside what the west, as determined principally by the United States and its white European stooge states, and most perceptibly in that latter grouping comes the United Kingdom, is complete hegemonic control of the Middle East region and North Africa with their considerable and extraordinarily financially rewarding natural resources; and although the oft-repeated mantra of human rights, democracy and all the rest of it are usually, hypocritically and with bald-faced double standards sickeningly used by every UK regime and Prime Minister, and that includes David Cameron, for their own insidious ends and evil objectives the observant among us are well aware that neither individually nor collectively these particularly odious specimens of humanity couldn’t and certainly don’t care two hoots about the local people who they publicly profess to care for, and significantly the locals are very aware of that and don’t buy into their patronizing rhetoric or cynical propaganda.

Therefore anything that will advance their cause these western countries avidly employ; they did it in Afghanistan with al-Qaida, using the Arab terrorist group they created and was comprised principally of citizens from Bantu Saudi to operate as their “Useful Idiots” against the Soviet Union that had been invited into neighbouring Afghanistan by the government there. Same horse effect with different riders this time the west, predominantly the United States, used the same murderous script in the Caribbean, Central and South America; in several countries - habitually the Francophone ones - in Africa, the Far East and once again in the Middle East with interchanging  and interchangeable groups of terrorists.

And while the west might be giving the evidently false impression, as it clearly is, to the demonstrably unintelligent within its own domestic constituencies that it’s really fighting ISIS and doing so to wipe out terrorism per se, I urge you to think carefully and ask yourself how come, if that’s really the case, that the United States of America and Britain both of them working collectively with the world’s most formidable terrorist group, NATO armed to the teeth with every type of state of the art weaponry can’t defeat a mere minion like ISIS? The disconcerting answer and unpalpable truth if you actually want to hear it, is because they don’t want to destroy ISIS which is their secret agent employed by the west to cold-bloodedly carry out its bidding, that conventional western armed forces, whose political regimes and military top brass sensitive to the sensibilities of their white domestic constituencies and anyway personally, and oh so disingenuously, parading themselves globally as the epitome of everything that encompasses morality, decency and doing what’s right, couldn’t be seen to be openly doing. So that’s where terrorist organizations like ISIS usefully and effectively come into play. No different from MI5, MI6 or the American CIA carrying out covert subversive activities but their respective organizational bosses forcefully reminding them that if caught that organization will deny all knowledge of them or their activities. Similarly the west can “plausibly” deny that it has anything to do with ISIS or the other terrorist groups that it uses while energetically carrying on business as usual. And you know what they say: say something often and loudly enough and those who listen to you will ultimately believe you no matter how insidious your lies are.

And as a rider to all this just ask yourself as well why is it that neither the blood-thirsty ISIS nor any of these other terrorist groups, which predominantly are manifestly Arabic in composition, never think of or to all intents and purposes ever seriously contemplate on attacking or even waging sporadic terrorist acts against Zionist-apartheid-Israel: the sworn enemy and liquidator of the Palestinian people, but all the same the conspicuously cherished enfant terrible and perfidious bête noire of the United States and its white European stooges. How are you doing; managing to catch up on all of this so far? For you see what you’re told by your politicians and routinely see on your cable television screens are just mirages in effect, all of it very carefully scripted and sadistically orchestrated for your benefit and, of course, to continuously deceive you; and all of it the indefatigable and assiduously carried out combined work of western and Zionist-apartheid-Israeli players against the rather disquieting backdrop of their damnably sinister but even so very effective propaganda campaigns. And while you’re likely engaged in musing over why it is that ISIS doesn’t assault Zionist-apartheid-Israel or perpetrate terrorist attacks against it or, for that matter, even genuine western interests in the Middle East, ask yourself too where ISIS got all its of savvy public relations in combination with its quite discernibly state of the art propagandistic trappings and enormously effective communications savoir faire – in themselves not indistinguishable from those intimately linked to and extensively used by Zionist-apartheid-Israel and the United States of America – from?

The only entities genuinely fighting ISIS are President Assad’s secular Syrian state, Iran and Hebollah. So honestly answer this one and see if either the question or the answer itself makes any sense at all to you. If David Cameron and the rest of them as they say they do genuinely want to defeat ISIS why the hell then do they garrulously, publicly and most discernibly so in vilification terms talk about and also wish for the destruction of the very forces fighting against ISIS? That to my mind would be analogous to the Soviet Union during World War II claiming it wanted to destroy Nazism and Fascism in Europe but rather than concentrating its maximum military might against Nazi Germany the primary source of the problem in relation to what it said it was fighting against the USSR instead of its own free will and irresponsibly in the process decided to vigorously pursue a spurious war of its own against Britain, the then British Empire forces engaged in World War II and even the belated entrant to that war, the USA. Nothing, even remotely on those lines, by the Soviet Union would make the slightest sense to anybody with even a solitary functioning brain cell in their head. Yet we have the British Prime Minister David Cameron telling tells us that his priority is to permanently rid Britain and the rest of the world of ISIS and its poisonous evil; yet in what’s an illustrative and entirely indisputable example of his demented stupidity doing exactly what wouldn’t have made any sense in my hypothetical World War II situation and most certainly still doesn’t in 2015 or at any other time or situation whether in the past, present or the future.

But there are, of course, marked and considerable differences between lying and intentional hubristic rhetoric and premeditatedly considered and actual reality; and while there’s a lot of the former coming out of the garrulous mouths of David Cameron and his Machiavellian ilk there are patently no specific plans envisaged by them, as that’s not their real agenda, to seriously deal with ISIS let alone undertake to defeat it, any more than the identical scumbags that David Cameron and his fellow parliamentarians in the House of Commons who’re themselves perceptibly well-established in the Zionist-Nazi-Fascist-Far-right spectrum of British politics would unexpectedly and committedly associate themselves with the decades old and totally justified struggles of the Palestinian people to get their homes and ancestral indigenous homeland rightfully back into their own hands and away from the interloping, Caucasian Europeans that violently and barbarically stole these precious assets of theirs from them and continue in the most sadistic of manner to unlawfully and murderously hang on to them. Such an atypical volte face on the part of David Cameron, his fellow colluders and their joint minions won’t ever happen in a million light years and it’s equally a safe bet that any necessary and concerted plan(s) to wipe out ISIS by these pathological liars won’t happen either; and not least so because ISIS is their baby, which they calculatedly conceived and willingly gave birth to, and which moreover as their Frankenstein monster readily obeys their every directive and - in expected approved fiendish fashion to create the maximum impact and thus coral a systematically manipulatively engineered and controlled western public totally petrified by what its dishonest political leaders tell it and additionally shit sacred of its own shadows – sadistically execute. So there’s no war - determined or otherwise - against terrorism as these two-faced politicians, the western media as their embedded mouthpieces or the rest of the corporate multinational corporations with their distinctly vested and global financial interests and who benefit immensely from this ongoing charade, would lyingly have you believe that has been in progress, is actually going on or which they’re resolutely determined to instigate against ISIS!

But from my personal perspective you’re perfectly at liberty to fully embrace, accept and even adopt the fallacies and downright lies of David Cameron and the rest of them, for as I obviously perceive it, and would cheerfully hazard everything in the world I own as reinforcement of my hypothesis, David Cameron, like all the other white supremacists not only in the UK, the rest of Europe, Ireland and also across the Atlantic and stretching right the way down to the Antipodes in Australia and New Zealand, and who unquestionably but similarly delusionally see themselves as members of the so-called white “Master Race” and vehemently claim to demand “perfection” in everything including the genetics of their offspring because that’s what Master-Racism physically and psychologically represents, would most certainly I truly believe in David Cameron’s case, if he could have gotten away with it, see him more seriously inclined and even severely tempted to physically dispose of his late disabled son than he would ever be personally inclined to let alone, for that matter, realistically desire to liquidate ISIS. Mafiosi gangsters don’t irrationally much less so altruistically, whatever the circumstances, foolishly get rid, either on a caprice or fleeting fancy of theirs, their harrying and indispensible killers, so why then should David Cameron wearing the identical Mafioso T-shirt freely select to dispose of his very own useful murdering henchmen in ISIS or that organization itself? It’d be extremely illogical to so, don’ you agree? And in that specific regard, let alone everything else, David Cameron’s lying pledge to the contrary is nothing more than a manipulative and devious con artist’s trick to dupe you that he, moreover, quite confidently feels he’ll be able to do, while simultaneously having you literally eating out of the palms of his hands.

The archetypical fraudulent patriots – David Cameron and his hateful ilk – forever prepared to defend England and perhaps the rest of Britain to the last drop of somebody else’s blood: never their own, that of their close kith and kin or cherished friends; and unsurprisingly so since it’s conspicuously apparent to anyone who has eyes to see and is actually willing to do so that none of these definitively verminous specimens of humanity, who’re immensely hazardous not only to their own communities and countries but the world generally, have never worn in earnest a military uniform of their own country, habitually leaving this wholly deceptive ostentation of theirs to ceremonial displays, and it’s an absolute certainty too, I’ll wager, that they most definitely haven’t any pressing desire or plans to rectify that situation in the foreseeable future.

So unless you genuinely wish to revise your own craven conduct relative to these odious manipulators you might as well prepare yourself for and get used to the nauseous but inevitable realization that more whites will unquestionably be callously sacrificed on the very useful but nevertheless totally dishonest altar of waging war against terrorism. And with many millions of innocent non-whites having already been butchered by the British and their willing allies in crime the deaths of these non-whites obviously don’t evoke any kind of reaction that these mass murderers can spuriously use to their advantage since these deaths, whatever the ongoing number, don’t resonate in any meaningful way with your everyday white westerner; but the loss of white lives – well that’s a completely different kettle of fish. And how much better then for themselves than for our political control freaks to get their sadistic, blood-stained hands on absolute power and also keep them firmly there than by means of the cynical manipulation of the masses to unquestioningly surrender to them totally unsupervised control of the country’s political, economic and, of course, military affairs; the latter best carried out through the resolutely orchestrated deaths of white Caucasians: and the more British among these obligatory casualties the better - people who look like the masses themselves at home and with whom the latter can unhesitatingly and entirely empathize. And naturally, it’s all the more beneficial for these white, political mass murderers that the white casualties that untimely and brutally forfeited their lives whether in the London Underground or on a beach in Tunisia died at the hands of their “Useful Idiots” – since they can propagandistically not only make more political capital out of their instigated atrocities but also flamboyantly persevere with their infinitely lucrative war on terror; facts that they’ll never divulge to village idiots like yourselves. Will you Mr Cameron? As you and the likes of Tony Blair most sickeningly lay on your orchestrated remembrance charade.

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