Monday, 2 February 2015

Naturally impressive yet relaxed about it!

By Stanley Collymore

The most intriguing and sometimes totally captivating
thing about the unpredictable vagaries of life are the
chance encounters which they present, enabling
one to occasionally, quite out of the blue
as it happens, come across persons
that previously were entirely
unknown entities to the
individual concerned.
Yet, in spite of the unfamiliarity associated
with such encounters, the instantaneously
thrilling, disarming and natural rapport
coupled with the effortlessly mutual
understanding that this unique
situation generates, itself
securely fused with a
consummate and genuine affability quite
clearly discernible on both sides of this
budding relationship, epitomize as
well what I both feel and know
that true and unpretentious
living is really all about.
And interestingly and honestly said
there can be no denying the fact
that these endearing features,
and many more besides,
you obviously have
in abundance

© Stanley V. Collymore
14 August 2014.

The Author’s Personal Tribute:
In a world where so many intolerable pressures, and of such diversity too, are unwarrantedly and quite invariably damagingly as well exerted on others who unthinkingly assume and even implausibly, in my opinion, literally convince themselves that they must flow with the tide of embarrassing inanity and even outright, rank stupidity is rather mindboggling to say the least; yet this quite preposterous conduct and the glaringly compulsive craving to please others, even those that the individual doesn’t really know at all and simultaneously to be some person other than one’s self happens repeatedly.

So it’s a most refreshing change and in the process an undeniable inspiration, I freely admit, to happily come across someone like you Samantha, who despite your having a complete array of the most endearing qualities that huge numbers of individuals clearly don’t have, and therefore can only dream about, you nevertheless are the personification of self-control and graciousness coupled with a selfless readiness to be both pleasant and helpful at all times. And very aware of this from the onset of our first meeting I’ve decided to write you this poem Samantha.

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