Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Reclaim the traditional Labour Party and reverse its usurpation!

By Stanley Collymore

How was it possible; and how could it really have come to this
that a political party whose inspirational and indomitable
Founding Fathers and doughty Mothers were the
Tolpuddle Martyrs, the courageous Suffragettes, the
Women’s Social and Political Union and the embryonic
movements of the working class unions that ethically
and from a gnawing sense of social injustice compounded by
a natural instinct and an indispensable everyday need for survival
altruistically put the general welfare and collective good of the
average British citizen before their own personal interests
and resolutely pitted these fundamental necessities
against the poisonous and pernicious greed,
narcissistic arrogance and entrenched
classism of the decadent and always
wanting something for nothing privileged classes within the
country not known for getting off their incestuously bred
asses to do a proper day’s work, wouldn’t know how
to begin and sickeningly don’t care, as they’re quite
consciously aware they indubitably have the
plebeians, as they see and contemptuously
regard you, always at their beck and call
to do for them whatever they desire,
while they aspire to carry on in
their expected, customary and unwarranted fashion – courtesy
of your longstanding and ongoing challenging legacy - to
copiously rake in and acquisitively hoard for themselves
and their kind the myriad benefits that financially and
societally they’ve accrued from you, the working
classes, exploitation. And there’s absolutely
nothing, either sensibly or intelligently, that can be
said in mitigation for the abhorrent behaviour of
treacherously loathsome Labtory infiltrators
and usurpers, past and present, of this great party
and movement: conspicuously in 2015 carpetbaggers
like Andy Burnham, Liz Kendall, Harriet Harman
and Yvette Cooper that by all possible means
fair or foul should summarily be booted
out of the Labour Party! We want a Labour
Movement for the working masses; not
a Zionist Tory Nazi one of fat cats
and thoroughly repellent,
recidivist paedophilic
and privileged,
venal, lazy

© Stanley V. Collymore
22 July 2015

Author’s unapologetically and frank comments:
If the rightwing, fascist, Nazi, Labtory and dim-witted morons within our public who disingenuously at best and invariably fraudulently claim that it’s alright the Labour Party having principles, which we know are anathema to these purblind cunts, but those principles don’t win elections, then why should a proper Labour Party prostitute itself by winning elections and then with the likes of those who have usurped it not do anything for the very people, the working masses, that elected it to government to look after their interests but instead self-interestedly see and have the likes of Harriet Harman and all her fucking front bench Labtory interlopers and utterly brain-dead twats like Liz Kendall link up with the Nazi Tories – that they’re essentially at heart part of – to impose unwarranted austerity on the poorest within our communities while giving massive tax breaks to the wealthiest in our society and bailouts to those who fucked us up economically in the first place, like the banksters?

That makes as much sense to me as some pathetic blighter marrying a serial, most odious and grasping gold-digging hooker, jeopardizing his bought and paid for home and other hard earned assets in the process because he gets this recurring and massive hard on and thinks he needs an urgent fuck and that’s the only way he idiotically assumes he can get one; yet knowing perfectly well that this gold-digger will assiduously bleed him for everything he has and leave him high and dry when she’s got everything she wanted.

And isn’t this what everyone of these Labtories from mass murderers Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Miliband to the current conspiratorial with the Tories ones, like Harriet Harman, Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and the utterly vile Liz Kendall - who should all with hindsight have been suffocated at birth - are doing to you? Let’s face facts; they’re shagging you good and proper!

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