Saturday, 21 February 2015

Through Deception; Money; False Flag Outrages; and Terrorism we shall do war!

By Stanley Collymore

No conscionable person with even the most modest modicum of moral standards to their name can objectively read the brilliant, absolutely factual, well-documented in terms of the information contained therein, intensely researched, well presented article: ROTHCHILDS – KHAZARS – ILLUMINATE TIMELINE and, at best, not feel absolutely sickened by the quite loathsome, thoroughly objectionable, callously and criminally implemented, obsessively avaricious and the downright nihilistic, calculated and murderously executed behaviour with its attendant activities, of this utterly evil, incestuously-inbred, compulsively name-switching, Khazar descended bunch counterfeit “Jewish” bastards dictatorially headed by the oligarchical, categorically demented and intimately close in more senses than one, and giving a new interpretation in their case of keeping it all in the family, Rothschild family members; or else find themselves enormously and individually infuriated with rage by everything that these odious criminals have previously got up to and still carry on with.

Conduct that in the 21s Century is carries on apace not only in the UK but also globally with the active, completely obsequious, nepotistic and venal corporation of those who head and run every instrument of control that profoundly and disastrously, as it so happens, affects our daily lives, be they political, judicial, law and order; media, other means of propagandistic mass communication, like the film industry for example, players, and, of course, our entire economic systems which are routinely accompanied by the cynical dispensation of financial patronage to agents and politicians alike with the sole purpose of furthering the already repressive and utterly pervasive stranglehold of those admittedly, in some of the hierarchal echelons of these Zionist cabals, 66 Lucifer Devil worship of this Rothschild’s’ empire.

Little wonder then that Theresa May, the incumbent British Home Secretary, talks freely and even admiringly about “Jewish values” – but what she’s really referring to is bogus Khazar ones – being our British values, and that Britain without these detestable Zionist Jews, implicitly inferred to but cowardly not explicitly stated in her love-in statement by our Theresa, wouldn’t be the same. How bloody true Theresa; but not for the reasons that you’re sickeningly peddling. Notwithstanding that you’re fucking well entitled to your utterly grotesque opinion Theresa, Freedom of Expression and all the rest of it, even though you conveniently chose to forget the massive contributions that others have assiduously made over the centuries and are still altruistically doing so to the quality of life as well as the indisputably overall betterment and veritable principled standards of the UK, something which your fanatically, warmongering and devil worshipping Zionist Khazar, bogus “Jews” aren’t actually doing; and quite frankly haven’t done in the past ether.

For as with everything directly associated with them, from their constant and beneficially ascribed name changes, the religion they asininely and fraudulently claim was created by their sort, when in reality for political and allied profitable reasons their lot converted en masse to Judaism in 740AD and therefore have neither a remotely biological DNA nor any realistic cultural linkage to the Jews of Biblical times anymore so than European Christians in the same contextual situation do with the Christians of that period and are likewise all descendants of Christian converts, even though in one of my past detailed researches I came across a white supremacist document which resolutely stated that the Virgin Mary was in effect English; this incidentally at a time when no such entity, even in the figment of one’s most fanciful imagination, ever existed - but then why not, applying the same utterly perverse logic that these prized assholes and several others amongst their white kith and kin habitually employ to classify Jesus Christ as white Caucasian? Which forcefully brings to mind the intensely believed and completely warped white belief that nothing is ever discovered until whites “find” it, or else deemed to be of any importance until they likewise say so.

So without the presence in our midst of Kharzian bogus “Jews” according to the twisted judgement of Theresa May, who incidentally is no more British than I am, except that my Barbadian ancestors have contributed a darn sight more to the United Kingdom in all of its parts than she or her bloody lot have done or are ever likely to, as she and others of the political class within Westminster quite cheerfully with their convenient amnesia forget; while in marked contrast they energetically go out of their way to bat for these Zionist, fraudster Jews; additionally, and rather ridiculously to anyone with even a basic element of historical truth in their grasp, pathetically and robustly, as it happens, defending to the hilt their daft and aggressive contention that they’re Semites, when unmistakably they’re nothing of the sort. However, and markedly going unrecognized by this love fest bunch of liars, the greatly abused, ethnically cleansed and methodically genocidally-wiped out Palestinians are; but the intelligent and well informed among us know perfectly well why Theresa May and her type are on the Zionists’ side, as we can clearly see the Pound signs intensely light up in their eyes every time that they praise these fraudulent scumbags whose only longstanding and “moral values” combined with their political creed have always been one of fomenting war for their own financial and psychopathic ends.

So let me categorically say this to you Theresa May, and the rest of the Zionist bought and paid for financial stooges and their totally brain-dead apologists out there, that you’re definitely wrong and way off the mark if, or when, you vaingloriously proclaim that your absurdly held and sickeningly Zionist views - or “values” as you like to portray them as – automatically slot me, as a Brit, in the same Zionist category or equation as you yourselves are cheerfully and preposterously ensconced in. And if every Yiddish, obsessively murderous, Zionist, terrorist inclined Khazar, bogus Jew and Rothschild aficionado were to instantly either of their own volition, or else were false flag inspired by the likes of Benjamin Netanyahu allegedly acting independently, which I doubt, or at the behest of the Rothschild oligarchy to quit Britain; my calm and individual response would quite honestly be: “GOOD RIDDANCE! WHAT KEPT YOU HERE SO LONG?”

I’ll close here for now as I’m well aware how exceptionally limited the personal attention span and indeed the intellectual capabilities are of our white master race cohorts in the UK that I’m actually having to deal with, let alone those across the pond in the United States; but I’m still British, and I firmly believe in cleaning out one’s Aegean Stables before attempting to do the same with those of others. And as you’ve likely and rightfully suspect this is just the first of other upcoming, and with no holds barred, articles from me on current issues pertaining to this particular subject matter. And not least among them the rank, concerted, propagandistic and risible anti-Semitic dribble allegedly relating to these people and what’s more enthusiastically and promptly disseminated by the bought paid for, and constantly manipulated pillocks in the British Houses of Parliament and naturally the Zionist owned and controlled corporate media.

But before I close I’d like to draw your attention to two salient facts. I’m British and have been all my life but my profoundly proud and enormously loved ancestral heritage is unquestionably Bajan but which doesn’t, for me anyway, detract from my Britishness. Now anyone who doesn’t like me is perfectly free to attack me verbally to their heart’s content and I shan’t give a fuck what they say unless they want to sensibly and objectively engage me in a meaningful dialogue; since I’m a firm, true  and committed believer to the tenets of Freedom of Expression and likewise Free Speech. But let’s suppose, for argument’s sake, that I wasn’t and I claimed that this person was not only racist but similarly attacking me as well because they were anti-Caucasian or anti-European because I’m British and Britain is part - but only geographically so as several white Britons bizarrely think - of Europe. Now that would be complete and fucking nonsense because while I am a citizen of what is undoubtedly a European country, namely the UK, I’m nevertheless neither a European nor a white Caucasian male, in those general and logically accepted racial terms.

So just because a group, or even a nation of demented and warmongering, distinctly biologically, DNA-Kharzian, converted to Judaism in 740AD prats that among themselves practise a diabolical and perverse form of Judaism that has nothing whatsoever to do with the real doctrine of that faith, any more than wahhabism has to do with authentic Islam, and then outrageously and quite lyingly go on to barefacedly hoodwink the idiots of this world, primarily in Europe and the United States, and even psychopathically persistently delude themselves into believing their own lies that they’re what they evidently are not – and they’re neither Semites nor the descendants of the Biblical Jews that’s for sure - but hey guys and gals please feel free to indulge in whatever personally turns you on just as long as you or your political sycophants don’t try to coercively get me to go along with your crap – why the hell then, and it’s a perfectly logical question, should I meekly acquiesce in what I know is frankly a load of bullshit? Because in doing so it would be to the financial benefit of our Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, MPs or whoever else is in the pay of the Rothschilds or their likeminded Zionist agents? Well I’ve news for all of you, with me it ain’t going to happen!

NEVER! NOR WILL I BE SILENCED - ASBO OR WHAEVER OTHER FUCKING CRAP YOU COME UP WITH - THERESA MAY AND COMPANY! And I’ll honestly tell you why; for while I’m not the least bit scared of any of you, or any other human being that walks this earth to be frank with you; I none the less have an interminable contempt for all of you and it’s virtually impracticable to take any of you ZIONIST-ASS-LICKERS seriously let alone tenuously empathize with you, and from my own clear-sighted perspective respect is something that has to be genuinely earned and put candidly none of you don’t come anywhere near, in my case, to doing so. So there!

The next two points which I quite seriously and informatively want to raise are those relating to the Talmud – the alleged Jewish holy book that authentic Jews declare has nothing to do with Judaism while branding it as a fake; just like these Khazar proponents of it undoubtedly are. If in doubt ask the Falasha Jews who authentically constitute the oldest Jewish sect in genuine Judaism. The next point directly relates to MOSSAD: the infamously terrorist secret service of the Zionist, apartheid entity in Palestine referred to by some as Israel.

And just horribly despicable as Mossad is so too is its motto: “By way of Deception, though shalt do war!” Perfectly acceptable to the political cunts in the west; for they, like the informed among us, know that’s exactly how the Rothschilds, the Zionists, Israel and even themselves operate, and so predictably there’s no criticism of it or the philosophy behind what Mossad or even Israel, with absolute impunity, recurrently do. But humour me and just mull over this realization for a moment, and rather than Mossad to whom this quite appalling motto does belong it was instead the motto of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Now all of you know, just as I do, that the likes of David Cameron, Theresa May, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband and all the other completely incompetent assholes that ought to be running Britain plc for the principal benefit of its citizens and NOT the interests of a foreign power, whether that power is Israel or the United States, and together with the corporate media would themselves collectively be having a tremendous and malevolent field day at Iran’s expense. What an utterly loathsome bunch of hypocritical, double-standards and stinking sewer rats they all are! Uncomfortable truths? You bet these are!

In the Metro Newspaper of the 10 February 2015 several people voiced their personal opinions of new restricts being seriously contemplated by our idiot MPs in Westminster; and I’ve chosen these two to glaringly highlight I’m not the only person who feels as I do; and even if I were, I wouldn’t be concerned or change my attitude one bit. Here though are two prescient-minded comments from Metro Talk that typify what I mean: “Didn’t David Cameron, along with many other politicians go to Paris to support the magazine that offended Muslins?” I should add not just Muslims but Blacks and other minorities as well.

And the concluding one: “How ridiculous, especially as it’s only aimed at anti-Semitic [I don’t see any Palestinians or other genuine Semites complaining] abuse. “What about everyone else?”

And for those of you who’re concerned by these proposed self-serving legislative measures on the part of our Zionist MPs let me reassure you of one thing. You can’t be anti something that doesn’t actually exist. And these Khazar bogus “Jews” aren’t Semites. QED! So what does it say about our fucking imbecilic politicians? I know exactly what; that they’re easily bought sewer rat, scumbags who will do practically anything to justify and promote their instinctive proclivity for malfeasance and the enormous financial rewards that doing so delivers to them from their Zionist and corporate paymasters.

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