Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Muito Obrigado Fernanda!

By Stanley Collymore

To all those who already and gratefully know you as well
as others who’ve only just recently had the fortunate
pleasure of meeting you and were themselves
likewise and generously afforded that
selfsame opportunity of personally
getting to know you too, one
must truthfully say that in every conceivable way
you’re a most truly amazing person Fernanda;
and among your numerous and notably
praiseworthy characteristics deeply
embedded, it must be honestly
said, in this remarkably
impressive assemblage of highly commendable
acclamations spontaneously and quite deservingly
showered upon you and, significantly, not at
all in the very least difficult to understand
why or jointly find, that compassion,
selflessness and the instinctive and
caring attribute you possess for
helping others readily come
to mind. And for which I
personally would very
much like to sincerely
say: “Muito obrigado
minha querida

© Stanley V. Collymore
19 May 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
Many ordinary members of the general public would I imagine, comfortably concur that one of the greatest misnomers in contemporary English is the oft-used and exceedingly dishonest terminology Customer Service that in practical terms typically means very little at all or else takes no serious regard, either from an empathetic perspective or in any other sense for that matter, of customers as relevant people or their interests generally as important matters desirous of genuine concern let alone are earnestly regarded as issues demanding satisfactory conclusions to what sparked whatever unfortunate matter occurred in the first place; as well as nothing that in the remotest sense of the etymological definition of the term service has any direct bearing whatsoever or material relevance to that word.

States of affairs that ordinary shoppers and customers across our country, the UK, have rather stoically conditioned themselves to and, in the usual course of events, either unquestioningly or else left unchallenged tend to acknowledge.

So effectively to startlingly come across someone who is so entirely the opposite of all these things and, what’s more, is diametrically opposed herself to this appallingly flawed notion of Customer Service and in fact vigorously goes out of her way at every turn to remedy it is truthfully remarkable indeed, and consequently needs to be unreservedly celebrated. Hence this poem in appreciative tribute to one such individual doing her level best not only to buck what’s undeniably a tarnished system and authentically deliver what she’s actually employed to do, but is equally enthusiastically prepared to go that extra distance to ensure that even if the customer isn’t always right they nevertheless do have rights! And to that end: “Muito Obrigado Fernanda!” – Many Thanks Fernanda!

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