Saturday, 9 May 2015

Criminals by virtue of being Black!

By Stanley Collymore

To start with a four, five or six year old school child is NOT a student but a pupil! Student, as anyone with anything of note between their ears knows, is a terminology used principally for persons studying in tertiary, postgraduate, adult extracurricular education and, occasionally, the top end of secondary education; usually with sixth formers to differentiate between them and the other pupils at their school, as well as to give them a status above that of others in lower forms at that said school, and is NEVER a term normally or sensibly used either for primary age school children or those attending kindergarten, playschool or nursery for that matter.

And therefore the deliberate use of the term student in the cases of the 5 year old girl in Florida, still at kindergarten as it happened, the 6 year old one in Georgia, and now the 5 year old boy in New York, the latest of many such cases on record, are simply in my objective view deliberate and concerted attempts at wilful acts of disinformation and also cynical efforts by those directly as well as indirectly involved at seeking to justify what are in effect the indefensible, the clearly unconscionable and the patently debased.

And when juxtaposed with the way that these kids are disdainfully portrayed in the mainstream western media deeply involved in this deliberate character-assassination-type, racist reporting as if these youngsters were hardened adult criminals rather than the very young, impressionable, terribly vulnerable and easily traumatized young kids that they actually are, and who were either having a ghastly off-day – which all kids as well as purported “adults” not infrequently do – or else discernibly special needs kids requiring medical and or other expert assistance instead of the punitive law enforcement confrontation, arrest and humiliation packages summarily dished out to them by their school and law enforcement authorities, then in the manifestly obvious and quite bigotedly, callous and even cynical circumstances in which these unwarranted scenarios are themselves being publicly, disingenuously and orchestratedly played out, it then quite obviously becomes abundantly clear to me and all other right thinking persons what the real problem is; and believe you me, it has nothing whatsoever to do with the characteristically natural behaviour of most everyday kids across any society or country in the course of any daily situation.

So why then, for instance, is the despicably debased and utterly humiliating treatment meted out to these primary, elementary and kindergarten kids – and their school statuses cannot in the least be emphasized enough or ever in any way overstated I honestly feel –standard practice for their conspicuously irregular, in the eyes of any sane, intelligent or caring human being that is, and markedly too the additional and concerted traumatisation of what is certainly and conspicuously without doubt distinctly vulnerable youngsters, considered as normal behaviour by some adults and therefore regarded and significantly so treated as rather commonplace; and as such markedly in contrast from the manner in which in the most fittingly civilized, conscionable, humane and professional manner they ought obviously to have been otherwise and automatically treated and furthermore had offered to them as a matter of course the professional help they required and in actuality were entitled to, they evidently were not?

Situations that additionally should have been properly reinforced to make absolutely sure that all such treatment which was required by these youngsters was explicitly outlined to those looking after them and with the further guaranteed assurance categorically made sure that those of them who were profoundly in need of such treatment got all the requisite medical, child welfare and other specialist assistance that they were desperately and urgently in need of.

Instead nothing of the kind was ever contemplated let alone allowed to occur, but in its place an absolutely abhorrent situation was intentionally and perfidiously created where at an age that in every civilized country globally is significantly regarded and rightly so fully accepted by every sane and intelligent person and legislatively instituted as well below the legally stipulated and recognized criminal age of responsibility, we were nevertheless obscenely presented with the absolutely despicable spectacle of five and six year old kids, who themselves are yet to reach the age of puberty as they’re still very young children both physically and psychologically, being compulsorily arrested by brawny male, adult cops, publicly handcuffed and even shackled in leg irons in front of other kids of their own age, while these obtuse morons and their like-minded racist, teacher-counterparts that summoned these dim-witted cops in the first place collectively and asininely want to convince you and the rest of the world that these youngsters being treated in this manner were so dangerous to everyone around them and in sight, and so enormously and irreconcilably out of control, that these absolutely contemptible methods of physical constraint  irresponsibly deployed against them were crucially essential.

And all this accompanied by these kids being dragged off screaming, desperately scared out of their lives and, to add insult to injury, unceremoniously shoved into police vehicles in which they were then transported without the presence of either their parents, guardians or the benefit of legal representation of any kind or any endeavour whatsoever by the bigots concerned to address these imperative anomalies; preferring instead to essentially pay scant or no regard at all to the observable illegality of their actions together with the indispensible requirement that sensibly and necessarily demanded that responsible adults, bearing very much in mind the tender ages of the children involved and that lawfully they were minors, should have been promptly summoned to the police station(s) to which these children were physically and in an arrest state taken.

However, none of this happened; but what did occur was that these kids were absurdly charged, and once more without their parents or any perspective legal representative being present or else suggested to them, since it wasn’t seen as necessary or fitting to involve such persons in any way on the behalf of these youngsters, preposterously with a plethora of criminal offences that would undoubtedly have made the most hardened and recidivist adult criminal completely dumbstruck in sheer amazement, as the only fitting means to subdue and deal with these children.

What absolute lunacy! And furthermore for a school principal in such bizarre circumstances to then press criminal charges of personal assault as well as damage to school property against a 6 year old child that she asserts during that child’s tantrum knocked over a shelf that this principal ridiculously claimed struck her on the leg, never mind that no bruises nor other signs of physical damage were shown as evidence of this to the police by this utterly demented principal, and that this supposed damage to herself – the principal I’m referring to  – was aggravated by this 6 year old girl damaging school property: basically the dislodgement of a portable classroom shelf, the typical sort that many of us, I’m perfectly sure, have as non-fixed-down ornamental fixtures in our respective homes – manifestly just goes to show how goddamned sick and also endemically racist significant numbers of whites in the US still are in this 21st Century that we’re supposedly living in and predominantly so as well against Blacks, regardless of who or how young they are!

But even more mindboggling than the risible but nevertheless totally perfidious folly on the part of this school principal was the fact that the cops actually took all of this most seriously and went ahead with processing these ludicrous charges. Which conspicuously begs the rather fundamental and quite pertinent question! Don’t any of these people have kids of their own? And what’s more have they when they were growing up or in the case of their own kids, grandkids, those of family members or friends of theirs never have, previously had or at any time whatsoever in their lives ever participated in such conduct themselves, or otherwise personally witnessed or known first hand of these other aforementioned kids throwing tantrums of their own; or is this, in their sick minds, a phenomenon that’s supposedly only a Black thing? Brought on and innately reinforced no doubt by the equally sick and loathsome perception by these people that as a Black person, no matter how old or very young you are, you’re doubtlessly unquestionably and perceptibly at all times an existential threat to every white person.

Consequently every member of the Black race, and that unavoidably includes even the youngest of children, MUST be systematically criminalized at the earliest opportunity possible, and simply for being BLACK! Conversely we all know perfectly well that if these children were white none of this would ever have occurred and in response all effective means would most definitely have been thoroughly explored, found and immediately employed in the earnest endeavour to properly understand what that white child’s problem was and furthermore how best to constructively deal with. And one has honestly and quite seriously got to ask one’s self what sort of a world is it that we’re living in when white so-called adults in what’s allegedly one of the world’s foremost, and quite braggingly so, developed countries can’t practically and empathetically deal with decidedly very young children that aren’t even yet in their puberty, let’s not forget, and really do think that irrationally criminalizing them is the only viable solution to the deeply entrenched stupidity and crushing incompetence of those who absurdly behave in this manner.

And all the lame excuses being proffered for these despicable actions are just that! For if it were YOUR blonde hair and blue-eyed, darling girl child or grandchild who was treated in the bloody awful way you would most certainly have or find a different perspective relative to this matter; and of that I’m absolutely sure!

Additionally and in closing I’d like to draw your attention to the actions of Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik, although you never refer to him as one, however were he a member of any other racial group you most certainly would have done so though, who slaughtered several of his own countrymen; and along with his mass murdering ways those also deliberately carried out by the German pilot Anders Lubitz who premeditatedly crashed his passenger plane into the mountain side of the Alps promptly killing himself and all the passengers and crew who were on board that particular plane. And in the process of my doing so, I’d also like to point out that both these men got far more sympathetic treatment in the western corporate media than has been accorded at any time since their individual stories broke, or ever will do so, to the Black and very underage kids, that were either in kindergarten, primary or elementary school, that on one of their bad off-days or else because they’re obviously special needs children with unquestionably serious medical or psychological problems and are therefore in need of professional help, throw a tantrum; which is precisely what it would immediately have been designated and labelled as if that particular child who was behaving in a similar fashion within the classroom, or anywhere else come to that, was white. Not so, however, when the offending child is Black.

I touched on the empathetic treatment that Anders Breivik and Andreas Lubitz have received and still continue to get in the western mainstream, corporate media. And there is only one reason for this, which I know and so do all of you whether you’re reading this article or not; and that reason is primarily, and even exclusively so as well, because they’re both white! And having established that fact, my forthright and honest proposition to you is this, that you go and personally deal with that in addition to your fucking consciences relative to how it is that exceedingly vulnerable and underage Black school kids can so easily be and routinely are mistreated in the United States that you idiotically, misguidedly and falsely hold up as some moral beacon of enlightenment – which it most definitely isn’t; that’s provided of course that you individually have a conscience to start with.

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