Wednesday, 22 April 2015

A Truly Remarkable And Exemplary Lady!

By Stanley Collymore

Unfounded perceptions can and do invariably
lead to all sorts of assumptions which are
then taken for granted; some of them
highly fanciful, others thankfully
real. But for the acutely perceptive
among us the character exemplified
by the person being perceived
is undeniably crucial in the
decisive analysis that
one as a common
rule tends to
settle for.

And you Leanne, by every determining factor
conceivable, are unquestionably peerless
in every regard. The absolute epitome
of exquisite femininity, principled
disposition, altruistic caring,
selfless compassion and
a steadfast devotion
to your favoured
career nursing

© Stanley V. Collymore
21 April 2015.

Author’s Remarks:
This poem was immeasurably inspired by and written specifically for Mrs Leanne Carter: Cardiology Specialist Nurse, Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic, Department of Cardiology, East Surrey Hospital, Surrey, England.

The National Health Service – fondly and generally known nationally throughout the United Kingdom as the NHS – is in my honest opinion the best invention that Britain has or could possibly ever have conceived and achieved; and what’s more is a monumental, inspiring and lasting legacy to the forethought as well as the sheer and compassionate genius of those who not only conceived the principle of the NHS but also markedly brought that exceptional concept into fruition, nurtured it and ably assisted it in every aspect of its growth and development.

Currently staffed, as it always has been since its inception, by some of the most selfless, utterly committed work-wise, totally dedicated and additionally the most exceptionally compassionate group of consummately professional human beings imaginable working individually and collectively to provide the best care possible and that one could ever wish for across a wide-ranging spectra of medical, nursing and vitally important allied and ancillary services from cleaners, porters and volunteers to the ambulance crews and top-notch technical specialists in their respective fields of expertise, the NHS is, and will forever, both solidly an unerasably, be engraved in my psyche both as a former practitioner within it as a well as a trusting and grateful patient of the multiplicity of indispensible services that it offers.

And accordingly I’d very much like to extend my sincerest thanks and fulsome gratitude to all those, past as well as present participants, who’ve been and are still constructively involved with the NHS, as well as the several millions of sensible supporters who passionately subscribe to, and equally so, support the NHS to which we all unexaggeratedly owe so very much; will continue I earnestly hope to be in its debt; and without which we’d be so much the poorer in so many respects both nationally and as human beings.

So thank you NHS from the bottom of my heart and for being there when you’re most needed! And in the strikingly consoling and profoundly inspirational words embodied in the emphatically emblematic and famous song of Edith Piaf: “Non, je ne regrette rein!” – for that’s precisely how I feel about the reality of us actually having such a prized asset in our armoury of health care as the NHS is and, of course, knowing that that reality passionately and committedly coupled with my own personal and unabashed sentiments towards our NHS are nothing less than enduring! An NHS that long after each of us and subsequent generations have shuffled off our respective mortal coils will nevertheless aspirationally and forever continue to meaningfully exist!

Edith Piaf - Non, Je ne regrette rien

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Assailing the Castle of my Skin!

By Stanley Collymore

Throughout the western world from Canada to New Zealand, Northern and Eastern Europe to Argentina as well as the several vassal states, even and most ironically so within the Global South, of those dominant and principally white Caucasian controlled countries which are a salient component of the referred to aforementioned group of states constituting a world that quite narcissistically, hubristically and markedly pretentiously prides itself on its scientific competence, savoir faire and technical expertise commensurate, one would have thought, with a supposedly modern world that ought to be totally devoid of Medieval and other antiquated suppositions that are themselves not only at odds with but likewise noticeably incongruous too with the enlightening beliefs and concepts of this modern world and 21st Century that we live in, that the needlessly ongoing problems we’re still collectively confronted with, and continue to make an absolute mess of in the process of either half-heartedly trying to solve them or else ignore them all together, would have been otherwise successfully obliterated by now; but evidently that’s definitely not the case. Realistically that’s how matters should sensibly and logically be appraised and subsequently tackled, but regrettably an opposite and highly inimical approach seemingly appears to be the case.

For rather than constructively working together for the common good of humanity as a whole the prevalent tendency, especially by a stridently vocal but none the less disproportionately and to all intents and purposes a rather undeserving yet patently powerful, global minority of nations with the political, military and financial clout, as well as the logistical means to either browbeat or entirely enforcedly silence most of their known critics as well as those who’re diametrically opposed to their views about the world and what they’re actually doing to it, even though these unilaterally decreed as well as proscribed outcast countries together with those otherwise unfavourably constrained detractors of what’s essentially seen and even regarded as the prevailing narrative, aren’t only conspicuously but crucially as well do collectively form the global majority of nations as things currently stand.

Yet the status quo has been so fundamentally skewed and to such a perilous extent that reality for many in our societies has generally now taken on the semblance of discordance while in marked contrast the vicissitudes of unreality and even stubborn fantasy have become the norm. For how else can you satisfactorily or convincingly explain the mindboggling stupidity, in spite of the aforesaid conceited self-indulgences, untouchably clung to that decisively puts paid to the monumental lie that we live in what’s fundamentally a civilized world?

This infantile and completely risible approach, were it not for the pernicious toxicity attached to it and resulting in the unwarranted, callous and not infrequently so collateral deaths or the premeditated murders of those selectively picked upon by these sociopathic, demented and racist-supremacist nerds who arrogate to themselves the inalienable and unchallenged right to snuff out the lives of others either in the context of financially-advantageous, resources-rich-exploitative and illegal wars waged abroad and brutally conducted in the victims’ own countries, or simply as the purblind, ill-conceived and ludicrously delusional acts fermented in the perpetrators sick minds and stemming directly from their sponsors’ supposedly racial superiority over those they’ve wilfully and cowardly targeted and then go on, either individually or collectively, to commit murder against, and doing so almost exclusively with the victim’s skin colour the principal determining factor for this.

All of which says a darn sight more about the wholesale debasement of those who instinctively subscribe, whether enthusiastically so or more passively modulated, to the defective concept of their racial superiority and de facto a solidly-believed Master Race paradigm based exclusively on their skin colour – something that neither they, nor anyone else for that matter, ever had any input into actually affecting and most certainly couldn’t have done – than it does, in any negative way whatsoever, about the innocent victims whom these racists callously and inhumanly annihilate.

For when skin colour alone rather than the content of one’s character or what they positively do with their life during their personal sojourn here on earth becomes the defining factor for who is supposedly “superior” and therefore commensurately and comprehensively worthy of being classified as a human being and accordingly entitled to and should be accorded all the attributes of human-kind, while those who at best are deemed to be inferior specimens of the genus Homo Sapiens or else not permitted to acquire that status at all shouldn’t be, then from my personal perspective I not only unequivocally think that such persons have fundamentally lost the plot but are also without any doubt psychopathically sick; individuals from whom the mantle of power must be wrested by any means possible and sanity dispensed to the rest of the world. For as long as these people are in charge of our lives and essentially the world itself there will never be any prospect for peace, harmony and constructive dialogue among our diverse races, which although different are nevertheless equal in the eyes of our Creator, has always been so and will continue to be!

With that firmly in mind I deliberately chose this outstanding arrangement of Christian music in the heartfelt aspiration that it’ll be some spiritual consolation and succour to the aggrieved relatives, friends, supporters and conscionable sympathizers wherever on this planet of ours that they reside of those who’ve untimely and brutally lost their lives due to the savage and racist infringement of others.

7 Hours of non stop uplifting christian music

Black Skin

By Stanley Collymore

Ridiculed and scorned it was you
that gave me the inspiration
to carry on – for in their
intense hatred of you,
your enemies also
revealed their
innate fear
of you!

© Stanley V. Collymore
31 July 2001.

Author’s Remarks:
The cancer of racism is all too real; for it not only pervades the body politics of every western nation but it’s also endemically infused into the societal structure of these countries’ populace as well, and deeply and fearfully regretted it’s the Black Skin Colour that is foremost among those that is enforcedly made to take most of the flax coming from this mind bogglingly stupid, ill-conceived, invariably nonsensically informed, but all the same wholly intentional vilification exemplified by as well as racially spewed out by significantly and, not uncommonly so, very powerful and highly influential elements within the offending countries and societies concerned.

All the more bizarre, ill-advised and idiotic since for anyone to seriously think that the only requisite criterion for life is to have what’s blatantly and highly subjectively perceived by some as the right skin colour and absolutely nothing else, and if that’s not the case then the non-possession of this specified skin colour should and ought necessarily to be a natural catalyst for these protagonists insane prejudices, just goes to show how intensely sick some people and the societies that spawn them actually are!

Should education and forgiveness be the antidote to this poisonous folly? Perhaps; but only if those involved in it are unconditionally and apologetically contrite and furthermore are willing and prepared to mend their racist and even murdering ways, for other than doing so I can’t possible see how there could ever be a beneficial meeting of minds between these two opposing factions.

For while being a staunch practising but nevertheless an unambiguously unapologetically pragmatic Christian myself I readily and freely admit to the irrefutable fact that I’m not in the least and never have been partial to what the Bible, or those who interpret it as such, specifies as turning the other cheek. Since extensive observation of others and even on occasions my own personal encounters in this regard have decisively taught me that the world being what it is, if one rather ill-advisedly, having metaphorically or even quite literally been punched on the cheek, were to then in an appeasing gesture of friendship and forgiveness offer up the other cheek there are more than enough moronically sick bastards around who’d take full advantage of this and knock the living shits out of the proffered cheek as well. And it’s not simply individuals who are adept at doing this; countries, and habitually some of the most powerful ones in the world, are too. And I don’t have to tell you who they are, since their actions unquestionably speak for themselves!