Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The Killers In Our Midst!

By Stanley Collymore

Automatic rifle fire methodically and deadly rakes semi-naked and exclusively pink-coloured bodies casually laced across a Sousse, Tunisian beach while previously their owners, in the customarily contrived process of doing so, were cheerfully aspiring to temporarily become brown: the permanent and natural skin colour to those for whom it’s a constituent part of their DNA and ethnic make-up; but, all the same, generally and contemptuously much despised, as well as openly derided at home by the vast majority of these same white holidaymakers that were then consciously, and most ironically so, earnestly endeavouring to acquire this self-same bodily pigmentation while vacationing abroad. Conclusive proof, as they saw it, to tawdrily exhibit, by those involved in this intentional and vainglorious act of planned ostentation on their eventual return home, that in the current environment of inflexibly enforced financial austerity they’d nevertheless, in reality and quite affordably so, successfully managed to visit and pleasurably frolic in warmer climes.

The time-honoured and snobbish sport of one-upmanship that alas for them was over and won’t be happening this time, as death would cruelly and mockingly intervene to silence forever their intended and evidently childishly self-obsessed brag on returning home again; their prearranged demise – damnably and forthrightly elicited through the auspices of earnestly recruited and wholly compliant, Islamist Tunisian and embarrassingly expendable useful idiots – the unreserved aspiration and unflinching resolution of these British victims own country, the United Kingdom and signally as well their “democratically elected” Tory government’s – robustly but diligently clandestinely circumscribed support by the Labour Party’s similarly warmongering hierarchy and stooge MPs in the House of Commons - sardonically unrestrained, absolutely devilish, Zionist instigated and dogmatically politically motivated false flag operation!

It’s mistakenly and widely believed that false flags are the invention of the United States of America and are used exclusively by that country and its bête noir, enfant terrible Zionist-apartheid Israel and that the lilywhite hands of the United Kingdom would never be involved in such evil atrocities. Well nothing could be further from the truth; for let’s not forget that our precious Britain: the once all-domineering and globally dominating imperialistic entity with an Empire on which it was boastfully said by its class-indoctrinated rulers and their equally class-ridden subjects that the sun would never set – a delusional belief that significant numbers of both these two groups of imbeciles even in 2015, and what’s the embodiment of a supposedly whole new century let’s not forget, still asininely and tenaciously cling on to and in a warped and delusional sense gain comfort from; and demonstrably accounts as the principal reason for them and the UK’s authorities, across the board, fawningly choosing to voluntarily, continually and eagerly shove their heads up the backside of the relatively new but conspicuously bad boy on the block and crucially for them English speaking American Empire.

But even if one were to temporarily put that obsequiousness aside, let’s also remember that what became the United States of America but were previously British colonies, as indeed what’s now Israel but was Palestine at the time were both ruled and effectively controlled by the United Kingdom itself. And consequently in life and with all progenies it’s not the least surprising that offspring do emulate the habits – good and bad – of their parents or guardians. And trust me Britain has a lot to answer for and likewise to be ashamed of even in 2015; and false flags: that it habitually indulges in, are just one murderous component of this iniquitous equation that is so indicative of my country! For candidly and analytically ask yourself, who benefits overall, not just politically and financially, from what intentionally isn’t but honestly needs to be said?

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