Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Further On (Up the Road) - Johnny Cash

Simply Peerless!

By Stanley Collymore

You are the epitome of selflessness, consummate
efficiency, exquisite charm, obvious intelligence
and the engaging embodiment of forbearance
pleasantly coupled with and appealingly
communicated in the full awareness
of what your designated and
embarked on duties are
and how best to professionally go about
and implement them; doing so with
the utmost proficiency, greatest
tolerance and a supremely
creative flexibility.

Innate qualities of yours that unfailingly and
satisfactorily generate in others a good-
natured and enduring reciprocity,
which stemming from you and
on your part is most skilfully, dexterously,
markedly and crucially, but noticeably
rather sociably as well, executed
with the utmost proficiency
that clearly and positively
stems directly from a
and caring

Undeniably then, and appreciatively and unvaryingly
so, you are unmistakably in a diversity of ways a
truly delightful and fabulous lady whose positive
features aren’t just limited to or merely focused on
functioning as a necessary incentive or stimulus
to professionally reassuring library patrons on
the one hand or on the other serving as the
conducive informative and or edifying
enlightenment of those that seek out
your guidance for whatever reason;
for in your own right you are
without any reservation a
genuinely fascinating
and conspicuously

© Stanley V. Collymore
27 July 2015

Author’s Remarks:
Throughout Britain, and England in particular, the standard of education and literacy is falling alarmingly courtesy of the persistent dumbing down of the so-called educational system over a period of decades now, and libraries that should in essence be playing an instrumental role in reversing this trend and even preventing it in the first place are themselves part of the problem; with most library staff across England either not having a clue or simply refusing to even care about what libraries were initially created for.

Thankfully in these barren desserts of despondency one can and does occasionally come across an oasis of traditional values that fervently triggers and even optimistically sustains the eternal hope that everything isn’t irrevocably lost. This poem was motivated by and specifically written for the figurative guardian of one such oasis of hope; and to whom I appreciatively confer my deepest gratitude.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Radicalization doesn’t only have demerits; good is a salient part of it too!

By Stanley Collymore

The evil that men do lives after them the good is oft interred with
their bones. How true and prophetically apt in the case of the
evil assemblage and loathsome bunch of Labtory charlatans
and carpetbaggers who’ve conspiratorially infiltrated and
collaboratively for their own obsessively selfish, self-
centredly and grasping Zionist inspired financial
ends and mass murderingly executed and
handsomely profited from ill-gotten
gains concertedly usurped the
Labour Party. And who despite their comprehensively
reprehensible and mind bogglingly sickening behaviour,
still from their staunchly ensconced and hopelessly
out of touch virtual reality tower of pernicious
double standards and deep rooted hypocrisy that to
all sensible and intelligent persons everywhere
and who’re firmly in control of their own
individually functioning brain between
their ears well know is nothing but
ludicrous sanctimoniousness.

Yet in spite of that these hoodwinkers – past and present
and uniformly similar: Tony Blair, his trying shadow,
Gordon Brown and both of them coldblooded
mass murderers; Margaret Beckett, a self
confessed moron but who markedly
and mendaciously in her forced confession failed
to admit that yes she is precisely that but for all
the wrong reasons. David Miliband, him of
reinforced Diego Garcian Chagossian
ethnic cleansing ignominy; vile Liz
Kendall with more testosterone
embedded in her warped torso than
would ever be found in her effete,
theoretically biologically male,
and House of Commons
opposition front bench
and similarly inept

Yvette Cooper the typical doltish bonehead, and Andy
Burnham the unfailing space cadet dead from the
waist upwards – each and every one of them
individually and collectively carrying on
regardless not only to declare but also
delusionally and aggressively assert
what an outstandingly propitious
asset their Labtory presence within the Labour Party
has been and what a Heaven sent blessing it has
beneficially conferred not just on Labour
Party members generally but also the entire
United Kingdom specifically. Well I adamantly
beg to disagree and most earnestly wish it wasn’t only
your evil legacies we shall have to contend with but
that some from among the UK regime’s recruited,
trained, financed, equipped and both actively
and logistically supported Jihadist Useful
Idiot Terrorists will quite soon and in
the process very advantageously
oblige all of us peace loving
citizenry with the immense
pleasure of finally and
fittingly able at our
total leisure to read
your collective

© Stanley V. Collymore
24 July 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
It’s high time to uncompromisingly cull by whatever means, fair or foul, the Labour Party we love of its iniquitous, perfidious and loathsomely pernicious, interloping and usurping Labtory elements that have rabidly infiltrated it; and why it is that I unambiguously back any move that will effectively do just that. #Ignominious oblivion to the Labtory morons! I say.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Reclaim the traditional Labour Party and reverse its usurpation!

By Stanley Collymore

How was it possible; and how could it really have come to this
that a political party whose inspirational and indomitable
Founding Fathers and doughty Mothers were the
Tolpuddle Martyrs, the courageous Suffragettes, the
Women’s Social and Political Union and the embryonic
movements of the working class unions that ethically
and from a gnawing sense of social injustice compounded by
a natural instinct and an indispensable everyday need for survival
altruistically put the general welfare and collective good of the
average British citizen before their own personal interests
and resolutely pitted these fundamental necessities
against the poisonous and pernicious greed,
narcissistic arrogance and entrenched
classism of the decadent and always
wanting something for nothing privileged classes within the
country not known for getting off their incestuously bred
asses to do a proper day’s work, wouldn’t know how
to begin and sickeningly don’t care, as they’re quite
consciously aware they indubitably have the
plebeians, as they see and contemptuously
regard you, always at their beck and call
to do for them whatever they desire,
while they aspire to carry on in
their expected, customary and unwarranted fashion – courtesy
of your longstanding and ongoing challenging legacy - to
copiously rake in and acquisitively hoard for themselves
and their kind the myriad benefits that financially and
societally they’ve accrued from you, the working
classes, exploitation. And there’s absolutely
nothing, either sensibly or intelligently, that can be
said in mitigation for the abhorrent behaviour of
treacherously loathsome Labtory infiltrators
and usurpers, past and present, of this great party
and movement: conspicuously in 2015 carpetbaggers
like Andy Burnham, Liz Kendall, Harriet Harman
and Yvette Cooper that by all possible means
fair or foul should summarily be booted
out of the Labour Party! We want a Labour
Movement for the working masses; not
a Zionist Tory Nazi one of fat cats
and thoroughly repellent,
recidivist paedophilic
and privileged,
venal, lazy

© Stanley V. Collymore
22 July 2015

Author’s unapologetically and frank comments:
If the rightwing, fascist, Nazi, Labtory and dim-witted morons within our public who disingenuously at best and invariably fraudulently claim that it’s alright the Labour Party having principles, which we know are anathema to these purblind cunts, but those principles don’t win elections, then why should a proper Labour Party prostitute itself by winning elections and then with the likes of those who have usurped it not do anything for the very people, the working masses, that elected it to government to look after their interests but instead self-interestedly see and have the likes of Harriet Harman and all her fucking front bench Labtory interlopers and utterly brain-dead twats like Liz Kendall link up with the Nazi Tories – that they’re essentially at heart part of – to impose unwarranted austerity on the poorest within our communities while giving massive tax breaks to the wealthiest in our society and bailouts to those who fucked us up economically in the first place, like the banksters?

That makes as much sense to me as some pathetic blighter marrying a serial, most odious and grasping gold-digging hooker, jeopardizing his bought and paid for home and other hard earned assets in the process because he gets this recurring and massive hard on and thinks he needs an urgent fuck and that’s the only way he idiotically assumes he can get one; yet knowing perfectly well that this gold-digger will assiduously bleed him for everything he has and leave him high and dry when she’s got everything she wanted.

And isn’t this what everyone of these Labtories from mass murderers Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Miliband to the current conspiratorial with the Tories ones, like Harriet Harman, Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and the utterly vile Liz Kendall - who should all with hindsight have been suffocated at birth - are doing to you? Let’s face facts; they’re shagging you good and proper!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

I’d rather have one Leftist Jeremy Corbyn than 650 Zionist Nazi Paedophile MPs running Britain any day!

By Stanley Collymore

Incredibly these Nazi Labtories are the very elements of whatever sub-species of creatures you may wish to label them as that have infiltrated, usurped and manifestly brought into discernible disrepute what was traditionally the working peoples Labour Party, and have unquestionably done so for their own venal, narcissistic and deviously self-serving ends. Now we have them bizarrely and quite unbelievably, barefacedly lyingly claiming and what’s more furthermore unconvincingly publicly postulating that Jeremy Corbyn: who they’re absolutely petrified of because he conscionably represents and is actually everything they aren’t and could never be in a million light years is an existential threat not only to Britain but everyone in it.

And this incredibly of someone that undeniably and has always been an authentic member of the real Labour Party, what it genuinely represents and, furthermore, has himself always and productively endeavoured to courageously stand up for, as a committed demonstration of his cherished principles, the legitimate interests of the working classes, the terribly marginalized, not simply in our society but globally as well; the recurrently ignored who’re contemptuously treated as if they didn’t exist by the powers that be in the most reprehensible but unsurprising collusion between them and the West Minister Bubble Labtories, and most evidently what is observably witnessed every day of the week the politically and financially abused – at national and constituency level – across the length and breadth of our country. And amidst all this it’s the Jeremy Corbyns of this world and particularly within the appalling context of the United Kingdom who’re very consciously and most sickeningly aware of what’s intentionally going on.

That said this discernibly moralistically minded and good man, Jeremy Corbyn is nauseatingly viewed and fraudulently depicted by these sick sub-species that control both our country’s regime and the official opposition in parliament as something he isn’t. But when open-mindedly examined what else can one logically expect from completely repulsive, thoroughly twisted, profoundly perverse and perverted minds embedded – their favourite word and used ad nauseum in most respects by the likes of David Cameron and his minion Michael Fallon - in the visibly impenetrable skulls of these loathsome Zionist Labtories and their Tory Nazi Zionist accomplices and controllers? Both groups willingly entangled with their chillingly obsessive paedophilic propensity for innocent children.

The younger the better is their detestable mantra amidst their abusive practices in this ghastly regard attached with a perceptible penchant for public displays of self-righteous hypocrisy and stupefyingly mindboggling sanctimoniousness, that are themselves in turn reinforced with the fixed assumption by these agonizingly conspicuous nerds of their self-proclaimed and farcical delusional conviction in their exceptionalism, which they dimwittedly conclude automatically accords them carte blanche privileges in terms of governmental, civil service, police, other law enforcement and, of course, House of Commons licence to do with whomsoever they like and with impunity as well whatever they want, when and wherever they choose and to always and unchallenged get away with it.

How insulting and risibly farfetched then that these blithering and monstrously criminal jerks not only unwarrantably and perniciously set out to trash the reputation of Jeremy Corbyn but even have the audacity and temerity to say that if he democratically wins the leadership of the Labour Party they won’t work with him and will engineer a coup to replace him, boasting that they already have such scumbag scallywags in place to effectively do so; and says everything one needs to know I would have thought about these stinking Labtory fuckers: Andy Burnham, Liz Kendall, Yvette Cooper and the rest of their mob’s lack of commitment to the principles of true democracy! Do any of you allegedly “radicalized Brits” out there know the direct number of ISIS? Oh! Why didn’t I think? I can call up David Cameron or Michael Fallon and ask either of them for it; they’re sure to have it.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Jeremy Corbyn – Britain’s intrepid and timely Messiah!

By Stanley Collymore

A man of steadfast principles and motivationally the highest
integrity is Jeremy Corbyn if not exactly characteristically
and discernibly so of the vast majority of people he’s
been altruistically forced through unwarrantable
circumstances, lamentably, grotesquely and
intentionally prescribed and engineered
by the powers that be: our currently
Zionist-Nazi-Tory authorities and their closet allies
the treacherously fawning, feckless and corrupt
hierarchy of the “Labtory” usurpers and their
minion-kind who’ve fraudulently and
injuriously embedded themselves
within what used to be a
traditional and real Labour Party, to step
in, evaluate and help to reconstitute
an infinitely better and much
needed national political
and social situation.

One that intelligent and conscionable folk are patently
aware would incalculably, suitably and exemplarily
be commensurate with the genuine needs and
aspirations of ordinary working people and
their representative trade unions, while
vigorously expurgating the callously
predatory and venal demands of the bevy
of avaricious MPs, grasping banksters
and the plethora of multinational
corporations, all powerful and not at all shy in
purposely bleeding the rest of us dry, while
simultaneously, clandestinely and most
industriously salting away in Swiss
numbered bank accounts and
other notorious tax havens globally
the proceeds from their tax evasion and
gratuitous criminality; gratuitous I say,
but when seriously and objectively
examined is very much par for
the course with them and,
unfortunately, rather despicably
and characteristically is very
much too a salient part of
their physiological
and cultural

So it’s high time to courageously grab the proverbial bull
by the horns, purposely and sensibly take a long hard
look at our country, and with undivided resolution
boldly entrust the control of the Labour Party,
the keys to No.10 Downing Street and the
proper governance of our fractured and
unequal nation to the one person with
the wherewithal, well thought out
and practical responses to what
urgently has to and will skilfully,
conscientiously, dependably
and decisively be done by
him managing at the
helm, the peerless
Jeremy Corbyn!

© Stanley V. Collymore
18 July 2015.

Author’s comments:
They crucified Jesus Christ too, don’t forget; the sanctimonious Pharisees and establishment political elite together with their staunch allies in public malfeasance, the clique of eponymous temple money changers, the equivalent then of today’s City of London, Wall Street, IMF, Frankfurt bankers, corrupt politicians and their financial puppet masters the multinational corporations. Principally and directly responsible through their immense financial power and political influence for either effectively buying or economically compromising crucial elements within the local population that on being recruited by their sinister paymasters with their vested interest agendas very much intact and resolutely committed to retaining and reinforcing the status quo, were then cynically and manipulatively used through a superfluity of artifices, intrigues, deliberate misrepresentations, falsification of facts, untruths and knowingly downright lies and malicious propaganda, to name just a few of these conspiratorial devices, to intentionally and concertedly create a divisive environment of uncertainty, fear, mistrust, distrust, antipathy and even outright hatred within the wider community itself and at large by those hired and delegated to do so, and with the sole beneficiaries from this deliberately engineered, highly disruptive, utterly misleading and societal insurgency being the said progenitors of this same unwarrantable insurgency.

We know what happened to Jesus Christ who was subsequently proved to be absolutely right about everything he openly said, stood for and ethically represented; and demonstrably in excess of two millennia years after the public lynching he distressingly endured and itself quite visibly characterized by his sadistic crucifixion and ignominious death, has notably inspired countless generations of people globally to fully embrace and earnestly endeavour to live their own lives accordingly as he did.

Now I don’t expect the purblind idiots and obtuse morons at the Daily Telegraph, their equally evil co-conspiratorial and sleazily decadent counterparts among the British Establishment, Zionist-Tory-Nazis, “Labtories”, self-serving snouts in the troughs MPs; their string pulling and diligent puppet masters among the coterie of crooked bankers and the domineeringly influential multinational corporations or their fellow travellers among the multitude of manipulatively conned and cynically exploited Useful Idiots at large in our population to openly, anyway, plan and orchestrate the assassination of Jeremy Corbyn much as they would love to, since he’s steadfastly and transparently anathema to everything they stand for or are cruelly duped into believing that they do.

So what we have instead is them lyingly, pretentiously and downright dishonestly pretending that they’re acting in the best interests of Britain and its people – interpret that to mean their own abhorrent self-interests – while aggressively doing everything in their power to maliciously orchestrate a national campaign of calumny against Jeremy Corbyn, that from the core of their utterly sick and twisted minds endeavours to paint him not only in the worst possible light that they can but also and absolutely ridiculously from any factual perspective that one can sensibly envisage and ironically so in that skewed process of theirs as well, since they’re the ones who’re the real threat to and the entrenched enemies of an authentically democratic UK - as a major existential treat to Britain and everyone who resides in it. Believe that load of crap at your peril!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Legalize Fox Hunting; why not Paedophilia too? Since they’re both backed by the same influential people!

By Stanley Collymore

In the acrimonious and rather imbecilic squabble currently going on about the re-introduction of fox hunting in England and Wales and with both sides engaged in what can best be described as tiresome, bizarre and pontificating acts of one-upmanship while at the same time passing off their personal diatribe as informed debate – which it most certainly isn’t - this is what G. Addison, no gender specified, via Facebook had to say on the matter blithely utilizing the same old tired, lame and utterly discredited argument to substantiate their position: “Fox hunting is an integral part of rural communities. It brings in money and employment to countryside economies. I’m not a fox hunter but I live in rural England and see what benefits it [fox hunting] brings to small towns.”

Let me put forward an equally facetious at best, ludicrous at its most extreme counter-argument to your rank stupidity G.Addison. Paedophilia, just like fox hunting, is similarly dearly loved by the British Establishment, huge numbers of parliamentarians in both houses of parliament, those with their rural mansions, estates and high-status country seats as well as the plethora of plebeians like yourself that fawningly idolize such scumbags. And we’re well aware how attached the latter are to their loathsome pastime never mind the enduring trauma that their insufferable abuse causes to their innocent victims.

So analytically scrutinizing your proposition that fox hunting should continue because there are a sub-species of supposedly Homo sapiens out there that derive sadistic pleasure from murdering in the most barbaric fashion a species of animal that was here on earth long before human beings ever were, absurdly consider it as a sport and make money for themselves and others as a consequence of their malevolent activities associated with it, why don’t you transfer, G. Addison that same and utterly sick rationale to paedophilia per say?

We could employ the same MPs and other parliamentarians in the House of Lords to draw up the required legislation – firmly bearing in mind that several of them are lawyers – have the intensely in favour regime of David Cameron enact the requisite laws and, hey presto, paedophilia would in a jiffy become accepted law and practice in our country. Additionally, these pillars of our society and communities could even propose and have instituted Paedophilia Exclusive and Financial Tax Breaks Zones where those with a propensity for and actively involved in what would undoubtedly cease from being a clandestinely engaged in black-market enterprise and excitedly become for all concerned, and not forgetting George Osborne and the national exchequer as well, an enormously profitable commercial venture also, with all the manifest financial benefits for Britain’s economy, its balance of payments situation, GDP and even the eradication of austerity altogether.

A win-win-situation particularly for those who instinctively and always put profits before probity every time; and with the UK’s national school curriculum expectedly and imaginatively revamped to beneficially inform the nation’s children of the money-making prospects to be advantageously gained from wholeheartedly embracing paedophilia. And who knows G. Addison you might even be able to pleasurably persuade your children and grandchildren to actively take part in this brave new world of Britannia that, given time, you could fondly look back on and sickeningly judge as you and others do with fox hunting as a salient, essential and traditional part of British heritage.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

[63] FBI’s Fear Machine, NYT Body Shames Serena Williams

The Killers In Our Midst!

By Stanley Collymore

Automatic rifle fire methodically and deadly rakes semi-naked and exclusively pink-coloured bodies casually laced across a Sousse, Tunisian beach while previously their owners, in the customarily contrived process of doing so, were cheerfully aspiring to temporarily become brown: the permanent and natural skin colour to those for whom it’s a constituent part of their DNA and ethnic make-up; but, all the same, generally and contemptuously much despised, as well as openly derided at home by the vast majority of these same white holidaymakers that were then consciously, and most ironically so, earnestly endeavouring to acquire this self-same bodily pigmentation while vacationing abroad. Conclusive proof, as they saw it, to tawdrily exhibit, by those involved in this intentional and vainglorious act of planned ostentation on their eventual return home, that in the current environment of inflexibly enforced financial austerity they’d nevertheless, in reality and quite affordably so, successfully managed to visit and pleasurably frolic in warmer climes.

The time-honoured and snobbish sport of one-upmanship that alas for them was over and won’t be happening this time, as death would cruelly and mockingly intervene to silence forever their intended and evidently childishly self-obsessed brag on returning home again; their prearranged demise – damnably and forthrightly elicited through the auspices of earnestly recruited and wholly compliant, Islamist Tunisian and embarrassingly expendable useful idiots – the unreserved aspiration and unflinching resolution of these British victims own country, the United Kingdom and signally as well their “democratically elected” Tory government’s – robustly but diligently clandestinely circumscribed support by the Labour Party’s similarly warmongering hierarchy and stooge MPs in the House of Commons - sardonically unrestrained, absolutely devilish, Zionist instigated and dogmatically politically motivated false flag operation!

It’s mistakenly and widely believed that false flags are the invention of the United States of America and are used exclusively by that country and its bête noir, enfant terrible Zionist-apartheid Israel and that the lilywhite hands of the United Kingdom would never be involved in such evil atrocities. Well nothing could be further from the truth; for let’s not forget that our precious Britain: the once all-domineering and globally dominating imperialistic entity with an Empire on which it was boastfully said by its class-indoctrinated rulers and their equally class-ridden subjects that the sun would never set – a delusional belief that significant numbers of both these two groups of imbeciles even in 2015, and what’s the embodiment of a supposedly whole new century let’s not forget, still asininely and tenaciously cling on to and in a warped and delusional sense gain comfort from; and demonstrably accounts as the principal reason for them and the UK’s authorities, across the board, fawningly choosing to voluntarily, continually and eagerly shove their heads up the backside of the relatively new but conspicuously bad boy on the block and crucially for them English speaking American Empire.

But even if one were to temporarily put that obsequiousness aside, let’s also remember that what became the United States of America but were previously British colonies, as indeed what’s now Israel but was Palestine at the time were both ruled and effectively controlled by the United Kingdom itself. And consequently in life and with all progenies it’s not the least surprising that offspring do emulate the habits – good and bad – of their parents or guardians. And trust me Britain has a lot to answer for and likewise to be ashamed of even in 2015; and false flags: that it habitually indulges in, are just one murderous component of this iniquitous equation that is so indicative of my country! For candidly and analytically ask yourself, who benefits overall, not just politically and financially, from what intentionally isn’t but honestly needs to be said?

Guantanamo’s dark secrets & the end of the Empire

Going Underground: John Pilger talks Gaza, Ukraine

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Quod Erat Demonstrandum Et Cui Bono?

By Stanley Collymore

Automatic rifle fire methodically and deadly rakes semi-naked and
exclusively pink-coloured bodies casually laced across a Sousse,
Tunisian beach while earlier their owners, in the customarily
contrived process of doing so, were cheerfully aspiring
to temporarily become brown: the permanent and
natural skin colour to those for whom it’s a
constituent part of their DNA and ethnic
make-up; but, all the same, generally and
contemptuously much despised as well as openly
derided at home by the vast majority of these
same white holidaymakers that were then
consciously, and most ironically so,
earnestly endeavouring to
acquire this self-same bodily
pigmentation while
vacationing abroad. Conclusive proof, as they saw it, to tawdrily
exhibit by those involved in this intentional and vainglorious
act of planned ostentation on their eventual return home,
that in the current environment of inflexibly enforced
financial austerity they’d nevertheless, in reality
and quite affordably, managed to visit and
pleasurably frolic in warmer climes.

The time-honoured and snotty sport of one-upmanship
that alas for them was over and won’t be happening
this time, as death would cruelly and mockingly
intervene to silence forever their intended
and evidently childishly self-obsessed
brag on returning home again;
their prearranged demise –
damnably and forthrightly elicited through the
auspices of recruited and wholly compliant,
Islamist Tunisian and expendable
useful idiots – the unreserved wish and
unflinching resolution of their own
country, the United Kingdom
and signally as well their
democratically elected
Tory government’s -
clandestinely assisted by the Labour Party’s
equally warmongering hierarchy in the
House of Commons - sardonically
unrestrained, devilish, Zionist
instigated and politically
motivated false flag

© Stanley V. Collymore
11 July 2015.

Author’s remarks:
It’s mistakenly and widely believed that false flags are the invention of the United States of America and are used exclusively by that country and its bête noir, enfant terrible Israel and that the lilywhite hands of the United Kingdom would never be involved in such evil atrocities. Well nothing could be further from the truth; for let’s not forget that our precious Britain: the once all-domineering and globally dominating imperialistic entity with an Empire on which it was boastfully said by its class-indoctrinated rulers and their equally class-ridden subjects that the sun would never set – a delusional belief that significant numbers of both these two groups of imbeciles even in 2015, and what’s the embodiment of a whole new century, still tenaciously cling on to and the principal reason why they and the UK’s authorities, across the board, have fawningly chosen to voluntarily, continually and eagerly shove their heads up the backside of the relatively new, evidently bad boy on the block, and English speaking American Empire.

But even if one were to temporarily put that aside, let’s also remember that what became the United States of America but were previously British colonies, as indeed what’s now Israel but was Palestine at the time were both ruled and effectively controlled by Britain itself. And therefore as in life and with all progenies it’s not in the least surprising that offspring do emulate the habits – good and bad – of their parents or guardians. And trust me Britain has a lot to answer for and likewise to be ashamed of even in 2015; and false flags are just a miniscule part of this iniquitous equation indicative of my country!

Thursday, 9 July 2015

My sincere pledge to you having intensely fallen in love with you!

By Stanley Collymore

You positively mean everything in the world to me
and always will do, I honestly and most assuredly
promise you; and, what’s more, readily, openly
and willingly confirm that from my personal
perspective there’s absolutely nothing,
either singly or jointly, in either or
both of our two lives that could
conceivably or will ever change
anything in that respect. The net asset of
all this being that we shall continue
and forever, whether in sickness,
health, poverty or the unlikely
acquisition of wealth, still
affectionately, loyally
and, of course, most
adoringly have
each other.

© Stanley V. Collymore
9 July 2015.

Author’s remarks:
If love does indeed make the world go around then there’s every possibility that respecting, promoting and consolidating it in every sphere of our lives might in the same way conceivably ensure the survival not only of mankind, the other creatures that similarly dwell on this planet which we reciprocally share but also Planet Earth itself. Food for thought, I’d say! What do you think?

Full Show 7/7/15: Hillary Getting Nervous As Bernie’s Crowds

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The orchestrated pomp and ceremony for the victims of their criminality by calculating political mass murderers!

By Stanley Collymore

Zionist-apartheid-Israel routinely uses chemical, other Geneva Conventions and UN internationally proscribed armaments and weapons of mass destruction against the Palestinians and not a squeak of criticism let alone any condemnation of Israel’s actions are ever heard coming from David Cameron, his Tory and other like-minded British parliamentary ilk or their fervent and complicit in war crimes and crimes against humanity allies in the United States, NATO, the other member states of the EU of which Britain is a significant part. The same situation, in relation to internationally banned weapons, similarly pertains to Bantu Saudi and its UK and other white western backed illegal wars against the sovereign state of Yemen and its massacre of Yemeni civilians.

However, when the said Zionist-apartheid-Israel lyingly, maliciously and propagandistically in a state of prevalent paranoia deceitfully, belligerently and most stridently puts it about that Syria’s President Assad is systematically using chemical weapons against sections of his Syrian populace, an insidious Israeli lie that has categorically, consistently and reliably been absolutely debunked but none the less is still by this interloping rogue entity of purloining Europeans circulated in the same way that Israeli lies of the past have always been and two of them in recent times noticeably were, that Iraq’s Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction which he intended to use against western countries and of course Israel itself, and also that the Islamic Republic of Iran is a major existential threat to Israel and correspondingly to world peace; the same barbaric, completely idiotic, immeasurably hypocritical and double-standards nutcases of whatever harebrained, rightwing political persuasion they are but all the same blissfully ensconced in the UK’s regime at that specific time, a tradition that David Cameron as the incumbent Prime Minister in 2015 is resolutely and enthusiastically signed up to, are always ready and eager to take the pathologically lying and ruling clique in Zionist-apartheid-Israel at their word.

Furthermore, these senseless “Useful Idiots” and obsequious political Brits have no problem at all or any reluctance, come to that, in hurriedly and noticeably unquestioningly acting as they did in Iraq’s case – where incidentally no WMDs were ever found because there were none there in the first place but because of this premeditated, illegitimate and scurrilous war against and the subsequent invasion of the sovereign state of Iraq, and a member of the United Nations that hadn’t authorized this evil and dastardly escapade, over one million, innocent civilian Iraqis lost their lives, 10 millions more would find themselves collectively internally and externally displaced while Iraq itself quite catastrophically, as a direct outcome of the conspicuously murderous activities that were cold-bloodedly embarked on against it by the United States, Britain and their western partners in this demonstrably sadistic criminal involvement, both perilously and precipitously descended into a completely fractured society in which it still languishes to this day where western created and supported terrorists prolifically thrive.

There were of course no terrorists in Iraq when Saddam Hussein was in power, but now they were not only there but moreover were running riot throughout the entirety of Iraq’s community. Yet despite all the awareness and fully documented evidence of this we nevertheless have David Cameron wanting to bomb the living daylights out of President Assad’s secular Syria as he was most discernibly a principal participant in doing relative to his murderous and war crimes assault on the state of Libya, deliberately creating as he determinedly intended a failed state and one that he also manifestly envisaged would be that much easier to plunder of its enormous and distinctly profitable natural resources – just as his and his wife Samantha’s direct families did throughout the epoch of Caribbean Slavery when the lucrative resources for them then were trading in and ruthlessly exploiting Black lives - and being the dedicated Zionist that he, David Cameron is pleasurably placating the Zionist rogue entity called Israel, while at the same time using his position as Prime Minister of Britain to ensure that that Yiddish, of which he is biologically one of them, entity remains the sole bully on the Middle Eastern block and the Animal Farm attack dog for the US, UK, NATO and the other white western  members of this criminal clique.

What happened in Tunisia, a country that I know quite intimately, was always going to be the obvious outcome someplace in the Middle East taking into consideration the previous and longstanding foreign policy escapades and track record of the United Kingdom and the west, still very much an inimical and ongoing decidedly immoral and distinctly murderous adventure on their part. ISIS, let’s get real, didn’t just materialize out of thin air or just spring out from nowhere, but quite frankly was diligently created, trained, armed, funded and substantially provided with functional logistics by Britain – even before the pre-planned purported “civil war” openly broke out in Syria and where two years before it did the SAS was already in that country at the behest of the UK regime and Ministry of Defence fomenting disarray and insurgency – other EU member states, the US, NATO and the perfidiously dictatorial and barbaric medieval satrapies of the west in the Persian Gulf region, in combination with the fervent assistance of Zionist-apartheid-Israel and Egypt, which as many of you might know in the latter’s case is the second largest recipient of billions of US taxpayers’ dollars in bribes to keep it onside and in the west’s orbit, as well very expensive and state of the art military hardware for the same purpose.

But all this momentarily put aside what the west, as determined principally by the United States and its white European stooge states, and most perceptibly in that latter grouping comes the United Kingdom, is complete hegemonic control of the Middle East region and North Africa with their considerable and extraordinarily financially rewarding natural resources; and although the oft-repeated mantra of human rights, democracy and all the rest of it are usually, hypocritically and with bald-faced double standards sickeningly used by every UK regime and Prime Minister, and that includes David Cameron, for their own insidious ends and evil objectives the observant among us are well aware that neither individually nor collectively these particularly odious specimens of humanity couldn’t and certainly don’t care two hoots about the local people who they publicly profess to care for, and significantly the locals are very aware of that and don’t buy into their patronizing rhetoric or cynical propaganda.

Therefore anything that will advance their cause these western countries avidly employ; they did it in Afghanistan with al-Qaida, using the Arab terrorist group they created and was comprised principally of citizens from Bantu Saudi to operate as their “Useful Idiots” against the Soviet Union that had been invited into neighbouring Afghanistan by the government there. Same horse effect with different riders this time the west, predominantly the United States, used the same murderous script in the Caribbean, Central and South America; in several countries - habitually the Francophone ones - in Africa, the Far East and once again in the Middle East with interchanging  and interchangeable groups of terrorists.

And while the west might be giving the evidently false impression, as it clearly is, to the demonstrably unintelligent within its own domestic constituencies that it’s really fighting ISIS and doing so to wipe out terrorism per se, I urge you to think carefully and ask yourself how come, if that’s really the case, that the United States of America and Britain both of them working collectively with the world’s most formidable terrorist group, NATO armed to the teeth with every type of state of the art weaponry can’t defeat a mere minion like ISIS? The disconcerting answer and unpalpable truth if you actually want to hear it, is because they don’t want to destroy ISIS which is their secret agent employed by the west to cold-bloodedly carry out its bidding, that conventional western armed forces, whose political regimes and military top brass sensitive to the sensibilities of their white domestic constituencies and anyway personally, and oh so disingenuously, parading themselves globally as the epitome of everything that encompasses morality, decency and doing what’s right, couldn’t be seen to be openly doing. So that’s where terrorist organizations like ISIS usefully and effectively come into play. No different from MI5, MI6 or the American CIA carrying out covert subversive activities but their respective organizational bosses forcefully reminding them that if caught that organization will deny all knowledge of them or their activities. Similarly the west can “plausibly” deny that it has anything to do with ISIS or the other terrorist groups that it uses while energetically carrying on business as usual. And you know what they say: say something often and loudly enough and those who listen to you will ultimately believe you no matter how insidious your lies are.

And as a rider to all this just ask yourself as well why is it that neither the blood-thirsty ISIS nor any of these other terrorist groups, which predominantly are manifestly Arabic in composition, never think of or to all intents and purposes ever seriously contemplate on attacking or even waging sporadic terrorist acts against Zionist-apartheid-Israel: the sworn enemy and liquidator of the Palestinian people, but all the same the conspicuously cherished enfant terrible and perfidious bête noire of the United States and its white European stooges. How are you doing; managing to catch up on all of this so far? For you see what you’re told by your politicians and routinely see on your cable television screens are just mirages in effect, all of it very carefully scripted and sadistically orchestrated for your benefit and, of course, to continuously deceive you; and all of it the indefatigable and assiduously carried out combined work of western and Zionist-apartheid-Israeli players against the rather disquieting backdrop of their damnably sinister but even so very effective propaganda campaigns. And while you’re likely engaged in musing over why it is that ISIS doesn’t assault Zionist-apartheid-Israel or perpetrate terrorist attacks against it or, for that matter, even genuine western interests in the Middle East, ask yourself too where ISIS got all its of savvy public relations in combination with its quite discernibly state of the art propagandistic trappings and enormously effective communications savoir faire – in themselves not indistinguishable from those intimately linked to and extensively used by Zionist-apartheid-Israel and the United States of America – from?

The only entities genuinely fighting ISIS are President Assad’s secular Syrian state, Iran and Hebollah. So honestly answer this one and see if either the question or the answer itself makes any sense at all to you. If David Cameron and the rest of them as they say they do genuinely want to defeat ISIS why the hell then do they garrulously, publicly and most discernibly so in vilification terms talk about and also wish for the destruction of the very forces fighting against ISIS? That to my mind would be analogous to the Soviet Union during World War II claiming it wanted to destroy Nazism and Fascism in Europe but rather than concentrating its maximum military might against Nazi Germany the primary source of the problem in relation to what it said it was fighting against the USSR instead of its own free will and irresponsibly in the process decided to vigorously pursue a spurious war of its own against Britain, the then British Empire forces engaged in World War II and even the belated entrant to that war, the USA. Nothing, even remotely on those lines, by the Soviet Union would make the slightest sense to anybody with even a solitary functioning brain cell in their head. Yet we have the British Prime Minister David Cameron telling tells us that his priority is to permanently rid Britain and the rest of the world of ISIS and its poisonous evil; yet in what’s an illustrative and entirely indisputable example of his demented stupidity doing exactly what wouldn’t have made any sense in my hypothetical World War II situation and most certainly still doesn’t in 2015 or at any other time or situation whether in the past, present or the future.

But there are, of course, marked and considerable differences between lying and intentional hubristic rhetoric and premeditatedly considered and actual reality; and while there’s a lot of the former coming out of the garrulous mouths of David Cameron and his Machiavellian ilk there are patently no specific plans envisaged by them, as that’s not their real agenda, to seriously deal with ISIS let alone undertake to defeat it, any more than the identical scumbags that David Cameron and his fellow parliamentarians in the House of Commons who’re themselves perceptibly well-established in the Zionist-Nazi-Fascist-Far-right spectrum of British politics would unexpectedly and committedly associate themselves with the decades old and totally justified struggles of the Palestinian people to get their homes and ancestral indigenous homeland rightfully back into their own hands and away from the interloping, Caucasian Europeans that violently and barbarically stole these precious assets of theirs from them and continue in the most sadistic of manner to unlawfully and murderously hang on to them. Such an atypical volte face on the part of David Cameron, his fellow colluders and their joint minions won’t ever happen in a million light years and it’s equally a safe bet that any necessary and concerted plan(s) to wipe out ISIS by these pathological liars won’t happen either; and not least so because ISIS is their baby, which they calculatedly conceived and willingly gave birth to, and which moreover as their Frankenstein monster readily obeys their every directive and - in expected approved fiendish fashion to create the maximum impact and thus coral a systematically manipulatively engineered and controlled western public totally petrified by what its dishonest political leaders tell it and additionally shit sacred of its own shadows – sadistically execute. So there’s no war - determined or otherwise - against terrorism as these two-faced politicians, the western media as their embedded mouthpieces or the rest of the corporate multinational corporations with their distinctly vested and global financial interests and who benefit immensely from this ongoing charade, would lyingly have you believe that has been in progress, is actually going on or which they’re resolutely determined to instigate against ISIS!

But from my personal perspective you’re perfectly at liberty to fully embrace, accept and even adopt the fallacies and downright lies of David Cameron and the rest of them, for as I obviously perceive it, and would cheerfully hazard everything in the world I own as reinforcement of my hypothesis, David Cameron, like all the other white supremacists not only in the UK, the rest of Europe, Ireland and also across the Atlantic and stretching right the way down to the Antipodes in Australia and New Zealand, and who unquestionably but similarly delusionally see themselves as members of the so-called white “Master Race” and vehemently claim to demand “perfection” in everything including the genetics of their offspring because that’s what Master-Racism physically and psychologically represents, would most certainly I truly believe in David Cameron’s case, if he could have gotten away with it, see him more seriously inclined and even severely tempted to physically dispose of his late disabled son than he would ever be personally inclined to let alone, for that matter, realistically desire to liquidate ISIS. Mafiosi gangsters don’t irrationally much less so altruistically, whatever the circumstances, foolishly get rid, either on a caprice or fleeting fancy of theirs, their harrying and indispensible killers, so why then should David Cameron wearing the identical Mafioso T-shirt freely select to dispose of his very own useful murdering henchmen in ISIS or that organization itself? It’d be extremely illogical to so, don’ you agree? And in that specific regard, let alone everything else, David Cameron’s lying pledge to the contrary is nothing more than a manipulative and devious con artist’s trick to dupe you that he, moreover, quite confidently feels he’ll be able to do, while simultaneously having you literally eating out of the palms of his hands.

The archetypical fraudulent patriots – David Cameron and his hateful ilk – forever prepared to defend England and perhaps the rest of Britain to the last drop of somebody else’s blood: never their own, that of their close kith and kin or cherished friends; and unsurprisingly so since it’s conspicuously apparent to anyone who has eyes to see and is actually willing to do so that none of these definitively verminous specimens of humanity, who’re immensely hazardous not only to their own communities and countries but the world generally, have never worn in earnest a military uniform of their own country, habitually leaving this wholly deceptive ostentation of theirs to ceremonial displays, and it’s an absolute certainty too, I’ll wager, that they most definitely haven’t any pressing desire or plans to rectify that situation in the foreseeable future.

So unless you genuinely wish to revise your own craven conduct relative to these odious manipulators you might as well prepare yourself for and get used to the nauseous but inevitable realization that more whites will unquestionably be callously sacrificed on the very useful but nevertheless totally dishonest altar of waging war against terrorism. And with many millions of innocent non-whites having already been butchered by the British and their willing allies in crime the deaths of these non-whites obviously don’t evoke any kind of reaction that these mass murderers can spuriously use to their advantage since these deaths, whatever the ongoing number, don’t resonate in any meaningful way with your everyday white westerner; but the loss of white lives – well that’s a completely different kettle of fish. And how much better then for themselves than for our political control freaks to get their sadistic, blood-stained hands on absolute power and also keep them firmly there than by means of the cynical manipulation of the masses to unquestioningly surrender to them totally unsupervised control of the country’s political, economic and, of course, military affairs; the latter best carried out through the resolutely orchestrated deaths of white Caucasians: and the more British among these obligatory casualties the better - people who look like the masses themselves at home and with whom the latter can unhesitatingly and entirely empathize. And naturally, it’s all the more beneficial for these white, political mass murderers that the white casualties that untimely and brutally forfeited their lives whether in the London Underground or on a beach in Tunisia died at the hands of their “Useful Idiots” – since they can propagandistically not only make more political capital out of their instigated atrocities but also flamboyantly persevere with their infinitely lucrative war on terror; facts that they’ll never divulge to village idiots like yourselves. Will you Mr Cameron? As you and the likes of Tony Blair most sickeningly lay on your orchestrated remembrance charade.

Monday, 6 July 2015

The Gorilla in me? Thanks for reminding me Google. But you need not have bothered!

By Stanley Collymore

Gorillas are enormously intelligent primates; were on this planet we call Earth long before Homo sapiens, and are our distant ancestors. They’re also, if left completely alone, remarkably endearing and lovable beings that have developed intricate, sophisticated and highly functional communities and societies of their own.

So as a proud, practising and committedly self-respecting Blackman I’ve no problem whatsoever in being positively observed by others and accordingly identified by them with Gorillas at all; since demonstrably, realistically, scientifically and socially compared to the overwhelming majority of human beings of all races, and specifically those who refer to themselves as white Caucasians, Gorillas, in my opinion and estimation of them, are considerably superior in a multiplicity of ways to a significant majority of the aforementioned persons.

But even so anybody with just a solitary functioning brain cell in his or her head, if truly honest with themselves or objective in their analysis of what Google has knowingly done - for believe me that was no mistake - knows perfectly well from all of this that the highly positive comments which I’ve made above of Gorillas constitute in no way, neither then nor now, the official narrative nor the inclusive image or general perspective, for that matter, that those with Google either consciously intended or would ever have wished to globally convey; in fact the very opposite was and still very much is their determinedly premeditated, insensitively perverse, racially perfidious, profoundly pernicious and calculatingly deleterious perspective and proposition all along; and Google can go through all the ostentatious and affected contortions of “apologizing” as much as it likes or care to since such “apologies” as scrutinized by any prescient-minded and impartial observer are readily seen and quickly noted as contrived, counterfeit, made in pretence and therefore mean absolutely nothing at all as Google is undoubtedly aware but simply doesn’t care as Google’s objective has already been realized.

For to reiterate what I said earlier this was a premeditatedly constructed and intentionally universal, on a global scale, purposely conceived project and, accordingly, disseminated as such. Let’s get real here! Google aren’t amateurs in this business, and apart from being tremendously, technically PR savvy are equally cognizant of the fact that whether their actions are either openly or covertly approved of, or on the other hand genuinely condemned Google has nevertheless quite effectively managed, and extensively so, to get their intrinsically designed and intended all along message across to the multiplicity of racist nerds out there, who think like them or will be easily persuaded to, as a consequence of this dishonest ploy by a readily recognizable, frequently used and, arguably, the world’s foremost search engine, to become racist themselves - now officially perceived as unequivocally cool; and correspondingly reinforced and spread, this soul-warming concept for them but iniquitous to all sensible and intelligent people that Blacks unquestionably aren’t simply inferior beings but crucially too, according to those adversarial of all Black people, sub-human as well.

So please credit people like me: Black as I am or of whatever other colour or ethnicity that they are, with some astuteness Google and in my particular case don’t asininely attempt to shove shit down my unwilling throat with your lame and unconvincing mea culpa and furthermore seek in the cynical process of doing so to convince me that what you’re fraudulently dispensing is chocolate, as I’ll neither buy what you’re doing nor ever accept it for a solitary moment. For your appalling action Google wasn’t only shameless culpability of the worst sort there is and in its most extreme form it was also sadistically evil and deliberate. And while I really don’t want to or am I prepared to submerge myself in the depths to which you’ve noticeably plummeted Google, here’s a possible proposition you might care to examine and promulgate in the same way that you did in relation to Blacks and Gorillas.

Paedophilia is a blight among the white Caucasian race, and speaking principally as a Brit and in a country where it has reached epidemic proportions, if that wasn’t always the case, paedophilia has insidiously embroiled every strand of white Caucasian British society: from the Royals, the British Aristocracy, the white privileged Establishment, the media, the political classes at all levels, from Prime Ministers, Cabinet Ministers, MPs and other lawmakers in the House of Lords; government departments like the Ministry of Defence and the military top brass there; senior police and major law enforcement officers, so-called celebrities of all types, local councillors, magistrates, members of the legal profession, the judiciary, school teachers, next-door neighbours and right down to the ordinary bully on your average council estate; and interestingly enough paedophilia in Britain isn’t gender constrained, which means that white women as well as white males are embroiled in it; and I’ve only skimmed the surface of the enormous extent of this calamitously evil and sickening white Caucasian perversion.

So how about you Google producing an app, or else using one of your existing ones and doing so under the clear and unambiguous banner-headline of PAEDOPHILES draw on some of our very own white Caucasian British paedophiles – God knows there’s no shortage of them here in Britain – as examples of authentic and categorical representatives of what this repugnantly odious species, that should be labelled as such but with no reference at all of them even remotely acknowledged as Homo sapiens, but simply as a sub-species of creatures correctly categorized as paedophiles.

But, of course, you won’t be contemplating or doing any such thing Google, will you; for not only are you extremely embedded with our British paedophiles, equally as a major corporation and in a country where austerity is cold-bloody and inimically prescribed as a “cure” for the poor and those who can least afford these deliberately selective austerity measures, but these same paedophiles – the political wing of this abomination - permit you and other major foreign corporations operating in Britain to pay very little or no taxes; a concession not granted to ordinary, hard-working British workers struggling to make ends meet. So in those circumstances it would be rather stupid on your part Google for you to rather ungratefully bite the hand that feeds you; on which I think you and I, if on nothing else, can both agree!

In passing, you might care to know Google, that privileged and wealthy through marriage and the scourge of the British working class, Ian Duncan Smith: cabinet minister, an implacable supporter of austerity and who detectably and sadistically derives massive pleasure from depriving the most disadvantaged in this country of their benefits and appallingly even their council homes has most ironically recently had his parliamentary credit card suspended by the Commons watchdog IPSA for “misuse” of his expenses. Now IPSA won’t honestly state that’s the precise reason but I’m not afraid to say what they’ve intentionally omitted to confirm. White Caucasian Paedophiles, British Establishment figures, their stooges and Political thieves, they’re all the fucking same. Scumbags of the most loathsome kind!

Now that’s a genuine category of lowlife and sub-human creatures that the world would really want to know about! Wouldn’t you agree Google?

Saturday, 4 July 2015

The required culling of Texas senator Ted Cruz, other political jerks and their genetic offspring

By Stanley Collymore

The sensible, intelligent, objectively-minded and well informed members of the human family across the world already and assuredly know that the United States of America in a diversity of spheres relating to life there, but most especially so the political one, literally abounds to teeming point with a preponderance of slimebags, sewer rats and loathsome scumbags of the worst kind that one could find anywhere on Planet Earth, other than conceivably the Arab Bantustans of the Middle East and particularly those of the Persian Gulf region.

But every time there’s a faint hope that there could be the possibility of even a country like the United States having reached its apex in these regards, that hope is instantly and cruelly dashed by the emergence from their sewer pits of yet more of these absolutely feral, odious and detrital sub-human species of humanity - for lack of a better term to characterize them as there’s frankly and regrettably none at present to categorically and fittingly do so – and none more so than Texas senator Ted Cruz, who if there was really any semblance of universal justice in this world that we live in and with hindsight attached to that ought really to have entered, if needlessly at all, into this world stillborn or in the absence of that should have been put down at birth in the same manner that one would, without giving it a second thought, a rabid, useless and potentially dangerous dog.

For this palpably poor specimen of whatever actual species that he really belongs to – and I deeply suspect it’s not Homo sapiens the one that I and billions of other people globally belong to – most clearly has not benefited either the United States let alone the rest of the world in any way whatsoever, so far; and is demonstrably highly unlikely ever to do so, yet he’s allowed to breed and pass on his useless genes and DNA to future generations of his kind: like-minded and dim-witted nerds both in the psychological and physical senses, and which in my view is an insufferable travesty of justice.

I’m not a eugenicist, have never been one or would I ever want to be, since I wholeheartedly and most unapologetically believe in the diversity not only of the human race but also the various animal species that inhabit our Earth and many of whom have been here far longer than human beings were. But Ted Cruz is an altogether different matter as are his offspring, their own and others of their ilk and who in my honest evaluation of what they represent quite manifestly don’t or will they ever fit into any category of constructive or useful species of creatures – human or otherwise – that I could ever envisage; and forthrightly shouldn’t be here in this already overcrowded world of ours, from a human perspective, utilizing valuable space and in the process of being here additionally having our knowingly finite but very valuable resources squandered on them.

Winston Churchill, not by any stretch of the imagination a hero of mine and for a multiplicity of logical and prescient-minded reasons to support my irreversible stance, and who throughout his life was an implacably committed eugenicist, did however advocate one sagacious idea in his entire life and as expected from his undoubtedly privileged position in life which although firmly classed based - a concept that’s totally anathema to me – nevertheless jelled with what in the past I’ve always rationally felt and steadfastly still very much support.

And it revolves around the notion seriously suggested by Winston Churchill that those elements inside the UK’s population defined objectively as dim-witted, lame brained, unquestionably as village idiots and scientifically criminally disposed as well, as well as possessed of other markedly mental and social elements in their lives that were incompatible to the progressive administration of a genuinely civilized society, should effectively be culled by means of compulsory sterilization, social isolation and other pro-active measures that would stop them breeding among themselves and therefore producing more of their unwelcome kind and, of course, an absolute taboo, cohabiting with those among the privileged ranks of society, as Churchill considered himself and others like him to be, and accordingly regarded as members of the Master Race.

Principled measures Winston Churchill assertively felt, and I must say I agree with him, that would effectively create a society entirely in unison with itself and accordingly would sensibly harmonize and keep intact its fundamentally important biological, psychological and societal elements and ensured that these would permanently remain so; however through all this there would be legal provisions firmly in place to make absolutely sure there’d be at all times adequate numbers of the abovementioned sub-species of Homo sapiens kept alive to practicably service the everyday needs of the superior classes but like eunuchs they would quite understandably prescriptively be totally unable to unilaterally reproduce themselves, just like all the others of their lot before and after them, when their finite lives had run their useful course; just as they’d be incapable, either physically or socially, to contaminate the genetic pool of future generations of proper human beings entirely desirable and exclusively entitled to rule not only their respective country - England was where Winston Churchill meant - but also the rest of the world; in addition to the never-ending British Empire, of course.

I wouldn’t go that far but with no trouble surmise where Winton Churchill was coming from. Even so quite obviously and regrettably for many he didn’t realise his cherished dream but all the same did manage to raise a very valid point I think, that had it been addressed would most certainly have seen much of England and the rest of the UK significantly if not altogether permanently devoid of the very same types of people currently and noticeably inundating the length and breadth of Britain that Winston Churchill categorically didn’t want to see in his lifetime or have foisted on the UK in subsequent and distant years, but disappointingly is very much the case as is very evident in British society at all levels and across all classes in 2015.

A prevailing and utterly pervasive situation of a society, if one can call it that, violently committed it seems and with a devastatingly accursed and an irredeemable propensity to categorically continue breeding ever increasing numbers of its conspicuously odious, feral and destructive kind as is very transparent to all discerning observers whether they focus on those who revoltingly infest the cabinet room in No.10 Downing Street, the houses of parliament, the estates of the landed gentry, those of “hereditary” birth and right down to the apathetic residents of deprived council estates. It matters not in the least whom they are, as psychologically they’re all the same; their accumulative activities demonstrably and detrimentally affecting the very fabric of our overall society, the United Kingdom.

A disquieting state of affairs that’s not only perceptible across Britain but is equally so within the United States, the EU and throughout the entire spectra of what constitutes the so-called western, “civilized” world, but in essence relative to that last misnomer is a particularly sick joke. And that is why completely brain-dead jerks like Ted Cruz, just like cockroaches do in a cesspit or rats in a sewer, can survive and like the lowlife vermin that they perceptibly are even manage to prosper in the environments they create for themselves. But what additionally grabs me, relative to this western society in which the vast majority of these people continue to see themselves as the special ones and members of the Master Race, is that their contagiously corrupt DNA is not exclusively their own; not by any fanciful stretch of the imagination or reputable scientific data for that matter, which distinctly assert that it’s equally applicable to all races. Now how about that!

So to Ted Cruz and the plethora of other thick but narcissistic jerks in his country celebrating the Fourth of July and US exceptionalism as well as the overabundance of similarly brain-dead and thoroughly obsequious stooges on this side of the Atlantic, who’re doing the same, charitably from me, enjoy your day. Incidentally, I shall also be celebrating the Fourth of July 2015, but for entirely different and more sensible reasons; and not least so because it’s MY BIRTHDAY!