Monday, 6 July 2015

The Gorilla in me? Thanks for reminding me Google. But you need not have bothered!

By Stanley Collymore

Gorillas are enormously intelligent primates; were on this planet we call Earth long before Homo sapiens, and are our distant ancestors. They’re also, if left completely alone, remarkably endearing and lovable beings that have developed intricate, sophisticated and highly functional communities and societies of their own.

So as a proud, practising and committedly self-respecting Blackman I’ve no problem whatsoever in being positively observed by others and accordingly identified by them with Gorillas at all; since demonstrably, realistically, scientifically and socially compared to the overwhelming majority of human beings of all races, and specifically those who refer to themselves as white Caucasians, Gorillas, in my opinion and estimation of them, are considerably superior in a multiplicity of ways to a significant majority of the aforementioned persons.

But even so anybody with just a solitary functioning brain cell in his or her head, if truly honest with themselves or objective in their analysis of what Google has knowingly done - for believe me that was no mistake - knows perfectly well from all of this that the highly positive comments which I’ve made above of Gorillas constitute in no way, neither then nor now, the official narrative nor the inclusive image or general perspective, for that matter, that those with Google either consciously intended or would ever have wished to globally convey; in fact the very opposite was and still very much is their determinedly premeditated, insensitively perverse, racially perfidious, profoundly pernicious and calculatingly deleterious perspective and proposition all along; and Google can go through all the ostentatious and affected contortions of “apologizing” as much as it likes or care to since such “apologies” as scrutinized by any prescient-minded and impartial observer are readily seen and quickly noted as contrived, counterfeit, made in pretence and therefore mean absolutely nothing at all as Google is undoubtedly aware but simply doesn’t care as Google’s objective has already been realized.

For to reiterate what I said earlier this was a premeditatedly constructed and intentionally universal, on a global scale, purposely conceived project and, accordingly, disseminated as such. Let’s get real here! Google aren’t amateurs in this business, and apart from being tremendously, technically PR savvy are equally cognizant of the fact that whether their actions are either openly or covertly approved of, or on the other hand genuinely condemned Google has nevertheless quite effectively managed, and extensively so, to get their intrinsically designed and intended all along message across to the multiplicity of racist nerds out there, who think like them or will be easily persuaded to, as a consequence of this dishonest ploy by a readily recognizable, frequently used and, arguably, the world’s foremost search engine, to become racist themselves - now officially perceived as unequivocally cool; and correspondingly reinforced and spread, this soul-warming concept for them but iniquitous to all sensible and intelligent people that Blacks unquestionably aren’t simply inferior beings but crucially too, according to those adversarial of all Black people, sub-human as well.

So please credit people like me: Black as I am or of whatever other colour or ethnicity that they are, with some astuteness Google and in my particular case don’t asininely attempt to shove shit down my unwilling throat with your lame and unconvincing mea culpa and furthermore seek in the cynical process of doing so to convince me that what you’re fraudulently dispensing is chocolate, as I’ll neither buy what you’re doing nor ever accept it for a solitary moment. For your appalling action Google wasn’t only shameless culpability of the worst sort there is and in its most extreme form it was also sadistically evil and deliberate. And while I really don’t want to or am I prepared to submerge myself in the depths to which you’ve noticeably plummeted Google, here’s a possible proposition you might care to examine and promulgate in the same way that you did in relation to Blacks and Gorillas.

Paedophilia is a blight among the white Caucasian race, and speaking principally as a Brit and in a country where it has reached epidemic proportions, if that wasn’t always the case, paedophilia has insidiously embroiled every strand of white Caucasian British society: from the Royals, the British Aristocracy, the white privileged Establishment, the media, the political classes at all levels, from Prime Ministers, Cabinet Ministers, MPs and other lawmakers in the House of Lords; government departments like the Ministry of Defence and the military top brass there; senior police and major law enforcement officers, so-called celebrities of all types, local councillors, magistrates, members of the legal profession, the judiciary, school teachers, next-door neighbours and right down to the ordinary bully on your average council estate; and interestingly enough paedophilia in Britain isn’t gender constrained, which means that white women as well as white males are embroiled in it; and I’ve only skimmed the surface of the enormous extent of this calamitously evil and sickening white Caucasian perversion.

So how about you Google producing an app, or else using one of your existing ones and doing so under the clear and unambiguous banner-headline of PAEDOPHILES draw on some of our very own white Caucasian British paedophiles – God knows there’s no shortage of them here in Britain – as examples of authentic and categorical representatives of what this repugnantly odious species, that should be labelled as such but with no reference at all of them even remotely acknowledged as Homo sapiens, but simply as a sub-species of creatures correctly categorized as paedophiles.

But, of course, you won’t be contemplating or doing any such thing Google, will you; for not only are you extremely embedded with our British paedophiles, equally as a major corporation and in a country where austerity is cold-bloody and inimically prescribed as a “cure” for the poor and those who can least afford these deliberately selective austerity measures, but these same paedophiles – the political wing of this abomination - permit you and other major foreign corporations operating in Britain to pay very little or no taxes; a concession not granted to ordinary, hard-working British workers struggling to make ends meet. So in those circumstances it would be rather stupid on your part Google for you to rather ungratefully bite the hand that feeds you; on which I think you and I, if on nothing else, can both agree!

In passing, you might care to know Google, that privileged and wealthy through marriage and the scourge of the British working class, Ian Duncan Smith: cabinet minister, an implacable supporter of austerity and who detectably and sadistically derives massive pleasure from depriving the most disadvantaged in this country of their benefits and appallingly even their council homes has most ironically recently had his parliamentary credit card suspended by the Commons watchdog IPSA for “misuse” of his expenses. Now IPSA won’t honestly state that’s the precise reason but I’m not afraid to say what they’ve intentionally omitted to confirm. White Caucasian Paedophiles, British Establishment figures, their stooges and Political thieves, they’re all the fucking same. Scumbags of the most loathsome kind!

Now that’s a genuine category of lowlife and sub-human creatures that the world would really want to know about! Wouldn’t you agree Google?

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