Friday, 15 May 2015

Tribute to a truly iconic figure and musical legend B.B. King

By Stanley Collymore

Tremendous thanks B.B. King for your massive contribution to Black music generally and the Blues in particular. And as you depart this world at the end of a very productive and thoroughly rewarding life and, additionally, from an earthly audience hugely grateful and affectionately appreciative for all the immense pleasure and creative entertainment you’ve recurrently brought us from that amazingly genius musical repertoire of yours, I’m absolutely certain that our sad loss will be a phenomenal gain for that truly fortunate, and deservingly so, Celestial audience awaiting your celebrated arrival into their midst in the next world and, in the process, doing so with immeasurable anticipation and enormous joy.

So God bless, Great one; eternal rest and peace to you! And, once again, my personal thanks to you together with my unremitting gratitude as well for everything you did and honourably represented in relation to this truly great race of ours to which you always proudly belonged, as well as the rest of human kind that recognized your genius and warmly took you into their hearts.

Finally, B.B. King, my deepest and sincerest condolences to your surviving family members, closest friends and work colleagues at this moment in time and in their quite understandable, and empathetically shared by the rest of us who loved you and always will, occasion of grief.

Farewell my Good Man, as Guardian Angels devotedly escort you to your Heavenly Home!

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