Saturday, 30 May 2015

White western exceptionalism is an invasive cancer that must be resolutely, absolutely and lethally destroyed!

By Stanley Collymore

The exceedingly offensive but distinctly delusional concept of white Caucasian exceptionalism, which is preposterously and cheerfully entertained by numerous whites throughout the west and on both sides of the Atlantic, is in my opinion long past its sell-by-date expiration and, frankly, must be permanently got rid of by any and all means possible.

In the wake of the FBI’s dictatorial and patronizing ultimatum to the Caribbean Football Associations to instantaneously attend an FBI organized, orchestrated and exclusively American run Star Chamber Court Inquisition relative to alleged corruption, payments of bribes and kick-backs to and additionally money laundering activities by members of FIFA’s Executive Committee as well as other very senior officials of football’s world governing body, the said Caribbean football associations ought to, in my uncompromising view, unhesitatingly and bluntly tell these arrogant, full of themselves, idiotic and sanctimoniously self-serving FBI cunts to “Go Fuck Themselves!”

To start with, the US has no jurisdiction of any kind over Caribbean FIFA officials, Caribbean football associations’ members or anyone else come to that, other than US soccer officials who are specifically United States officials either to FIFA or are themselves a part of the United States’ soccer federations, and then only in cases of any alleged wrongdoings on their part that illegally contravene US laws; and furthermore, the United States is the only place where its FBI has any legitimate jurisdiction and even so only in relation to known or discernible culpable acts of criminality committed within the scope of its lawful authority and control of power.

And what’s particularly and absolutely bloody ironic here is that the United States isn’t even a proper football playing country, and what’s played there is soccer NOT football; the latter term football in the US’s case exclusively reserved, in American parlance, for what’s basically a bastardization of what in Britain, parts of Europe and the rest of the conscious world, where the game is actively played there, is generally known and also universally accepted in its purest form as rugby.

So the real but never publicly articulated problem therefore, and for obvious reasons as I see it, is that unlike all the other major global organizations - from the IMF, World Bank, UNSC to IAEA - that the United States and its white Caucasian vassal states in effect control, doing so they haughtily and rather self-centredly assume as of right on their part since they likewise and instinctively perceive themselves as the Master Race, is that FIFA, as they’re very much aware, is the solitary, truly global organization not absolutely controlled by them, a troubling for them situation that they all would desperately like to see and have changed. And that’s precisely what this entire propagandistic and feigned-outraged farce is all about.

Exacerbated too, of course, by what England and the United States respectively saw as very lucrative bids to host the respective football world cups of 2018 and 2022, but which they were roundly rejected for with those successful bids going to other nations by the majority votes of the rest of the world, and to add significant insult to England and the US’s paranoid sense of injury, with one of those successful bids, the 2018 one, going to their earnestly fabricated and hyped enemy Russia. A rejection too far and that neither the smug bastards at the English FA nor their equivalents in the USA apparently can either countenance let alone willingly accept and, quite evidently, are still smarting from this severe rejection of them by the FIFA world body. Hence with their noses metaphorically out of joint compounded by what can only best be described as sour grapes on their part as the sore losers that that they are, both the English FA and their American equivalent contingents that like the spoilt brats they’re quite adept at being and moreover with a marked propensity for indefinitely holding petty grudges are noticeably out for revenge. Add to this that FIFA is about to decide on whether or not to kick their enfant terrible and bête noire Zionist-apartheid Israel out of that organization and all the pieces aptly fall into place to both publicly tarnish and blackmail FIFA, as well as to put considerable pressure on its President Sepp Blatter to quit his position and have him swiftly replaced by an Arab Jordanian, western front man and easily controlled stooge whose own football association, it is widely known, doesn’t even support him. But who actually cares, seeing that it’s their manufactured problem and no one else’s.

However my opinion is this, and I would imagine that a substantial majority of the rest of the world will agree with me on it that football is a world sport and rightly belongs to the entire world and not simply the white Caucasian-ruled west, and if these conceited racist fuckers don’t like that then they should go off and form their own soccer/football organization(s) akin to the American bastardization of the sport of rugby; similarly have the same teams playing each other not on merit but basically on who owns what franchise; no relegation or promotion in place or measures to ensure any such thing in this “sporting” racket of theirs that’s corrupt to the core and with all domestically-based competitions amazingly and quite ludicrously calling what they do a “World Series” when clearly there are no other countries involved but as routinely happens in this United States style world series it’s the one country – that is the USA – that is the only one involved. And having done so unconstrained and constructively allow the rest of the real world to get on with playing proper football while at the same time improving and advancing the game of football worldwide. Now how about that for unarguable progress; and not a Michel Platini or Greg Dyke in sight, eh? So Michel and Greg I’ll unreservedly and unrepentantly say this to both of you, as well as others who think like you; go ahead, do your fucking worst I say and not only promise to pull UEFA out of FIFA but actually do so!

Meanwhile, as far as England is concerned the English FA, David Cameron and all the other senseless morons that constitute the idiotic chattering classes of purblind assholes should remember that the UK, currently at least, is still legally one country yet has FOUR “national” football associations and as such four FIFA votes while, in marked contrast, Brazil that has won the world cup more times than England is ever likely to - and the same hypothesis can quite realistically be put forward for the rest of the other so-called football “home nations” comprising Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – has just a single FIFA vote.

And simply going back to where I initially started from, for these US and FBI cunts to say that if these Caribbean football officials that the FBI has targeted don’t do as they’re told to and knee-jerk-like leg it off to the United States, as they’re commanded to and at the FBI’s bidding, to be Star-Chambered as the FBI self-importantly demands, then the said FBI, they’re additionally informed, will automatically assume guilt on their part; well let these American cunts deduce whatever they want is my response to that bullying diktat.

Even more curious though is the expedient timing of the FBI’s decidedly propagandistic and explicitly playing to the global public gallery raid, carried out on their exclusive behalf, by their Swiss stooges in Switzerland of all places - a country let’s face it with more fucking corruption and reeking skeletons in its own cupboards and, furthermore, for numerous generations than the vast majority of other countries on earth, other than maybe the said United States, Britain and the other European colonial powers; and with its manifestly fawning US corporate media tipped off, perfectly in place and conspicuously doing its orchestrated Hollywood act – the FBI I’m referring to – just before the FIFA Presidential Elections on Friday 29th May 2015, when Sepp Blatter who the US, English FA and UEFA want out of office in favour of their easy to manipulate Arab-Jordanian stooge Ali bin al-Hussein, whose very own football association, as I pointed out earlier, resolutely refuses to back him and is openly giving its unswerving support to Sepp Blatter, all reeks to high heaven assuredly.

Four more years for Sepp Blatter as President of FIFA that his delusionally exceptionalist and deeply paranoid critics can’t bear and so we have the FBI being brazenly employed in an attempt to stop this by being the attack Animal Farm Dogs to UEFA and the US Soccer Federation Pigs. And how come, you might well ask yourself, that the US’s FBI can investigate something that has nothing at all to do with it, the United States itself or any of the latter’s citizens and, moreover, to do so in Switzerland; but despite all that this very same FBI can’t do anything there about thieving bankers, multinational corporate money launderers or otherwise succeed in extraditing the film director and convicted child abuser Roman Polanski back to the United States and much less so, it would appear and significantly at home in the United States bring mass murderers and crimes against humanity perpetrators like ex President George W. Bush, Vice-President Dick Cheney, Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld along with other culpable US regime officials to book for their distinctly unmitigated criminal and heinous acts of premeditated barbarity.

So as I suggested to the officials of the respective Caribbean Football Associations they should in my honest opinion indefatigably, proudly and unapologetically so inform the FBI to: “Go fuck yourselves and simultaneously invite the English FA, US Federations and western media to do exactly the same.”

And from me personally, while unequivocally endorsing the above, I’d also like to say this to the FBI. If you really want to make yourself genuinely useful – an extremely difficult task for you I know if not so an entirely impossible one – and at the same embark on something that’s legal and within your own jurisdiction, why don’t you exert some energy and time constructively by endeavouring to and actually tracking down where the billions of US taxpayers’ dollars have euphemistically gone to – realistically simply disappeared to – in a multiplicity of military and other intentionally contrived Pentagon scams particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan and accordingly bring those who’re without doubt responsible for these gross and manifest acts of public office malfeasance, colossal thievery and unmatched corruption – to name just three items of criminality among the hundreds of others that there are – to justice?

But that simply won’t happen will it - Mr self-appointed and highly subjective, global policeman FBI? And not just because those who’re incontestably involved self-importantly see themselves and are also perceived by the FBI as “The Untouchables” – a situation not unrelated to how VIP and Establishment paedophiles are regarded in England – but also, and quite significantly in the process, because the FBI itself is utterly corrupt and rotten to the core and has always been so, even from its very inception. So nothing has changed in that regard then, I see!

I deliberately waited for the concluding result of the FIFA Presidential elections in Switzerland before I set about putting the finishing touches to this article; and not, I’d very much like to point out, because I either worried in the least about or, for that matter, doubted for a single moment what the final result would be, since I always anticipated not solely on some speculative notion of hope but effectively firm reality that Sepp Blatter would overwhelmingly win these elections. The maths, for one thing, that was itself very much interspersed with a pressing logic convincingly spoke for themselves and the injustice and utter dishonesty coupled with the profoundly bigoted, racist and white supremacist propagandistic campaign vituperatively waged by the erstwhile football duopoly solely comprised of white European Caucasians and their South American counterparts intermingled with an intermittent Mestizo element here and there and with both of these contingents obsequiously working not in the genuine interests of football itself but quite expressly on the distinctly crude, geo-political behalf of the new and especially football-ignorant, new boy on the block, the United States obsequiously supported, as is their expected remit, by the full western, corporate media; in addition to these former duopolies very own narcissistic self-absorption and exceedingly contemptible shenanigans to effectively regain their once massive and exclusive hold on world football, activities that were always going to fail and do so quite miserably for them.

And the more sensible among this western contingent probably knew deep down inside that they were on to a pretty good hiding; and that perhaps accounts for why they chose not to put up a white, western and Caucasian candidate to challenge Sepp Blatter preferring instead to plump for Ali Hussein who, as it conveniently happens, is the son of the despotic, Jordanian Bantustan ruler that the United States and its western vassal states in effect totally control as one of their central Middle Eastern stooges, and Ali like his father would have been ordered by his western handlers and accordingly, uncomplainingly and also robotically, have been expected by them to obviously have gone along with their every demand to play a comparable role as their groomed stooge and front man at FIFA, but with operational control of FIFA very much in the hands of the Americans ably assisted by and their compliant European vassals.

However, what these supercilious, self-centred, western and overwhelmingly white Caucasian bastards didn’t actually bargain for was the intensity of the staunch solidarity and unfaltering loyalty that would be voluntarily dispensed to Sepp Blatter by both the Asian and African Football Associations, and for whom Sepp Blatter had obviously done so much not only to give them a truly meaningful voice which they never beforehand had in world football or would ever have attained if the old, established and, by and large, fundamentally corrupt Europe/South America duopoly were still in place; and it’s a safe bet to say would have been instantly withdrawn from them if Ali Hussein, or any other western supported stooge for that matter, was essentially put in charge of FIFA and this unashamedly financially grasping duopoly spearheaded by the United States, who else, accordingly became the new masters of FIFA.

Thankfully that horrific nightmare dangerously stalking world football didn’t happen and hopefully it never will! So whatever sour grapes Michel Platini’s UEFA, Greg Dyke’s English FA, the Americans or the colonialist “Dagos” of South America have, that’s their inflicted problem; and therefore as far as I’m personally concerned they can all either individually or collectively, if they so prefer, angrily stick their sour grapes to the uppermost limits of that darkened orifice of theirs where the sun never shines.

Finally, David Cameron has the audacity to lambast Sepp Blatter as he sanctimoniously opines that all this alleged corruption and the rest of it occurred on Sepp Blatter’s watch and therefore Blatter should resign in the best interests of football. This coming from David Cameron and his ilk, not just simply in Britain and mainland Europe but similarly inside the United States that oversaw the Libor Scandal and other massive forms of corruption throughout the western financial world that are too numerous for me to mention here yet none of these completely odious and thieving bastards have ever been investigated by the police of the countries involved, and it’s comparatively easy to understand precisely why when one knows the full facts. And concentrating just on the UK alone David Cameron’s Conservative Party as well as several of his principal Cabinet Ministers and other senior MPs have benefited significantly from these massive frauds in personal constituency and Tory Party donations. And it’s the same story throughout the United States’ political arena and additionally so across the EU’s political landscape.

And the Conservative Party in the UK isn’t the only political organization deeply buried in this corrupt quagmire; the Labour Party is too. And I’m absolutely certain that there are some of you out there who don’t have convenient memories and can vividly recall Tony Blair forcing the Serious Financial Fraud Squad’s inquiry into kick backs and other forms of corruption between BaE Systems and Bantu Saudi to discontinue its investigation – in the national interest this later mass murdering cunt barefacedly and lyingly brazenly said at the time – and that wasn’t a one off as that sort of thing is still very much alive and kicking right the way through corporate Britain and additionally is vigorously encouraged and also politically supported by successive British regimes, government ministers and a plethora of influential parliamentarians. And consequently for David Cameron to risibly, if the matter wasn’t so serious, give the conspicuously dishonest impression that corruption is exclusively an African or Asian thing when clearly it’s fundamentally endemic throughout the whole of Britain, Europe, the west generally and the United States in particular is, in my opinion, utter bullshit to say the very least.

So bearing all that in mind, why don’t you David Cameron simply get off your fucking sanctimonious and downright hypocritical soapbox and move into the real world that the sane among us inhabit? And that evidently isn’t the Westminster bubble that you and your ilk ensconce yourselves in? We all know that most politicians are essentially congenital liars and furthermore that nothing will ever change that; but please David, and the same explicitly goes for your fellow and likeminded parliamentarians, don’t try to insult the intelligence of people like myself with your unadulterated crap, assuming in your rank stupidity that out here we’re all either brain dead or else totally wrapped up in our virtual reality world and either don’t know or care about what’s actually going on. Well at least here’s one such person that you should categorically rule out of this equation; myself!

In conclusion, English football, those who own the clubs, the management, coaches for the most part and the entire apparatus are all corrupt with money laundering a fundamental segment of this ongoing, crooked and debased chicanery; and when the English FA can literally instruct its appointed managers NOT to select too many BLACK players in any English national football team predominantly because having an albino-type skin complexion is considerably more important than having a team that’s based on meritocracy – distinctly ability, for the uneducated of you out there and of which they’re significant numbers of you I know – if significant numbers of that team will effectively turn out to be Black, why the fuck should I intelligently, British though I am, ever want to support the English Football Team or any of our so-called “home nations” teams in any imaginable way whatsoever? And you want to know something for free Greg Dyke and Co. – I FUCKING WELL DON’T!

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